Life can be a Puzzle – Astrology Reveals Your Missing Pieces…

NEW! Combo Reading…


Recently I rediscovered the interesting combination of Astrology + Numerology + Tarot!

They all stem from Sacred Divination Tools that have emerged over Time. They overlap one another, and bring forth quite a unique, yet powerful, reading.

Today I decided to showcase this new reading for all to experience. Here are the details:

  • The relationship between the Numbers and the Astrological Signs and Planets are revealed, within the Tarot reading spread you experience. I will ask you for your birth date to bring in more of the Astrological elements.
  • The Numbers of your first name will also bring further depth of the Soul-self you are working with this lifetime AND the personality that is revealed every time your name is written, spoken, heard. Here only the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot are used to reveal deeper truths to both.

A very powerful reading to help you ‘see’ yourself more deeply, at the time you decide to arrange for the reading. This combination reading is like a teaser – gives you insights into what a full Astrology reading or Numerology reading will give you that you can experience at a later date.

Your Investment: $80 CAD/USD (depends if you are in Canada or not) paid via cash, cheque, e-transfer or money order at the time of the reading.

The Reading: within one hour, you will experience the meaning of your first name, via Numerology and the Tarot, plus a Tarot reading using a unique spread that incorporates Astrology.

Schedule Your Reading: call Laurie Rae at (587) 353-8085 in Calgary, AB Canada or email her via rainbowsastro [at] and be one of the first to discover the true depths of who you are as a Soul living here on planet Earth, right now! I will read for you in person, over the phone or via Skype video.

New Moon / Solar Eclipse September 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse September 2015

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