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The Moon Cycle Room

Full Moon June 2013, Nanaimo, BC

Full Moon June 2013, Nanaimo, BC

Every month the Moon – our night sky luminary that guides us to FEEL our way forward, attune to our intuition, and ‘see’ where our daily habits are working for us or against us – brings a new cycle of Self/Soul growth potential. Each month’s New Moon will be in a zodiac sign that in turn activates themes within your birth chart. After a few months you’ll be amazed at what you begin to ‘see’ more consciously about yourself, how you deal with situations and people in your life (depending upon the theme activated that month).

The Moon waxes energetically from New Moon to Full Moon; then wanes and slowly dies from Full Moon to the next New Moon. What aspects of YOU are waxing anew and what are you letting go of, allowing to ‘die’ within you thereafter?

You will also learn more about the seasons, how Astrology truly is a natural science, and how well you are attuned to your inner seasons along the way! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn about yourself.

I have created a New Moon Report that shows the EIGHT phases of the Moon:

  • New Moon – a seed of unrealized potential is planted this day, with the theme from the sign the Moon is in at that moment. In turn you learn WHERE this seed is activating within your own chart, for the next month. Here the Sun and Moon sit in the same place in the sky – a combination of fire/action/soul with water/emotion/Ego. This phase begins the waxing portion of the Moon Cycle – growing, moving, changing.
  • Crescent Moon – a phase where there is a struggle between letting go of the Old (same old habits or way of BEing) in order to make room for the New – a new aspect of your Soul self making its way into your consciousness.
  • 1st QTR Moon – this phase brings some kind of CRISIS to ACT, whereby the ACTION breaks the binds of old habits in order to initiate much-needed CHANGE showing up from deep within you.
  • Gibbous Moon – by this phase we are seeing the development of growth and are able to evaluate how well we are doing with this new growth (as in any Ego resistance, denial, distractions taking place yet?).
  • Full Moon phase – here the Moon is fully reflecting the light of the Sun (they sit opposite one another) revealing the Sun’s unconscious desires (and AHA! moments) finally BEing illuminated now. Here we ‘see’ what we’ve really been growing anew from deep within, easily or not, depending on how active our Ego self has been so far this Moon cycle!
  • Disseminating Moon – this phase denotes the waning portion of the Moon cycle – something within us is dying – consciously or not – with ease and grace or not (depends on how creative and wily our Ego is!). Here we reap the wisdom of the abundance of what we learned from the New Moon to Full Moon phases, and perhaps be teacher to others in our world to share it.
  • Last QTR Moon – this phase really shows us how our Ego is showing up via resistance, denial, acting out as it needs to, trying to prevent some piece of itself from dying. There will be a crisis of consciousness – a reorientation of some sort within self. Making a decision, one way or another.
  • Balsamic Moon – this last phase brings an emotional release of ALL of what you have unearthed this Moon cycle – please allow it to occur.We don’t want to bring it with us into the next New Moon phase or cycle.

Each phase will be activating some part of your chart – so eight steps to self-awareness every month. I offer a specialized Moon Cycle report for all who are interested in this unique tool of Inner Self-discovery! You can order this report to be read to you personally, over the phone or via FaceTime or Skype OR to be written up and mailed/emailed to you. It is your choice.

Haloed Nanaimo Full Moon 2012

Haloed Nanaimo Full Moon 2012

You receive: a folder containing your birth chart, handouts about the Moon phases and cycles, Mercury Retrograde in the months we experience this timing; Eclipse information during our two eclipse seasons; and other pertinent information throughout the year, and of course the New Moon Report form that is filled in by YOU (or Laurie Rae) each month.

Your Investment: $30 monthly, via cash, E-transfer or PayPal invoice.

Laurie Rae requires your Birth Data: time, date and place of birth to create your birth chart, the integral piece of the Moon cycle report! If you do NOT know your time of birth – no worries – Laurie Rae has an easy (and at no extra charge) way of finding this out for you. All personal information is kept safe and secure and is never shared!

If you are interested in experiencing your monthly New Moon Report  –

contact Laurie Rae and call 1-587-437-3520 in Okotoks, AB Canada

or email her at myhouseofastrology ‘at’

(you know what to do with the ‘at’!)

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