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New Moon in Sagittarius: Seeking Spiritual Connection or Drama?

Tomorrow, Friday December 7th, 2018 at 12:20 am MST we experience the beginning of another Moon cycle – New Moon phase begins – when the Moon and Sun sit together at the same celestial coordinates of 15 degrees of Sagittarius 07′.

Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 - August 25, 2017Sagittarius is our mutable fire sign – going with the flow – of INSPIRed creative action (in-spirit) – as we determine our INTENTIONS for this Moon cycle. The Arrow of the Sagittarius glyph signifies our Quest of Purpose: “Why am I here? What IS my purpose? What have I to offer in the outer world, beyond my locale?”

New Moon in Gemini: Connections & NegotiationsThe mutable sign of Gemini is the opposite sign to Sagittarius, signifying our locale – people we live with, interact with, grew up with (siblings, neighbours, long-time family friends) and the merchants/retail stores we visit on a regular basis. People who we speak with, locally.

This New Moon cycle, beginning tomorrow, brings us closer to the global connections of our respective worlds. What are you intending, as next steps, to be OUT in the larger world? Where are you headed? What are you wishing to learn?

IMG_9914Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (also currently in Sagittarius!) and resides in the 9th House of WE SPEAK within the natural wheel of the zodiac. The themes for Sagittarius (as put forth by Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology) are:

  • Your Quest for Truth: searching for answers to answer “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?” via religion, praying/meditating via higher guidance, going to places of worship, being frank and honest, directly discussing your quest with others. Any or all of these come into play during this Moon cycle. Interesting that we will experience the most popular religious time of year – Christmas. How meaningful is this time of year for you – especially this year? What will you explore further, as your quest for truth?
  • Peace of Mind: found in Nature as you connect Without, to listen Within, for guidance from Above. Listen for and follow your intuitive knowing. What are the subtle whisperings from your Higher Self saying?
  • Travel/Freedom/Adventure: many people travel to warmer climes this time of year to embrace the Sun/warmth/solar fire, escaping the reality of -23 degrees C with the windchill mornings up here in Canada (or colder!). Spontaneity, seeking adventure, having positive expectations of the long-distance and perhaps foreign travel, to EXPLORE other cultures, religions, sacred spaces – to perhaps FIND or SEE Yourself mirrored there. “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?”
  • Legal Issues: Sagittarius rules attorneys, lawsuits, ethics, morality, conscience and court proceedings – anything to do with the Law of the Land. With Mercury about to  Station Direct at 27 degrees of Scorpio (yay! Mercury Rx is almost over!) Expect the Unexpected from planned events, previous discussions, misinterpreted conversations, and delays in usual straightforward motion and contracts. Revisit previously agreed-upon strategies – you may find items previously missed!
  • Faith & Optimism: there are times in our lives – usually around the holidays with family gatherings, to-ing and fro-ing the house/office parties – where our Faith can be tested – especially with thoughts of loved ones passed on, feeling lonely for their hugs, voices, laughter – missing the people who are no longer with us. And there is that generous spirit of giving, perhaps having the good luck to afford presents this year when in previous years, not so much. And gallantry – wherefore art thou? LOL! The optimism can also turn into wishful thinking/hoping – ensure you have a good dose of reality mixed into all of this…
  • Finding Solutions: through mentors who’ve been there done that before you, connecting with Higher Education institutions (colleges, universities) if your search for your Higher Truth takes you onto a different life path, seeking the philosophy that calls to your heart and soul as you seek the answers your soul/spirit quest. All in aid of finding the solutions to wherever it is YOU ARE NOW.
  • Overcoming Excess: here we encounter that over-optimistic faith that “If I buy this now, I’ll be able to pay off my credit card next year!” How many years has the consumerism in the larger world brought us to our knees as the colder January snows and temperatures show up? Watch out for shortcuts that end up creating worse scenarios, being self-righteous about ill-fated decisions, making assumptions, excesses and extravagance, blunt communication and Pollyanna approaches. BE TRUTHFUL as to your INSPIRed Actions – coming from your Soul/Spirit Self or Ego’s need to other than itself? These are the pitfalls of Jupiter/Sagittarius…
  • Physical Health Ruled by Sagittarius: hips, liver, sciatica, thighs and upper legs. These are the areas of the physical body that will ‘speak to you’ via pain, accidents, the need for exercise (vs. excess!) that will be carried forward into the New Year if we’re not looking at the bigger picture…take those walks, jog, ski, skate, dance, hike – do whatever it is you need to do – drink more water vs. spirits (!) – to flush those toxins out. Visit the people who can help you determine the Higher Truth of what may already be going sideways in your physical body. Why wait for 2019? DO IT NOW!

Scorpio Full Moon: Facing Our Fears of Worth + ValueThe Sabian Symbol (from The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill) for this New Moon’s celestial longitude:

  • Key Wisdom: This pictures a situation of dependence and sometimes co-dependence. Don’t look to others or have others look to you for opportunities and nourishment, for you may miss your chance of being creative and independent. Who’s looking for scraps? Are they worth it? Diminishing your essential worth while trying to please a specific need. LOSING SIGHT OF ALTERNATIVE POSSIBILITIES.
  • Shadow: Waiting for scraps that may not even be worth it or may not ever come.

In other words: LOOK for YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE – no one else will or can do it for you! Seek that which calls out from your heart of hearts. BE optimistic that yes, you WILL find that pot of gold at the end of your Life Path’s rainbow. And it won’t be found if you don’t MOVE yourself, TAKE ACTION, in some regard. Sagittarius mutable fire – go WITH the flow AND ensure it’s the flow YOU wish to go with! Not someone else’s! Heed your own Inner Call!

This New Moon (Sun + Moon) position will create some stress and tension, Within, from the help of Mars + Chiron, both within the mutable water sign of PISCES – our Spiritual connection. Mars wants to take assertive Action AND Chiron wishes to HEAL the pain and/or Drama you’ve been carrying Within (be it physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually). Yes: GO WITH THE FLOW and SEEK YOUR SPIRITUAL HIGHER SELF / TRUTH / PURPOSE – in every Action, Prayer, Decision, Conversation, Book, Person, Video you encounter – between Friday December 7th and January 4th, 2019! Let go of the victim/rescue me/I feel persecuted or bullied roles of that Drama Triangle – step OFF this triangle by going Within, Seek your Higher Self, and Listen to your Heart. With Love, Faith & Optimism – look for the signs and symbols of this season to help you to Keep on Keeping On!

MERRY MERRY – Happy Christmas to One & All – Blessed BE – Namaste


Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Full Moon in Gemini: Clearing Old Patterns of Conditioning

Hi All!

cropped-gibbous2bmoon2bw2bjupiter2.jpgTonight’s Full Moon will occur at 10:39 pm MST at 00 degrees of Gemini 52′ celestial longitude.

New Moon in Gemini: Connections & NegotiationsGemini is our mutable AIR sign – going with the flow, allowing the information/data to come to you. Remember to also discern what is important, what is not AND to add your own ideas/thoughts into the mix.

Looking at the Full Moon chart, I see the following dynamic planetary patterns affecting all of us, as this Full Moon ILLUMINATES that which was hidden in the dark (unconscious to us) before now:

  • Venus (our Desire Body) in LIBRA: a wee bit of balancing/equality here between the Emotional Body (Moon in Gemini) and the Desire Body (Venus in Libra)! What is the difference between that which you DESIRE vs. that which you FEEL you need? Are the two in line with one another, or at odds? The connection between Venus & the Full Moon brings information AND opportunity to heal Old Patterns of Conditioning – to discern your true desires via your INTUITIVE INNER KNOWING – by learning to feel your way forward, intuitively, vs. MAKING THINGS HAPPEN, mentally (Gemini), sooner than they possibly should/could/need to be. Interesting test we’ve signed up for here…
  • YOD, Finger of God, pointing to VENUS in LIBRA: coming from the MOON in Gemini (Air) wishing to work with better ease and grace with CHIRON Rx (retrograde) in Pisces (Water). This is a dynamic, ongoing HEALING session between Chiron (representing any tendency to do emotional DRAMA) and our Emotional Body’s need now to think about how I feel/or feel about how I think (dilemma of having the Moon in an Air sign!) – in order to truly KNOW your Desires. The more we Let GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning of always connecting outwardly to others, by learning to go Within, meditate, connect with our True Inner Self – the more we’ll be in touch with that Inner Wisdom that is truly/clearly connected with our Desire Body. The Mental Body is the mind, ruled by the Ego-self, in need of safety, security and the need to KNOW. The Unknown scares the Ego-self – and the more we feel our way forward vs. always THINK our way forward, the more in tune we’ll BE about our True Desires….
  • Cardinal Grand Square: brings together the North Node in Cancer squaring Uranus & Eris in Aries squaring the South Node in Capricorn squaring Venus in Libra! Venus seems to be the key planet this Full Moon! A square dynamic brings forth much stress and tension to DO something NEW (all these signs are the Cardinal ones – initiating change/new directions). Therefore, 4 areas of your life will be asking you to DO CHANGE all at the same time! For our American neighbours, this Thanksgiving Day, a lot of family dynamics are in the works! The North Node beckons us into a New Direction re: how we relate to family, WITH sensitivity; while the South Node asks us to LET GO of Unresolved Issues of the Past – face them, deal with them, heal them – re: HOW important is building an empire to you, vs. being with your family? Hhhmmm…. And Venus/Libra brings balance/harmony while facing some much-needed self-HEALING (Chiron Rx), removing yourself from that Drama Triangle of: victimization/needing to be rescued/feeling bullied. STEP OFF this catch 22 role-playing and dive INTO your intuitive/feeling self – FORGIVE, LOVE & LAUGH & HUG.

a3c61-sagittariussymbolThe Sun entered the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius today too – sitting opposite this Full Moon. The Sun asks us to take ACTION by stating our True Intention of Next Steps forward re: our True Purpose, moving forward. Jupiter is assisting this position (and rules Sagittarius) so ride the wave of HUGE Opportunities/Possibilities AND keep your wits about you (Mercury Rx in Sag too!) while you decide/feel/intuit your way forward these next several days.

Stand on your Hill of NOW, look back over your journey so far this lifetime – where have you been? What have you learned? What more do you wish to experience? Then turn back to face your FUTURE SELF – see what new HILLS (opportunities) beckon you forward – which ones shine more brightly than the others?

FEEL your INTUITIVE Body, connect WITHIN, then ‘see’ your Next Steps clearly…and shoot your Arrow of INTENTION off into the bigger world! See what happens NEXT!


Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Glyph Credits: Dover Electronic Clip Art

Ready, Willing and Want To…

Oct 15, 2015 Sunset Skies

Oct 15, 2015 Sunset Skies

It’s been yet another wild ride for most of us human BEings during this latest round of solar flares (turning into solar winds and storms down here on Earth), stargate downloads reminding us all WHY we are still here (!!) and the usual weirdness of a Full Moon just before the thin veil Between the Worlds of Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve.

Every month, during a full Moon cycle of approximately 28-29 days, we experience a new round of conscious awareness via listening to our Emotional Body’s messages, signalling the latest news and views emitting from our Ego-self (consciously or otherwise) that require the following:

  • Awareness
  • What to DO with the awareness
  • Hopefully allowing the release, letting go of Old Patterns of Conditioning around this awareness, then
  • The healing process begins (aka rest, weeping, yelling, walking, talking – whatever it is that helps you to release the Old), then
  • Acceptance of what WAS to allow the NEW to unfold as it will (again, YOUR process that is unique to you, and you alone), which leads to
  • Greater Self Love, hence more love to share with Others.

The KEY to all of this Moon cycle awareness, release to heal, acceptance and soul growth, TIMING wise, is the following:

  • Am I Willing?
  • Am I Ready?
  • Do I Want To?
Oct 15, 2015 Sunset Skies II

Oct 15, 2015 Sunset Skies II

All three of these steps must be answered with a resounding YES! We must BE Willing to step towards our Soul’s desires, away from our Ego’s fears and its need for the status quo.

We must BE Ready to go through ALL of what our unique process entails to heal, let go, heal, let go, accept and LOVE ALL aspects of ourselves along the way.

We must WANT to move towards a Higher BEingness, consciously or not. To BE our most True Authentic Soul-self we can possibly BE, every moment we are Aware of Self. That we are aware of Breathing. That we are aware of BEing down here on Earth.

I did up a chart called “Between The Worlds” timed for midnight of November 1st. The Celtics believed that the veil between the physical world and the Unseen world (where our loved ones and ancestors, who have passed-over, now reside) became quite thin as of All Hallow’s Eve and All Soul’s Day (October 31st to November 1st). At this time of year, as we see more darkness and less light each day, we can connect more easily with those Ancestors and love ones to remember them, give thanks to them, forgive them, and love them. And to ask for insights, knowledge, guidance – whatever we need now in our lives.

Sheep River, Okotoks, AB Canada October 2015

Sheep River, Okotoks, AB Canada October 2015

As I looked at this chart, I saw a Grand Trine in the water signs (so many of us have been wondering WHY am I weeping and crying so much of late?) connecting the following planets in this emotional/intuitional love-line triangle:

  • The Moon in Cancer at 12 degrees and 17′ – the Moon rules this cardinal water sign, and the Home & Hearth, nurturance, family and our emotional familial line way way back in time. How does your family of origin’s emotional patterns keep you from moving forward? What needs to be let go of, healed?
  • The Sun in Scorpio at 08 degrees and 32′ – the Sun entered this fixed water sign as of October 23rd @ 11:47a MDT. Since then the Sun has been Illuminating/shining the Light of awareness into the deep waters of our Ego-fears of whatever the flavour of this Moon cycle is revealing. Trust issues, the need to dive deeply for greater detail and awareness of the WHY of things in our respective lives, HUGE Ego-self fears re: Anything and Everything imaginable – NOT rational at all at all! It is what it is folks!
  • Neptune, Rx in Pisces at 07 degrees and 06′ – Neptune rules Pisces and our 12th House of our Hidden Self – that which we don’t quite see or understand most of the time. How does one explain our connection to Spirit to self, let alone others? Or meeting up with a past life that has unresolved issues NOW to be healed, that otherwise blocks us from moving forward in this Life? Neptune brings the Illusions, and Delusions into REALITY, if only for a brief moment, for us to grasp “What the H is going on now deep within me?” With Neptune being Rx (retrograde) to boot – means really deep-felt, personal confrontations with our Inner Victim, Rescuer/Rescue ME! and Persecutor/Feeling Persecuted (aka the Drama Triangle) that we are still releasing ourselves from (Old Age of Pisces flotsam and jetsam).

As of the Full Moon in Taurus, October 27th, there was a love-line connecting the Sun, newly entered into Scorpio (03 degrees and 45′) with Neptune Rx (07 degrees of Pisces 24′) plus Chiron Rx at 17 degrees of Pisces 24′, heralding a great HEALING (Chiron) of any spiritual separation (Neptune in Pisces) we’re still clinging on to due to our Ego-self’s Fears to trust in this reconnect (Scorpio). The Chiron healing and the slow building of the planetary dance towards the Grand Trine is what we’ve all been FEELING since the Full Moon.

I ask you all again: Are You Ready? Are You Willing? Do You Want To? Tuesday the Moon heads into the Last Qtr Moon phase in Leo at 6:25a MST. This Moon phase heralds a Crisis in Consciousness – do we allow our Ego-self’s desire to return our heads/hearts back into the Sands of Denial (from Fear and Resistance to change) OR, do we allow ourselves, with courage (Leo rules the Heart and is NOT the cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz fame) to OPEN our hearts even MORE, to SHINE Unconditionally, for Self and Others, AND Create a New Future for ourselves?

Are You Ready? Are You Willing? Do You Want To? BE More? Let GO of the old barriers holding your Heart back, to CREATE space for the NEW (Unknown to you right now – and that in itself can totally freak out your Ego-self!) to come floating into your Life as it is intended – no Expectations.

October 2015, Okotoks, AB Canada

October 2015, Okotoks, AB Canada

Look to your charts to see what sign(s) are in your 12th of your Hidden Self. Here is where past life issues, unresolved before now, can be getting in your way to BE open-hearted to yourself and then others. If you don’t have a birth chart right now – call me. I’ll be happy to assist you in unveiling possible past-life connections, revealing the WHY of current challenges in your life. Know that the TIME is right only if You Are Ready, You Are Willing, and You Want To.

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator

Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Blue Moons and the ‘Dog Days of Summer’…

New Moon Rising

New Moon Rising

When is a Moon blue? There are a few ways, actually.

  • When there are TWO Full Moons within one calendar month – as in July this year. The first Full Moon occurred July 1st in Capricorn.
  • When the Earth erupts with volcanic ash, which in turn skews the skies and changes the colour of how we see the Sun and Moon from Earth – hence the blue tinge.
  • And the same thing happens during major events of forest fires – the ash from these fires alters the sky and hence the colour of the Sun and Moon we see from Earth.

With all the forest fires in the NW of Canada and the US, I am sure there are regions where heavy ash in the air has changed the colour of your view of the Moon. Today’s post notes Friday’s Full Moon in Aquarius as the second Full Moon in this month of July, therefore a Blue Moon. At 4:43a MDT on Friday, the Moon and Sun sit opposite one another, whereby the Moon reflects the unconscious desires of the Sun, ILLUMINATING or putting a spotlight on that which our Soul (Sun) truly wants us to know this Moon cycle. The Full Moon is at 07 degrees of Aquarius 56′ and the Sun is at 07 degrees of LEO 56′.

Egret on the Nile, October 28, 2011 Aswan, Egypt

Egret on the Nile, October 28, 2011 Aswan, Egypt

We began this cycle in Cancer, on July 16th (the ancient date of the heliacal rise of the fixed star, Sirius, indicating the rise of the Nile River waters at Memphis, ancient capital of Egypt) and now we ‘see’, emotionally, what we’ve been GROWing through these past two weeks! I mention Sirius, the Dog Star, to bring in the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ phrase we hear this time of year. Returning to ancient Egypt, these ‘Dog Days’ corresponded to Sirius, the Dog Star or brightest star in the night sky, of the constellation Canis Major. This star was highly regarded and revered by the ancients because its heliacal rising (meaning, star rising just BEFORE the sunrise) would light up the Queen’s Chamber in the Cheops Pyramid at Giza Plateau, just outside of Cairo, pronouncing the Planetary New Year (July 26th in current era time). The Sphinx, the constellation of Orion (his belt of three stars is used to find Sirius in the night sky), the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sirius itself were all intertwined with Goddess Isis and God Osiris mythology. Sirius was the Pole Star at the time of the building of the pyramids. Some believe Sirius was the Star of Bethlehem, and that the three stars of Orion’s Belt foretold the Three Wise Men’s journey to see Jesus’ birth. [I just had to add this bit, quite interesting! There is a excerpt from the book, Secret Chamber, by Robert G. Bauval, within a post titled “The Egyptian Star of Bethlehem” on his website, Read it and see the correlation to how the original myths of Isis and Osiris have morphed into current myths, as well as what the traditional Christmas Carole, “We Three Kings” referred to – very interesting!] And the Dogon tribe in West Africa have a tale to tell about all of this too. Google it to find out!

Giza Pyramids behind Sphinx, Giza Plateau, 2011

Giza Pyramids behind Sphinx, Giza Plateau, 2011

Here is the saying re: those Dog Days of Summer:

Dog Days bright and clear Indicate a happy year. But when accompanied by rain, for better times our hopes are vain.

Those ‘Dog Days of Summer’ occur between July 3 and August 11th, when the heat of the brightest star (Sirius, the Dog Star) combined with the heat of the Sun, bringing with it our hottest days of the year. The timing is said to be 20 days prior to, and 20 days after, the conjunction of Sirius and the Sun. The Sun does enter the fixed fire sign of Leo anywhere between July 19 and July 23rd until August 19 and August 23rd (changes each year), hence the FIRE/heat, the Sphinx (Age of Leo?), and on and on. Of course in 2015, we’ve had MORE rain than Sun, and methinks the last line of the verse above is telling us something for this next year to come…

Hathor, Isis & Osiris @ Philae Temple, Aswan, Egypt 2011

Hathor, Isis & Osiris @ Philae Temple, Aswan, Egypt 2011

Esoterically, and interestingly, Sirius is believed to be the Blue Soul Star of our solar system’s Gold Sun Star, and when the two travel together in the sky (called a conjunction whereby the earth, Sirius and our Sun are in direct alignment) there is a 70 day period of NOT seeing Sirius due to the light of our Sun over-shining it. This 70-day period was thought to be the time when Isis went into labour, to birth her son, Horus. Hence a re-birth and re-generation period for all. Here in Calgary, the timing of the heliacal RISE of Sirius (due to elevation and latitude) occurs August 27th at 4:25a MDT and it SET back on May 2nd at 19:48p MDT. Which means – Sirius went underground (behind the Sun) for 117 days (not just 70) and will RISE again, BE RE-born as of August 27th for Calgary and area. Interestingly we’ve already had a Mercury Rx timing during May and June, plus a Star of David planetary formation (some say SIRIUS means Star of David!) and now this Moon cycle of emotions and rain! How will YOU BE reBORN by August 27th? Sirius is currently sitting at 14 degrees of Cancer 14′ – FYI…this New Moon began @ 23 degrees of Cancer… [For those of you living elsewhere in the world, I suggest you visit Isidora’s website, and her post therein, dated July 19th, to find the link to the online astronomical calculation to assist you to find when Sirius rises and sets for any year up to 4712 BCE, where you live. Very cool!]   In 2015, there is the Lion’s Gate Harmonic Alignment (earth + Sirius + Galactic Centre lined up) due to the 8-8-8 (August 8, 2+0+1+5) which began July 26th, peaks August 8th, then wanes until August 12th. This creates a Galactic Portal of downloaded cosmic energy/information to all of us on Earth. This is a tumultuous emotional time for all of us, whereby staying CENTRED and GROUNDED is most important, and meditation helps too! The Galactic Centre resides at 27 degrees of Sagittarius 04′ as of July. Check your charts to see where this (and Sirius) activates your Life!

Aswan, Egypt Sunset + Orbs! October 2011

Aswan, Egypt Sunset + Orbs! October 2011

Coming back around to the upcoming Blue Moon/Full Moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, we also see Venus is Rx (Retrograde or going backward/inward) at 00 degrees of Virgo 03′ – a new cycle of how we LOVE and LIKE the Service we do in the world AND with the health of our physical bodies! Inwardly moving through all fears and issues surrounding this theme in your life. The Full Moon in Aquarius brings us face-to-face with our Future Self – new insights of HOW to do our daily habits (Moon) for now on! While the Sun, sitting in Leo, brings new LIGHT on the action we take to CREATE and have FUN with it all in the process. As always with an opposition (Moon and Sun this time) we want to create an AND here – so at Full Moon phase Friday, how well do you COMBINE the needs of your Future Self with our Inner Child just ‘wanna have fun!”? What do you need to do to bring BOTH to the table and combine both sides of yourself here? We also have TWO Grand Trines (triangles) hooking up 3+ planets each in the same element: one is in the element of Fire signs, and the other is still in the element of Water signs. They are:

  • Grand Trine in Water: continuing on from the New Moon, Chiron Rx in Pisces connects to Saturn Rx in Scorpio and connects to Mars in Cancer, who in turn connects up with Chiron Rx in Pisces. Taking emotional (water) responsibility (Saturn) for our deeply-held fears (Scorpio) of how we are still traveling along that old Age of Pisces’ Drama Triangle (Victim or Rescuer or Persecution) which we truly want to heal (Chiron). AND, then we take action (Mars) to assert ourselves to better loving emotional care of self and family (Cancer).
  • Grand Trine in Fire: this has popped up anew, just in time to bring us 29 degree Celsius weather on Friday here in Calgary!!! Do you see a weather pattern happening? Here the Sun in Leo is connected to Pallas Rx in Sagittarius who connects to Vesta in Aries, who in turn connects back up with the Sun in Leo. Illuminating (Sun) the creativity and fun (Leo) of your Inner Child with that self-involved (Aries) Self focus and concentration (Vesta) at home AND wanting to BE out in the wide world (Sagittarius) looking for your Higher Truth of your mission here this lifetime, as the Warrior of your feminine side (Pallas) and yes men, this means you too! We have a combination of masculine (Sun, Leo and Aries) and feminine (Pallas and Vesta as feminine asteroids) energies here that want to take ACTION (fire) in some way. In other words – BE in your feminine energy while DOing your masculine action, and vice versa! Combine and blend it all together as best you can.
Outdoor Meal First Day outside of Cairo, 2011

Outdoor Meal First Day outside of Cairo, 2011

Ceres, yet another feminine asteroid, sits at 00 degrees of Aquarius 45′ in Rx (so inwardly working with us). She is the Goddess of the Harvest, Grains and how well we are nourishing ourselves. As I write this I notice how much GRAIN I’ve been eating this week already! Damn! Here we have an opportunity of a NEW cycle of how our Future Self wishes us to FEED our physical bodies – emotionally eating or mindfully eating? In a balanced, original way. Aquarius beckons us to BE original – so whatever the current dieting trend is, out there, doesn’t mean it is meant for YOU and your body…follow your Intuition (Moon) to figure it out! Your body knows and it will talk to you (review what I wrote about Cancer in the New Moon post!) if you are NOT following what it needs in nourishment at this time. And where Ceres sits, in opposition to the Sun in Leo, allow the Sun to ILLUMINATE what is right and true for you!

Felucca outside our Cruise Ship on the Nile 2011

Felucca outside our Cruise Ship on the Nile 2011

Another interesting note, where the Sun is in Leo, it creates a connection to Neptune Rx in the sign it rules, Pisces. The connection is one where our Soul (Sun) is really really wanting us to LET GO OF OLD PATTERNS OF CONDITIONING whereby we go into that Drama Triangle of Victim et al vs. VICTOR aka standing in your power, BEing emPOWERED rather than feeling others have POWER OVER you….does any of this sound familiar for you? I myself had a wee meltdown yesterday, tsunami of sorts, that totally took my breath away AND all those stored up emotions I was hanging onto for many a month. Pisces and Neptune can hold the ILLUSION of sanity, that I am on top of my emotions (!!!) or we can be DELUDING ourselves. The key here (Chiron), working with Soulful action via the Sun in Leo, is to BE creative, come from the HEART, and LOVE yourself through whatever these stored-up emotions represent in your life. Being Rx, Neptune asks us, deeply within, to BE real, SEE your reality, and IMAGINE (Neptune) that Life can BE happy, fun and playful (Leo). Rise UP beyond the Ego-self and TRANSCEND aka master your Inner Child’s tantrums. Not to say we won’t have meltdowns in the future – we will – just how often, when and how long is the key (Chiron) to change. Drama is drama (Shadow side of Leo by the way), and to what extent is your choice, every time. If you have felt or experienced ANY of the above – Yay you! It means you are right on time, in Divine Timing, as always, in all ways. Love YOU, BE You, and all the rest will follow. Blessed BE! Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Writer, Facilitator & Speaker Photo credits: My favourite pics from my 2011 Egypt trip! Enjoy!

Current Moon Cycle’s Grand Trine in Water Signs…

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC July 29, 2012

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC July 29, 2012

As of right now (11:29a MDT) we are still in the 1st QTR Moon phase that began @ 11 degrees of Scorpio 59′ July 23rd @ 6:56p MDT. Why am I bringing this up? To remind us this current Moon cycle, which began July 15 in the water sign of Cancer, also triggered a Grand Trine (or triangle) linking up the following planetary players, all in the same element of WATER:

  • New Moon Duo – Moon and Sun – in Cancer – the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac – all about family, Mom/mothering and nurturing – how we learned to do this from our Mothers, and how we now do it for self and then others. This is the underlying theme for this Moon cycle, even as we pass through all the other seven Moon phases along the way.
  • Saturn Rx (Retrograde) in Scorpio – the most private sign of the Zodiac – brings us closer and DEEPER into those dark waters of Ego-self’s deeply-held emotional and perhaps traumatic fears, all of which Saturn Rx asks us to take Responsibility, once and for all! There is always a reason why a planet turns Rx to retrace its steps BACK into the previous sign – gives us a chance to tie up loose ends, finish the healing/letting go portion of what we’ve been GROWing through since Saturn first entered Scorpio back on October 6, 2012! Find Scorpio’s location in your own chart to ‘see’ WHERE deeply hidden emotional scars, issues with Truth, sexuality, abuse, trauma etc., have been long buried (perhaps for lifetimes!) and now is the TIME (Saturn) to face, deal with and heal from. What’s been ‘coming up’ for you in your life since 2012? How much healing have you undergone? What’s still left to deal with? Scorpio likes to hide in the dark; what has LIGHTened up in your inner life? Or has been brought TO the LIGHT, uncovered, revealed and is revealing?
  • Chiron Rx in Pisces – our Spiritual/Divine connection beyond this earthly Ego-self – BEing connected with our Higher Self, Guides, Angels, ArchAngels and ‘Teams’ on High. Chiron is the planetoid/asteroid discovered in 1977 from which our Western world finally started to embrace ALL the alternative healing arts and modalities we take for normal today! Including healthfood stores, organic foods, personal / Life coaching, yoga, etc. Chiron has shown us the way to HEAL our disCONNECT from our Divine Eternal selves – bridging the gap between our Divineness and mundane human lives down here on Earth. Chiron has been in Pisces since August 2009 – how have You healed your inner spiritual disconnect since then? Moving FROM Victim, to Victor, With Love in your heart and for all other heartbeats? Allowing yourself to BE emotional/feeling, compassionate, unconditionally loving of self and others? Are you better at it? Do you see it now? BEing it now while you are DOing your life?
Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC July 29, 2012

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC July 29, 2012

Considering how emotional this Moon cycle is, having begun in Cancer, we also see there are two more times when the emotionality springs forth, during:

  • 1st QTR Moon phase – begun July 23rd at 00 degrees of Scorpio 59′ – a NEW cycle of HOW we connect to those deep deep depths of unEXPRESSED emotional baggage. We have until 6:30p tonight, just before we go into the Gibbous Moon phase, to TAKE ACTION even if it feels somewhat like a CRISIS (which we all do via the 1st QTR Moon phase) to LET Go of whatever it is we’ve been hanging onto, emotionally. Follow your intuition to that root spot deep within (and most of the time we have NO idea what that past trauma or pain was about) and release it – via a good cry! That’s all it takes to move through some of our stuff. It’s the longer-term stuff that seems to stick around for years and years – these are the soul-purpose teachings that we really need to GET and KNOW to understand ourselves more truly and deeply. Scorpio likes to HIDE stuff and to disTRUST self and others – as in not trusting your own intuition to follow its lead into the Unknown! Not trusting that Others will NOT hurt me if I allow myself to BE vulnerable…stuff like that… During this Moon phase, Saturn Rx’s position (and arm of the Grand Trine) was triggered to take notice.
  • And Disseminating Moon phase – interesting how these two extra hits of emotionality occur prior to, then just after, the Full Moon phase this Moon cycle, eh? During the Disseminating Moon phase we do break down, and ‘see’ and ‘learn’, then share, what we’ve learned about ourselves so far this Moon cycle. My AHA! moment occurred during the Crescent Moon phase (the phase I was born under, which is most potent for my own self growth awareness) and the emotional Ego-self fears came rushing through during the 1st QTR Moon phase. I wonder what else I will ‘see’ for myself between August 3 and 6th? Pisces represents the Wise Woman/Man, the Elder, the Spiritual Teacher. We all have Pisces in our charts – where it resides shows where you bring this Higher Wisdom down into your life and share it with others. My Sun is in Pisces, in the 7th House of close one-on-one relationships and partnerships – hence why I am so successful with counseling others, intuitively and spiritually, via my Astrology readings and Moon Cycle reports. We all have the ability to ‘see’ beyond the physical – some more than most – so expect this Moon phase timing to bring more emotional stuff up to be worked with, walked through and healed. If you tend to yearn to escape your healing via TV, reading, tending to your addictions (all dark aspects of Pisces) then you’ll miss yet another opportunity to heal those inner feelings of not BEing okay in this world. This will be the last arm of the Grand Trine in water to be triggered.
Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC July 29, 2012

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC July 29, 2012

To sum up, BE aware of your emotions and intuitional hits of insights this Moon cycle. Continue to be open, vulnerable and loving, with Self and Others through this time. We are all of us HIGHLY sensitive right now – to all nuances of words, timbres of voice, body language – all of it! We are picking up more information than usual. Trust your intuition that you KNOW what you know via what you FEEL. Then ask more questions – no matter how scary it might be to hear the answers. Knowing is better than not knowing. Because then we have the better perspective to take heartfelt action from there.

Enjoy this Moon cycle, and get the most out of this Grand Trine in water signs – we have more than half of it left to navigate through. Lots of rain so far too (as I predicted) where we are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – yay! It actually felt frosty this morning – I am sitting here wearing socks and a sweater for the first time in a couple of months. I love love love this cooler weather!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator & Speaker

Photo credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Ch-ch-ch-CHANGES A-Coming…

Change in Direction…

Change in Zodiac Sign….

Change in Elements….

We are experiencing a compliment of planetary change of Direction (from Direct to Retrograde (Rx) or vice versa) which in turn brings us either into a flurry of Activity (Direct motion = action or forward-moving action/flow) OR into a deep inner ‘seeing’ and BEing (Rx motion = going inward, deeply, to connect with ourselves on many levels) personalizing seemingly everything/one we encounter, to bring IN the tests and mirroring effects of our respective Soul journey at this time and place and space.

Our Solar System...

Our Solar System…

Neither the Sun nor Moon ever go Rx – they stay as they are, our luminaries. It takes the Sun a year to travel through the 12 signs of the Zodiac and our Moon one month. All the other planets have their cycles (time it takes for each planet to orbit around the Sun – and your birth chart!) either going Direct AND their times of seemingly Rx motion within those cycles/orbits.

When planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) move from one sign’s element to another – here also is a change in HOW we use their elemental energies:

  • Moving from Fire to Earth: brings us from quick quick energy and action, to wanting to sit a while or deal with tangible things – hands-on…similar to when we move from Sagittarius to Capricorn just a few days prior to Christmas!
  • Moving from Earth to Air: brings us from those tedious details (housework, homework, work work) of life into socializing, relating, chatting, thinking, writing, gathering information and sharing it with our peeps…
  • Moving from Air to Water: brings us from all that Social Butterfly fluttering about to emotional feelings and intuition – feeling sensitive within and without – wanting to BE a hermit, a home-body, not out and about…
  • Moving from Water to Earth: brings us from all that deeply sensitiveness and feeling our world and way forward, into day-to-day hands-on DOing – chop wood, carry water, mundane aspects of life. And round and round we go as the cycles of Nature, Seasons and Elements continue ever on…

Here is of the list of where our planetary partners are, in their current cycles, as of this post:

  • Sun (Soul self) – is in the cardinal water sign of Cancer (at 28 degrees as of today) about to head into the fixed fire sign of Leo as of July 23rd. Going from water to fire…Wanting to BE seen, having fun, playing, BEing that Inner Child You, plus the romance in your life…
  • Mercury (communication, thought processes, inner talk) went into Cancer as of July 9th, about to go into Leo too, July 23rd too.
  • Venus (our Desire Body – what we Love and Like) moved from Leo into the mutable earth sign of Virgo as of July 19th – I will discuss what Virgo brings to the table later on in this post. And you’ll soon understand why…going from fire to earth..until November 9th.
  • Mars (assertive action) – went into Cancer as of June 25th, and will head into Leo as of August 9th. Moving from water to fire…
  • Jupiter (expansion and amplifying – current boundaries/limits to receive something Greater than we’ve allowed or dreamed before now) will finish it’s year-long journey through Leo as of August 11/12th, also moving into Virgo (going from the open-heart surgery of fire – Leo rules the heart – into mutable earth).
  • Saturn (Life structure, boundaries, responsibilities, goals) was in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius before it went Rx as of March 14th, and then retraced it’s steps BACK into the fixed water sign of Scorpio as of June 16th, sitting @ 29 degrees for several weeks, bringing us BACK into LETTING GO (29th degree) of those last vestiges of deeply-held Ego-self FEARS we are all still hanging onto. Saturn will go Direct again August 2nd (cross-quarter feast day of Lammas or Lughnasadh) heading back over the 28/29 degrees of Scorpio, to once again enter Sagittarius September 19th.
  • Chiron (healing our Inner Victim to create VICTOR) has been in the mutable water sign of Pisces since February 18, 2011 (until February 16, 2019) went Rx June 24th last month at 21 degrees and will remain Rx until November 28th when it goes Direct again at 16 degrees of Pisces. Ask yourselves this: how often have you dipped BACK into Victim rather than Victor stance emotionally? Escaping into your addictions to BE in denial, distract yourself to NOT uplift your Inner Victor self, to indulge your Inner Victim instead? Just asking…
  • Uranus (individuality, futuristic insights, Future Self) has been in the cardinal fire sign of Aries since March 13, 2011 (until March 7, 2019) and will once again go Rx as of July 26th @ 20 degrees of Aries. Remember, Uranus and Pluto were squaring each other SEVEN times since June 2012, until their last round: March 15th, 2015, bringing us all closer to BE FREE TO BE ME (Uranus in Aries) AND changes in the INTEGRITY of our respective pursuits of MATERIAL GAIN in life now. This Rx timing (lasts until December 26th when it goes Direct once again) will bring us Deeper Inwardly to REFLECT upon how well we have traveled upon our Future path towards integrity AND individuation – BEing our True Authentic Selves as much as possible, than ever before now….
  • Neptune (illusion, delusion, fantasy AND the reality of Life beyond the physical – Spiritual and Divine Self) has been in its own sign, mutable water sign of Pisces, since April 5, 2011 (until January 27, 2026) for the first time in 165 years! She went Rx again as of June 12th @ 9 degrees of Pisces and will go Direct as of November 18th @ 7 degrees. We’ve been grappling with WHERE we are still hanging onto that Drama Triangle of Victim or Rescue Me/Rescuer or Persecutor/Persecuted (a combo of each or all three!) emotionally. Pisces asks us all to TRANSCEND our Ego-self, master it, in order to give that Eternal part of ourselves, the Soul, more reign.
  • Pluto (Transforming our deeply hidden Ego-self Fears of change/trauma into healing Love) has been in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn since November 28, 2008 (until November 20, 2024) and turned Rx again April 17th @ 15 degrees, turning Direct once more September 25th @ 12 degrees. Here we are inwardly transforming HOW we do our goals and build material gain in our lives – and with Pluto therein, ‘seeing’ and healing the Ego-self fears to LET GO of ALL power and control issues (As Within, So Without). As we clean our Inner House, we ‘see’ magic happen in our Outside World with more positive and equal-footing partnerships/relationships/work options coming to us.
  • The Moon’s Nodes: the direction our Soul wishes to head into (North Node/Dragon’s Head) AND the direction our Ego is used to living within (from past lives, habits this lifetime – South Node/Dragon’s Tail) are within the first degrees of Libra/Aries, about to enter the last degrees of Virgo/Pisces as of November 12/13th NB: the Nodes move opposite in Zodiac sign direction to the planets). Do you all see a pattern showing itself? We are moving away from the FIRE into the EARTHly realms of Virgo? Read on…
Planetary Orbits...

Planetary Orbits…

I have shown all the details of past/current/upcoming dates of planetary directions AND Zodiac sign changes for a reason. Look BACK at WHEN the outer, longer-orbiting planets entered their respective signs, and ask yourself, “What CHANGES were happening within Me/outside me in my world, then?” AND with all the Directional changes now – how well you have been working in the outside world (Direct Motion) these planets MIRROR for us now; AND within the Rx timings of all these cycles, reflect INWARDLY on that journey, is there anything MORE to heal/change/transform deep within?

In other words: our planetary cycles bring MORE than just a change in sign or a Return to where they were on the day we were born. Their Directional changes also bring CHANGE – or an opportunity to turn things around, to ‘see’ more clearly/deeply that which wasn’t possible before NOW due to needing TIME to grow, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. All levels of our Bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric et al) will BE transformed, healed of trauma/drama at their respective Divine Timing – NOT when our Ego-self wills it to BE! Hence why we feel/think “Haven’t I already dealt with this issue in my life already?” Perhaps not – perhaps THIS TIME it is a physical healing/release whereas BEFORE it was an emotional or mental one for that SAME issue?

Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC - Seals & Boats May 2013

Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC – Seals & Boats May 2013

Notice how we humans have physical health issues, mental health issues, emotional health issues, crisis of the Spirit issues? And like grief/grieving, there are STAGES we undergo – and not consecutively NOR one at a time! When ‘all hell breaks loose!’ think many stages of multiple levels of our collective Bodies undergoing HUGE growth spurt! It feels like hell on wheels at the time; it feels like we’ve been IN it for ever and ever; it feels like it will NEVER end….and then snap! we wake up to sunshine happening Inside AND Outside of ourselves. Why? What happened? How did all that pressure suddenly end? All of the above…all of the above… unending, cycling, continually, in different elements and signs, orbiting endlessly… until we GET IT! Whatever IT is/was/will be…all part of our life-long Journey here on Earth…so the longer we live, the MORE we grow…

We have several planets about to (or already have) enter the mutable earth sign of VIRGO: dealing with the HEALTH of the Physical Body and what we do on a daily basis for work (be it paid or volunteer or hobby). How we wish to BE of SERVICE in our respective worlds. The opposite sign of Virgo is PISCES – BEing of SERVICE beyond This World – spiritually, divinely. These next weeks and months will bring ALL of us insights, upsets, knowingness, intuitive hits of next action – ALL related to our Physical Body and how we WORK this Body and are in Service to its health! What past traumas of your life need to BE released from your Physical Body? What will you learn about the health and healing of it?

May 24, 2013 Full Moon, Fanny Bay, BC

May 24, 2013 Full Moon, Fanny Bay, BC

Virgo also brings us closer to PERFECTION – what this means to you, and how PERFECTION can get in the way of you moving forward in the service you provide for/with others. Virgo is looking at ALL the details of hands-on life, PERFECTING all the processes/rules you live by. Hence the daily work aspect – what business processes/company processes need to be perfected? Been holding off on changing your eating habits? Exercise routines? Handling the paperwork at home and in the office? Seen holes in processes that determine the strength and/or weaknesses of profit and production? The Fruits of Our Labours?

Cardinal signs = initiating new ideas, work, projects etc. Fixed signs = dealing with ALL the details to bring that work or project or idea into manifestation (the product). And the Mutable signs = brings the ability to change tack, bring in something NEW along the way (or let go of something we thought was important at the time yet is not now) AND the ability to LOOK BACK at how THIS process is working. How well did we do? Any changes to keep in mind for the next project/idea/piece of work/CYCLE? Do you see why I love love love Astrology?!

Keep in mind, within this current Moon cycle, within the Sun currently in Cancer about to go into Leo, within ALL the rest of the planetary cycles we travel through consciously/unconsciously every day/month/year/decade/lifetime – WE are CONTINUALLY growing and changing. Deep Within and Without. Most times those Inner Changes are NOT seen by anyone else outside of our world or self! Just Me Myself and I will notice them. Other times, As Within, So Without. BEcause – the deep inner changes can take a LONG TIME/cycle to begin and end, THEN the Without will show itself.

Seasonal Zodiac Wheel

Seasonal Zodiac Wheel

Bottom Line here folks: Keep the FAITH (Pisces/Neptune) that CHANGE is happening (Pluto/Scorpio), that you are EXPANDING your inner world (Jupiter/Sagittarius) until the tipping point comes and shows itself – OUTWARDLY (Saturn/Capricorn) and brings a NEW aspect of Self out (Uranus/Aquarius) to be SEEN/heard by Others (Mercury/Virgo and Gemini). HEARTfully (Sun/Leo) EMOTIONALLY (Moon/Cancer) via our DESIRES of love/beauty of Self and significant Other (Venus/Taurus and Libra) taking self-ACTION (Mars/Aries) along the way.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator & Speaker

Photo Credits: scenic pics by Laurie Rae Rezanoff; the rest are off of Google Images!

New Moon in Cancer, July 15, 2015

Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:24pm MDT, we begin another new Moon Cycle with the New Moon phase in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. We begin something NEW within the New Moon’s seed of unrealized potential in our respective Soul/Self-growth journeys this month under the themes of family, nurturance, mothering/fathering, sensitive feelings/moodiness, and possible possessiveness/insecurity issues.

Cancer the Crab glyph

Cancer the Crab glyph

Due to Cancer being a cardinal sign – meaning initiating something NEW we’ve not done before – this New Moon phase is doubly powerful within the theme of NEW – beginnings, starts, birthing something we haven’t thought of or felt to do before now. All water signs signal BEing up close and personal with our feelings, intuitive insights, and receptivity – receiving from Others.

Cancer is the MOST sensitive sign of the Zodiac and is where we care and nurture others AND ourselves. How we do this in our respective lives is shown in the House of Life Experience being activated within our birth charts.

For example, 23 degrees of Cancer 14 (the coordinates of where both the Moon and Sun sit for this New Moon) resides within my 11th House of my Future Self, friends, allies, groups I belong to and my peers. It will be interesting for me to ‘see’ WHO I wish to become within this next year of Life Experience (via my wishes for myself that I will pen out shortly here this week) AND who the peeps are in my life who lovingly support the NEW direction I intend to take. I will also become aware of all those who do NOT support this new aspect of ME, Myself and I blossoming forth. Having most of Cancer in this 11th House shows WHERE I nurture others (and from where I receive nurturance) – with and from my friends/peers and the groups I chose to belong to. If you already have your birth chart, you too will know in which House Cancer resides and especially at the 23rd degree of Cancer. If you do not have your birth chart – give me a call!

New Moon in Cancer July 2015

New Moon in Cancer July 2015

Looking at the Astrology chart I created for this New Moon Cycle, I see that we also have both Mercury and Mars sitting at 14 degrees of Cancer, in opposition to Pluto (in Rx – retrograde – right now) in the opposite sign to Cancer – Capricorn. When planets are in opposition there is a tug-of-war occurring within us, vying for attention and control. There can be a see-saw effect where we live on one side of the opposition, then change tack to sit with the other side, getting a feel for each side. By the end of this particular Moon Cycle ALL of us will have figured out how to change this Either/Or scenario into and AND blend in our life.

Mars brings Assertion, Courage, that Inner Warrior energy to tread down new pathways within ourselves as we take Action out in our immediate world – very instinctively. Partnering with Mercury this Moon Cycle, we are being asked to KNOW our minds when it comes to how we feel. Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? How do I think I feel? Or is it, How do I feel I think? The feeling part comes from the water sign of Cancer; the thinking part comes from Mercury. We will also BE sharing our feelings within conversations – with family, friends, parents, roommates – whomever we live with.

Once we make up our Minds (Mercury) then we will know what Action (Mars) to take re: nurturance we require NOW in our lives – for self and with others. Then the Sun and Moon, both of whom begin this Moon Cycle at New Moon, bring Soulful Action (Sun) and feeling our way forward with Ego-Shadow issues peeking forth at some points along the way (Moon). By Full Moon (July 31st) we should all know better what NEW changes have, or will have, occurred re: BEing sensitive to our own, and other’s, feelings and emotional nurturance needs.

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore this Moon Cycle will be especially sensitive for us – within Self and between Self and Others in our lives. BEing in our hearts, with compassion and unconditional Love will work wonders this Moon Cycle. BEing insensitive will wreck havoc – which would you prefer? Harmony and peace vs. dramatic feelings and tears etc.?

Returning to that opposition between Mercury and Mars in Cancer and Pluto Rx in Capricorn – here we have water and earth – feelings and intuition vs. DOing the practical tasks and creating goals towards our respective material gains (Capricorn’s earthly gifts). Capricorn is the Mountain Goat scaling the heights of ambition or plateauing out. Cancer is the Crab enjoying its home (which it carries on its back) yet scurrying sideways to avoid confrontation OR burying itself in the sand to AVOID feelings that the Ego-Shadow Self doesn’t want to deal with!

This Moon Cycle will bring that see-saw of:

  • Wanting to BE at home (Cancer) AND wanting to dive into work and BE in the public eye (Capricorn)
  • Feeling and intuiting (Cancer) AND being focused to initiate new projects via setting goals to create money, status, reputation and anything we view as “material gain” in our lives (Capricorn).
  • BEing sensitive to HOW we are feeling AND how others are feeling (Cancer) AND seeing the INTEGRITY of HOW we are doing business out in the world (Capricorn) aka our careers.
  • The KEY here is create an AND somehow with ALL of the above! Blend it all as much as you can INTO your life and your Inner You – BE All of it, not either/or! Create a win-win scenario.

Both Mercury/Mars and Pluto Rx are at 14 degrees of their respective signs – half-way point – and bring in quite the dynamic this Moon Cycle. Pluto will be transforming deeply held personal integrity beliefs re: how we GAIN in this life (Rx planets bring very PERSONAL issues to the surface and Pluto LOVES to clear out our Ego-Shadow fears in the process). We will be challenged this Moon Cycle to KNOW where we stand along the Integrity fence – for Integrity or not? How integral are You? AND how sensitive will you BE in how you THINK and SPEAK (Mercury) then take ACTION/ASSERTION (Mars) about this Integrity? Hhhhmmmm….twill be very interesting…

Eternal Life, Dendera Temple, Egypt 2011

Eternal Life, Dendera Temple, Egypt 2011

Venus, our Feminine planet of Love, Harmony, Balance, Partnerships, Beauty and Fairness, sits at the 29th degree of LEO, with Jupiter (expansion and amplifying abundance, joy and opportunities awaiting us) close by. Venus represents our Desire Body – what do you desire, heartfully (Leo) this Moon cycle? What will BE loud and clear for you to CREATE (Leo)? At the 29th degree Venus is showing us an end of a cycle of HOW we intend to CREATE our lives via the heart (Leo). If we do NOT come from the heart, we are operating via our Ego-Shadow self – fair warning.

Jupiter has been traveling through the fiery sign of Leo since August last year, performing what I’ve been calling OPEN-HEART SURGERY – expanding our heart chakra centres to LOVE ourselves more clearly and fully AND amplifying ALL those feelings already within our hearts – loudly – to be felt and making us aware of that which still needs to be, heartfully, healed in our lives.

Leo is romantic love, and allowing ourselves to BE childlike having fun and playing, AND creating – what? What do you DESIRE (Venus) to CREATE for yourself, finally, fully, heartfully, that has been making itself KNOWN within your heart centre for close to a year now? Look in your charts to see where the sign of Leo resides, and especially the 29th degree, to KNOW in what area of your Life Experience (House) this is coming from.

Grand Trine -

Grand Trine –

My previous post spoke about the Stars of David formations in the Air and Fire signs we’ve had so far this year. Interestingly, this Moon Cycle brings a NEW Grand Trine (or triangle) linking 4 planets within the same element – this time within the WATER signs! Notice how much water is in play this Moon Cycle! I predict more RAIN (yay!), more feelings/tears/intuitive hits of insight these next 29 days! The planets in play within this planetary formation are:

  • Saturn Rx @ 28 degrees of Scorpio 31′ – the most private sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Pluto, Scorpio harbours our deeply-held passions AND Ego-Shadow Self fears. Saturn (Rx) will personalize how we take responsibility for these passions and fears. Our fears and trust issues will play out – watch out for BEing stung or stinging others – if we get too close or others get to close to inner triggers of fear that our Ego Self would rather NOT share. Ego never wants to share! Ego likes to hide, deny, escape and otherwise keep the status quo to feel safe and secure in the same old same old. Saturn now asks us to LET GO of whatever fears we are still hanging onto…AND to TRUST our own process, as well as the process of Others.
  • Chiron Rx @ 21 degrees of Pisces 21′ – this water sign shows us our Eternal, Unseen Inner Wise Self (also called our connection to our Higher Self) – how we intuit and just KNOW via our feelings what is true and right for us. Chiron brings more healing our way re: that Age of Pisces Drama Triangle (victim / rescuer / persecutor) – we want to move into VICTOR now, without Drama. Peace, tranquility, harmony, Love rules the day more and more. BEing of Higher Service for the Good of All…and again it will be truly personal in some regard (Rx)! Pisces asks us to TRANSCEND our Ego-Shadow and connect with our Higher Self – our Soul self…so watch out for triggers of any Victim-oriented issues you still hold within yourself.
  • Moon and Sun in Cancer (our New Moon) at 23 degrees of Cancer 14′ – we return to the most sensitive sign, taking care of home/hearth and Mother/Father, mothering/fathering – how we nurture ourselves THEN others – please note this – look after SELF first in order to have the energy and love within to share without. This part of the Grand Trine in water signs will be KEY – all throughout this Moon Cycle – to know, Soulfully (Sun) where you stand as a nurturer and how you allow yourself to RECEIVE (Moon) nurturance from others! This in turn allows the gift of Others to GIVE…
  • These 4 planets/luminaries activate continually throughout this Moon Cycle – they will feed into one another, flowing seamlessly. As we SEE and ALLOW our Ego-Shadow fears to surface, and allow the healing to occur as we LET GO of Drama/Victim/trust issues in our lives, we will ALLOW further nurturance from our Soul to BE received and felt! Interesting how our planetary formations and cycles create new challenges, choices and growth for us, continually.


Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC March 2012

Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC March 2012

As you have read, quite a different ‘feel’ this Moon Cycle compared to the previous ones! Water flows, changes the earth, brings nurturance and growth. Plant your seed of Intention this New Moon and choose wisely that which you wish to see flower by the Full Moon! Allow the feelings to be felt, walk through them (don’t run away and hide or eat them away emotionally!) and BE sensitive with self and others whilst we all journey through our respective process of Soul/Self growth as this Moon Cycle unfolds. BE sensitive to YOUR needs first; then BE sensitive to those around you – and do NOT rescue – instead lend support, love and draw wisdom from one another. BE with your feelings; DO with your heart.

For those interested in having their Moon Cycle report in person, over the phone, via Skype or written and mailed to them – please look for the tab above, Moon Cycle Reports – and contact me!

Blessed Be!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Photo credits: Google Images + nature pics were taken by L R Rezanoff

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