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“Let’s Get Physical, Physical….”

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

I thought I’d spend a wee bit of time mentioning all the Physical Body issues being triggered by this year’s Moon cycles, eclipses and solstices/equinoxes.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, understand it or not, all of us are connected energetically with one another, to Nature and the solar system and therefore the Universe. End of.

Each eclipse and quarterly solar event (solstices/equinoxes) and Moon cycles plus transits of our planets, energetically connect with us down here on Mother Earth. And because we have been on a journey of Ascension since 2012, whether you believe this or not, coupled with the solar flare activity that peaked (and now is pretty much silent) and the Northern Lights activity – all of this and solar winds, is energy and how could we not feel it physically?

Here is a list of possible physical, emotional and mental symptoms that seem to be building up for many of us:

  • Some days I have energy, other days I do not. Even within the same day – up and down like a yo-yo!
  • Burping, belching and sneezing – all ways that we move energy through and out of our physical body. Seriously, yes it is.
  • Digestion issues, elimination issues – all due to the Virgo Pantheon of planets moving through this earth sign of the health of our Physical Body. How well we process the issues of our day, while we eat, what we eat, in response to them all – all of this plays a part in how well we are coping with the current digestion of new energetic Life processes in our lives.
  • Speaking of eating – I don’t eat the way I used to. I seem to snack more or graze rather than the full meals of even a month or two ago! Yep, you’re not alone on this one…
  • Emotional ups and downs – really allowing the tears to flow, the anger to be expressed (non-violently please!) – in other words, really noticing the Emotional Body in play, therefore in connection, to our Physical Body more and more now. Talk about BEing sensitive, eh?
  • Almost instantaneous response to our intentions, pleasing and not so much, to remind us how quickly our thoughts/spoken words energetically create current reality….just saying…
  • Signs, symbols and synchronicity – have sped up too. Are you noticing them?
  • TIME – has definitely changed. Every day can feel like a month or a year of activity, the whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts and dreams, moving through us. Or it seems to stand still and makes us believe we’ve been watching that rainbow for hours already! Zeroing in on the beauty, the amazement, the joy of it all….
  • Confusion, frustration and is it still Mercury Rx or something else getting in the way? As if our thought processes are being re-wired with our intuitive/creative mind more and more, so much so that the logical side of things isn’t what it used to be….
  • Emotional connections more and more within areas of business, formal settings, and interviews – do you ‘see’ we are connecting with one another heartfully now?
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

Today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse connects our Emotional Body (Moon) with our Physical Body (Virgo, earth sign) AND our Spiritual Body (Aries, fire sign), while our minds (via Mercury Rx and our Mental Body) go on circuitous journeys inward then connect outwardly to have intimate chats with significant others (Libra) of what we have found therein.

The time of today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is slated for 8:50p MDT where it peaks at Full Light to Illuminate how well we are creating anew our instinctual need to BE and ACT from our Physical self (Aries) AND show up in a balanced way with Others, connecting socially, conversationally, mindfully (Libra = air sign). All our Bodies seem to be in connection with one another more and more now – so no wonder the Physical body is acting out a bit, eh?

Love the process, Love yourself within your own process, and Love one another – no matter what it all looks like on the outside, from the inside!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator

Photo credits: All nature pics are mine! Especially the Rainbows!

Grand Trine of Fire Activations

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

Yesterday, September 20th, the Moon activated (the first of the three points) of the planetary formation called a Grand Trine (triangle) in Fire signs that was already in this New Moon cycle’s chart. The Fire element is all about inSPIRed Action – In Spirit action – to create something new in your life, coming from your Spiritual Body of yourself.

As the Moon transits through the signs, via its phases, it triggers the activation of inSPIRed action within you. Yesterday the Moon conjuncted Pallas at 18 degrees of Sagittarius, which in turn activated the Grand Trine formation connecting Pallas to Uranus Rx in Aries and Venus in Leo. Look at your birth charts to see where the mid degrees of these three fire signs reside. This is where in your life you will feel inSPIRed to take action towards your Life Purpose (Sagittarius), Free to BE ME (Aries), and to Create something and lead with it (Leo).

Grand Trine formation

Grand Trine formation

Today at 3:00a MDT we entered the 1st QTR Moon phase @ 28 degrees of Sagittarius, 04′ – conjunct the Galactic Centre! This means we will be receiving downloads of inSPIRation from our Galactic selves, re: our true Life Purpose down here on Earth. It may be a clarifying inspired moment, or a unifying inspired moment, or a confirmation of what you already know to be true. Sagittarius is all about our beliefs, having faith in self and our purpose of BEing here on Earth. Coupled with all the Virgo activations between the two eclipses, question is: How does your Life Purpose jive with how you are BEing of Service? Are they one and the same, or different?

We can volunteer and work our Life Purpose in that area of life, or combine the two via the work we are paid to do by others using our service or product. Pallas (Athena in Greek mythology) is one of four Feminine dwarf planets, orbiting between Jupiter and Mars. She represents Wisdom and Warrior, having sprung fully grown, and armed, from the brow of Jupiter (Zeus). She became the protectress of those in battle, using her compassionate wisdom to teach merciful justice and peaceful resolution of disputes.

Pallas is also the Patron of the Arts, giving many creative gifts to humankind, and the Goddess of Health. She represents the creative, intelligent woman using the feminine wisdom principles of receiving in equal measure to giving, via intuitive knowing and wise counsel. Pallas in your birth chart signifies how you serve or care for others, using healing techniques that integrate the mind and body (think yoga, reiki, cranial sacral to name a few) without a lot of emotional attachment. So either you are the practitioner teaching/giving these healing modalities or you actively seek them out to experience and practice within your own life.

Pallas - Athena via Wikipedia

Pallas – Athena via Wikipedia

Pallas also indicates interest in the pattern and structure of things, therefore the ability to strategize and perceive intuitively and creatively. Mercury being Rx (Retrograde) right now will assist in this intuitive/creative mindset more easily this Moon cycle, showing us how we use our right-brain vs. left-brain logical side.

In between the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and Disseminating Moon phases – September 28th – the Moon will activate Uranus Rx at 19 degrees of Aries. Find where Uranus Rx is transiting your birth chart right now (not far behind transiting Eris!) bringing Unexpected Change into your life, via deep instinctual needs to BE ME (your true individual self vs. going along with the crowd). Uranus out-pictures with original thoughts and actions, that stem from YOUR self-identity, not someone else.

The last activation will occur October 7th, in between the Last QTR and Balsamic Moon phases, with Venus transiting at 15 degrees of Leo. Here we lead with our creative hearts, with fun and play in mind, to SHINE our desires out into the world. Venus represents our Desire Body – what we TRULY like and love, and how well we attract these things, people and circumstances into our lives. Within Leo, Venus truly brings out the Romantic Love aspect, so there can be connections created (via Mercury Rx’s socializing / partnering) of new, or the return of old, flames.

Twirling Leaf in Mid Air, Beach Estates Park, 2011

Twirling Leaf in Mid Air, Beach Estates Park, 2011

Remember, each activation of this Grand Trine automatically activates the other two arms of it at the same time. The point of activation is the root inSPIRed action, that sends out impulses to the other two areas too. Think of this Grand Trine formation as a love-line of connection between three planets that are currently moving through the fire signs, collectively asking us to trigger much-needed Soul/spiritual change AND action within our lives. Allow the creativity of these timings to unfold as they will, without controlling outcomes with expectations. Allow the gifts of the Universe to BE received as you sense how to ACT via creation.

Before I leave this post, I wanted to say OMG! with what the world has already experienced since the New Moon/Solar Eclipse began September 13th: the massive exodus of people fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq into Europe (the largest since WWII) and the 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Chile. All before the Crescent Moon phase of September 17th. It will be interesting to see what other inSPIRed changes occur within Earth and on top of it before this hyper-active Moon cycle completes itself October 12th.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Writer, Speaker & Facilitator

Photo Credits: Nature & Chart pics are mine; all others via Wikipedia

Balsamic Moon Phase in Gemini…

Here we are once again – within the 8th and last Moon phase of the current Moon cycle begun June 16th. Interestingly, we began in Gemini and now end in Gemini – a mutable Air sign – all about data gathering, information sharing via communication with Others and within Self – how we relate with/to Others, AND within Self via our own inner self-talk.

Gemini glyphGemini brings in information from varying sources/people/situations to us. Question is: what information came to you this Moon Cycle for your Self growth? AND, what have you/will you DO with it?

Within this Balsamic Moon phase we have the CHOICE to Let Go of some aspect of our fearful Ego-self that was triggered somehow at the New Moon phase (be it consciously or unconsciously). By the Full Moon phase (July 1st) we most likely had an ‘AHA!’ moment of some sort that brought us into AWARENESS of that which this Moon Cycle is teaching us, personally.

What have you learned about yourself this Moon Cycle? How are you handling this view / awareness of your Inner You? Or are you huddled in a corner in deep fear and not wanting to ‘see’ further into your issue(s), not wanting to take further steps into the healing/let go phase just yet?

What is interesting about our respective Self-growth processes is this: each one of us has our own unique PROCESS to travel. Our process is OUR process. There is no RULE that we all have to DO our process like anyone else! There is no RULE that there is a time limit of ‘getting that awareness or AHA! moment and figuring it ALL out NOW!’ whew!

Hence why I love love love Astrology! Planetary/luminary cycles are in place to assist all of us with opportunities to CHOOSE when and how and where we allow change and growth into our lives. WE ALL HAVE CHOICE – always and in all ways. There is no ‘one size fits all’ remedy or scheme or piece of knowledge that fits everyone! This is NOT a race! It IS and always HAS been a PROCESS, a JOURNEY, towards ‘seeing’ Self more clearly/closely/lovingly…heartfully…this is the goal, simply put: Love Thyself…

8 Moon Phases

8 Moon Phases

Since Sunday @ 2:38a MDT the Balsamic Moon phase began, bringing with it a return to the same sign (Gemini) AND most likely House of Life Experience within your birth chart (it did for me) that was activated June 16th during the New Moon phase. NOW is the time to reflect on the following:

  • What exactly did I learn about myself this Moon Cycle?
  • What further action steps do I need to take (and not to say ‘DO it all in one day’)?
  • How do I FEEL about what I have learned about myself?
  • Am I walking through those feelings, or am I distracting myself to prevent looking deeper at possible root causes that point to past traumas/pain that haven’t healed before now?
  • What are those past traumas/pain events that seem to still be operating deep within?
  • How do I go about healing/let go of my emotional attachment to past hurts/pain/trauma? I say emotional attachment because we are dealing with the Moon’s cycle – she represents our Emotional Body, how we feel/intuit, the daily habits of the Ego-self (and any resistance to change this part of your Self that is brought to the daily table of Life).
  • Can I go about investigating any/all of this by myself or do I need to ask for help?
  • How far can I go exploring this aspect of myself that is getting in the way of my moving forward NOW in my life?
  • Am I Ready? Am I Willing? And do I Want To?

Gemini brings in CURIOSITY – how curious are YOU re: getting to the root of your issue? How far will you allow yourself to go, in search of your Higher Truth of your Inner You?

Gemini wants to connect with local peeps and share share share. Chats and conversations long into the night – and most likely returning time and again to the issue until it is resolved.

Felled Tree 2015

Felled Tree 2015

The Balsamic Moon phase brings emotions to the surface to BE released – all part of the healing phase within each Moon Cycle. A grieving phase – because there is an aspect of Self that is dying – BEing let go of – that is no longer working FOR us. It is somehow blocking NEW growth – similar to the Big White Elephant in the room that no one wants to see or hear or acknowledge. How courageous are You to BE curious enough to ‘see’ and acknowledge there is an issue, then facing that issue, then healing it?

AND, know this: each Moon Cycle BRINGS new Self-awareness, always in all ways. AND, depending upon how deep the Self-awareness runs, it may take TIME to deal with and heal. There will be Moon Cycles that bring healing / letting go all in one fell swoop – yippee! And then there will be an ongoing chipping away at the same damn issue over many cycles BECAUSE we may need that TIME to ‘see’ more clearly, feel more fully, find the courage to face/release/heal/love it all. In other words, it is OKAY to NOT know / understand / ‘GET’ the Inner Knowing that leads to healing in the moment. It may be many 1000’s of moments from NOW until it is the right and proper TIME to let it all go. Yes, banging your head on that proverbial Red Brick Wall time after time after time – there is a reason for all of it!

Therefore, please know that each Moon Cycle brings its own special CYCLE of Inner Knowing, Inner Loving, Inner Acknowledgement – no two Moon Cycles work the same because of HOW and WHERE each of the eight Moon phases activate YOUR birth chart! Especially if those Moon phases hit on a planet within your chart or one of the sensitive points (Rising sign, Midheaven sign, North/South node positions, PreNatal Eclipse positions, to name a few). These Moon Cycles are the heavy-duty ones, where we learn there is more going on UNCONSCIOUSLY than we first thought or expected.

Planets & Glyphs

Planets & Glyphs

Deep Within our Inner Self is a wealth of information, data, insights and feelings that are Unmasked and brought out of our respective Closets in Divine Timing. Our planets in our solar system are there for a reason, a season and a lifetime. Who we meet, what we see, how we interact and respond/react to any and all situations/conversations we attract to ourselves – THIS is what makes up OUR respective PROCESS of Inner healing/loving of Self. A life-long process, uniquely Yours. What a gift!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

“Spring Has Sprung…

The grass has riz!

I wonder where them birdies is?

There’s a birdie in the sky who dropped a turdie in my eye.

I’m a big girl, I won’t cry….

I’m just glad that cows don’t fly!”


White Daffodils 2015

White Daffodils 2015

LOL! Every Spring I have to pull this wee poem out. It makes me laugh and appreciate the birds, the green growing and blossoms blossoming and Spring flowers blooming! Yay!

The Sun is now in the fixed earth sign of Taurus – we are IN the middle of Spring where the real growth of growing the NEW energy occurs. You can smell it as you walk around the neighbourhood, hear it in the busyness of the bees, butterflies and yes, those birdies, feathering their nests in all the budding trees.

Taurus represents the Bull, chewing its cud in a sunny pasture, lazily swatting at flies with its tail. “How you doin’?” the Bull nods to us as we walk by, hurriedly, on our daily travels. Slow down and listen to the Spring busyness, smell the new green growing, and just BE with it all, as the Bull is.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is busy with GROWING – very focused – and hands on with it all too! Taurus represents ALL of our senses – being stimulated and activated – with the new colours, sights, sounds and smells of Spring. SEE how bountiful Mother Nature truly is as you walk around your yard whilst walking the dog. As Within, So Without. Do you honour your Inner abundance in reflection of what you see outside of you, all around in your local world?

Tulips 2015

Tulips 2015

Taurus also reminds us of what it is we VALUE in our daily life: the home we live in, the food we cook and bring to the table, the THINGS we enjoy because of the money energetically resonating in our life, with which to buy it all.

Taurus rules the 2nd House of Life Experience in the birth chart, ruled also by the planet Venus. Bringing in the beauty of this world we call Earth. Creating MORE beauty by the placement of that plant with this bush or that flower or this tree. There is an abundant palette to choose from and create with. Allow your senses to soar whilst the Sun is in Taurus (April 18 – May 21).

To many, this 2nd House of Life Experience means the income we receive via the talents and skills and personal resources we bring to the table that call work to us, to be paid for in kind. This House of Life Experience also brings into play ALL the many creative ways we are able to attract, with heartfelt intention, money abundance. Everything in this realm is energy. Every thing, word, thought and deed is energy. Our bodies are energy.

How do you, energetically, call creatively to you that which you need, when you need it? How do you work with Venus, our Desire body/planet, who works via Love, Beauty, Harmony, Balance? Are you all in or all out, of money? All cycles ebb and flow, just like the tides. There is the abundant flow, the evening out flow, then the so-called lack flow (or much less than, low tide).

Blossoming Tree 2015

Blossoming Tree 2015

What fears or triggers come up for you when the evening out flow or lack flow are in motion? Just as each season of our Earth’s solar year brings changes in weather and life around us, sometimes seamlessly overlapping with one another; at other times there is an abruptness, and ending or a dying. Life, Death and Rebirth occurs in ALL cycles.

Animals die, nature dies, people die. All part of the larger cycle of Life Experience. Jobs die, cars die, appliances die. Everyone and everything must come to an ending, thereby creating a new beginning. Cycles ebb and flow, just like those tides, drawn to and fro via the Moon’s cycles.

Between now and May 21st, BE with your Inner Nature and the outer Nature. BE with your inner resources – notice them, honour them, embrace them. As we value ourselves, our BEingness, we attract Others whose values dovetail with ours. Symbiosis, synchronicity, and synthesis.

I leave this page with an offering of Calgary’s Spring bounty just now showing itself (yay!!) in the pictures I took yesterday morning in Central Memorial Park, just south of the downtown core. I used to live across the street from this park for 16 years, prior to moving to Vancouver Island 5 years ago. This park is the annual meeting place for the outdoor offering of

Pansies Spring 2015

Pansies Spring 2015

the November 11th Remembrance Day ceremonies in our city. The gardens are over 100 years old (newly renovated a few years back). Enjoy the colours and the beauty – inside – and out.

Blessed Be!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Crescent Moon Phase in Gemini…

8 Moon Phases

8 Moon Phases

Within the 8-phases of each Moon cycle we begin to ‘see’, quite literally, the struggle of the Moon coming to ‘light’ out of the darkness it was at during the New Moon phase.

Interestingly, the meaning of the Crescent Moon phase is a struggle of the Old with the New. As in, what is it that is OLD within our life/inner self, whose time is up, to be LET GO OF, in order to make ROOM for the NEW to show itself?

So here the Moon is beginning to show more light, moving away from the darkness, struggling to GROW more light, while at the same time, letting GO of the darkness it was once surrounded by and embedded in.

This is where the Ego mind struggles within US. “No don’t shine the light! You’ll ‘see’ what I don’t want you to know about! I’ve hidden this from you so far, but now the jigs up! I will resist you as much as I can – just wait and see!” Or words to that effect…

Since Monday, April 21st we have all been battling with something within ourselves, some sort of resistance to some kind of change that is starting to show itself (note the sliver of light within the Crescent Moon in our skies = the nudging of green growth from our New Moon seed of unrealized potential for this Moon cycle).

Gemini glyph


Bringing in the Gemini component (the sign this Crescent Moon phase began within back on Monday) we see the themes of:

  • Data collection
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Networking, socializing, what are we talking about with others?
  • Local travel
  • Local peeps – all the people we either currently live with, interact with on a daily basis, within our circle of commuting in and around our home
  • Siblings – how often we communicate with them and what we say when we do
  • Self-talk (!!!) which I believe MOST of us do not ‘hear’ very well, let alone take note of.

My question to all of you, during this Crescent Moon phase: what information have you been hanging onto that needed to be clarified out into your world, AND deep within YOU? What aspects of your MIND (Ego brain) have been hindering a more heartfelt connection in your local world? That you yourself may not have been aware of until these past few days? Once we are aware of what needs to be said, then we can act upon HOW and WHEN to say it. This includes Self-to-self chats too!

No matter how OLD we grow, there is always something NEW to learn, about Self/self, our behaviours, our unconscious reactions to those neutral EVENTS we experience every day. The emotional component (Moon) brings VOLUMES of information our way as to HOW we personalize outward events (which, in themselves, are neutral) to assist us in further inner soul growth.

Are you willing? Are you ready? Are you open?

Blessed Be!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

1st QTR Moon phase in Gemini

Gemini glyphFebruary 25th @ 10:14 a.m. MST we entered the 1st QTR Moon phase, situated at 06 degrees of Gemini 47′. By this time of each Moon cycle we meet up with a part of self that needs to be let go of, a blockage or obstacle that may get in the way of further Soul growth. The Full Moon in one week’s time brings Illumination – AHA! moment(s) – a spotlight of knowing – what your particular seed of potential has been about this Moon cycle.

Each New Moon brings a new opportunity to GROW consciously, Soulfully, to bring ourselves closer to who we truly ARE. As of 2015, I notice each phase of the Moon cycle really is intense, in your face, LOUD in other words. Grabbing our attention to “see” what was unconscious before that moment in time.

Where were you on Wednesday at 10:14 a.m. and what did you experience? Gemini brings knowledge, communication, how we gather information and data and share it. Who and how we socialize, communicate, learn, process mentally. How we interact with others, especially our siblings. What angles do we use to manipulate others to get what we want? Spin Doctor. Twisting the truth to fit your truth in that moment. Ego certainly works in interesting ways to keep the status quo, prevent change from occurring.

Back to Wednesday morning: what was your Soul beckoning you to “see” as a blockage in your life? Where does Gemini, the mutable air sign, reside in your chart? We can be of two minds (The Twins or Two Towers represents Gemini) talking self out of, or into, something. As a mutable sign, we can allow others to talk us into what they want from us, rather than sticking to what we know to be true for self. How we learn to say NO and ASK for what we want and need for self.

Gemini also represents our Inner Talk, those ongoing tapes that play round and round, constantly at times. Some are ones we have created ourself, many more are what we heard and took on from others. When you listen in on this Inner Talk, is it supportive or tearing you down? 60/40? 50/50? 40/60?

Nanaimo, BC Harbour

All of the above is what came to a head on Wednesday morning, LOUDLY, with fallout in the days following. This 1st QTR Moon phase lasts until March 1st at 8:03 a.m. MST. What has been blocking YOU for years or lifetimes? Preventing you from networking and socializing more effectively in your local world, depending upon where Gemini is located in your chart – which House of Life Experience was activated for YOU to “see” more clearly, heal and move on from?

As an example: in my chart, my 10th House of Career, goals and ambition, reputation in the world, was activated at the moment of the 1st QTR Moon phase. At that moment I experienced a rather bizarre conversation with a person I barely know, whom I started working with a week before. The conversation triggered some deeply held Ego fears of not being able to work fast enough to satisfy this person. To not KNOW enough, BE enough, and perhaps be left behind, abandoned and kicked to the side.

What was the root of this trigger? In Grade 1 myself and several classmates were ill for several days, missing school. When we all returned, something was wrong. Where was the rest of our classmates? They weren’t in the same room as we were. Our teacher didn’t say anything, and gave each of us a test to do. Again, why? What is this all about? What did I do wrong? What have I missed?

Carpet Weaving, Cairo, Egypt 2011

Years later I realized the test was to check what version of Grade 1 class we were to move into: the smarter class or the normal class? They were already splitting us off from one another, creating a division (The Twins) making us feel different from the whole we had been before.

What did I take away from all of this, that has haunted my career and learning ability? I don’t want to be left behind, so I better learn and ask questions NOW, and quickly, in order to be prepared for the Future – Unknown as that is – creating a need to be in control (Ego) as much as possible. To KNOW and BE as much as I can so I am not left behind.

On Wednesday the person I had been working with for only 5 days pushed that panic button (literally) that I don’t have all the pertinent information, that I wasn’t “getting it” fast enough (for her) therefore I am not competent. That somehow my ability to process new information is not good enough, not fast enough, therefore I am not good enough. Very much having the potential to undermine my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Since that day I realize this person needs me to be less than (being a bully to get her way) in order to feel superior/better within herself. I learn a certain way, which she takes exception to. She actually takes steps to negate my way of learning, to keep me from progressing through the learning curve that comes with any piece of work that is new. Again that separation (The Twins) and desire to have me do it HER way (mutable). And her Inner Talk is being projected onto me, like a stick, beating me verbally, daily.

I was faced with two options: continue to allow her to undermine my confidence OR take my power back. Become empowered. Move through an old trigger I didn’t consciously know existed, that was blocking me, in my case, regarding how and what I pick to do for work. Do I stay in a position that makes me feel less than? Or do I stand up and say NO thank you, and walk away?

I have since healed this trigger/blockage. Monday I will finish the process, formally. I have already set in motion a plan to  dig deeply within myself to find out, “What really IS the work I am to do in the world? Truly? What am I totally passionate about? Is it only Astrology? Or is there more?” To finally allow myself to SEE my true self’s ambition, set goals aligned to who I AM now, and move forward more fully integrated, not split (The Twins).

How have you splintered or split yourself off from your True Self? What knowledge have you been holding away or against yourself that has, in turn, triggered negative self talk, which in turn manifests as bullying self and/or others? All because we are not standing in our true power as our true self.

Chemainus, BC  February 2012

Chemainus, BC February 2012

I look forward to “seeing” more clearly what I have disentangled myself from to more fully integrate with my True Self by the Full Moon March 5th. Which, as it happens, occurs in the mutable earth sign of Virgo – BEing of Service to  Others – our daily work in the mundane world! Cool. Stay tuned….


Posted By: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator

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