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Gibbous Moon in Capricorn…And YOD Activation…

Mt Lorette PondsToday at 12:11p the Moon moves into the Gibbous Moon phase, at 07 degrees Capricorn 22′. By this time of the Moon cycle we are evaluating our Inner Growth progress/process – what do you CONSCIOUSLY know about yourself that you didn’t before, since the August 2nd New Moon in Leo? Heartfully, where are you?

Capricorn brings us to a cross-roads of sorts: do I stay the course I have been on OR do I head upon a higher, more challenging, yet fulfilling pathway? Where are you at? What Higher Ambition are you seeking for further Inner Fulfillment?

Capricorn asks us to set forth some goals towards long-term plans that may not show fruition soon. Can you stay the course? Do you have faith and the wisdom to commit? And there is that portion of Capricorn that looks for the material gain here – what will you be GAINING if you stay where you are vs. moving higher up along a new path?

The other item of note today: At the New Moon there was a YOD, or Finger of God formation pointing directly at the Moon/Sun position in Leo August 2nd. The two planets that create the base of this formation are:

  • Pluto, Rx (retrograde) at 15 degrees Capricorn – the Great Transformer of all things power/control/greed into EMPOWERMENT for Self and Others – aka a win-win situation all the way round. Pluto comes by to peel back the carpet of whatever our Ego/brain has been hiding underneath re: fears of moving forward, for whatever reason, excuse, piece of denial it can seek until this moment in time.
  • Neptune Rx at 11 degrees Pisces – She dissolves issues of illusion/delusion we may possibly have – especially if we still have shards of connection to that Drama Triangle from the Old Age of Pisces (victim-rescue me-bully + Martyrdom). All the excuses our Ego/brain can IMAGINE to stir up MORE fears to do otherwise…If we choose to do so, we can IMAGINE BETTER, MORE, and EASE & GRACE for ourselves. We can! Change the perspective…easy peasy!
  • South Node Rx at 12 degrees Pisces – Holding hands with Neptune Rx, the South Node or Dragon’s Tail also brings us a CHOICE: Do I choose to allow that Dragon’s Tail to swish away ALL the PAST ways of how I’ve dealt with that Drama Triangle AND choose to IMAGINE Better, More, with Ease & Grace etc for myself? AND bring forth ALL the GEMS of what still works from the Old Age of Pisces (faith, connection to Spirit/God/Light of All whatever you name it) with the  inner knowing that I am supported, guided and will NOT Fall/Fail on a Higher Path into the Unknown of what is my Destiny (because we really don’t know how it will all work out – and may be pleasantly surprised to SEE MORE/BETTER/HIGHER – far beyond our own creative imaginings)! OR, just stay the course, do the same old/same old things, like we’ve been doing over and over and over again for How Many Lifetimes Now? Your choice.
Indian Paintbrush Mt Lorette Ponds

Indian Paintbrush, Mt Lorette Ponds 2016

Between today and just prior to the August 21st Disseminating Moon phase in Aries, therefore through the Full Moon in Aquarius (I will write a post separately for this phase) we will ALL be struggling in some regard with:

  • Pluto Rx in Capricorn letting GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning re: choosing HEART (Leo) vs. GAIN (Capricorn) AND Heartfully Gaining in the Process. What would happen if you LEAD from your Heart’s Desires towards Material Gain, without Power/Control issues leading the way? What are your Old Patterns of Conditioning in this regard? You will soon find out…
  • Neptune Rx with South Node Rx in Pisces letting GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning to HEARTFULLY have FAITH in your Higher Creative Self/Intuition/Inner Knowing of Listening Inside yourself (meditation/mantras/BEing in silence with yourself) that Following the Heart’s True Desires WILL Manifest Greater rewards in your life- and it all begins with your IMAGINATION – what can you enVISION that is MORE/BETTER/HIGHER for your Life now? Without judgement, or fear, or scoffing at the very idea?
  • While we all undergo this process, guess what also happens? Pluto Rx in Capricorn learns to WORK WITH Neptune Rx + South Node Rx in Pisces! We create an AND in some regard, Within Self, that hasn’t been forged before now. A new skill, way of coping that hasn’t seen the Light of Day. Cool! Aren’t you excited to ‘see’ how this is all going to come out? I am!

Hollyhocks at Cedars Villa Extendicare 2016

The Full Moon in Aquarius will ILLUMINATE any issues that still need to be addressed within that phase/during that phase – so a HUGE wakeup call for some of us, in some regard, as to HOW we’ve been ignoring our Heart’s True Desires. Perhaps you’ll realize what IS your Heart’s True Desire for the very first time this lifetime! And, Aquarius represents THIS New Age of Aquarius – and Leo (New Moon) IS the opposite sign to Aquarius.

My question to all of you: How will you navigate forward through these early days of the New Age of Aquarius if you DO NOT have Heart? If you do NOT have FAITH? If you do NOT have GOALS to imagine and move towards? Heartfully? Truly. Really.

Best of luck to you all on this interesting next piece of the Journey this Moon cycle has in store for you. And remember: what we manage to CREATE, HEARTFULLY during this Moon cycle sets us up for the September Eclipses! Energy of change that has influence in our lives for up to 3.5 years into the future!


Monkshood at Cedars Villa Extendicare 2016

Also: Mercury will be assisting all of us with how we are MINDFULLY deciding what truly works re: our daily work/BEing of Service out in the world, and the health processes of our physical bodies. If we don’t have our health, how High can we Climb to Higher Heights on our Upward, Evolving Life/Soul Paths? No matter what age you are now – where do you FEEL you need to head toward now? How HIGH do you wish to climb?

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Numerologist | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff and Michaella Rezanoff 2016

Co-Creative, Heartfelt Leadership – New Moon in Leo!

DSC04664Hi Everyone! It’s been quite the ride with the weather during the last Moon cycle – huge thunderstorms here in Alberta, with either driving rain and/or hailstones and wind, with flash floods. Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta, experienced first the horrific forest fires in May, and just this weekend flash flooding due to 75″ of rain in one fell swoop! Too bad the rain didn’t manifest back in May to belay all the damage and destruction. Quite the example of masculine then feminine elemental energies there to balance everyone, and thing, out up there. It will be interesting to see what this natural re-balancing creates in their future!

Today’s New Moon in Leo brings a more sedate energy – fire that is fixed – so we truly are in the middle of the Summer season and weather. “The lazy hazy dog days of summer” – named by the Ancients in Egypt who realized, when the Sun entered the fire sign of Leo at some point in August, it also aligned with the fixed Dog Star of Sirius, lining up with the three stars of Orion’s Belt AND the Sphinx down here on Earth! This timing in 2016 is on August 8th – the Lion’s Gate Portal – embracing the Cosmic HEART energies into your life! This will occur while we undergo the Crescent Moon phase. A lot of what I write about herein is setting us up for the two Eclipses we’ll be experiencing in September. So BE mindful, heartfully and intentionally, this Moon cycle, of what you WISH to manifest for you these next 3.5 years of Life Experience…

What does this mean for you and me? Read’ll ‘see’ a theme and pattern here…


Fiery Sunset AND Thunderstorm!

As I write this post, the Sun and Moon came together as the New Moon as of 2:44p MDT at 10 degrees of Leo 58′ (so close to 11 degrees!). Where is Leo in your birth chart? This is the focus for all of us, any or all of the following, to experience, avoid, be denial of (your choice!):

  • Love and Romance: what do either of these concepts MEAN, heartfully, to you? What is your heartfelt INTENTION around these subjects, FOR your Life now and 3.5 years into the future? Remember: with Leo – we are either coming from the HEART (love), or we are coming from the EGO (mind) – are you showing up whole-heartedly or just mindfully without heart? Interesting…
  • CREATIVITY: here we learn not only to CREATE our Life IN the NOW moments (not the past nor the future), we also LISTEN with our Hearts as to WHAT IT IS I WISH TO CREATE! Do you know what you wish MORE of and BETTER, FOR YOUR LIFE, now? How well are you listening to YOUR inner wisdom space, hearing the voice of your Higher Self/Creative Self? Thank you Oprah and Deepak Chopra for creating such an awesome and magical 21-day challenge with this theme, for the rest of us to grasp and incorporate into our lives! I’ve been blogging about this for several years now – and they have CREATED a hands-on practice that is easy to follow and incorporate into your own life – if you so choose! What we create (positive and negative) comes right back to us – via circumstance, people, relationships – you name it! If you want BETTER – BE positively HONEST with yourself – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually – then you will show up honestly with Others. And on and on – the ripple effect is amazing! Trust me…
  • Generosity: how are you sharing yourself with others? Is it in a balanced, equal give-and-take way? By standing in your power, empowered, creating a win-win for everyone involved? If not, why not? Another sign of victim-rescue-bullying of the Drama Triangle otherwise…or martyrdom if you aren’t coming from an empowered place within…is it time for you to let this go yet?
  • Celebration with Fun & Play/Children’s Energy: watch a child at play – imagination abounds, glee and joy at just the PROCESS of creating something out of nothing! Return to the wonderment and joy of BEing a dynamic creative and fulfilled BEing of Light that you are! Truly yes you are. So am I. Every moment of the day…and CELEBRATE each glorious sunrise and sunset, the NEW creative day ahead, and then write about it in what I call my CELEBRATION Journal (used to be the Gratitude Journal up until this year). My friend Julie in Vancouver Island suggested we both think of it as a CELEBRATION now, which is MORE than just Gratitude…
  • Determination: allowing yourself, once you KNOW what your WISHES are to CREATE in the moment, to envision these wishes WITH heartfelt INTENTION, determined to ‘see’ it come to fruition within your Life! Without limitations or restrictions or second-guessing…allow your vision to fly up to the Cosmos like a balloon, filled with ALL of your heartfelt wishes and dreams and intentions – that are HEARTFELT, not of Ego-mind origin! There is a difference.
  • Tempering Arrogance: this one we all have issue with – as Human Beings – we cannot live down here on Earth without the Ego (or the Monkey Mind that likes to assist the Ego) to resist change, BE RIGHT/self-righteous, MY way is the BEST because it JUST IS! Etc etc etc…this is all coming from Ego not the heart with Loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness and on and on…do you ‘see’ the difference?
  • Leo Rules, Physically: the back and spine (having the backbone to support your own wishes/dreams of your Truest Self), exhaustion/heat exhaustion (burning the candle from both ends – why?), the HEART! And Inflammation of any or all these areas means you haven’t been listening to your physical body’s needs! This Moon cycle, if you aren’t paying proper attention to yourself, your needs, your physical body’s needs, then any of the areas I’ve already mentioned will be ‘talking to you’ via pain, discomfort etc. If they do, TALK to those areas of your body – ASK them what it is they NEED from you, heartfully, lovingly, and provide it. Don’t ignore it…

Alberta Roses in Bloom on Nose Hill

Coming from a HEARTFELT place WILL MELT negative issues you may encounter/experience this Moon cycle. Invite yourself AND others INTO your heart. Create peaceful solutions, together. Co-creating spaces – all themes I’ve been blogging about since 2009! To push us all along to this end, we will also experience the following:

  • A YOD, the Finger of God, points directly at the Sun/Moon aka New Moon in Leo position, as of today! The two planets that require each of us to LET GO of OLD PATTERNS OF CONDITIONING this Moon cycle, who create the base of this formation, are Pluto Rx (retrograde, inner-directed and therefore personalized transformational energy) within Capricorn (how we look at and expect material gain in our lives, plus focus on reputation, the public aspect of self, goals we set for ourselves for long-term gain) – how do you EMPOWER yourself, create win-win situations vs. power and control struggles Within and Without? Then there are BOTH Neptune Rx and the North Node Rx in Pisces – both are personalized (taking things personally, BEing hypersensitive about it, for a reason!) AND directed to make us ‘SEE’ in ourselves – HOW are you IMAGINING a BETTER and GREATER world/life for yourself despite what came before now for you? OR, are you still stuck on that Old Drama Triangle (from the Old Age of Pisces) of “I’m a Victim, Rescue ME!” Or “I feel Persecuted/Bullied! Help me! DO THIS FOR ME!” Or, “I cannot stand my Victim position, so I’ll just go out there and RESCUE someone else instead!” The latest version of this Drama Triangle we are all dealing with in 2016 has been MARTYRDOM – “I’ll do this on behalf of the rest of the family, the company, the world even! And no matter how much it hurts, or harms, or kills me, I will not refrain from the challenges!” Or words to that effect…thoughts, feelings, behaviours, habits…just saying – we are ALL undergoing rapid changes Within to LET GO OF THESE attitudes and beliefs from our collective past lives we lived within the Age of Pisces. The MORE you LET GO and begin to IMAGINE a magical, creative Life of wonderment and joy that your Soul envisions for you, the sooner you’ll EMPOWER yourself to BE more in the Now, leave the past in the past, and the future to the Unknown, AND empower all of those you interact and relate to daily, in turn! BE the change, BE the peace, BE the love, BE the Co-Creator of YOUR LIFE! This is what LEO and the New Moon are signalling for us now.
  • Grand Trine in Water: this is interesting, very interesting. Three of the Asteroid Goddesses (Juno – Sacred Marriage – in Scorpio + Pallas Athena – Warrior for Equality – in Pisces + Vesta – Home/Hearth/Sexuality with focused intention – in Cancer) within the element of water (feminine gifts of feelings, emotions, intuition, insightfulness, symbols, and allowing yourself to receive all of these) are connected via love lines with one another. How are you allowing yourself to receive any or all of the above, for you? Then honestly stay with it all, deal with it all, forgive and move on, lovingly, with self and others? Huge AHA! moments, watershed moments to come, if you’ve been doing your Inner Self work up until this New Moon. If not, well, could seem like a tsunami hit, all at once. Be aware, BE in the moment, and know we are all undergoing this too! None of us are alone. Ever.
  • MERCURY! Yep, twill be the last and 3rd round of Mercury Rx (retrograde) coming up for us! Hooray! I love this timing, I find information I didn’t know I needed to know (depends on the sign Mercury is travelling through within my chart) AND in Virgo – Mercury (and VENUS!) are setting us up for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 1st (action we’ll take for the next 3.5 years of Life Experience on whatever we decide upon between now and then). A chance for do-overs in conversations, thoughts, ideas, decisions – this is Mercury Rx. HOW we communicate and what we CHOOSE to talk about. Interestingly, Mercury rules Virgo! So yes, we’ll BE in our minds a wee bit. The pre-Mercury Rx Shadow period begins August 10th, with Mercury finally Stationing Rx as of August 31st, then BEing Rx until September 21st (Autumnal Equinox timing!), Stationing Direct again September 22nd, and the post-Mercury Rx Shadow will continue until October 6th. REMEMBER: look at this period as a chance to ‘see’ what you’re saying/thinking/writing/sharing, to whom, and how, and why and when (especially your Inner Talk!), then during the actual Rx period, to whom, why and when do you feel you need to revisit that conversation or shared experience? And once Mercury is Direct again – the decisions you made between now and September 22nd, were they heartfully what you TRULY wanted/desired/ expected/wished for, or not? So again, once Direct, you have another chance to change your mind! Ensure that you keep tabs on major decisions made and when, so you can look back at this timing to ‘see’ how on track you heartfully were, co-creating with your Higher Self/Creative Self, truthfully. Allow Virgo’s Shadow need to BE perfect, to KNOW IT ALL NOW, and to BE of SERVICE beyond the call of duty (!!) to be part of your past responses. BE of Service, heartfully. Look after the health of your physical body, heartfully. BE in service to YOURSELF, creatively, lovingly.
Nose Hill Labyrinth 2016

Nose Hill Park Labyrinth with my Aries friend, Chris, leading!

And: The Leo New Moon calls for a NEW way to be a LEADER, within a team environment. How are you leading by your heart? This is totally different from “wearing your heart on your sleeve” – heartfully, Inside You, what is your motivation towards your intentions? Are you motived from your Ego/Mind or your Soul/Heart? This is the key difference. How are you leading the way, from Within, and for? What is YOUR unique gift to the world, that only you can create and share because You are YOU? Embrace your uniqueness in the world – don’t shrink from it! I will blog about Hilary Clinton, Venus’ synodic journey through Leo since August 2015 and how we women have been letting go of the old, and as of tomorrow (August 3rd) are consciously retrieving the NEW, step by step, as the powerful leaders we truly are! Stay tuned…

I’ve been actively looking for a day job for two years now – Virgo rules the daily job front, and happens to be my Rising Sign (making Mercury the ruler of my birth chart too!) and is the opposite sign to my Pisces Sun/Soul self – have I been embracing my true unique self that has incorporated ALL the experiences, and talents and skills that came along with it all, that are now reduced to my Resume? Am I truly looking for work (in addition to the Astrology, my passion and first love!) that reflects ALL of me? WHERE do I find ME in the work I look for? Interviews I had these last two years did not show the fruition of jobs because I was NOT in the right and proper frame of mind to SHOW UP authentically as ME. Sometimes we show up to BE what we think others want us to BE…we all have done this. I tell this tale to encourage all of us to BE authentic, as much as we can, in EVERY MOMENT, we can. BE honest, trust your heartfelt feelings/intuition, watch for the magic of signs and symbols in your environment that help lead you intuitively to YOUR next step, and CELEBRATE! You, yourself, your life. Always, in All Ways.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Writer | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff in July 2016

Full Moon in Taurus…Part II

I must mention the proliferation of pine cones and fir cones and all cones sprouting on the tops of our evergreen trees here in Calgary! Wow! The squirrels will have a heyday with collecting all those seeds hidden within. Yet another sign from Mother Nature as to how abundant we truly are, now, in this moment, no matter what our outside world says to the contrary!

Uprooted Trees from 2013 Flood, Sheep River, Okotoks, AB Canada

Uprooted Trees from 2013 Flood, Sheep River, Okotoks, AB Canada

As of today’s Full Moon in Taurus, those 30 pieces of Silver that got in the way of what Humanity thought to be greed and betrayal almost 2,000 years ago (and occurred in the beginning of the New Age of Pisces) actually symbolized HOW easily we could be led down the path of greed and betrayal via the “Having Power Over” factions in the world then, and even more so, now. What happened to our Faith along the way?

Interestingly, Taurus rules money, how we value it, and value ourselves in the generating of it. This is where we bring in our own skills, talents and experience to the table of work, industry and moving toward creating Beauty in our world.

The Old Age of Pisces represented the Mother and Child (Madonna and Jesus) captioned as “Who Will Look After Us?” In the new Age of Aquarius, we are understanding a new reality: ME and WE at the same time, AND with it the creativity of the child (Leo, the opposite sign to Aquarius) leadership from the heart, and the return to romantic love that leads to more solid unions and partnerships along the way. WE can look after ourselves, and others. We don’t need to wait for “THEM” to do so.

Wee Daisies in October!

Wee Daisies in October!

The Full Moon in Taurus began Tuesday at 6:06a MDT at 03 degrees of Taurus 45’. Where in your chart does this occur? What VALUES are ILLUMINATED today for you? How do you value money? Those 30 pieces of silver – what would you do with them today?

Many religious experts speak only of the betrayal and greed of Judas Iscariot that led to the death of Jesus. What if there is a truth yet to be revealed? Could it be that Judas’ role in the death of Jesus was his Destiny, to begin the process of what was Divinely Ordained to BE? That in order to save Humanity, Jesus had to die. End of. Judas assisted in this – he was Chosen to do so.

Throughout the whole of the Age of Pisces we have collectively lived the Drama Triangle at some length within lifetime(s) in any one, or all, of the positions noted below:

  • BE a Victim, or
  • RESCUE ME, or rescue others, or
  • PERSECUTE ME, or persecute others, only to return to
  • The Victim position and continue the cycle.

In our current culture, we continue to see endless scenarios of this Drama Triangle worked out on TV, in movies and arcade videos. The violence has escalated exponentially. What does all of this have to do with the current Full Moon in Taurus?

Sheep River finds, October 2015

Sheep River finds, October 2015

A return to Values, basic down-to-earth values, with Love. Venus rules Taurus, hence the LOVE of beauty, balance, equality, harmony, the arts – all of this has been lost in the shuffle of war, greed and more money please! Pluto’s journey through Capricorn since 2008, plus Uranus through Aries since 2011, and now Neptune in the sign it rules, Pisces, all signal a halt and revamping of our collective programming. ‘Tis time to LOVE all of it, to pieces if need be!

What do YOU value now that economic downturns have upset the status quo? For me, this past week, having crystal clear windows to look out of! Who knew that bringing in a man who loves to see the immediate fruits of his labours (using HIS time-worn 5-step method of window cleaning) could bring me so much joy and pleasure, every day? The VALUE of HIS labours of love have also brought ME pleasure and joy. THIS is what I am talking about.

Awesome Sunset, October 9, 2015

Awesome Sunset, October 9, 2015

Those 30 pieces of silver symbolize another release from bondage we’ve collectively been in these past 2,000+ years re: HOW we value money, the work we do for it, AND the talents and skills we all bring to the table to create it for ourselves. How many of us are stuck in a RUT of DOing the same old work over and over, unhappy, and then whoosh! Our industry has died out, seemingly overnight? Now what do we DO for work? How have we forgotten ALL that we are and bring to the world of work? We are NOT just one piece of work; we are multi-faceted, always have been! RE-INVENT yourself, continually, now. Get out of that rut of HOW you used to value the work you have done until now. AND, you are never too OLD to do so!

Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs. Taurus represents the everyday woman/man doing their level best to generate what they value in life. Capricorn represents the boss, owners of businesses who employ others to work for them, creating an even bigger value out in the world for the good of all.

Taurus gets down and dirty in the everyday, looking after the details of DOing the daily bull-work. Capricorn is the bigger picture of career, business, the goals we set for ourselves, our businesses that others may benefit from. Each has its purpose. Pluto is ensuring we wake up to the integrity of it all, since 2008. Re-eVALUating everything along the way.

Same Sunset Sky, different direction

Same Sunset Sky, different direction

Today, this Full Moon in Taurus, we are re-eVALUating our purpose. Could be we return to the basics of life lived, wholesomely, wholistically, and for the good of all. With Jupiter traveling through the other earth sign, Virgo, for the next 10 months, we will see an expansion and amplification of HOW we want to BE of Service, DOing what we value for work, to bring in the money to pay for what we value in our Life. It all goes hand in hand.

As you experience the next several days of this Full Moon phase (until 1:23p MDT October 30th) BE aware of what those 30 pieces of Silver represent for you in your life, for your life. Do you still fear money? Or do you love it? What does money represent to you, now in the New Age of Aquarius? Are you bringing in new innovative original thought and process to it, or using it in the same old same old way? HOW are you embodying Money? Are you LOVING it down to the DNA of your Soul self? Or are you in fear of it, creating debt loads far beyond your ability to pay it off?

This New Moon cycle has been asking all of us to CHANGE in some regard to a key relationship in our collective lives. In between the New Moon phase and the Full Moon phase, we have all experienced, full on, that T-Square of Change. This Full Moon phase brings to us a spotlight of awareness re: the relationship we now have with Money, our Values, and HOW we work to create beauty in the world around us. Each individually (Aries), AND with Others (Libra), EMPOWERING all of us (Pluto in Capricorn) along the way.

BE the change! Who said this originally? Martin Luther King? President Kennedy said it in a similar way during his Inaugural Speech. Do not wait for anyone else to take a stand for VALUES. BE of Value to yourself, in your life and to others’ lives. Sit, as the Taurus Bull does, in your pasture, within the light and warming heat of the Sun, and chew on all of this within the next several days. BE the change you want in the world!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Spiritual Intuitive Astrologer, Teacher, Writer, Speaker & Facilitator

Photo Credits: Nature pics are all mine! Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Full Moon in Taurus…Part I

Interestingly, the current Moon cycle began in the cardinal air sign of Libra (October 12th), and today’s Full Moon is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Both signs are ruled by Venus!

Okotoks, AB Canada October 2015

Okotoks, AB Canada October 2015

We began this Moon cycle looking for partnership (Libra) with which to create Beauty in the world. Today, we look to Self on how “I” can create Beauty in the world, hands-on, something that is concrete, incorporates all my senses AND activates the senses of others upon receiving it. What will this BE?

Each Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION – a spotlight of AHA! moments – as to what your True Self has been looking for until this moment in time. Leading up to today’s Full Moon we have all undergone a HUGE release on so many levels, especially over this weekend. The trigger has been two-fold:

  1. the T-square planetary formation pointing to Pluto in Capricorn from the New Moon duo, Moon and Sun in Libra, in opposition to the Aries duo, Uranus and Eris both Rx (retrograde brings the energy deeply within each of us to transform and heal) that the onward-moving Moon kept triggering along the way, until today; and
  2. The 3-hour solar flare that emitted from our Sun on Thursday, October 22nd. How many of you had the sudden urge to sleep, soundly, that afternoon? Just before the Sun left Libra to enter Scorpio on Friday too!

Now let’s break down more of the details of this T-square formation affecting all of us:

  • At the apex, or upper point of the T-square, Pluto sits in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn which rules all our traditional trades, institutions and big picture of work (i.e. government, health, education, corporate companies (now global than ever before), construction, insurance, banking – you get the picture) all of what we have relied upon these past 2,000 years at least that will somehow, Take Care of Us. We now take them for granted. “Always been there, haven’t they?” Pluto has been transforming all of these foundational ties to our collective past since 2008 – creating economic downturns all over the world, now finally catching up to we Canadians big time. Causing everyone, from world leaders to the woman/man in the street, to readjust HOW we relate to money, which in turn adds to, or takes away, from our Material Gain goals and dreams (Capricorn). Pluto lifts up the carpet to see what each of us has “swept under the rug” to hide away and not deal with – fears of lack, fear of losing jobs, fears of not being able to make ends meet etc. Ego Fears. Past life fears we brought into this lifetime. Look back these past 7 years of your life – how have you fared? How have you had to readjust to walk through those fears? Pluto also transforms the INTEGRITY of How we’ve been doing business with one another since Christ died. Close to 2,000 years ago now. What have we learned? The daily news tells all. Here and Now, Pluto wishes to bring us EMPOWERMENT vs. power over, married to greed, lusting for more. Power and control struggles have ensued over the centuries, getting louder and louder with each war within countries, between countries and greater world-wide involvement. STOP!
  • Side note here: we Canadians went to the Electoral Polls October 19th (just after the Crescent Moon phase, while the Moon entered Capricorn and activated PLUTO therein!) to elect a new Prime Minister to rule our country. Not only did we vote for a complete  party reversal (we went from 9 years of Conservatism to going Liberal again) AND we hired a young and untried leader! Son of a former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Similar to the Bush father and son leaders of the USA, or will it be different up here? Time, and integrity, will tell.
  • The New Moon position of this T-square formation began this Moon cycle in Libra, another cardinal sign (in and of itself brings initiating something NEW of DOing or BEing) in Air – how we communicate, socialize, relate to one another via PARTNERSHIPS. All kinds of partnerships out there – from friends, to loved ones, to business and everything in between. Libra, ruled by Venus, brings the Scales of Justice – what can we DO for the good of ALL within this relationship/partnership? The Moon AND Sun began this Moon cycle in Libra – Moon brings the Feminine attributes of receptivity, intuition and feelings. The Sun, Masculine attributes of  taking assertive action, heartfully, soulfully. Within Libra, how well do YOU, as YOU, stand within your relationships and partnerships? Still standing, or lost in the crowd, or long forgotten, or taken for granted?
  • Now we bring in the other end of the opposition that tied itself to the New Moon: Uranus and Eris in Aries, both Rx. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty! Here is where my favourite Astrology phrase lies. “Free To BE ME!” (aka Uranus in Aries) holding hands with Eris – sister to Mars, warrior/mother/sister, goes to any length (if forced to) to fight for the rights of Self AND Others. Eris brings in a gender-role rebalance, whereby men aren’t the only breadwinners, the only warriors to do battle out in the wider world. Women AND Men equally are being re-worked around the Universal Chess Board of Life to BE Equal Partners, in All Things. “I can fix a car as well as the next guy!” ‘Tisn’t perfected just yet. Uranus rules Aquarius – BE your True Individual Self (aka individuation), a HUMANitarian, AND assist others along THEIR way as THEY assist YOURS.
  • Within a T-square formation, two factions are opposed, bringing in polarization (being at odds with one another) or working together over time to bring compromise, a team, a new partnership. DOing so, in this current scenario, will accumulate a lot of good energy that will push UP to the Pluto in Capricorn position towards EMPOWERMENT – I have power, you have power – we ALL receive that which we are seeking. For the Good of All.
  • A lot of the real work comes from the opposition between what began as our New Moon (October 12th) in Libra with Uranus AND Eris, in Aries (these two Rx). The Rx portion is key here. Deeply-held “ALL ABOUT ME!” issues have been zeroed in upon since Uranus entered Aries (March 13, 2011). Since then, all of us have been learning HOW to still BE ME (my true authentic self coming through Uranus) within a WE (any relationship or partnership we’ve been experiencing ever since). Our WILLINGNESS to BE ME, always and in all ways, yet honour Your “ME” at the same time (I honour Your process of Life as You honour My process of Life and together we can hang with one another until it is just a reason, a season or a lifetime to share with one another). Get it? Four and a half years of change within ME and therefore, our respective WE’s. Some WE’s have weathered the inner storms, some have not. Many have left the planet to assist us from the other side.
Sheep River, Okotoks, AB October 2015

Sheep River, Okotoks, AB October 2015

If you have access to your birth chart, look for where 13 degrees of Capricorn lies – this is where Pluto is currently passing through your chart. This is your apex position of EMPOWERMENT you have been working on (consciously or not) since 2008. The House Pluto is in now, in your chart, brings this awareness forward to you, about your own power and control issues in YOUR Life.

Now look for the New Moon position: 19 degrees of Libra 20′ – this is not only where our current Moon cycle began (Moon and Sun together) it is one side of the opposition in the T-square you’ve been healing this Moon cycle especially. Hence, looking at the big picture of what we are collectively seeking this Moon cycle, namely initiating a NEW way of BEing within relationships and partnerships!

Next look for the Uranus Rx + Eris Rx position: 18 degrees of Aries + 20 degrees of Aries respectively. Here is the other end of the opposition position. The push-me-pull-me tug of war between these two aspects of YOU have been working hard to get your attention about your own battle of ME vs. WE. The KEY is: the MORE we allow ourselves to be truly ME, we let go of the bondage of feeling we’ve been stuck in a jail or isolated camp of our own making all along.

AND, we also allow IN…wait for it…VULNERABILITY. This can totally freak out our respective Ego-selves big time. “OMG! You want ME to BE SEEN as the REAL ME?!!! By Others? Always and In All Ways?” Yep, Love Thyself as Thy Neighbour. Love conquers/dissolves All. Love is the Answer. Love Self, to Love Others. Simple, no? Tell your Ego at this moment how much you Love it, how much it has always been loved. Hugs too – go ahead, hug yourself! AND BREATHE…keep breathing…and read on.

Green in October! Yay!

Green in October! Yay!

To complicate things just a bit more, the other Key to creating an AND between the Aries/Libra factions, is the SQUARE that occurs between Aries and Capricorn AND between Libra and Capricorn. Ready?

Square positions are like four people sitting around a square table. I see the person opposite me quite clearly (face on) and can decide to agree, argue or compromise and work as a team (so this is our opposition tangent). The people sitting to the right and left of me, I must adjust my head (and sometimes a bit of my body) to SEE them, speak with them, relate to them. In other words, some mental, physical and perhaps emotional adjustment is required here.

Let’s pretend where I am sitting is where Pluto sits in Capricorn. To the left of me is Uranus Rx and Eris Rx in Aries (they are sharing a seat this time) and to the right of me sit the Moon and Sun in Libra. Between these two partnerships (now isn’t that interesting?) they have been deciding and working towards whether or not to BE a team, or stay polarized since this Moon cycle began October 12th.

AT THE SAME TIME, each duo notices Pluto sitting there, over to the side. “Do you see that guy? What’s his gig do you think? Shall we include him, ignore him or just wait to see if he talks to us first? What do you think is the best strategy here?” Do you SEE what’s going on here? LOL! Oh life is so cool…

As we deal with two opposing sides of ourselves, we also notice that Pluto guy “over there”. Now we have to decide, do we invite him to join us in this party or do we ignore him? If we ignore him, what will happen? How loud does it have to get before we are forced to finally SEE and acknowledge him? [Remember folks – this is YOU I am talking about – three aspects of YOU deciding whether to work together within yourself, or not.]

Fresh Green in October

Fresh Green in October

Being the warrior types, the Aries duo may decide “We’re okay by ourselves. Really, we are. We don’t NEED anybody else. We are OK just as we are!” so they sit there, arms crossed across their chests, and wait to see what happens next.

Being used to partnerships, the Libra duo (New Moon peeps) decide to change position by turning their heads into Pluto’s direction, saying “HI! How are you? What do you bring to this table and this party? How can we find a middle ground here, equal footing, to SEE one another 100% of our respective 50%? Us? Well we’re married, for a time, then we separate a bit, see one another across the way at Full Moon, remember what we liked and loved about one another, then let go of whatever it was we thought drove us apart, and come New Moon again, we are together! Go figure! LOL!”

In other words, it may be that your Libra position in your chart (that also is a representation of YOUR ability to relate and socialize and partner with others this Lifetime) will be the first to take a step to EMPOWERMENT via this T-Square formation that is bringing ALL of us an opportunity to GROW towards greater equal relationships. The Aries side can be ensconced with BEing alone, playing by myself, all about ME, and forget there are Others in their world who want to play too!

How all of YOU have worked this out in your respective lives – yay for you! There have been some interesting tug-of-wars within each of us since October 12th. Now comes the last BIG one…read on.

Pluto Heart 2015 NASA

Pluto Heart 2015 NASA

On October 22nd, in between the 1st QTR Moon phase Oct 20th) and the Gibbous Moon phase (Oct 24th) our Sun emitted a HUGE solar flare that lasted for THREE HOURS! Totally unheard of by our scientists. That day the Moon was in Aquarius, asking us to BE our true individual selves AND humanitarians AND assist others along the way as we are assisted by them. To remind everyone, this is when we all felt the deep need for a nap.

That evening the Moon entered Pisces – our Divine, Spiritual Selves – wanting to BE of service beyond the realm of Earth. On Friday the Sun entered the fixed water sign of Scorpio, activating deep-seated feelings of fear and angst we’ve held onto Or NOT (Pluto rules Scorpio, so talk about timing eh?). By Sunday, the Moon had moved into the ARIES portion of our T-square. This Activated any resistance to creating an AND between our Libra selves with our Aries selves. [Note to everyone: we ALL have all zodiac signs within our charts; I am a Pisces because my Sun is there, however, I also SEE what I am learning from the two Houses that have Libra and Aries in my chart + where Pluto resides in Capricorn. I am ALL of these parts of ME. Just to be clear.]

Sunday, believe it or not, was the day the wall between the Old Age of Pisces and the New Age of Aquarius came tumbling down! Remember that table of people from before? Add two more peeps – one called Aquarius and the other Pisces, they sit beside Pluto. In the Zodiac these signs sit side-by-side. As in any seating arrangement, people sitting next to one another are very aware of the other. But they don’t necessarily SEE one another, eye to eye. Again, an adjustment must be made to KNOW each other.

Sheep River, Okotoks, AB

Sheep River, Okotoks, AB

We’ve been heading through a transition between the Age of Pisces (the 2,000+ year Age we’ve been leaving behind) and the Age of Aquarius (the Age we are entering) for a while now. No one knows for sure the start/end dates of this transition. What I can tell you, truthfully, is that the wall holding back the Old needed to come down for us to access the New. See where Aquarius and Pisces sit in your chart. This tells you where NEW connections will be made from this time forward in your life. We create an AND world now – no more duality remember. Pisces is our Divine Selves connecting with, finally, our True Individuated Selves (Aquarius, ruled by Uranus) to BE embodied for now on (Full Moon is in Taurus – our physical body).

I will complete this Full Moon in Taurus thesis in the next post. Stay tuned!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Spiritual Intuitive Astrologer, Teacher, Writer, Speaker & Facilitator

Photo Credits: Nature ones by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, unless otherwise noted.


New Moon in Cancer, July 15, 2015

Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:24pm MDT, we begin another new Moon Cycle with the New Moon phase in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. We begin something NEW within the New Moon’s seed of unrealized potential in our respective Soul/Self-growth journeys this month under the themes of family, nurturance, mothering/fathering, sensitive feelings/moodiness, and possible possessiveness/insecurity issues.

Cancer the Crab glyph

Cancer the Crab glyph

Due to Cancer being a cardinal sign – meaning initiating something NEW we’ve not done before – this New Moon phase is doubly powerful within the theme of NEW – beginnings, starts, birthing something we haven’t thought of or felt to do before now. All water signs signal BEing up close and personal with our feelings, intuitive insights, and receptivity – receiving from Others.

Cancer is the MOST sensitive sign of the Zodiac and is where we care and nurture others AND ourselves. How we do this in our respective lives is shown in the House of Life Experience being activated within our birth charts.

For example, 23 degrees of Cancer 14 (the coordinates of where both the Moon and Sun sit for this New Moon) resides within my 11th House of my Future Self, friends, allies, groups I belong to and my peers. It will be interesting for me to ‘see’ WHO I wish to become within this next year of Life Experience (via my wishes for myself that I will pen out shortly here this week) AND who the peeps are in my life who lovingly support the NEW direction I intend to take. I will also become aware of all those who do NOT support this new aspect of ME, Myself and I blossoming forth. Having most of Cancer in this 11th House shows WHERE I nurture others (and from where I receive nurturance) – with and from my friends/peers and the groups I chose to belong to. If you already have your birth chart, you too will know in which House Cancer resides and especially at the 23rd degree of Cancer. If you do not have your birth chart – give me a call!

New Moon in Cancer July 2015

New Moon in Cancer July 2015

Looking at the Astrology chart I created for this New Moon Cycle, I see that we also have both Mercury and Mars sitting at 14 degrees of Cancer, in opposition to Pluto (in Rx – retrograde – right now) in the opposite sign to Cancer – Capricorn. When planets are in opposition there is a tug-of-war occurring within us, vying for attention and control. There can be a see-saw effect where we live on one side of the opposition, then change tack to sit with the other side, getting a feel for each side. By the end of this particular Moon Cycle ALL of us will have figured out how to change this Either/Or scenario into and AND blend in our life.

Mars brings Assertion, Courage, that Inner Warrior energy to tread down new pathways within ourselves as we take Action out in our immediate world – very instinctively. Partnering with Mercury this Moon Cycle, we are being asked to KNOW our minds when it comes to how we feel. Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? How do I think I feel? Or is it, How do I feel I think? The feeling part comes from the water sign of Cancer; the thinking part comes from Mercury. We will also BE sharing our feelings within conversations – with family, friends, parents, roommates – whomever we live with.

Once we make up our Minds (Mercury) then we will know what Action (Mars) to take re: nurturance we require NOW in our lives – for self and with others. Then the Sun and Moon, both of whom begin this Moon Cycle at New Moon, bring Soulful Action (Sun) and feeling our way forward with Ego-Shadow issues peeking forth at some points along the way (Moon). By Full Moon (July 31st) we should all know better what NEW changes have, or will have, occurred re: BEing sensitive to our own, and other’s, feelings and emotional nurturance needs.

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

Heart Tree in Beach Estates Park Dec 2012

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore this Moon Cycle will be especially sensitive for us – within Self and between Self and Others in our lives. BEing in our hearts, with compassion and unconditional Love will work wonders this Moon Cycle. BEing insensitive will wreck havoc – which would you prefer? Harmony and peace vs. dramatic feelings and tears etc.?

Returning to that opposition between Mercury and Mars in Cancer and Pluto Rx in Capricorn – here we have water and earth – feelings and intuition vs. DOing the practical tasks and creating goals towards our respective material gains (Capricorn’s earthly gifts). Capricorn is the Mountain Goat scaling the heights of ambition or plateauing out. Cancer is the Crab enjoying its home (which it carries on its back) yet scurrying sideways to avoid confrontation OR burying itself in the sand to AVOID feelings that the Ego-Shadow Self doesn’t want to deal with!

This Moon Cycle will bring that see-saw of:

  • Wanting to BE at home (Cancer) AND wanting to dive into work and BE in the public eye (Capricorn)
  • Feeling and intuiting (Cancer) AND being focused to initiate new projects via setting goals to create money, status, reputation and anything we view as “material gain” in our lives (Capricorn).
  • BEing sensitive to HOW we are feeling AND how others are feeling (Cancer) AND seeing the INTEGRITY of HOW we are doing business out in the world (Capricorn) aka our careers.
  • The KEY here is create an AND somehow with ALL of the above! Blend it all as much as you can INTO your life and your Inner You – BE All of it, not either/or! Create a win-win scenario.

Both Mercury/Mars and Pluto Rx are at 14 degrees of their respective signs – half-way point – and bring in quite the dynamic this Moon Cycle. Pluto will be transforming deeply held personal integrity beliefs re: how we GAIN in this life (Rx planets bring very PERSONAL issues to the surface and Pluto LOVES to clear out our Ego-Shadow fears in the process). We will be challenged this Moon Cycle to KNOW where we stand along the Integrity fence – for Integrity or not? How integral are You? AND how sensitive will you BE in how you THINK and SPEAK (Mercury) then take ACTION/ASSERTION (Mars) about this Integrity? Hhhhmmmm….twill be very interesting…

Eternal Life, Dendera Temple, Egypt 2011

Eternal Life, Dendera Temple, Egypt 2011

Venus, our Feminine planet of Love, Harmony, Balance, Partnerships, Beauty and Fairness, sits at the 29th degree of LEO, with Jupiter (expansion and amplifying abundance, joy and opportunities awaiting us) close by. Venus represents our Desire Body – what do you desire, heartfully (Leo) this Moon cycle? What will BE loud and clear for you to CREATE (Leo)? At the 29th degree Venus is showing us an end of a cycle of HOW we intend to CREATE our lives via the heart (Leo). If we do NOT come from the heart, we are operating via our Ego-Shadow self – fair warning.

Jupiter has been traveling through the fiery sign of Leo since August last year, performing what I’ve been calling OPEN-HEART SURGERY – expanding our heart chakra centres to LOVE ourselves more clearly and fully AND amplifying ALL those feelings already within our hearts – loudly – to be felt and making us aware of that which still needs to be, heartfully, healed in our lives.

Leo is romantic love, and allowing ourselves to BE childlike having fun and playing, AND creating – what? What do you DESIRE (Venus) to CREATE for yourself, finally, fully, heartfully, that has been making itself KNOWN within your heart centre for close to a year now? Look in your charts to see where the sign of Leo resides, and especially the 29th degree, to KNOW in what area of your Life Experience (House) this is coming from.

Grand Trine -

Grand Trine –

My previous post spoke about the Stars of David formations in the Air and Fire signs we’ve had so far this year. Interestingly, this Moon Cycle brings a NEW Grand Trine (or triangle) linking 4 planets within the same element – this time within the WATER signs! Notice how much water is in play this Moon Cycle! I predict more RAIN (yay!), more feelings/tears/intuitive hits of insight these next 29 days! The planets in play within this planetary formation are:

  • Saturn Rx @ 28 degrees of Scorpio 31′ – the most private sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Pluto, Scorpio harbours our deeply-held passions AND Ego-Shadow Self fears. Saturn (Rx) will personalize how we take responsibility for these passions and fears. Our fears and trust issues will play out – watch out for BEing stung or stinging others – if we get too close or others get to close to inner triggers of fear that our Ego Self would rather NOT share. Ego never wants to share! Ego likes to hide, deny, escape and otherwise keep the status quo to feel safe and secure in the same old same old. Saturn now asks us to LET GO of whatever fears we are still hanging onto…AND to TRUST our own process, as well as the process of Others.
  • Chiron Rx @ 21 degrees of Pisces 21′ – this water sign shows us our Eternal, Unseen Inner Wise Self (also called our connection to our Higher Self) – how we intuit and just KNOW via our feelings what is true and right for us. Chiron brings more healing our way re: that Age of Pisces Drama Triangle (victim / rescuer / persecutor) – we want to move into VICTOR now, without Drama. Peace, tranquility, harmony, Love rules the day more and more. BEing of Higher Service for the Good of All…and again it will be truly personal in some regard (Rx)! Pisces asks us to TRANSCEND our Ego-Shadow and connect with our Higher Self – our Soul self…so watch out for triggers of any Victim-oriented issues you still hold within yourself.
  • Moon and Sun in Cancer (our New Moon) at 23 degrees of Cancer 14′ – we return to the most sensitive sign, taking care of home/hearth and Mother/Father, mothering/fathering – how we nurture ourselves THEN others – please note this – look after SELF first in order to have the energy and love within to share without. This part of the Grand Trine in water signs will be KEY – all throughout this Moon Cycle – to know, Soulfully (Sun) where you stand as a nurturer and how you allow yourself to RECEIVE (Moon) nurturance from others! This in turn allows the gift of Others to GIVE…
  • These 4 planets/luminaries activate continually throughout this Moon Cycle – they will feed into one another, flowing seamlessly. As we SEE and ALLOW our Ego-Shadow fears to surface, and allow the healing to occur as we LET GO of Drama/Victim/trust issues in our lives, we will ALLOW further nurturance from our Soul to BE received and felt! Interesting how our planetary formations and cycles create new challenges, choices and growth for us, continually.


Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC March 2012

Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC March 2012

As you have read, quite a different ‘feel’ this Moon Cycle compared to the previous ones! Water flows, changes the earth, brings nurturance and growth. Plant your seed of Intention this New Moon and choose wisely that which you wish to see flower by the Full Moon! Allow the feelings to be felt, walk through them (don’t run away and hide or eat them away emotionally!) and BE sensitive with self and others whilst we all journey through our respective process of Soul/Self growth as this Moon Cycle unfolds. BE sensitive to YOUR needs first; then BE sensitive to those around you – and do NOT rescue – instead lend support, love and draw wisdom from one another. BE with your feelings; DO with your heart.

For those interested in having their Moon Cycle report in person, over the phone, via Skype or written and mailed to them – please look for the tab above, Moon Cycle Reports – and contact me!

Blessed Be!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Photo credits: Google Images + nature pics were taken by L R Rezanoff

Alberta Provincial Election of May 5th…

WOW! What a change for this province (created only since September of 1905)! We used to be part of the Northwest Territories prior to that. Full of HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company) fur forts and trade between the French-Canadians, Metis, First Nations peoples and early settlers and farmers. Then turned into towns then cities. Now the city of Calgary has grown to house over a million people!

We’ve come a long way baby in 110 years! Energy capital of Canada, long-time holder of all things Conservative politically, and still NO provincial sales tax. Until yesterday’s landslide electoral win of the NDP (New Democrat Party) totally ousting the 43-year old hold the PC (Progressive Conservative) party had in this province! HUGE sea change to say the least! The PCs aren’t able to be the Official Opposition this time round either – and their male leader quit – lock stock and barrel…

WHY? What happened to create such a surprising (to most people) turn around? I dug around to find out when the NDP came into being – January 20/21st, 1962 in Edmonton (our province’s capital) during a convention. Here is the chart I created for noon January 21st:

NDP Political Party of Alberta, Canada

NDP Political Party of Alberta, Canada

Note the majority of planets in this chart are sitting at the top, most of which are within the 10th House of BEing in the PUBLIC – and the Midheaven or MC – the topmost cusp, which begins the 10th House area – is in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Initiating change, using current resources to create something new, in a tangible way, that is required for the good of all, now.

Both Mars and Venus are closely tied to the MC, also in Capricorn – bring together BOTH men and women, working within the traditional institution (Capricorn), politics and government in this case. In the history of our province, women being able to vote came April 19, 1916, not quite 100 years ago! The first woman to be elected to a CANADIAN legislative body was Louise McKinney, her constituency was Claresholm, Alberta as an Independent from 1917 – 1921.

Also from 1917 – 1921, Roberta Price (nee MacAdams) was the first woman in COMMONWEALTH history to introduce legislation (War Veterans’ Next-of-Kin Association, 1918). She was elected as Soldier’s Overseas Representative of the Non-Partisan League, Province at Large, Alberta.

Lastly, the first woman Premier of the province of Alberta was Alison Redford, from 2011 to 2014. Unfortunately, she did not have the integrity to finish her first term of office (Pluto transiting Capricorn since 2008 has systematically revealed over the years various government officials, CEOs, celebrities, and people in authority all over the world, who have had less-than integral motives re: their material gain, misuse of power and control over others). She left in disgrace and it has been mayhem at the helm of our province ever since.

[historical data from: Library of Parliament, Parliament of Canada website].

In just under 100 years our province of Alberta has seen women of integrity step forward to create much-needed change. In 1928, Judge Emily Murphy, Louise McKinney, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, and Henrietta Muir Edwards (Alberta’s Famous 5) petitioned the groundbreaking Person’s case (whereby the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously decided that women were not “persons” who could hold public office as Canadian senators). In 1929 the British Privy Council reversed this decision, calling the exclusion of women from public office “a relic of days more barbarous than ours”. [from: Historica Canada website]

Why am I waxing historical here? Because history was made once again, yesterday, by the daughter of one of the original founders of the NDP provincial political party, Rachel Notley. She is now our second woman Premier. She and her party have taken a mostly Conservative province for the past four decades into a more Socialist stance. Totally decimating what used to be the “old boys network” here in Alberta.

I say this because of the 28 women elected in yesterdays vote, 27 of them are from the NDP. When I look at the NDP chart I see ALL of the feminine asteroids/planets cascading down from the 11th House of the Future down through the 12th House of the behind-the-scenes work being done.

I also see that the Sun, Saturn (ruler of Capricorn), Jupiter, South Node and Mercury are ALL in Aquarius within that Public 10th House. We are now transitioning out of the old Age of Pisces into the New Age of Aquarius (we go through this process of changing Ages every 2500 years or so). The ‘Turning of the Ages’ it is called; and now the NDP as a party has “come of age” too – ready and ripe to bring much-needed change and a re-balance to HOW and WHY we who live in Alberta, attract material gain.

Interestingly, the sign of Pisces rules the liquids of the Earth (aka oil and gas). In Alberta’s chart (see below) the South Node is at 00 degrees of Pisces in the 3rd House, with Ceres (ability to feed and nurture ourselves) and Eris (re-balancing our gender roles into a more equitable and fair way) in the 4th House of country/home (aka our province where we live). That South Node speaks of a new cycle (00 degrees) of moving beyond the unresolved issues of the past victimization into Victor role. Province-wise, people-wise, livelihood-wise.

Alberta, Canada chart

Alberta, Canada chart

It is interesting that Alberta is ‘home’ to the majority of corporate headquarters (mostly oil and gas) from around the world. And now Rachel Notley, with the NDP supporting her (and now we the people) to break away from solely relying on energy industries – to diversify and bring forth NEW technology, innovation and originality (aka Aquarius in the NDP chart). With the oil prices plummeting late last summer, and huge layoffs in Calgary alone from the energy sector and affiliated service companies, is it any wonder that we all voted NO yesterday to the same old same old?

Interestingly, the Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday night EXACTLY connected to the NDP chart’s Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th House of what we expect from the daily operations of this party (Neptune rules Pisces, and Scorpio brings forth passion once we release the fear of even thinking about connecting to that passion). The Full Moon phase is ILLUMINATION of how we were operating in the dark before now. Neptune asks us to IMAGINE a better world, life, BEing, via love and compassion for the good of all. It shows us how to dispel any illusions or delusions along the way. The Moon rules our emotions AND intuition, and the 4th House of home/hearth/nurturance.

Can you all see how timely the election of the NDP into leadership has come about? What is also interesting to note is where Jupiter in Leo is activating this chart – in their 4th House of Home/Province place that we live in! Leo rules leadership as a TEAM, from the HEART. Jupiter expands and magnifies this energy and is currently activating the NDP chart’s Moon and NORTH NODE (direction the collective soul wishes to head into) in that 4th House!

The Rising Sign of the NDP chart is Taurus (ruled by Venus) speaking of VALUES, money, what we do for work to bring income into our lives, using all our senses, resources, skills and talents in a HANDS ON, tactile way, to CREATE something of beauty. Therefore Venus at 29 degrees of Capricorn in the NDP chart speaks of the END of a cycle of HOW women (Venus) have been viewed and valued (Taurus) within traditional roles and institutions (aka government, law, health, education, medicine, insurance, military, corporations, to name a few).

NOW is the time for Future (Aquarius) change for this province of ours. Most of Canada and Alberta were surprised to see such sweeping change. I was not. When I look at the NDP chart, seeing MOST of its planets sitting within the 4th QTR of the chart, the meaning of which is to ‘transcend Ego’ in order to BE of service for the good of all – well friends, the time is NOW, the FUTURE is here, and those 28 women are more than ready to roll up their sleeves to get to work!

Alberta as a province has always been known for its history of entrepreneurs, pioneers and gutsy men and women who decided NOW is the time to change the status quo! Look how much we have grown and overcome and built in just 110 years! What will we see change these next four years, let alone 100? I look forward to seeing HOW Rachel Notley and her fellow women build a better province WITH integrity, equality and balance for ALL Albertans. Learning from the past, to ensure a better future.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Full Moon in Virgo Today @ 11:05a MST

Virgo glyphTwo weeks have gone by since the New Moon phase, and today’s Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are facing one another, in opposite signs. The Moon (in Virgo) is Illuminating, spotlighting the unconscious desires of the Sun (Soul) sitting in Pisces. Virgo is mutable earth and Pisces is mutable water. Both represent how we wish to BE of service. Pisces represents being of higher service, divinely or spiritually, moving beyond the Ego self’s desires to do work “for the good of all” in some regard. Where Pisces resides in your birth chart shows you where this service comes into play in your life. Virgo represents mundane or earth-bound service, daily work we do in this world. She also represents the health of our physical body. If we don’t have our health, we canna work, and if we aren’t working, our health can suffer. Virgo shows us how we perfect the processes in life, how we “see” a better world, and do the detail work to that end. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the wee details we forget why we started the work or project to begin with!



The Full Moon chart shows Neptune at 07 degrees of Pisces 33′, followed by the Sun at 14 degrees of Pisces 50′ (hence the Moon is sitting at 14 degrees of Virgo 50′) and Chiron at 17 degrees of Pisces 07′. This grouping has been working on us since 2011/2012 and especially when the Sun is in Pisces February to March every year since. What does this trio have in store for us this Full Moon? I (and my peers) have noticed that the Chiron Wound in Pisces (and many of my clients were born with Chiron in Pisces, and now the rest of us are also experiencing this) whereby we “see” and feel the pain and suffering of others around us. Chiron in Pisces wishes to heal us through the wound of how we hold compassion for one another, and for how long. This is key. We are all reworking a different level of compassion for self and others AND learning when to use it and when to withdraw it. Withdraw it? Isn’t that the opposite of what we’re supposed to do? Not necessarily – think about the people in your life who are either emotionally or physically in pain, are suffering some kind of inner agony. How much of this pain and suffering is real and how much of it is to keep them in Victim mode? To have us rescue them, time after time, and yet nothing is healed. So what are we doing for these people? We keep them in victim mode, and prevent them from learning their OWN process of inner healing via holding compassion and love for themselves.



Chiron is the Centaur who was accidentally mortally wounded by Hercules yet could not die because he was half God. This in turn caused him to search out all alternative healing modalities and eventually to teach these healing techniques to the world. Chiron was discovered in 1977 and look how the alternative health industry has grown since then. Health food stores, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, Reiki, spas, personal gyms, yoga studios, meditation classes – you name it – are all mainstream now. You can see how Chiron has helped us to “help ourselves” physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually for 38 years now – a generation. Chiron glyphChiron wants us to HEAL ourselves, from the inside out, without fear of being rejected for being the sensitive souls we truly are. Chiron in Pisces (plus the Sun and Neptune) are collectively assisting us to BE more sensitive energetically and emotionally AND to “see” how those energetic boundaries can be part of that Drama Triangle, bringing Victim rather than Victor out in each of us. Heal the sensitive energy boundaries around you by setting solid standards of what you will and will not tolerate from others in behaviour. This includes being bullied, being told you are less than, to keep you in a Victim stance on that Drama Triangle, wishing for someone to please please please RESCUE ME! Guess what? YOU can rescue YOURSELF. From the inside out. Heal the inner wound – most likely emotional – and stand in your power, via LOVE. Your true self. And I don’t mean that you have power over others – it means to EMpower yourself and all others around you. Set those boundaries of behaviour and allow in love and compassion, joy and laughter. Express the same from yourself to the world around you.



This trio in Pisces seems to be triggering everyone’s Chiron Wound (no matter what sign it is in or House of Life Experience it is in) to BE healed now, to let go of the vestiges of the Age of Pisces whereby “who will look after me” victimization was the order of the day. The Age of Aquarius beckons us to be real, be strong, be flowing, be emotional, be intuitive, and be part of community all at the same time. With this Full Moon in Virgo, we are asked to “see” the measure of the service we are willing to DO in the world beyond the Drama Triangle and being Victim, or Rescuing others, or Persecuting/feeling persecuted. Where is Chiron in sign and House in your chart? This is the key that is being healed this New Moon cycle before the Vernal Equinox/New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse March 20th.

Aries Glyph

Aries Glyph

AND, we have a rolling stellium, or grouping of more than three planets, in Aries, the cardinal fire sign, initiating change in the realm of being our Inner Warrior, pioneering new inroads of self-identity that we never thought possible before now. Unresolved issues from the past (via the South Node) teamed with Mars (ruler of Aries) to ASSERT ourselves, stand up and fight for what is true and right for self. Followed by Uranus bringing Unexpected Change into the mix, allowing for originality and individuation – aka BEing Your Truest Self – and asserting yourself accordingly. WHO AM I? WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? WHAT DO MY INSTINCTS TELL ME? Venus assists Uranus via what you heartfully, lovingly, DESIRE in MY life – no matter whether you are married, have a significant other, are in some type of partnership – what do YOU desire for yourself? And are you allowing those desires to be asserted (Mars) now? “Just a spoonful of Courage….” is what is necessary this Full Moon – to take some sort of ACTION. Action speaks louder than words or thoughts…. Stand up to the bullies showing up in your life; including your own Inner Bully (we attract outwardly that which we suppress/dismiss within) and love them by telling them how their behaviour is not tolerated from this moment forward. Period. Stand firm, yet lovingly so.

Full Moon in Nanaimo, BC 2012

Full Moon in Nanaimo, BC 2012

The Full Moon’s position at 14 degrees Virgo 50′ creates an angle to Uranus and Venus that beckons all of us to let go of old patterns of conditioning that have held us BACK from asserting ourselves with others – no matter who they are. Uranus encourages True Self expression, BEing your original YOU. Venus encourages self-love, to bring the inner beauty OUT for all to see. Do you “see” the COURAGE this takes? How can we BE of SERVICE, daily, if we are afraid of the people around us? If we are afraid of setting healthy boundaries of acceptable behaviour around us? To me this is what is wrong in the wide world of gangs and cartels and groups who think they can get away with murder, literally, due to force and a huge lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and most importantly, self-love! To BE of Service means to serve from the heart, to be willing to not know all the rules or processes just yet. To perfect yourself and inner knowledge and skill sets along the way, with time. There are no shortcuts in life, they can bite you in the butt somewhere down the line. Emotionally, intuitively, know how you wish to SERVE others in your life, without BEing victim or encouraging victimization in others. Courageously STAND FIRM, with Love and Compassion, with SELF and OTHERS, for what you know, heartfully, is true for your life and your journey. Not because society or gangs or friends or family are bullying us to BE otherwise. Perfect yourself, lovingly, yet let go of perfectionism. We are all, right now, this minute, as PERFECT as we can possible BE. BLESSED BE! Posted by: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

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