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Why Bring Astrology Into Your Life? The Signs of Spring…



As we experience pre-Full Moon in Sagittarius, I thought I’d reach out globally today (one of Sagittarius’ themes) to connect with all of you!

As an Astrologer for 15 years now, the main questions people ask me is, “What can Astrology do for me? What IS it?” I have struggled to answer this question because it is multi-layered, not a one-size fits all self-growth tool.

Astrology is the science AND art of interpreting when and how current planetary cycles within YOUR life (via your birth chart and yearly Solar Return charts) are activating themes of further self and soul growth.

Seasonal Zodiac Wheel

Seasonal Zodiac Wheel

The signs and planets of Astrology have a unique relationship to one another: three layers to begin with actually. Let me take you through the first quarter of the wheel of the Zodiac, or what we like to call the Natural Wheel, which begins with the season of Spring, the start of the Solar (sun) year (for those of you new to Astrology, the Sun’s path takes exactly one year to travel through all 12 signs of the Zodiac, and each season is grouped within a pairing of three signs). Read on…

  • SPRING: we all know about the Vernal Equinox (vernal = green) heralds the beginning of this season. This is when the Sun enters the sign of Aries at 00 degrees. That moment in time and space marks the true beginning of Spring every year down here on Earth.
  • First Sign of Spring: The sign of Aries sits in the 1st House of the Zodiac wheel and is ruled by Mars. Here, therefore, are the three layers – planetary ruler (Mars) + zodiac sign (Aries) + House location (1st). Here the element of cardinal FIRE is coming forth, stirring new growth and a new season of birds nesting and animals birthing their young (we need FIRE to belay the cold of Winter’s watery sign, Pisces). We humans become all fired up too (notice the Ricky Racers out in their cars and trucks, feeling their oats so to speak)! Very much instinctual…
  • Second Sign of Spring: The sign of Taurus sits in the 2nd House of the wheel and is ruled by Venus. Again, see the three layers of meaning. Taurus is the element of fixed EARTH, a truly “let’s get down and dirty and grow grow grow” the natural growth of grass, flowers, trees budding and blossoming. Taurus likes to look after all the details, hands-on, and doesn’t like change much.
  • Third Sign of Spring: Here Gemini comes into play within the third House, ruled by Mercury (and interestingly, Mercury is doing his Retrograde journey through Gemini right now. Tell me how many lengthly chats you’ve been having these past weeks?!). Here we have the mutable AIR element, going with the flow, socializing, networking, gathering data and sharing information. Here the weather is somewhat cool (Spring) yet with intermittent days of hotter temps (Summer). Changeable. Like Gemini, able to talk yourself into or out of anything!

Before I continue with the rest of the seasons and how they relate throughout the Natural Wheel of the Zodiac, I want to return to those three layers of meaning I referred to above. When I create each person’s birth chart (via knowing their TIME, DATE and PLACE of birth) not everyone has Aries Rising (the sign that begins their 1st House in their chart).

Spring Blossoms 2015

Spring Blossoms 2015

I mention this because the Natural Wheel of the Zodiac is just that, the natural path of our Sun as we look out from Earth, journeying through our seasons down here. This wheel is our jumping off point, something static to keep in mind while we Astrologers deal with the reality of each person’s chart and actual time, date and place of birth. Here is when things get really interesting!

Have you ever played the dice game, Yahtzee, using those six dice to get the right combinations of numbers, and you never know, with each roll, if you’ll receive the combination you are working on now? Well I see our respective birth charts kind of similar to these rolls of multiple dice: we ALL have the same 12 Houses and 12 Signs and the planets and asteroids in our birth charts. What makes us UNIQUE from one another is HOW and WHERE the signs and planets are placed within the Houses of YOUR chart! All due to where, when and what date of the year you were born. In other words, as if someone’s hand had tossed 12 dice up in the air, and voila!

For instance, I have my Sun in Pisces (in my 7th House), Virgo Rising (1st House), Moon in Taurus (9th House) and Midheaven in Taurus (begins my 10th House). The Natural Wheel has Aries Rising, and the Midheaven is in Capricorn – always.

I adjust my interpretation accordingly to where all the planets and signs have aligned themselves within my chart because of when I was born (5:41 p.m. February 23rd, 1958) and where (Calgary, AB Canada). Where the planets were, and the signs they were travelling through up in the sky the date and time and place of my birth are therefore reflected within MY birth chart.

Now, as an Astrologer, I take another step to look deeper, past the top layer of the chart, to note the Natural Wheel’s signature underneath. I may have been born with Virgo Rising (covering all of my 1st House) yet underneath all that Virgo still lies the energy of Aries, and Mars as ruler. Do you see the layering of themes going on here? As I move around the chart, I see what is printed on the chart AND what is lying energetically underneath it, always. And how I relate to all this energy signature, how I embrace it or reject it, well that’s what makes me, ME.

This is WHY our birth charts are UNIQUE to each of us. Yes, I may be a Piscean, yet how I shine  this part of myself (within my one-on-one close friendships, partnerships – 7th House location) also has the underlying energy of LIBRA – cardinal Air sign that naturally rules the 7th House – beginning NEW equal and fair connections, one by one, relating with others who like to initiate change and be vocal about it, with love and diplomacy.

Blossoms in Shadow 2015

Blossoms in Shadow 2015

AND, one last note before I leave this page, each and every sign, House and planet has its Shadow side – that Ego resistance stance, stubbornly preventing us from moving forward as easily as we could – and THIS is why Astrology is such a great self-growth / soul growth tool to use and become familiar with! I ‘see’ MY Shadow self in play, how and when my Ego resists any change my Soul (Sun) self wishes to bring forth, and with a little effort on my part, I look to find the Light side, how to help my Ego to let go of the dark, embrace the idea of working within the Light for a change….via the planetary cycles offering THEIR energetic help for MY soul growth!

Herein lies the magic and the Divine Timing of our life, as it unfolds, via the current planetary cycles continuing to dance around our birth chart, activating themes (new and repeating) for opportunities to embrace, love and heal those parts of our Inner Self we have rejected over time (now and in past lives). A lifetime of opportunities. This is why I love Astrology – it is ALWAYS on time, In Time, and in Divine Timing. If you have the courage (Aries!) to look and ask and learn.

Stay tuned for the Signs of Summer!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Nature pictures credits: Taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

All other graphics from Google Images.

What Do Rainbows Have to do with Astrology?

Wish Upon Your Rainbow

Wish Upon Your Rainbow

When I was a child, during the summer thunderstorm season, I could hardly wait to run outside into the rain. More importantly, I could hardly wait for the Rainbows to show up AFTER the storm! No matter what time of the day it was (more often than not it was just minutes to sitting down for supper) I would run out to the swing set (still dripping wet with rain) to start swinging and singing to the Rainbow, along with the birds. All of us were thrilled to sing to the beauty, wonder and joy of just seeing that Rainbow!

Decades later I still thrill to see a Rainbow. A few years ago I was living on Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo and on Boxing Day I looked out my dining room window and saw a Rainbow! I was awestruck! This was Boxing Day – in Alberta it would normally be -10 Celcius with snow and no Rainbows to be found. And here I was seeing a Rainbow! As I watched it I wondered which end held the pot of gold? Was it to the left or the right? I started grinning, thinking to myself that I would pick one end of it, fix the position in my mind’s eye, then go for a walk to towards it. I allowed my intuition to guide my choice and I picked the left end.

Since I had been in Nanaimo less than a month, there was much to explore, and searching for this “pot of gold” seemed to be adventurous and thrilling and fit in with my aim to know more about the area I now lived in. I dressed for the rain (yay! no snow!) and headed in the direction of my “pot of gold”.

As I walked I took note of all the flora and foliage around me – some of which I could identify – along the way. The robins were out (!!!) looking for worms and twittering their sweet songs. It took me back to those childhood days of singing with the birds to the Rainbows.

I kept looking for that “pot of gold” as I walked on, wondering what gift the Universe was sending me this time. I love the magic of discovering the Unknown gifts the Universe brings forward – as long as I am looking heartfully! As long as I follow my intuition. I kept smiling as I walked – I knew no one in Nanaimo, had never visited it before moving here, and now I was on my first adventure! Cool – and all this started because of a Rainbow.

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

My “pot of gold”? Beach Estates Park – a wonderland (as the following seasons were to show me) of cedars, ferns, deciduous trees (aka Fall colours to see next year!) a waterfall and a stream – all connected by stairs and paths and bridges in a steady downward meandering path to – the ocean! Not far from the ferry terminal.

I loved the whole journey – I felt I was deep within a jungle it was so quiet. It was wonderfully GREEN (it had been -30 with deep snow back in Calgary less than a month ago) and vibrant and a wonderful feast for my eyes! When I came out to the rocky beach (not much sand on the east side of Vancouver Island) I saw the opening of the Bay far ahead with a few ships moving across the horizon. And shells! I love love love beach-combing!

This Boxing Day Rainbow welcomed me warmly to the natural side of Vancouver Island. In the months and years to come I would invite friends to walk through the park with me during new seasons, with my new digital camera in tow. Ask me how many pictures I have just from that park?

Waterfall in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Waterfall in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

As an Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer of over 14 years, I find there is a magical connection to our natural world, our solar system and beyond. It never ceases to amaze me how the TIMING of our solar (Sun) cycles, lunar (Moon) cycles, and planetary cycles continue to show just how ON TIME we truly are – despite the Ego’s otherwise cranky response to say otherwise!

I use Astrology (and now Numerology also!) to show myself and my clients, students and New Moon Gathering members how to listen to, and take action from, our intuition. Time after time, reading after reading, people who think they DO NOT listen to themselves, nor take action towards their Soul’s Purpose, step by baby step – they each learn that YES! I do listen to myself! I didn’t know that about myself before – and I show them how well they already have been traveling their Soul’s Purpose path via their previous, current and future planetary, solar and lunar cycles.

Some misunderstand Astrology, thinking it is a fortune-telling con game. NOT. In the 1600’s science split off from its spiritual roots, Astrology, and became totally left-brain logic, show me the facts and evidence of existence on this planet called Earth. All of us, on some level, have been seeking a way to return, spiritually, to ourselves ever since. Interestingly, Astrology went deep underground for close to 300 years, until the discovery of the planet Neptune September 23/24, 1846, ruler of Pisces and the 12th House within our birth charts – the connection to our Spiritual and Divine BEingness. And now, for the first time in 165/6 years since its discovery, Neptune is once again travelling through Pisces, bringing us all closer to our Spiritual selves since February 4, 2012. Just saying…see the magic…

Ivy Covered Trees in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Ivy Covered Trees in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Yes we are human BEings, with a mind, heart and physical body. We are ALSO eternal BEings of Light and Love experiencing many lifetimes of Soul evolution BACK towards our true Spiritual Selves. THIS is what Astrology brings to me, my clients, students and New Moon Gathering members – a continual confirmation that the MAGIC of looking for that “pot of gold” of mystery is really all about folding back the mystery of ME, and YOU. WE are the magic and the mystery – Believe in it…

Wish Upon A Star and Wish Upon YOUR Rainbow’s “pot of gold” – with heartfelt intention, listen to your intuition for your next steps forward this lifetime – no matter how your outside life seems to look at this very moment. Every Rainbow is MAGIC and you ARE the Rainbow, and the rain, and the natural world around you. You am I and I am You. We are all connected. The Ancients knew this 5,000 years ago as they charted the skies and began noting the details via hieroglyphs, cuneiforms, then writing over the centuries of centuries ever since.

Astrology helps you to SEE you more clearly, the whys and wherefores of what you agreed to learn about for your Soul’s growth and evolution this lifetime AND brings to light that which is still unresolved from PAST lives! Very cool actually.

This is why Rainbows and Astrology exists, now. To bring ALL of us closer to our true inner selves, the key to understanding our inner mysteries, and how we all relate to one another along the way. Blessed BE!

Footnote: all pictures taken in Beach Estates Park by (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff

Rainbow picture from Google Images

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