Life can be a Puzzle – Astrology Reveals Your Missing Pieces…

The Astrology Room

Quite simply, Astrology is a natural science and art used as a tool to show You:

  • Who you are…
  • Where you’ve been…
  • Where you’re going…
  • Possible ‘Next Steps’ of how to navigate through your current Self/Soul growth challenges…
How is this done?
  • Your birth or natal chart is cast – the 12-House wheeled chart graphically reveals the Who What When Where and Why of You and your life – according to your Time, Date and Place of birth.
  • Understand the TIMING of various Planetary Cycles and phases of the monthly Moon cycle and the seasons of the yearly Solar/Sun cycle. HOW and WHEN they activate key challenges for further self/soul growth within YOUR life.
  • Through the guidance and wisdom of the Astrology reading, done by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, gifted 18-year veteran of Astrology!
Explore the Rooms within this House of Astrology:
  • The ‘Readings Room’ – lists my services – Astrology readings + Numerology.
  • The ‘Moon Cycle Room’ – here the monthly Moon cycle and its 8-phases show how you connect to your Emotional Body – your moods, feelings, intuition, habits and how you receive/allow emotionally. Each Moon cycle brings unique challenges to experience, and heal.
  • The ‘Class Room’ – lists the 4 levels of Astrology I teach.
  • The ‘Chat Room’ – here you can connect with me and ask questions about Astrology, readings, and classes.
  • The ‘Numbers Room’ – if you’re interested in the numeric energy of Numerology, you’ll find out about personal and business-oriented readings.
Contact Laurie Rae for more information / to book your appointment today!
Call/Text: 1-587-437-3520 in Okotoks, AB Canada
Email: myhouseofastrology ‘at’

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