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New Moon in Capricorn: Taking Care of Business…

dsc05266The New Moon phase, initiating this current Moon cycle, began at 11:53p MST on December 28, 2016 at 07 degrees of Capricorn 59′ (aka 08 degrees of Capricorn). Mercury was (and still is) in Rx (Retrograde) also in Capricorn (06 degrees and 47′) creating a team environment to MINDFULLY (Mercury) work towards communicating (with others and within Self) our respective goals towards any or all  of the following:

  • Material Gain: mindfully, what does this concept mean to you? How do you DO material gain in your life? Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn since 2007/08 transforming how the world views and interacts with our material world. How has Pluto transformed this within your world? For example: job loss, debt, floods or hurricanes/tornados taking your home, death of loved ones – any or all of these occurrences forces us to rethink our material needs. Erases/eradicates former value systems we used to cling to. Where are you now with all of this? How do you now gain, materially? As in physically being able to put your hands onto something tangible. Do you NEED lots of tangible, or not as much as before?
  • Attaining Greater Heights: Capricorn’s glyph depicts the horn of the Mountain Goat or the tail of the Sea-Goat. The Sea-Goat climbed up from the oceans, to be on land (earth/tangible) and now climbs whatever mountain it is on. Goals move us forward into evolution of our respective lives. What is your goal for 2017? Is it the same material one you held dear in 2016? Has it changed? How has it changed? Do you see the new path forward/upward? What do you need for your journey and new path (that is, at the same time, ON your evolutionary path forward at this time)? Do you need to climb a totally different mountain compared to the one you were on in 2016?
  • Responsibilities: here’s the crux of the Capricorn energy – What am I responsible for in my life? AND (!) What am I NOT responsible for? Some of you may be so responsible for others that you are NOT being responsible for YOU and your life! Be honest here – check on your own motives. Saturn rules this Moon cycle and Capricorn – Saturn rules our fears. Currently, Saturn has been travelling through the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius – seeking our higher truth of Why am I here? What IS my purpose? What fears are manifesting for you that are blocking your forward and upward movement up your own path, on your mountain? Too many responsibilities you deem more important than living your own life for you? Excuses…Ego-Self delusions/illusions? Here is where we can stay stuck and plateau out – stay stagnant and not move forward in our own life.
  • Authority Figures: Saturn/Capricorn rule the masculine/father-figure types. How is your own Inner masculine taking a stance on what you are already an authority of? We all have something that we are really really good at. Can you mentor someone else with your wisdom and experience? Share knowledge with other authority figures? Partner with someone whose wisdom/experience dovetails with your own, creating a totally NEW (so Capricorn!) resource or service that the world needs now?
  • Structure: Capricorn is all about business, CEO-mindsets, the traditional organizations and institutions we’ve known for over 2,000 years! Pluto’s transit through Capricorn these past 8 years shows the cracks and even disintegration of the structures of many businesses and practices we took for granted until now. Look at Alberta – money Ontario (and our federal government) took for granted all these decades from our oil and gas industry has dried up and then some for the last 2.5 years – and the high numbers of us unemployed in Alberta and especially in Calgary, ever since! Integrity plays a key role. What new business practices, that embrace what is right and just for the good of all, are required now, for a better future? These industries and companies wouldn’t be dying unless change is truly required – this is the transformation Pluto brings to the table! Change or die. Bringing it down to the personal level: where is Capricorn in your chart? This is the area of your life where change that is required – what you’ve been doing over and over until now, if it hasn’t been successful – change it! Drop it! Move on to another path/tack!
  • Physically, Capricorn rules the skeletal structure, the knees, teeth and skin. If any of these physical aspects have been ‘speaking to you’ aka in pain, broken, or full of rashes – something Within you is trying to gain your attention! Listen! Take note! One of my favourite books, “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal, tells us possible contributions emotionally/mentally that can be creating said pain, breaks or rashes in the physical body. If we’ve been ignoring our thoughts and feelings up until now, the last place they imbed themselves into is our physical body. How LOUD does it have to get before you stop and listen and do something about it? And taking on too much responsibility, feeling overwhelmed and lost – these all can contribute to creating possible physical ailments, over time, if we’re not dealing with it in the Now moment.

dsc05242We’ve been in the Crescent Moon phase since January 1st at 9:20p MST at 26 degrees of Aquarius 57′ – this phase brings a crisis of ‘seeing’ something from Within the Darkness of our Ego-Self that needs to be brought into the Light (which we’ll understand more fully by Full Moon). Aquarius rules being authentic, original and futuristic. Connecting with our Future Self. Those ‘bright ideas’ and innovative plans/motives. What aspect of your Future Self is your Ego-Self totally afraid to let into the Light of your Life? Where is Aquarius in your chart? This is where your true authentic self wants to THRIVE! Your Ego-Self may be blocking it from shining brightly. Why? There is a struggle here between the Old and the New – the New wants entry, the Old wants to hold it back to keep the same old, same old. Which will win?

The 1st QTR Moon phase begins January 5th at 12:48p MST at 15 degrees of Aries 40′ – another cardinal sign (initiating the new) in the element of FIRE – spiritual inspiration to CREATE something new in your life! Yay! The Crisis comes when you must take some sort of ACTION – of whatever it is you saw for yourself within the Crescent Moon phase. Question is: will you or won’t you? Take action?

dsc05278Tracking Venus’ journey of regaining all the Vestments she let go of from September 2015 until March 2016 – as of January 2nd, 2017, at 29 degrees of Aquarius, via our 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra – our Inner Seeing aspect of Self – we are regaining our Royal Staff. How are you walking WITH your intuition these days? Your ability to ‘see’ beyond the physical? To connect with your Inner Future Self and allow those innovative bright ideas into the Light of Today? What were you afraid of embracing until now? Think back to 2015/2016 – can you now see your courage and stamina, and all fears you have since let go of?

Mercury Rx in Capricorn has helped us to ‘take care of our own business’ by changing our minds about something that we thought was key prior to the beginning of December. Now with this New Moon cycle in Capricorn (both the Moon and Sun working together) our emotional/feminine and active/masculine parts of ourselves are also being called upon to FEEL and INTUIT new avenues of business for ourselves – AND to take ACTION upon them. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign – initiating the new, using current resources in new ways. Create something new AND tangible. Capricorn always reminds me of Beaver – creating new houses out of current resources (trees) as needed. We don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater! Or reinvent the wheel! What does YOUR Life need, now, to be revitalized and evolved into a higher state?

What are your current resources? What do you need to create, now, for your future self and life? How will Venus, our Desire Body, bring forth those true desires as you carry your Royal Staff? Is it a walking stick to use on your new path forward/upward? Or is it a stick you beat yourself (or others) up with? Is it a leadership staff, heralding the wisdom/knowledge you have to share with other leaders, mentor others or be a leader yourself? Perhaps for the very first time, ever? Yikes!

dsc05256Look at what’s blocking your way forward/upward. Don’t try to go around it or avoid it. The more you do so, the bigger it becomes! Try embracing the thing you fear most and move through it – walk through it – don’t run and hide! Courage comes to those who breathe, take a stance, and envision a better, wiser and more loving aspect of Self. Take care of your own business – and do it now!

Blessed BE and Namaste!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Winter 2016/2017 in Calgary & Okotoks, Alberta Canada

Pre-Mercury Rx Shadow Begins…

DSC04647August 10th began the buildup Shadow timing to what will be the actual Mercury Rx (retrograde) August 31st. The Moon went into the 1st QTR phase within Scorpio today as well – as of 12:21p MDT – some sort of Crisis to Take Action DESPITE any of your Ego/Brain’s fears to do so…all in aid of letting go of some habit(s) that no longer serve you, personally.

Look back to the New Moon’s themes in LEO (August 2nd) – how are you meant to BE a heartfelt leader? Then the Crescent Moon phase August 6th brought us all through the FEAR our respective Ego/Brain’s have been hanging onto in the Dark of the Moon, preventing us from taking the LEAD in some regard within our lives. Do you SEE what your fear is yet? What Action does your Inner Self/Higher Self wish to make between now and the Gibbous Moon phase August 14th?

In the meantime, watch, listen and take note of events happening between today and August 31st when Mercury actually Stations Rx. All in VIRGO – how we do our processes, learn about/teach them, perfect them, daily with work and/or via our health regimens. Along with Venus and the North Node and Jupiter, we have plenty of assistance with our planetary peeps to RE-work, RE-listen, RE-wire, RE-do, RE-think, RE-talk any and all of the above with Mercury as Ruler of Virgo.

This Shadow timing prior to August 31st brings us into awareness just HOW the upcoming Mercury Rx period (August 31 – September 21st) will shake out for everyone. I already received a ‘wrong number’ call today – something that happens every time Mercury is Rx. Yet it is Mercury’s way to RE-connect us to peeps we’d not normally connect with – if only briefly – energetically it means a whole lot.


Pansies, Cedars Villa, 2016

Allow yourself to BE in your right, creative, playful brain these next several weeks, anticipating the REAL Mercury Rx timing, and let your left, logic brain take a vacation! Bring on your intuition, creative problem-solving talents to the table and brain-storm your way through!

Virgo’s Shadow brings out our need to BE Perfect about something – where is Virgo in your birth chart? This Mercury Rx timing moves (from today) from 14 degrees Virgo to 29 degrees Virgo (as of August 31st), and then seemingly goes backward along the SAME degrees it just traveled Direct upon – what do you need a RE- on? Virgo is about BEing of Service somehow in this mundane world (opposite sign, Pisces, is BEing of Service BEYOND this mundane world). How are you, your Ego and your brain in alignment, on the same page, about this? And if the three of you aren’t on the same page – guess what you’ll experience?

Fear. Resistance. Denial. Procrastination. Excuses.

The current Moon cycle is setting us up to DEAL with some emotional-level deep-seated FEARS of how we LEAD the way, via our heart, with that Service, as of today until August 14th. Sit up and take notice! Love yourself through it while you walk yourself through all the emotions, resistances, denial talk your Ego/brain can possibly think up to do!

Then Mercury Rx will help us all talk about it, think about it, change our minds perhaps? Or bring forth even MORE information we didn’t know we needed to know! About whatever it is/was we thought we KNEW to move ahead on, and either did or didn’t.


Downtown Calgary, from Nose Hill Park, July 2016

Confused? You won’t be, soon enough! Expect the Unexpected these next 21 days, and even more so during the following Rx 21 days! Plans, contracts, decisions, communication devices, transportation devices (as in cars, trucks, vehicles of all types that support local travel). Check it all twice, thrice or more…before settling on anything. Don’t take anything for granted…it will change, trust me.

Great time, especially during Virgo, to organize anything and everything – the house, the garage, the office, your computer files, your lists, your thoughts, your To Dos…get on it! And believe me, you’ll find things you thought you’d lost, re-connect with people you haven’t seen in years, and go in directions you never thought possible BEFORE this Moon cycle and this round of Mercury Rx!

BE creative, BE intuitive, BE receptive to the nuances of the lack of the logical. Mercury RULES the sign of Virgo – so this will be tricky for some of you who love BEing in your mind! Coyote is Trickster – plays tricks on us (Expect the Unexpected) to get us to laugh at ourselves, not be so serious. Join in on the fun! I love this time of year – Mercury Rx – to ‘see’ how it all turns out in the end! The journey it takes me on – because I ALWAYS find out something NEW, a gift, that would not have turned up otherwise! Trust me…

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Numerologist | Writer | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

1st QTR Moon phase in Gemini

Gemini glyphFebruary 25th @ 10:14 a.m. MST we entered the 1st QTR Moon phase, situated at 06 degrees of Gemini 47′. By this time of each Moon cycle we meet up with a part of self that needs to be let go of, a blockage or obstacle that may get in the way of further Soul growth. The Full Moon in one week’s time brings Illumination – AHA! moment(s) – a spotlight of knowing – what your particular seed of potential has been about this Moon cycle.

Each New Moon brings a new opportunity to GROW consciously, Soulfully, to bring ourselves closer to who we truly ARE. As of 2015, I notice each phase of the Moon cycle really is intense, in your face, LOUD in other words. Grabbing our attention to “see” what was unconscious before that moment in time.

Where were you on Wednesday at 10:14 a.m. and what did you experience? Gemini brings knowledge, communication, how we gather information and data and share it. Who and how we socialize, communicate, learn, process mentally. How we interact with others, especially our siblings. What angles do we use to manipulate others to get what we want? Spin Doctor. Twisting the truth to fit your truth in that moment. Ego certainly works in interesting ways to keep the status quo, prevent change from occurring.

Back to Wednesday morning: what was your Soul beckoning you to “see” as a blockage in your life? Where does Gemini, the mutable air sign, reside in your chart? We can be of two minds (The Twins or Two Towers represents Gemini) talking self out of, or into, something. As a mutable sign, we can allow others to talk us into what they want from us, rather than sticking to what we know to be true for self. How we learn to say NO and ASK for what we want and need for self.

Gemini also represents our Inner Talk, those ongoing tapes that play round and round, constantly at times. Some are ones we have created ourself, many more are what we heard and took on from others. When you listen in on this Inner Talk, is it supportive or tearing you down? 60/40? 50/50? 40/60?

Nanaimo, BC Harbour

All of the above is what came to a head on Wednesday morning, LOUDLY, with fallout in the days following. This 1st QTR Moon phase lasts until March 1st at 8:03 a.m. MST. What has been blocking YOU for years or lifetimes? Preventing you from networking and socializing more effectively in your local world, depending upon where Gemini is located in your chart – which House of Life Experience was activated for YOU to “see” more clearly, heal and move on from?

As an example: in my chart, my 10th House of Career, goals and ambition, reputation in the world, was activated at the moment of the 1st QTR Moon phase. At that moment I experienced a rather bizarre conversation with a person I barely know, whom I started working with a week before. The conversation triggered some deeply held Ego fears of not being able to work fast enough to satisfy this person. To not KNOW enough, BE enough, and perhaps be left behind, abandoned and kicked to the side.

What was the root of this trigger? In Grade 1 myself and several classmates were ill for several days, missing school. When we all returned, something was wrong. Where was the rest of our classmates? They weren’t in the same room as we were. Our teacher didn’t say anything, and gave each of us a test to do. Again, why? What is this all about? What did I do wrong? What have I missed?

Carpet Weaving, Cairo, Egypt 2011

Years later I realized the test was to check what version of Grade 1 class we were to move into: the smarter class or the normal class? They were already splitting us off from one another, creating a division (The Twins) making us feel different from the whole we had been before.

What did I take away from all of this, that has haunted my career and learning ability? I don’t want to be left behind, so I better learn and ask questions NOW, and quickly, in order to be prepared for the Future – Unknown as that is – creating a need to be in control (Ego) as much as possible. To KNOW and BE as much as I can so I am not left behind.

On Wednesday the person I had been working with for only 5 days pushed that panic button (literally) that I don’t have all the pertinent information, that I wasn’t “getting it” fast enough (for her) therefore I am not competent. That somehow my ability to process new information is not good enough, not fast enough, therefore I am not good enough. Very much having the potential to undermine my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Since that day I realize this person needs me to be less than (being a bully to get her way) in order to feel superior/better within herself. I learn a certain way, which she takes exception to. She actually takes steps to negate my way of learning, to keep me from progressing through the learning curve that comes with any piece of work that is new. Again that separation (The Twins) and desire to have me do it HER way (mutable). And her Inner Talk is being projected onto me, like a stick, beating me verbally, daily.

I was faced with two options: continue to allow her to undermine my confidence OR take my power back. Become empowered. Move through an old trigger I didn’t consciously know existed, that was blocking me, in my case, regarding how and what I pick to do for work. Do I stay in a position that makes me feel less than? Or do I stand up and say NO thank you, and walk away?

I have since healed this trigger/blockage. Monday I will finish the process, formally. I have already set in motion a plan to  dig deeply within myself to find out, “What really IS the work I am to do in the world? Truly? What am I totally passionate about? Is it only Astrology? Or is there more?” To finally allow myself to SEE my true self’s ambition, set goals aligned to who I AM now, and move forward more fully integrated, not split (The Twins).

How have you splintered or split yourself off from your True Self? What knowledge have you been holding away or against yourself that has, in turn, triggered negative self talk, which in turn manifests as bullying self and/or others? All because we are not standing in our true power as our true self.

Chemainus, BC  February 2012

Chemainus, BC February 2012

I look forward to “seeing” more clearly what I have disentangled myself from to more fully integrate with my True Self by the Full Moon March 5th. Which, as it happens, occurs in the mutable earth sign of Virgo – BEing of Service to  Others – our daily work in the mundane world! Cool. Stay tuned….


Posted By: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator

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