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New Moon in Sagittarius: Seeking Spiritual Connection or Drama?

Tomorrow, Friday December 7th, 2018 at 12:20 am MST we experience the beginning of another Moon cycle – New Moon phase begins – when the Moon and Sun sit together at the same celestial coordinates of 15 degrees of Sagittarius 07′.

Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 - August 25, 2017Sagittarius is our mutable fire sign – going with the flow – of INSPIRed creative action (in-spirit) – as we determine our INTENTIONS for this Moon cycle. The Arrow of the Sagittarius glyph signifies our Quest of Purpose: “Why am I here? What IS my purpose? What have I to offer in the outer world, beyond my locale?”

New Moon in Gemini: Connections & NegotiationsThe mutable sign of Gemini is the opposite sign to Sagittarius, signifying our locale – people we live with, interact with, grew up with (siblings, neighbours, long-time family friends) and the merchants/retail stores we visit on a regular basis. People who we speak with, locally.

This New Moon cycle, beginning tomorrow, brings us closer to the global connections of our respective worlds. What are you intending, as next steps, to be OUT in the larger world? Where are you headed? What are you wishing to learn?

IMG_9914Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (also currently in Sagittarius!) and resides in the 9th House of WE SPEAK within the natural wheel of the zodiac. The themes for Sagittarius (as put forth by Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology) are:

  • Your Quest for Truth: searching for answers to answer “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?” via religion, praying/meditating via higher guidance, going to places of worship, being frank and honest, directly discussing your quest with others. Any or all of these come into play during this Moon cycle. Interesting that we will experience the most popular religious time of year – Christmas. How meaningful is this time of year for you – especially this year? What will you explore further, as your quest for truth?
  • Peace of Mind: found in Nature as you connect Without, to listen Within, for guidance from Above. Listen for and follow your intuitive knowing. What are the subtle whisperings from your Higher Self saying?
  • Travel/Freedom/Adventure: many people travel to warmer climes this time of year to embrace the Sun/warmth/solar fire, escaping the reality of -23 degrees C with the windchill mornings up here in Canada (or colder!). Spontaneity, seeking adventure, having positive expectations of the long-distance and perhaps foreign travel, to EXPLORE other cultures, religions, sacred spaces – to perhaps FIND or SEE Yourself mirrored there. “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?”
  • Legal Issues: Sagittarius rules attorneys, lawsuits, ethics, morality, conscience and court proceedings – anything to do with the Law of the Land. With Mercury about to  Station Direct at 27 degrees of Scorpio (yay! Mercury Rx is almost over!) Expect the Unexpected from planned events, previous discussions, misinterpreted conversations, and delays in usual straightforward motion and contracts. Revisit previously agreed-upon strategies – you may find items previously missed!
  • Faith & Optimism: there are times in our lives – usually around the holidays with family gatherings, to-ing and fro-ing the house/office parties – where our Faith can be tested – especially with thoughts of loved ones passed on, feeling lonely for their hugs, voices, laughter – missing the people who are no longer with us. And there is that generous spirit of giving, perhaps having the good luck to afford presents this year when in previous years, not so much. And gallantry – wherefore art thou? LOL! The optimism can also turn into wishful thinking/hoping – ensure you have a good dose of reality mixed into all of this…
  • Finding Solutions: through mentors who’ve been there done that before you, connecting with Higher Education institutions (colleges, universities) if your search for your Higher Truth takes you onto a different life path, seeking the philosophy that calls to your heart and soul as you seek the answers your soul/spirit quest. All in aid of finding the solutions to wherever it is YOU ARE NOW.
  • Overcoming Excess: here we encounter that over-optimistic faith that “If I buy this now, I’ll be able to pay off my credit card next year!” How many years has the consumerism in the larger world brought us to our knees as the colder January snows and temperatures show up? Watch out for shortcuts that end up creating worse scenarios, being self-righteous about ill-fated decisions, making assumptions, excesses and extravagance, blunt communication and Pollyanna approaches. BE TRUTHFUL as to your INSPIRed Actions – coming from your Soul/Spirit Self or Ego’s need to other than itself? These are the pitfalls of Jupiter/Sagittarius…
  • Physical Health Ruled by Sagittarius: hips, liver, sciatica, thighs and upper legs. These are the areas of the physical body that will ‘speak to you’ via pain, accidents, the need for exercise (vs. excess!) that will be carried forward into the New Year if we’re not looking at the bigger picture…take those walks, jog, ski, skate, dance, hike – do whatever it is you need to do – drink more water vs. spirits (!) – to flush those toxins out. Visit the people who can help you determine the Higher Truth of what may already be going sideways in your physical body. Why wait for 2019? DO IT NOW!

Scorpio Full Moon: Facing Our Fears of Worth + ValueThe Sabian Symbol (from The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill) for this New Moon’s celestial longitude:

  • Key Wisdom: This pictures a situation of dependence and sometimes co-dependence. Don’t look to others or have others look to you for opportunities and nourishment, for you may miss your chance of being creative and independent. Who’s looking for scraps? Are they worth it? Diminishing your essential worth while trying to please a specific need. LOSING SIGHT OF ALTERNATIVE POSSIBILITIES.
  • Shadow: Waiting for scraps that may not even be worth it or may not ever come.

In other words: LOOK for YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE – no one else will or can do it for you! Seek that which calls out from your heart of hearts. BE optimistic that yes, you WILL find that pot of gold at the end of your Life Path’s rainbow. And it won’t be found if you don’t MOVE yourself, TAKE ACTION, in some regard. Sagittarius mutable fire – go WITH the flow AND ensure it’s the flow YOU wish to go with! Not someone else’s! Heed your own Inner Call!

This New Moon (Sun + Moon) position will create some stress and tension, Within, from the help of Mars + Chiron, both within the mutable water sign of PISCES – our Spiritual connection. Mars wants to take assertive Action AND Chiron wishes to HEAL the pain and/or Drama you’ve been carrying Within (be it physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually). Yes: GO WITH THE FLOW and SEEK YOUR SPIRITUAL HIGHER SELF / TRUTH / PURPOSE – in every Action, Prayer, Decision, Conversation, Book, Person, Video you encounter – between Friday December 7th and January 4th, 2019! Let go of the victim/rescue me/I feel persecuted or bullied roles of that Drama Triangle – step OFF this triangle by going Within, Seek your Higher Self, and Listen to your Heart. With Love, Faith & Optimism – look for the signs and symbols of this season to help you to Keep on Keeping On!

MERRY MERRY – Happy Christmas to One & All – Blessed BE – Namaste


Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon in Capricorn: Taking Care of Business…

dsc05266The New Moon phase, initiating this current Moon cycle, began at 11:53p MST on December 28, 2016 at 07 degrees of Capricorn 59′ (aka 08 degrees of Capricorn). Mercury was (and still is) in Rx (Retrograde) also in Capricorn (06 degrees and 47′) creating a team environment to MINDFULLY (Mercury) work towards communicating (with others and within Self) our respective goals towards any or all  of the following:

  • Material Gain: mindfully, what does this concept mean to you? How do you DO material gain in your life? Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn since 2007/08 transforming how the world views and interacts with our material world. How has Pluto transformed this within your world? For example: job loss, debt, floods or hurricanes/tornados taking your home, death of loved ones – any or all of these occurrences forces us to rethink our material needs. Erases/eradicates former value systems we used to cling to. Where are you now with all of this? How do you now gain, materially? As in physically being able to put your hands onto something tangible. Do you NEED lots of tangible, or not as much as before?
  • Attaining Greater Heights: Capricorn’s glyph depicts the horn of the Mountain Goat or the tail of the Sea-Goat. The Sea-Goat climbed up from the oceans, to be on land (earth/tangible) and now climbs whatever mountain it is on. Goals move us forward into evolution of our respective lives. What is your goal for 2017? Is it the same material one you held dear in 2016? Has it changed? How has it changed? Do you see the new path forward/upward? What do you need for your journey and new path (that is, at the same time, ON your evolutionary path forward at this time)? Do you need to climb a totally different mountain compared to the one you were on in 2016?
  • Responsibilities: here’s the crux of the Capricorn energy – What am I responsible for in my life? AND (!) What am I NOT responsible for? Some of you may be so responsible for others that you are NOT being responsible for YOU and your life! Be honest here – check on your own motives. Saturn rules this Moon cycle and Capricorn – Saturn rules our fears. Currently, Saturn has been travelling through the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius – seeking our higher truth of Why am I here? What IS my purpose? What fears are manifesting for you that are blocking your forward and upward movement up your own path, on your mountain? Too many responsibilities you deem more important than living your own life for you? Excuses…Ego-Self delusions/illusions? Here is where we can stay stuck and plateau out – stay stagnant and not move forward in our own life.
  • Authority Figures: Saturn/Capricorn rule the masculine/father-figure types. How is your own Inner masculine taking a stance on what you are already an authority of? We all have something that we are really really good at. Can you mentor someone else with your wisdom and experience? Share knowledge with other authority figures? Partner with someone whose wisdom/experience dovetails with your own, creating a totally NEW (so Capricorn!) resource or service that the world needs now?
  • Structure: Capricorn is all about business, CEO-mindsets, the traditional organizations and institutions we’ve known for over 2,000 years! Pluto’s transit through Capricorn these past 8 years shows the cracks and even disintegration of the structures of many businesses and practices we took for granted until now. Look at Alberta – money Ontario (and our federal government) took for granted all these decades from our oil and gas industry has dried up and then some for the last 2.5 years – and the high numbers of us unemployed in Alberta and especially in Calgary, ever since! Integrity plays a key role. What new business practices, that embrace what is right and just for the good of all, are required now, for a better future? These industries and companies wouldn’t be dying unless change is truly required – this is the transformation Pluto brings to the table! Change or die. Bringing it down to the personal level: where is Capricorn in your chart? This is the area of your life where change that is required – what you’ve been doing over and over until now, if it hasn’t been successful – change it! Drop it! Move on to another path/tack!
  • Physically, Capricorn rules the skeletal structure, the knees, teeth and skin. If any of these physical aspects have been ‘speaking to you’ aka in pain, broken, or full of rashes – something Within you is trying to gain your attention! Listen! Take note! One of my favourite books, “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal, tells us possible contributions emotionally/mentally that can be creating said pain, breaks or rashes in the physical body. If we’ve been ignoring our thoughts and feelings up until now, the last place they imbed themselves into is our physical body. How LOUD does it have to get before you stop and listen and do something about it? And taking on too much responsibility, feeling overwhelmed and lost – these all can contribute to creating possible physical ailments, over time, if we’re not dealing with it in the Now moment.

dsc05242We’ve been in the Crescent Moon phase since January 1st at 9:20p MST at 26 degrees of Aquarius 57′ – this phase brings a crisis of ‘seeing’ something from Within the Darkness of our Ego-Self that needs to be brought into the Light (which we’ll understand more fully by Full Moon). Aquarius rules being authentic, original and futuristic. Connecting with our Future Self. Those ‘bright ideas’ and innovative plans/motives. What aspect of your Future Self is your Ego-Self totally afraid to let into the Light of your Life? Where is Aquarius in your chart? This is where your true authentic self wants to THRIVE! Your Ego-Self may be blocking it from shining brightly. Why? There is a struggle here between the Old and the New – the New wants entry, the Old wants to hold it back to keep the same old, same old. Which will win?

The 1st QTR Moon phase begins January 5th at 12:48p MST at 15 degrees of Aries 40′ – another cardinal sign (initiating the new) in the element of FIRE – spiritual inspiration to CREATE something new in your life! Yay! The Crisis comes when you must take some sort of ACTION – of whatever it is you saw for yourself within the Crescent Moon phase. Question is: will you or won’t you? Take action?

dsc05278Tracking Venus’ journey of regaining all the Vestments she let go of from September 2015 until March 2016 – as of January 2nd, 2017, at 29 degrees of Aquarius, via our 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra – our Inner Seeing aspect of Self – we are regaining our Royal Staff. How are you walking WITH your intuition these days? Your ability to ‘see’ beyond the physical? To connect with your Inner Future Self and allow those innovative bright ideas into the Light of Today? What were you afraid of embracing until now? Think back to 2015/2016 – can you now see your courage and stamina, and all fears you have since let go of?

Mercury Rx in Capricorn has helped us to ‘take care of our own business’ by changing our minds about something that we thought was key prior to the beginning of December. Now with this New Moon cycle in Capricorn (both the Moon and Sun working together) our emotional/feminine and active/masculine parts of ourselves are also being called upon to FEEL and INTUIT new avenues of business for ourselves – AND to take ACTION upon them. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign – initiating the new, using current resources in new ways. Create something new AND tangible. Capricorn always reminds me of Beaver – creating new houses out of current resources (trees) as needed. We don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater! Or reinvent the wheel! What does YOUR Life need, now, to be revitalized and evolved into a higher state?

What are your current resources? What do you need to create, now, for your future self and life? How will Venus, our Desire Body, bring forth those true desires as you carry your Royal Staff? Is it a walking stick to use on your new path forward/upward? Or is it a stick you beat yourself (or others) up with? Is it a leadership staff, heralding the wisdom/knowledge you have to share with other leaders, mentor others or be a leader yourself? Perhaps for the very first time, ever? Yikes!

dsc05256Look at what’s blocking your way forward/upward. Don’t try to go around it or avoid it. The more you do so, the bigger it becomes! Try embracing the thing you fear most and move through it – walk through it – don’t run and hide! Courage comes to those who breathe, take a stance, and envision a better, wiser and more loving aspect of Self. Take care of your own business – and do it now!

Blessed BE and Namaste!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Winter 2016/2017 in Calgary & Okotoks, Alberta Canada

New Moon in Taurus, Plus Mercury Retrograde!

8 Moon Phases

8 Moon Phases

Another Moon cycle is behind us now. What did you learn from it, about yourself, AND what have you left behind that no longer needs to be a part of you?

More importantly, is there anything further to learn from, that you bring with you as of this current New Moon cycle? Remember this: a cycle may end, yet it also BEGINS something anew all at the same time. By the last phase of each Moon cycle, the Balsamic Moon phase, we all trust we are allowing something within us to die off, to be let go of, in some regard. Creating NEW space for the new seed of the next New Moon phase to be planted, watered and grown into new inner growth.

Both the Moon and Sun sat at 26 degrees of Taurus 56′ as of 10:14pm MDT Sunday night, well within this middle phase of our Spring growing season. The grass is green now, the blossoms are out on the trees, and the bulbs are finally showing their colourful flowers – yay! I love Spring.

Mock Plum Blossoms 2015

Mock Plum Blossoms 2015

The themes of Taurus bring the following:

  • Values: what do YOU value in your life these days? How are YOU of value, too? What talents, skills and other personal resources do you bring to the table when it comes to the work you do, to attract money, which in turn is used to buy what you value? What goals do you set for this?
  • The senses: Taurus, as a fixed earth sign, gets down and dirty to WORK and really GROW – and stimulates ALL of our senses whilst doing so. Seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and tasting all the signs of Spring around us, and how that stimulates us deep within too!
  • Contentment: BE like the Taurus Bull, find a sunny or shady spot out in nature, and just BE with nature – immerse yourself within it. Take time out to smell those lilacs about to burst forth, the apple blossoms, May Day tree blossoms – whatever is at hand. Enjoy the bounty that is Mother Nature down here on Earth. Abundance is free for the seeing, every time you leave your home!
  • Money: how do you treat your money? Is there fear there? Or is there love? According to Bob Proctor and his book, You Were Born Rich, we can ALL BE abundant if only we LOVE our servant, Money. As we Master its energy, we create and attract MORE of it – somewhat like a BEE to honey, eh? Watch how the bees flit from one flower to another, busy collecting the energy (pollen) to take back along their journey home, leaving a dusting of pollen everywhere they fly, inviting MORE abundance to grow.
  • Money that comes from Work: here is where we can create new ways and ideas of DOING work – there is always ANOTHER way to bring in that bacon. How creative are you, in tangible, hands-on ways (earth sign) to produce a service or product that others think of VALUE, and in turn, attracts money your way? Watch those birds and bees now, they find interesting ways to DO their work, every day.
  • Physical Health: Taurus rules the throat, chin and neck, the thyroid gland, our voice and vocal cords. If we aren’t “giving voice” to our ideas and thoughts, if we aren’t BEing heard, or are suppressing what needs to be said, watch out for sore throats or laryngitis to come along. As we age the thyroid gland shrivels, especially in our Western society where agism, BEing an Elder and BEing noticed for our wisdom is mostly disregarded. I love that ZOOMER magazine is around, and actors Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are currently in a NEW TV show, Grace & Frankie, that is hilarious yet also poignant when it comes to aging, changing, and finally owning up to BE their authentic selves. WHEN we speak up and HOW we speak up, affects others around us, always. Learn to speak your mind, when it needs to, otherwise we are lying to self and others all at the same time. It may not be easy to do, yet in the long run, it serves ALL of us, better.
Mercury Glyph

Mercury Glyph

This Moon cycle also brings our second round of MERCURY RETROGRADE (Rx)!! We have already navigated the pre-Rx Shadow timing from May 4 – May 18th. Mercury stations Rx as of 7:50p MDT today at 13 degrees of Gemini 08′, preparing to move BACK along the degrees it already traveled (since May 4th) down to 04 degrees Gemini 35′ when it stations Direct again June 12th. Then the post-Rx Shadow period lasts until June 26th, when Mercury regains where it was before turning Rx.

Note where Gemini is in your chart – this will be the area that you revisit these next several weeks, wrapping your mindset, your thoughts and conversations around! For me, this encompasses my 10th House of Career and Pubic Life/Face – all right on time!

I look forward to every Mercury Rx period (we usually see three of them a year) because of the conversations I get to revisit, the new (and returning) friends I meet up with, the need to BE creative mind-wise, thinking outside the usual logic box, and Expecting the Unexpected to show itself! And there is that gem, finding out what I didn’t know I needed to know – about some aspect of ME or my world, somehow. All in Divine good timing…

Here the planet Mercury gives us all a logic holiday, to BE like a child and just allow that creative right brain to run free – yay! Anything goes (and normally does!) giving all of us a chance to revisit that problem or issue that’s been bothering us, to FIND a new way to solve it or BE with it.

I also find I clear up paperwork, organize closets and drawers, do the spring cleaning with MORE ease and grace because the logic brain (aka Ego self) isn’t getting in the way with excuses of “why NOT and let’s DO something else, eh?”

Spring 2015

Spring 2015

We also find creative ideas that seem to pop out of nowhere, CLARIFYING what was niggling us before. Mercury Rx throughout the sign it naturally rules, Gemini, means that social butterfly is networking with others, managing to gather ye data and SHARE it with others. Information gathering for whatever reason is now having a period of “let’s take another look at that, shall we? Brainstorm a bit more, shake out the flotsam/jetsam of unwanted words, thoughts, actions that were getting in they way. Let’s talk about that more, shall we?” and on and on.

Most of us know that any new undertaking (via contract or agreement) signed off on during a Mercury Rx period brings challenges that keep on keeping on for weeks, if not months, into the future. So a word of caution between now and June12th: double or triple-check those documents, emails, voice-mails, contracts etc., before sending them off. There WILL be typos, wrong dates, forgotten elements therein otherwise, creating MORE work or misunderstandings later on, to be undone, redone, or not done at all.

The Expect the Unexpected intrigues me – plans can go sideways beyond our control (which the Ego self does NOT enjoy) – all in aid of showing us just how MUCH control our respective Ego selves still want over our lives. It may be loud; it may not be pretty. It will be timely, as it always is (but not, according to that wee Ego self….just saying…).

Red Tulip, Central Memorial Park, 2015

Red Tulip, Central Memorial Park, 2015

Shaking things up is what keeps us on our toes to BE more at one with “going with the flow” (Gemini is a mutable air sign) and KNOW there is a REASON for the traffic jam ahead (because someone in your party is running late and needs more time to meet you), or that you cannot FIND that scarf or tie or piece of paper (causing you to use another colour or create from scratch something that reads BETTER than the same-old same-old).

Enjoy your renewed sense of HUMOUR these next weeks (towards SELF and others!), and know there is a greater reason for the so-called disarray within your mind and everyone else’s! Laugh more, hug more, and BE with each other more – content yourselves with BEing in these days of Spring, growing MORE into the values of your life – not what others value – yet don’t dismiss what others SEE within you that you may NOT value!

Gemini rules our SELF TALK too – how honest, loving and helpful are YOU within yourself, to yourself? Check your thoughts out now too – drop that stick of self-flagellation – and give yourself a good HUG instead! The Sun will enter Gemini as of May 21st, meaning there will be more LIGHT on this Gemini subject for all of us to learn from!

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Scenic Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Calgary, AB Canada

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