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Open-Heart Surgery – Jupiter in Leo

JupiterThe planet Jupiter entered the zodiac sign of Leo as of July 17, 2014 and will be there until August 11, 2015. Jupiter’s path around the zodiac takes about 12 years to complete. The last time Jupiter made the journey through Leo was August 2, 2002 until August 27, 2003. Think back in time to where you were, who was in your life, and what was happening, heartfully, then?

Before I share what I underwent back then (and now) let’s discuss what Jupiter the planet and the sign of Leo mean to humankind. Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system, hence astrologically brings expansion, the need to explore outside our usual boundaries, and the energy of Jupiter AMPLIFIES the sign it traverses. Makes it bigger, in your face so you’ll notice, eh?

Zodiac Sign of Leo

Zodiac Sign of Leo

The zodiac sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun) brings us creativity, our inner child’s need for fun and play, where we find romance (Leo rules our HEART, upper back and spine in the physical body). Leo can also be about DRAMA – look at me! See me! Roaring like a lion. A wee bit of arrogance, anger, Ego issues and over-playing the drama can enter the picture if we need to see/hear it for our own Soul growth. Leo is also about leadership: working as a leader within a team, being a team-player and leading by example. What example are our world leaders making these days? Our previous Alberta Premier showed us all how ineffective it is to lead via the Ego’s need to be arrogant and self-serving. An over-spending spree of public provincial money ended in her resignation August 6, 2014. Interesting timing…

Now we bring in Jupiter – remember the expansion bit? Hence my calling this transit “open-heart surgery” – Jupiter is assisting all of us to open our hearts (Leo) wider and deeper – with compassion and unconditional love – if we are willing. If we are not willing, then the Ego brings in resistance (anyone been pulling back muscles or having similar back issues since July? or how about heart issues? the extreme would be creating a heart attack for yourself).

As Jupiter moves through Leo, it begins in a Direct way – focused on covering new ground, to bring in people and/or circumstances to us from outside ourselves to “see” how open our heart truly is. Then Jupiter decides to bring its energy deeply within each of us by turning Retrograde (Rx) which happened just before Christmas – December 8th. Did any of you notice how the jovial uplifted feelings we’ve been riding with since July seemed to be turned off in December? The closer we came to Christmas the darker it seemed – as if someone had turned out the lights! Of course we had the longest night of the year occur December 21st, Winter Solstice, and this isn’t what I am talking about. The inner light of optimism and seeking our higher truths seemed darker somehow.

Jupiter continues to be Rx until April 8, 2015 when it turns Direct once more. Bottom line, what does this mean? The initial Direct energy since July 2014 brought us closer heartfully to “see” just how open all of us are with one another, unconditionally., especially with Self. As I have already mentioned, the Ego resistance can bring about breakups, stand offs and downright battles (Syria and ISIS and all that war-mongering comes to mind too).

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

What astrologers do understand is this: “As Within, So Without” – meaning as we struggle deep within ourselves to love self and our significant others/family/friends, we can see in the world around us a direct reflection of that struggle playing out. Jupiter brings us a gift of choice: do we love ourselves through this process (and we each have our own respective and unique process of Soul growth to undergo) or do we have a temper-tantrum because “I want what I want and I want it ALL and NOW and MY way!”?

The choice is (and the “pot of gold”): recognizing what IS working heartfully, in our lives, and what isn’t. Then the next step is choosing: do I want to spend time to work this out with myself/others or do I want to walk away? OR (and this is what is playing out in Syria et al) dramatically fighting to the death – literally – to get what I want! Am I walking THROUGH the process, or running from it? Or even hiding from it? Or forcing others to DO MY WILL!?

Jupiter rules the 9th House of the zodiac wheel, and brings in our search of higher truths through the cultural philosophies we know of and the ones we learn about through higher education, travelling the world and interacting with one another on the global scale. “Why am I here? What am I meant to be accomplishing this lifetime? Who am I? Where am I going?” These are the heartfelt issues and feelings we are all undergoing. If it doesn’t FEEL right in the heart, why am I doing this?

Currently we are all in the Rx phase whereby we each look back to what we experienced 12/13 years ago AND since July of 2014. Any reminders of unfinished business, heartfully? What is still operating in your life that impedes your truest creativity, romantic needs, leadership roles, balancing your life with fun and play? This Rx period gives us all time to reflect on what is heartfully working for us and what isn’t. We will have the chance to make changes by April (if we haven’t already done so) when Jupiter turns Direct once more.

Balloons & Orbs, West Bank of Luxor, Egypt 2011

Balloons & Orbs, West Bank of Luxor, Egypt 2011

Jupiter also brings in FAITH – what do you believe to be true? No coincidence that a lot of the extremism out in the world has to do with Faith/religious beliefs – all escalating this summer/fall. Do you believe in Faith? What does this mean to you? Do you believe the sky is falling due to war, the downward spiral of oil prices affecting the markets, and the domino effects spiralling out from there? Or do you have Faith that the more we open our hearts to love self and all others (no matter their religious beliefs, colour, culture) that all will be rebalanced and right in the world? No this isn’t a magic wand moment – ’tis the belief that actions speak louder than words. Leo is Fire – inspired creative action from our inner spirit (in-spiration) heartfully lead through love. Basic. Simple. Effortless, really. Truly.

With Leo (and any planet that travels through this sign) we will know how we are operating: if we are coming from our inner deepest heart of hearts, we are coming from Love and our spirit/soul self. If we are coming from arrogance, logical will and dramatic effects, we are coming from Ego needs. It is your choice, at any given moment, no matter who or what is mirroring back to you – do I use my heart in this issue/matter/moment or will my fearful/angry/hurt Ego come forth instead to deal with it/you/me? Free will is our Divine Right, always and in all ways.

Think back 12/13 years ago – heartfully, where were you at? What did you experience in 2002/03? Post-9/11 times interestingly enough. For me: I started dating a man who I thought was Mr. Right (finally!) and found out he was not. I also took most of 2002 off to delve heartfully into Astrology (I had two years of study under my belt by this time) and had the courage to expand myself (Jupiter) into reading charts – I did my first reading in August 2002! I haven’t looked back since – I created by first business, StarSeeker Connection – and 12.5 years later I have international, national and local clients; I teach four (almost five!) levels of Astrology classes; and facilitate monthly New Moon Gatherings. And continue to expand my knowledge base and study new areas of Astrology (currently delving into the Fixed Stars and more astronomy!!!) all very Jupiterian considering that 9th House is all about higher learning!

Sphinx Temple, Giza, Egypt 2011

Sphinx Temple, Giza, Egypt 2011

And then there was the moment, exactly a week before Christmas in 2002, when I experienced the freaky yet necessary process of deeply-buried memories (I happen to have the full 30 degrees of Leo imbedded in my 12th House of the “hidden self”) rising to the surface of having been sexually abused when I was five and six by the father of one of my best playmates in the neighbourhood we lived in at that time. For the past 12.5 years I have been learning to deal with all of the triggers, self-love issues and allowing men back into my life. Talk about heart-opening issues! All in Divine True Timing folks! Which is why I love Astrology – it shows how ON TIME we truly are – even with our respective inner battles/wars that are out-picturing in the world.

And this time round, what have I been experiencing so far? The loss of a parent and celebrating his life on his birthday in August, doing the Leo thing of having fun and playing that day – with close friends and extended family – we danced outside with our bubble wands waving them around laughing and crying and having fun! Dad would have loved it all! Sharing time with our loved ones – and heartfully staying HERE and in the NOW, walking through the grief and loss, and remembering to LOVE one another, no matter what. And most importantly: to Love Self. How’s your “open-heart surgery” doing?


NB: Orbs and Heart-Tree photos taken by (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff

What Do Rainbows Have to do with Astrology?

Wish Upon Your Rainbow

Wish Upon Your Rainbow

When I was a child, during the summer thunderstorm season, I could hardly wait to run outside into the rain. More importantly, I could hardly wait for the Rainbows to show up AFTER the storm! No matter what time of the day it was (more often than not it was just minutes to sitting down for supper) I would run out to the swing set (still dripping wet with rain) to start swinging and singing to the Rainbow, along with the birds. All of us were thrilled to sing to the beauty, wonder and joy of just seeing that Rainbow!

Decades later I still thrill to see a Rainbow. A few years ago I was living on Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo and on Boxing Day I looked out my dining room window and saw a Rainbow! I was awestruck! This was Boxing Day – in Alberta it would normally be -10 Celcius with snow and no Rainbows to be found. And here I was seeing a Rainbow! As I watched it I wondered which end held the pot of gold? Was it to the left or the right? I started grinning, thinking to myself that I would pick one end of it, fix the position in my mind’s eye, then go for a walk to towards it. I allowed my intuition to guide my choice and I picked the left end.

Since I had been in Nanaimo less than a month, there was much to explore, and searching for this “pot of gold” seemed to be adventurous and thrilling and fit in with my aim to know more about the area I now lived in. I dressed for the rain (yay! no snow!) and headed in the direction of my “pot of gold”.

As I walked I took note of all the flora and foliage around me – some of which I could identify – along the way. The robins were out (!!!) looking for worms and twittering their sweet songs. It took me back to those childhood days of singing with the birds to the Rainbows.

I kept looking for that “pot of gold” as I walked on, wondering what gift the Universe was sending me this time. I love the magic of discovering the Unknown gifts the Universe brings forward – as long as I am looking heartfully! As long as I follow my intuition. I kept smiling as I walked – I knew no one in Nanaimo, had never visited it before moving here, and now I was on my first adventure! Cool – and all this started because of a Rainbow.

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

My “pot of gold”? Beach Estates Park – a wonderland (as the following seasons were to show me) of cedars, ferns, deciduous trees (aka Fall colours to see next year!) a waterfall and a stream – all connected by stairs and paths and bridges in a steady downward meandering path to – the ocean! Not far from the ferry terminal.

I loved the whole journey – I felt I was deep within a jungle it was so quiet. It was wonderfully GREEN (it had been -30 with deep snow back in Calgary less than a month ago) and vibrant and a wonderful feast for my eyes! When I came out to the rocky beach (not much sand on the east side of Vancouver Island) I saw the opening of the Bay far ahead with a few ships moving across the horizon. And shells! I love love love beach-combing!

This Boxing Day Rainbow welcomed me warmly to the natural side of Vancouver Island. In the months and years to come I would invite friends to walk through the park with me during new seasons, with my new digital camera in tow. Ask me how many pictures I have just from that park?

Waterfall in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Waterfall in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

As an Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer of over 14 years, I find there is a magical connection to our natural world, our solar system and beyond. It never ceases to amaze me how the TIMING of our solar (Sun) cycles, lunar (Moon) cycles, and planetary cycles continue to show just how ON TIME we truly are – despite the Ego’s otherwise cranky response to say otherwise!

I use Astrology (and now Numerology also!) to show myself and my clients, students and New Moon Gathering members how to listen to, and take action from, our intuition. Time after time, reading after reading, people who think they DO NOT listen to themselves, nor take action towards their Soul’s Purpose, step by baby step – they each learn that YES! I do listen to myself! I didn’t know that about myself before – and I show them how well they already have been traveling their Soul’s Purpose path via their previous, current and future planetary, solar and lunar cycles.

Some misunderstand Astrology, thinking it is a fortune-telling con game. NOT. In the 1600’s science split off from its spiritual roots, Astrology, and became totally left-brain logic, show me the facts and evidence of existence on this planet called Earth. All of us, on some level, have been seeking a way to return, spiritually, to ourselves ever since. Interestingly, Astrology went deep underground for close to 300 years, until the discovery of the planet Neptune September 23/24, 1846, ruler of Pisces and the 12th House within our birth charts – the connection to our Spiritual and Divine BEingness. And now, for the first time in 165/6 years since its discovery, Neptune is once again travelling through Pisces, bringing us all closer to our Spiritual selves since February 4, 2012. Just saying…see the magic…

Ivy Covered Trees in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Ivy Covered Trees in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Yes we are human BEings, with a mind, heart and physical body. We are ALSO eternal BEings of Light and Love experiencing many lifetimes of Soul evolution BACK towards our true Spiritual Selves. THIS is what Astrology brings to me, my clients, students and New Moon Gathering members – a continual confirmation that the MAGIC of looking for that “pot of gold” of mystery is really all about folding back the mystery of ME, and YOU. WE are the magic and the mystery – Believe in it…

Wish Upon A Star and Wish Upon YOUR Rainbow’s “pot of gold” – with heartfelt intention, listen to your intuition for your next steps forward this lifetime – no matter how your outside life seems to look at this very moment. Every Rainbow is MAGIC and you ARE the Rainbow, and the rain, and the natural world around you. You am I and I am You. We are all connected. The Ancients knew this 5,000 years ago as they charted the skies and began noting the details via hieroglyphs, cuneiforms, then writing over the centuries of centuries ever since.

Astrology helps you to SEE you more clearly, the whys and wherefores of what you agreed to learn about for your Soul’s growth and evolution this lifetime AND brings to light that which is still unresolved from PAST lives! Very cool actually.

This is why Rainbows and Astrology exists, now. To bring ALL of us closer to our true inner selves, the key to understanding our inner mysteries, and how we all relate to one another along the way. Blessed BE!

Footnote: all pictures taken in Beach Estates Park by (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff

Rainbow picture from Google Images

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