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The Moon Cycle Room

Every month the Moon – our night sky luminary guiding us to FEEL our way forward, attune to our intuition, and ‘see’ where our daily habits are working for us or against us – brings a new cycle of Self/Soul growth potential within our Emotional Body. Each month’s New Moon will be in a zodiac sign that in turn activates themes within your birth chart. After a few months you’ll be amazed at what you begin to ‘see’ more consciously about yourself, how you deal with situations and people in your life (depending upon the theme activated that month).
The Moon waxes energetically from New Moon to Full Moon; then wanes and slowly dies from Full Moon to the next New Moon. What aspects of YOU are waxing anew and what are you letting go of, allowing to ‘die’ within you thereafter?
You will also learn more about the seasons, how Astrology truly is a natural science, and how well you are attuned to your inner seasons along the way! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn about yourself.
I have created a Moon Cycle form that shows the EIGHT phases of the Moon.

Each Moon phase will activate a different House of your Birth chart – eight steps to self-awareness every month. I offer a specialized Moon Cycle report for all who are interested in this unique tool of Inner Self-discovery, and are unable to attend my monthly New Moon Gatherings here in Okotoks, AB. You can order this report to be read to you in person, over the phone or via FaceTime / Skype OR to be written up and mailed/emailed to you. It is your choice.
You receive: a folder containing your Birth chart, handouts about the Moon phases and cycles, Mercury Retrograde in the months we experience this timing; Eclipse information during our two eclipse seasons; and other pertinent information throughout the year.
Your Investment: $30 monthly – If you attend my monthly New Moon Gatherings you pay $25

Laurie Rae requires your Birth Data: time, date and place of birth to create your Birth chart, the integral piece of the Moon Cycle report. If you do NOT know your time of birth Laurie Rae has the solution (at no extra charge).

All personal information is kept safe and secure and is never shared!
If you are interested in experiencing your monthly Moon Cycle Report or attending the monthly New Moon Gathering in Okotoks, AB – contact Laurie Rae

Call/Text: 1-587-437-3520 or 
Email: myhouseofastrology ‘at’

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