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Full Moon in Cancer: Spotlight on Initiating Caring & Nurturing Cycle

Today’s Full Moon begins at 10:50am MST with the Moon + Sun sitting opposite each other at the celestial longitude of 00 degrees of Cancer 50′ / 00 degrees of Capricorn 50′, respectively.

IMG_176400 degrees of a Cardinal sign means the beginning of a New Cycle. The Moon represents our Emotional Body, daily habits, following our intuition, listening and responding to our emotions/feelings, and how we nurture all of this. The Sacred Feminine attributes.

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore this Full Moon in Cancer is MORE of all of the above. Loud and clear.

The Sun represents our Soul self, the vital and active principal of how we DO our BEing. Here our Sacred Masculine attributes are in play. Spiritual inSPIRed action, as we follow our intuition and feel our feelings – what heartfully DO you want for YOU?

Each Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION – a spotlight turned on Within self as we become conscious of what it is our Soul Self (Sun) wishes us to know and BE more. The Full Moon reflects the unconscious desires of our Soul every Full Moon. What have you been Unconscious of Within that you are now Conscious of?

Interestingly, we began 2018 with the Supermoon Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees Cancer 38′ of celestial longitude. During 2018 (an 11 or Master Number year for all of us) we’ve been forced into the Illumination of Caring & Nurturing – for self and others – ALL YEAR LONG. Have you been listening to your Inner Self’s needs? What action have you taken in 2018 as a result?

IMG_2366And now, almost full circle, we have a unique opportunity to REVIEW 2018 under a more sensitive, caring, feeling and intuitive lens. Where were you, Emotionally and Soulfully, January 1st? What have you experienced this year within that spotlight of Consciousness? How conscious were you, truly, listening to your Emotional Body’s needs? Following your intuitive hits of insights, seeing the symbols and symbolism from Nature, coincidental occurrences and so-called random encounters with new relationships, partnerships and affiliations?

All year, throughout 2018, we’ve been operating, Emotionally, under the spotlight of our Soul’s Unconscious Desires to BE nurtured, cared for, loved, with compassion, forgiveness and true empathy. Can you ‘see’ now, as you look back over this year, how the happenings and experiences within your life has all been in aid of letting go of that hard outer shell of protectionism, to ‘see’ your Soul’s true desire – to Love and Be Loved – just as you already are?


Waiting for Santa Dec 12th

Our family has experienced the death of 2 close family members and 2 close friends this year. Within the last 5 years I have lost a parent, 2 sets of aunts/uncles, a favourite aunt, 2 close friends who were like sisters to me, and recently, a sister. I have moved from Nanaimo, to Calgary and now to Okotoks. I have released working for others to now administrate and steer my own Astrology business 100%. I have made many new connections and friends and partnerships that ebbed and flowed this year. And no matter that I haven’t physically seen my friends on Vancouver Island these past 5 years – we are connected, always and in All Ways. Just as I am still connected with all of my loved ones who have passed over. They visit from time to time to remind me how much I am loved and beloved.

The key review for me is after all the caregiving for others these past 5 years – it truly is TIME to turn the spotlight of caring, nurturing and following my feelings, intuition and insights ON ME. The self-nurturance piece is what we all need to embrace. This is what the Full Moon in Cancer that began 2018, and this current one ending 2018, have been, and are, reminding all of us. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE. Emotionally embrace your Soul’s Unconscious Desires to this end!

The Sabian Symbol (from: The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill, 1995) for today’s Full Moon in Cancer is:

  • Key symbolism: This marks a real turning point. There needs to be a symbolic gesture or expression of the change of allegiance. Although this may be a decision of the collective, each individual can gain glory in the action. Changing one’s loyalties. Coming to a turning point in one’s obligations or duties. Announcing new standards.
  • Shadow: Too quick to reject the old just for the sake of change. Fickleness.

Look Within, as you stand in your spotlight, review where you were January 1st, what you’ve experienced, felt, and embraced throughout 2018. Now ‘see’ and feel where you are today. What allegiances have changed Within you? Those obligations/duties – has there been a turning point? What are your new standards – for you – and how are you announcing them to others in your life?

IMG_1579More importantly: how have the changes, decisions and experiences brought forth SOULfull change vs. Ego-Self change? Ahhhhh…..yes….are you truly loyal to your Soul’s Unconscious Desires yet? Take time these next several days, within this Full Moon phase, to truly BE with yourself, DO what you truly DESIRE to do, for you. SEE what 2018 has been wishing for you all along.

Namaste & Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker |Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future…

dsc05115This current Moon cycle, which began November 29th at 5:19a MST at 07 degrees of Sagittarius 43′, had both the Moon + Sun standing together in the sky within the element of mutable fire. Sagittarius brings out How and What we Seek about our respective Higher Truths. Our philosophy of “Why Am I Here? What Is My Purpose?” We were all in the Dark about some aspect of this theme at this time.

By Full Moon, December 13th at 5:07p MST at 22 degrees of Gemini 26′, we all saw something of ourselves Within the Light, if only a wee bit more. Gemini brings forth information, people, connections/communications/conversations. Some AHA! moments ensued, and sharing of what has been learned, even if it was just in your journals.

Today, the Moon phase of the Last QTR Moon begins at 6:57p MST at 29 degrees of Virgo 38′, just hours prior to the Sun entering 00 degrees of Capricorn (as of 3:45a MST) heralding the Winter Solstice or New Moon timing of our Solar (Sun) year. Our longest night is December 21st – the Darkest time of the year. Hence all of the Christmas lights, candles and parties to distract ourselves from this annual Darkness, that can sometimes plunge us into depression, anger, sadness, joy-lessness. Embrace this Winter Solstice energy with Light in your hearts and minds, as you look forward to family gatherings this weekend! The Yule Log was a symbol of Light, and the Ancient Egyptians introduced the symbol of the tree at this time of year, believe it or not! NEW GROWTH, which is a very Cardinal thing to do (Capricorn being the element/energy of Cardinal Earth) and the more Light we have, the better the growth!

dsc05169The Last QTR Moon phase brings about a Crisis of Consciousness of some sort that creates a reorientation of some aspect of our Ego-self that has been in charge up until now. Due to whatever you have experienced this Moon cycle, so far, what comes to mind, as a habit or way of DOing while BEing, that is about to be jettisoned out of your life, perhaps forever?

Virgo brings forth the need to BE of service, helping others, learning a trade/industry, sharing in the processes of DOing the work, with others usually. The Shadow side of Virgo brings the NEED to BE Perfect/perfectionism, procrastination delaying moving forward because “it’s not perfect yet!”, in all things to the point that we can alienate others because our Ego-self demands perfection – from THEM and SELF. Virgo also rules the health of the physical body, and those of us with either Virgo Sun/Moon or Virgo Rising or Virgo in the House it rules, the 6th House, our attention is always drawn back to how well we are looking after our physical bodies – the Temple that also holds our Inner Temple of our respective Spirit/Soul.

Virgo is also the opposite sign to Pisces. Here we learn to create an “AND” world by embracing both sides of ourselves (and yes, we ALL have every sign of the Zodiac in our charts, therefore we ALL undergo each sign’s gifts for evolution: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). What we CHOOSE to do with these planetary gifts/cycles of opportunities for inner self-growth is up to each one of us.

A couple of interesting planetary formations have been going on during this Moon cycle. They are:

  • Neptune + South Node, in Pisces: Neptune rules Pisces, and their natural home is the 12 House of the Spiritual/Divine Self (Higher Self or God or Great Spirit – however you ‘see’ this to be), our Past Lives, and our Hidden Self (hence the Past Lives) whereby we can be trucking along, living Life, yet UNCONSCIOUSLY undermining ourselves via self-sabotage, hence the 12th House of Self-Undoing…The South Node, the Dragon’s Tail that brings forth old unresolved issues from our past, to be swept away, (from this lifetime/past lives) for us to SEE and FEEL and re-EXPERIENCE, with the intent to become conscious of this issue, heal, forgive and let go of, if possible (sometimes we only take yet another layer off, to be continued another time). Neptune and the South Node have been slowly coming together all summer, and were EXACT (together, at 9 degrees of Pisces) from November 13 – 23rd during the previous Moon cycle. That was the ‘full moon’ peaking time for these two. Now, within this Moon cycle, they have passed one another, yet still close together to create tension to DISSOLVE (Neptune) those illusions/delusions our Ego-Self has been navigating under for who knows how long. Where in your chart is Pisces? This is where the themes of that House have been affected by illusion/delusion – Ghosts of YOUR Past. Here we are ‘seeing’ that Old Age of Pisces’ Drama Triangle trilogy – vicim/victimize – rescuer/rescue me –  persecutor/bully others. How are YOU doing the “o woe is me!” stance of Victim? Then perhaps rushing out to rescue some OTHER to disregard your own situation? Or perhaps blaming an OTHER for it all, thereby not taking responsibility for YOUR actions/inactions? The previous time the South Node travelled through Pisces was January 26, 1997 until October 20, 1998 (Jupiter helped a wee bit to make it LOUD and CLEAR what needed to be healed back then). What did YOU experience of any of these themes back then? How have you grown since? What still sits unconsciously Within? Neptune’s been in Pisces since February 3, 2012 until March 30, 2025 – still a bit of a journey ahead. I will list all the outer planetary transits through Pisces below, later on in this post.
  • Mercury Rx (Retrograde)! OMG! Yes – a FOURTH cycle of Mercury Rx that usually occurs just three times a year! The actual timing of this Rx period is December 19 to January 7, 2017 in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn – how we think about Material Gain, our reputations, the goals we set for our Future Self, and the integrity of who / how we do business with in this world. Taking current resources and transforming them into something NEW that is required to be shared for the good of all. The pre-Rx Shadow timing was from December 1st to 18th; the post-Rx Shadow timing will begin January 8 – 27, 2017. Think of the actual Rx period as the “peaked or full moon” time, with the lead up – then fall away, energetically, before and after, respectively. When Mercury, the planet of communication, conversation, learning, sharing knowledge, and data gathering, is Rx, our logical brain goes offline and we dip into the intuitive/creative side instead. Here reason doesn’t matter. Straight-lined thought no longer exists. Thinking outside the usual boxes is key, along with reconnection with people from our pasts, and clearing up paperwork/closets/garages etc. will be the norm this Christmas! LISTEN, to your INTUITION. BE CREATIVE with problem-solving. Laugh at yourself as much as possible. We are all human beings journeying our respective, wonderful processes of evolution – a beautiful work in progress! Sincerely, heartfully, yes you are! Mercury Rx asks us to change our minds about HOW we DO material gain. If it hasn’t been working for you until now – what needs to change? And then DO IT. What House is Capricorn in for your Life? From 15 degrees Capricorn 07′ back to 28 degrees Sagittarius 52′ – we are revisiting ALL the thoughts, conversations, decisions we’ve been making since December 1st! Need a do-over? Now’s your chance. Ghost of Your Christmas Present! What are you learning about yourself that you didn’t know you needed to know? Mercury rules our self-talk too! How are you coaching yourself, internally? And how mindful are you of this process? And, Expect the Unexpected along the way!
  • Both the Moon and the North Node are in Virgo as of today’s Moon phase, and we are,  at the same time, letting go of AND moving forward FROM that space, all at the same time! The Moon sits at 29 degrees of Virgo, and the North Node, the Dragon’s Head, sits at 05 degrees of Virgo 57′. The Dragon’s Head/North Node beckons us onward INTO the Future, INTO the Unknown in some regard. Ghost of Your Christmas Future – what are you letting GO OF, that your Ego-Self has held onto for far too long, creating havoc within your daily work/physical health regime? What aspect of these two themes needs to 1) BE Released, and 2) NEW avenues of daily habits embraced, truly now, for a healthier YOU in future? No coincidence that many people are down with flu/colds right now…I love Astrology! True Blue planetary cycles of TIMING, every time!
  • Before I forget! Venus regained her Necklace (aka Throat Chakra – finding our true voice!) as of December 3rd during the Crescent Moon phase, at 25 degrees of Capricorn! Do we see a theme here! LOL! Where’s Capricorn in your chart? What haven’t you been able to ‘voice’ before now re: your financial needs/wants? Think back to November 7, 2015 when we all removed that Necklace. What died Within since then, that now comes forth with greater integrity, truth and honesty, for you?

dsc05095While I researched the Pisces end of things today, I looked back at previous cycles of the outer planets through Pisces – all setting us up for what we are undergoing now! Let’s begin with the Ruler of Pisces – Neptune:

  • Neptune’s orbit lies between Uranus and Pluto, and takes 165 years to orbit the Sun, therefore the Zodiac and our charts! The last time Neptune was in Pisces was from April 1847 to April 1862 – and the world underwent revolutions in Europe, the Communist Manifesto was written by Marx & Engels, the USA saw the beginnings of the Confederacy (with their Civil War occurring in 1876), the Atlantic cable was completed under the ocean, and Darwin published Origin of Species in 1859. There was an explosion of metaphysical/spiritualism teachings and groups forming (theosophy), and Ether was discovered (Pisces is nebulous after all) transforming medical science at the time for surgeries. What have we seen since 2012? I like Steven Forrest’s take: “Binge TV watching of TV series becomes a national pastime.” I’d say it is global! Pisces is all about escapism, addictions and how our Ego-Self finds ways and means to create the illusion/delusion that we are NOT connected to God/Spirit, that we are NOT an eternal spiritual being experiencing a life of feelings and senses in the physical. Check this out for your own life. And, think about the thoughts/feelings/intuition you’ve been having since 2012 about YOUR spirituality. What is it? What does it mean for you? How do you DO it? You don’t – you BE it! Ego Does, Spirit IS/BEs!
  • Uranus was last in Pisces as of December 31, 2003 until May 29, 2010. Here is when our communication devices exploded (Uranus rules technology and the fixed air sign of Aquarius, and the New Age of Aquarius) and who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Well mine hit the water a while back and I’m thinking of getting a new one in 2017! LOL! No pun intended (water – Pisces, get it?). iPads and cellphones and reading tablets rather than books – who knew we’d get so close to Star Wars/Star Trek life? Previous to this time: Uranus entered Pisces April 2, 1919 until January 13, 1928 (hence those “Roaring Twenties”!) ending just prior to the Crash of ’29! In between the two World Wars – look at all the escapism then. What do we have today? Pot smoking, cocaine addictions, alcoholism and gambling galore – or marathon TV watching! Whatever your addiction – take heed. Now’s your chance to CHANGE that tune! Embrace the Virgo as opposite sign’s cycle to create NEW healthy habits.
  • Saturn traversed through Pisces January 29, 1994 until April 7, 1996. Saturn brings structure and restriction/constriction into our lives. Jupiter likes to expand things; Saturn the opposite. Let’s get serious, responsible and set goals! Pisces says “Nah, let’s not and pretend we did! Party hearty!” Or “Let’s meditate on that a bit, k?” Where were you back then? Did you begin any new spiritual practices, visit groups who opened your mind and heart to spirituality? How were your escapism/addictive behaviours? Where are you now, with all of this? Anything left off on the side of the road, forgotten along the way these past 20 years? The next round of Saturn in Pisces will occur from March 8, 2023 until February 14, 2016. Don’t wait – use the current cycle of Neptune and the South Node to LET GO of old outmoded habits, and create your NEW spiritual structure now – or at least bring forth baby steps of change…
  • Jupiter was in Pisces from January 19, 2010 until June 6, 2011, before that Feb 5, 1998 until February 13, 1999, and before that Feb 21, 1986 until March 2, 1987. Jupiter beckons us to EXPAND our horizons, embrace other cultural spiritual truths, try them on for size, and perhaps GROW spiritually as a result. Look back and ‘see’ where you were during these noted times, and check out where you are with them now. Any changes? Any revisiting of old ideas that, again, were thrown off to the sidelines of your Life? Hhhhmmmm….what needs to be reincorporated now into your daily life?
  • And I had to include the North Node – we currently have the South Node in Pisces (letting go of old outmoded stuff from the past). North Node in Pisces asks us to move gently, lovingly, and heartfully INTO our Future Self’s need for spiritual connection in some regard. To BE is Spiritual; to DO is Ego-oriented. We can BE as we DO! Think about it, meditate on it, walk in Nature and ruminate over it. Every 19 years the Nodes return to the sign they were in 19 years previously. Last round for the North Node in Pisces was from June 23, 2006 until December 19, 2007. Previous to this it was December 3, 1987 to May 22, 1988 – do you see the overlaps of several planets and the years gone by? The North Node is our Soul’s way of getting us to evolve ourselves in a direction not walked before, or not often. Hence our Ego-self’s reluctance to move forward with any excitement about doing it! ‘Tis a challenge to keep on keeping onward and upward – why else would we live so many many many lifetimes? Check back to where you were pushed beyond your known world during the noted times above. How well did you allow yourself to do so? How does WHAT you allowed/or not allowed NOW an issue, this year especially, that needs healing or letting go of? Any illusions/delusions you grabbed onto (sometimes so that the Ego-self ensured “I AM RIGHT! HUH! Go figure!” rather than what was TRUE for you) that now don’t seem to be healthy or truly YOU? Be honest…

dsc05157I have shown our Past, Present and Future scenarios of new Inner growth themes herein. We have endured a lot as a global community through the Ages, and now as evolved spiritual BEings. What does the current cycle of Neptune + South Node in Pisces bring forth for you as opportunities for Spiritual change? How will Mercury Rx help you to “change your mind” about how you go about gaining, materially/physically? What will tomorrow’s Winter Solstice in Capricorn, the first day of Old Man Winter’s reign (hey! what was that -30C degree weather earlier this Moon cycle anyway? A heat wave!?) bring forth as a NEW way to set personal goals in your life? What DO you wish for yourself in 2017? Honestly, truly, heartfully? Beyond presents and things – what DO you truly wish for? Imagine (Pisces) the BEST! Trust, follow your intuition and your feelings/emotions and BE! Then DO!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! Love and Hugs to All, and to ALL, a Good Night!


Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff 2016 Christmas season

Full Moon in Capricorn: How High Will You Climb?

DSC04239Tuesday July 19th at 4:56p MDT the Moon sits opposite the Sun creating the Full Moon. Here the Moon reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun – those hidden emotional needs of the Ego-self are revealed – all of which surface just before, during or after the Full Moon – showing you consciously what you’ve been hiding from yourself until this Moon cycle.

We began the New Moon in Cancer on July 4th – enLIGHTening our true emotional natures, at times at odds with the entrenched family generational emotional line – more and more at each Moon phase since. What have you learned about your Emotional Body nature that you weren’t aware of before July 4th?

Some of us are undergoing the latest 21-day Meditation Challenge with Oprah/Deepak Chopra, uncovering hidden blocks to how we sabotage ourselves In The Moment from connecting to our creative self Within, being distracted by our brain/Ego-self to DO something else from the past or worry about the future. Interesting dilemma we humans have created for ourselves to stay STUCK, not moving forward or upward. Stagnant. Bored.

Tuesday’s Full Moon Illuminates upon the Moon sitting at 27 degrees of Capricorn 40′ – where is this in your chart? This is the area of your Life you’ve been unconscious, until now, of how you emotionally connect with your ability to create gainfully within the material world (aka money, things, long-term goals of your Desires). Capricorn, like Cancer, is a Cardinal quality sign – meaning the energy of these signs initiate CHANGE – like the seasons they represent – 00 degrees of Capricorn is the Winter Solstice timing, the beginning of Winter; 00 degrees of Cancer is the Summer Solstice timing, the beginning of Summer. New seasons, new weather (usually) therefore CHANGE.

DSC04507As I look through the 8 phases of this particular Moon cycle, I see that ALL the Cardinal signs are represented AND three of the Mutable signs (going with the flow, taking others into account due to changes in our own lives), with only one Fixed sign (dealing with the details and perhaps stubbornly resisting CHANGE). I conclude from this investigation that this Moon cycle is all about CHANGE AND Going With the Flow of whatever CHANGE we are allowing to come forth within our respective lives. The Last QTR Moon phase is where we’ll perhaps have a bit of stubborn resistance from the Ego-self.

Look back to July 4th – New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer 54′ – what House of Life Experience did the seed of unrealized potential begin to grow CHANGE Within you? What have you learned about yourself these past 2 weeks? Remember: the Moon symbolizes our Emotional Body nature – feelings, emotions, intuition, insights – the Feminine aspects of how we RECEIVE signs and symbols along the way of our respective Life Paths and Purpose.

The Sun, which dances with the Moon every cycle, is about our vital energy principle, the Masculine need to Take Action. This Moon cycle, with all that Cardinal energy wanting to initiate CHANGE, what ACTION to create CHANGE in your Life have you noticed? Or are you ignoring it, yet again?

Tuesday’s Full Moon, in Capricorn, brings these earthly practicalities to the fore:

  • Setting long-term goals towards – what exactly? In your world – what needs to CHANGE for you to acquire recognition, BE SEEN publicly, for what YOU contribute out in the world with your professional talents in tow?
  • Building UP a better foundation of material growth – what does this MEAN to you? What IS Material Growth in your mind? Security, safety, for future dry spells? Land, a home, stuff? Or is it less tangible?
  • BEing Responsible about how your Life is structured, limited, constricted, or allow in change by letting GO of some of the responsibilities you’ve taken on that truly ARE NOT yours to begin with! OR, have you been ignoring some aspects of your Life that as an adult you NEED to finally show up for and BE responsible for your actions, words, deeds, etc?
  • Capricorn is represented as the Mountain Goat – climbing ever higher along its path, perhaps taking paths less travelled or never explored before now. Hence the CHANGE – are you deciding, during tomorrow’s Full Moon, to finally GO UP that path that’s been beckoning you to travel, for how long now? Are you intuitively allowing yourself to SHOW UP, BE SEEN, in the areas of material gain/growth, publicly? Stand UP for what you BELIEVE IN, for YOUR Life Purpose?
  • Creating tangible results – by creating something NEW out of current resources you already possess, utilizing YOUR particular range and brand of talents and skills, that somehow TRANSFORMS (CHANGES) your perspective of how much HIGHER you CAN climb, BEYOND those previously held restrictions/limitations due to Ego-self fears.

Downtown Calgary Skyline 2016

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn / Father Time / Kronos – hence those long-term goals – no short-cuts please! ‘Tis all about HOW you get there – not what you get in the end. Saturn is currently moving through Sagittarius – mutable Fire sign – BEing out in the world, discovering gems from other cultures that help you discern “Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is My Purpose?” How is Saturn spiritually INspiring you to SEE your Life Purpose? Do you have blinkers on, blinders, or an open-minded In the Moment connection to your creative self? If you are too busy thinking about What Was, or worrying about WHAT MIGHT BE, how on earth (!!) can you possibly CREATE the NEW in the NOW?

Tomorrow, open your eyes, your heart, and your mind to ALL the NEW possible CHANGES that surround you. Change is all around us, always, in All Ways. If you take the moment to pause, breathe, and BE here while DOing….what will you find?

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer

Photo Credits: taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Wheel of the Solar Year, Part 1

Wheel of the Year1

The Wheel of the Solar Year!

Astrology looks at the natural connections between our Solar System/the Universe and Earth, to bring a Divine conscious connection and awareness to our human life down here. “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without” is an ancient Hermetic saying.

As we connect with our Divine self Within, so too do we connect with other Divine selves Without. As we allow ourselves to connect with the subtle nuances, insights and symbols sent from Above, we actually ‘see’ them Below, bringing much-needed guidance as to the Next Steps on our respective Solar (Sun) journeys down here on Earth.

One of the ways we seek natural guidance here on Earth is through Nature. The four Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra, depict the start of something new within Nature. That something ‘new’ combines a season, an element, and the mode of operation is always to Begin Anew in some regard.

The Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer (each others’ opposite signs) commence on their respective days of Solstice (means “Sun Stands Still” whereby the Sun rises at the same point in the sky 3 days in a row; then sets at the same point 3 nights in a row) the times of year which the Ancients celebrated as follows:

  • Sun entering 00 degrees of Capricorn 00′ brings forth the Winter Solstice, Yule, or beginning of our Winter season. ‘Tis the longest NIGHT of the year for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn is an earth sign, denoting Mother Earth’s desire to hold a more solid foundation from which to Spring (!!) forth new growth 3 months hence. For those of us following the Lunar Cycles, Winter Solstice is the New Moon phase of the Solar (Sun) cycle. To begin anew, create a NEW foundation from which to build more solidly that which we wish to create from all the resources we NOW possess – to do so in a way not imagined before now. Take a new tack, a new direction than what occurred to us to DO before now. Winter holds the coldest weather of the Solar cycle. The green growth has died off since Samhain (pronounced ‘sew-ween’ or aka Halloween) returning its energy to Mother Earth, awaiting the return of the Sun (the Light) to usher forth New Growth from the dormant Seed of Winter.
  • The Ancients celebrated Winter Solstice or Yule by burning candles and especially that Yule log in the fireplace, celebrating the fact that the Light will be returning approximately 3′ MORE each day from now until Summer Solstice! Yay! Hence all the Christmas Lights and lighted Christmas Trees this time of year. Anything to Bring Forth More Light!
  • Sun entering 00 degrees of Cancer 00′ brings forth the Summer Solstice, Licha, or beginning of our Summer season. Here we experience the longest DAY of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer is a water sign, representing actual water flowing along the surface of the Earth, being supported by Earth/earth for the most part. Summer is the hottest season of the year, thereby bringing forth the most potent growing season. This is the Full Moon phase of the Solar cycle. Think of the Seed(s) you planted at Winter Solstice (remember the New Moon phase IS the seed of unrealized potential each Lunar cycle). At Summer Solstice look at what has Flowered forth from your intent 6 months previous. This Flower may not look as you intended, yet it became exactly what you NEEDED according to your close personal “Team” Up Above! Remember, “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without.” The Cancer water is what is required right now to KEEP our growth growing! Hence the rainiest time of year (usually!).
  • The Southern Hemisphere experiences opposite seasons to we folk in the Northern parts. Our Winter Solstice is their Summer Solstice; our Summer Solstice is their Winter Solstice. They plant their seeds when we see the flowering of our seeds and vice versa!

Winter Solstice 2015

On Monday, December 21st, Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun enters 00 degrees Capricorn 00′ at 9:49p MST. Take time to BE with yourself and envision that unrealized Seed of Potential. What do you intend for your life, your self, these next 6 months? What would you like to ‘see’ Flower by the Summer Solstice?

Capricorn’s themes, according to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology, are:

  • Future Security – laying down a firmer foundation to BUILD more and further than where you stand right now. Aka GOALS! Discipline.
  • How you Handle Responsibility – Saturn rules Capricorn and hence brings forth BOTH what you ARE responsible for in Your life AND what your are NOT responsible for – usually because it has nothing to DO with your life!
  • Reaching Goals – do you set goals for yourself? Both Saturn and Capricorn depict TIME and setting long-term goals that won’t manifest completely for many a year! We can set the mini-goals via the 12-13 Lunar cycles a year, and the New Moon of the Solar year aka Winter Solstice! These cycle help us keep track of where we are WITH the direction of those goals, whether we’ve become sidetracked or abandoned the initial goal to begin with! Thing is: you MUST set, via intention, the goal(s) first! Just like winning the lottery, one MUST by the ticket to begin!
  • Success/Recognition – Capricorn rules the 10th House of our birth charts. The highest point in our charts, like High Noon, highly visible by the public eye. We all seek success of some sort and to BE recognized for our contribution within society and community. This is our reputation area of life. What are you known for? Can be depended upon?
  • Management Skills – here’s where Capricorn brings forth our CEO mindset! How well are your running the Big Picture of your Life, your career, your goals? Do you HAVE goals? Why not? We all need some wee bit of discipline and routine each day that we bring energy INTO working towards our goal(s)! If not, where are you Heading? How else is that Flower going to Grow and BE Seen by Summer Solstice?
  • Authority Figures – here’s where we have regard (or not!) for authority in our lives. Be it our parents, grandparents, bosses, and any leaders we form a relationship with. Do you buck authority at every chance, or do you stand back to ‘see’ the wisdom they have to offer? AND, this is where we can BE the authority in the area of our Life where Capricorn resides in the birth chart. What House(s) does Capricorn reside in your chart? For me, ’tis both my 5th and 6th Houses – therefore creativity AND daily work are affected by how well (or not!) I set goals for myself. When I am working, I work like a beaver to build good solid foundations and connections, and I always have a great rapport with all management peeps. When I am unemployed or in between contracts/projects, I can drift and become unproductive and listless. I NEED to set goals for myself, always to BE connected. And what am I the Authority of? Resourceful creativity with processes, ‘seeing’ the Bigger potential in most things, BEing extremely organized and wanting to BE of Service (Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th House).
  • Release Controlling Tendencies – here’s the Shadow side of Capricorn. Lack of Joy, being stern, fear of anything NEW, being pessimistic (That’s NOT going to work!) and inflexible, and using self-justification to talk yourself out of anything (especially NOT setting those all-important mini-goals!). Hhhmmm…Capricorn is the Sea-goat/Mountain Goat – coming up out of the water onto dry land, then venturing forth UP the hills, then the mountains. In search of that higher cliff, elevation, view, summit – you name it! Another aspect of Shadow Capricorn is plateauing, taking a rest, then becoming lazy, tired, depressed, unable or refusing to move forward/UPward. Ring any bells here for you? Hhhhmmm….We ALL have those testing years that make us feel we just canna move forward any longer! Challenge here is to GET BACK ON THE HORSE (or Mountain Goat in this case) and Keep on Keeping ONward/UPward, eh?
  • Physical Body ruled by Capricorn – Bones and joints, arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladders and gallstones (!), knees, the skin therefore episodes of psoriasis, excema and itching (no wonder it is so dry this time of year affecting our skin, eh?). Here your physical body will talk to you via any of these areas if you are NOT building YOUR foundation as YOU need it to be! Cancerians, note that Capricorn IS your opposite sign – even if the Sun is about to travel through Capricorn, the Sun can pull forth, in opposition, that which you are NOT nurturing (Cancer) in your Life! Remember that Flower of the Summer Solstice – how can the Seed of Unrealized Potential at Winter Solstice possibly GROW FORTH with out water? ‘Tis the Inner Nurturance that brings the Outer Goals into BEingness…capice?

Yule 2015

Read this post over a few times to really ‘get’ where you have possibly taken the wrong path upward, or perhaps just decided to give it all up! It is Time (Father Time = Saturn – interesting how the New Year’s Eve depiction of Father Time is within Capricorn’s cycle!) to get back on Your True North track once again (remember, we are still within the Sagittarian Moon cycle, all about Future Intent towards our Mission this Lifetime). Rip Van Winkle had an excuse being asleep for 100 years! What’s yours?

Look for The Wheel of the Year Part 2 in future!

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: all pictures taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Shadow Sides of Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn…

Shadow & Light March 2015

Shadow & Light March 2015

Why am I speaking of the Shadow side of Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn today? Because Saturday’s Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse brought UP and OUT (aka ‘outed’ us all) key Shadow work still to ‘see’ and heal. This was facilitated by Pluto’s movement through Capricorn.

During the latest Full Moon phase the SUN sat at 14 degrees of ARIES (interestingly, Fire + Fire elements), the MOON sat at 14 degrees of LIBRA (Water + Air elements) in opposition to each other, exactly. The other character, PLUTO, was sitting at 14 degrees of CAPRICORN (Earth element). What they all have in common is this: they each represent one of the 4 CARDINAL points or signs of Astrology – heralding the BEGINNING of a new season (hence why Cardinal signs signify CHANGE, New Initiatives, New Starts in our lives).

Aries begins Spring; Libra begins Fall; and Capricorn begins Winter. Two Equinoxes and one Solstice. Two areas that required BALANCING/EQUALITY to create an AND in our lives, in order to allow us to dig DEEPER into that long-winter’s NIGHT of how we reach Material Gain in this New World post-2012….cool!

T-Square to Pluto from Moon opposing Sun April 4, 2015

T-Square to Pluto from Moon opposing Sun April 4, 2015

In order to REACH this T-Square connection (visualize the Sun in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra, BOTH squaring up to Pluto in Capricorn – the apex of this triangle or T-Square formation) all of us, respectively, needed to somehow LIVE in the shadow of some aspect of ourself this past weekend – and I mean really LIVE in it. Got cozy with it, allowed it to become LOUD enough to catch our attention. So whatever you found yourself doing (or not doing) Saturday during the 28-days-worth of Moon energies via the Total Lunar Eclipse, THAT was EXACTLY what you were MEANT to be DOing to keep your Ego Mind distracted from the real work going on behind the scenes….

The fire of the Sun within the Fire of Aries – the Sun rules Leo, which represents SUSTAINED Fire, and the Aries Fire is QUICK, INSTINCTUAL, not lasting very long. Aries wants to take action via leaping before thinking; Leo wishes to take long action in order to CREATE something New….and to me the Sun in our birth chart represents our SOUL self. This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse with the Sun IN Aries brought forth that which we only ‘see’ within ourselves for a short time, yet is required to CREATE something NEW our Soul self needs now and in the future.

The air of the Moon portion of the Full Moon phase lay in Libra which brings in BALANCE and EQUALITY through Thought, Conversation, Interaction with someone significant in our life. Remember the Moon represents our Emotional Body via feelings and intuition and those hits of Insights from our Higher Self/BEings/people mirroring that which we need to see about Self.

Water vs. Earth March 2015

Water vs. Earth March 2015

Emotionally, where were you in your head? What triggers occurred for YOU this past weekend that perhaps totally freaked you out? Perhaps wanted you to ESCAPE (Pisces Shadow) BACK to where you WERE before this MOON CYCLE began March 20th @ 29 degrees of Pisces? Remember: 29th degree = LET GO OF SOMETHING this month….

Okay – so we have something INSTINCTUAL (Aries) that wants to assist our Soul (Sun) self to CREATE over the next 6 months to 3.5 years (due to the Eclipse energy). We also have the NEED to communicate (self-talk and with others) in an EQUAL face-time way (Libra) that somehow rebalances the beauty of our Emotional Body (Moon, at the Full Moon stage) – via the SHADOW of the Total Eclipse – bringing forth OUR SHADOW SELF – that which we usually reject out of hand in a blink of an eye….sound familiar?

Post-2012 we are are ALL learning to CREATE an “AND” world – no longer this or that, black or white, male or female, light or dark. ‘Tis this AND that, black AND white, male AND female, light AND dark – do you see what I am saying here? IT IS BOTH – AT THE SAME TIME.

The KEY transformation (PLUTO) is for us to SEE and EMBRACE our Shadow Self (Moon) AND our Divine Self (Sun)- see both/all sides of our selves – with Integrity, Responsibility, building a NEW solid FOUNDATION down here on EARTH (Capricorn). Once we begin to understand the ‘AND’ portion of living post-2012, we also begin to EMBRACE all of ourselves, all of the time.

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

The Shadow of Pisces brought our attention to WHERE the DRAMA of the Ego self is still in play within us and our lives. How does YOUR life look on the outside when it comes to drama? This is the reflection (Full Moon Illumination) of what we hold true as an Ego belief on the inside!

Knowing WHERE Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces are in your birth chart shows where this heavy-duty SHADOW work resides, what we have been “outed” into between the New Moon / Full Moon (Total Solar Eclipse / Total Lunar Eclipse) phases this Moon cycle. Very cool and very timely AND very scary for the Ego self.

As an example: I have both the end of Pisces (29th degree aka New Moon placement) and most of Aries (includes the 14th degree aka Sun at Full Moon placement) within my 8th House of:

  • Shared $$$, resources, and experiences with Other Partners (be they business-related, personal, taxes owed to the government, paycheque from an employer, etc) one of the Money Houses….
  • Trust issues – emotionally, physically, psychically – in exchange of money, things, work, intimacy…and the EXCHANGE includes Giving / Receiving…
  • Sexuality – 8th House moves us past the 7th House of the “getting to know you” phase into the really GETTING TO KNOW you intimacy of all the dark secrets we hide from others….and self if we weren’t aware of it BEFORE we hooked up with a significant Other
  • Life-Death-Rebirth – all the questions we have around DEATH and dying…here is where both Scorpio AND Pluto naturally live – so how am I allowing myself to TRANSFORM and die off, via Shadow work healing, some Ego aspect of myself each Moon cycle (and especially this cycle due to all the Eclipse energies)? Or am I just paying lip service to it?
  • Ego Self Shadow fears…..related to ALL of these 8th House themes….and am I allowing them to die off or am I still holding onto them, tightly, dearly?

Then I have the opposite sign, Libra within my 2nd House of:

  • All the ways I allow myself to bring in INCOME, via all my senses, personal resources and skills and talents…is there just ONE way of working all my life or many ways? Am I utilizing ALL my talents and gifts or overlooking my best assets?
  • How all of this relates to my Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and VALUES – what do I value about work and working to make $$$ to pay my bills? How are MY Values mirrored by the people I work FOR/WITH? As well as the business itself – what do they DO that I value in my world, within this world?
  • What do I VALUE materially for MY life? What is the balance between earthly material needs vs. spiritual needs? What is my attachment to material things? And how do I honour the energy exchange, materially?
  • This House of $$ deals with our daily needs, how harmoniously I deal with them and allow others in to my life to gain what I NEED to live.
  • Creature comforts, benefits of services given and received. Owning, lending, borrowing. Identifying SELF and SUCCESS via THINGS vs. BEingness….am I of VALUE or am I only of value due to WHAT I HAVE or OWN or have BORROWED?

Then there is Capricorn – in my 5th House – currently on top of my natal MARS (taking Action, BEing Assertive, Instinctual Warrior energy and Pioneering NEW paths within myself):

  • The 5th House is ruled by the Sun and Leo in the natural wheel of the Zodiac. Here we want to SHINE somehow, CREATE something not seen before, via FUN & PLAY and ROMANCE. Our Inner Child comes out here to show us the way….as well as all children.
  • Pleasure and inner satisfaction, those inner yearning’s to BE SEEN and CREATE – to have MY Creations SEEN by Others…
  • Games, entertainment, gambling, sports, how we win or lose, how we DRAMATIZE our lives.
  • Popularity vs. hero worship vs. inner happiness. King or Queen of the Mountain; Drama Queen or Drama King.

So for me, in my life, I have SEEN the tapes and OLD messages of the traditional institutional world (Capricorn) that were still running in my Ego mind (beliefs) about what I could or shouldn’t create on my own (Aries) as a WOMAN towards material gain (Capricorn) because I wasn’t EQUAL (Libra) with my personal collection of talents and skills to BE materially wealthy (2nd House) through Others (8th House).

I was holding into, unconsciously, past life ideas and beliefs (Pisces), that BEing an independent woman in this day and age also means being LESS THAN with or without a significant partner/Other in my life. BEing successful meant LOSING something of myself in the mix (Death and dying – Pluto/Scorpio/8th House). Who knew?

I am currently going through a process of ENVISIONING a NEW reality and future for myself – and hit the wall about it all over the weekend – my Ego said STOP! I’m going no further – you cannot make me! I want to GO BACK, STAY PUT, do NOT pass GO….etc etc etc.

Most of us have ERIS in Aries (her orbit takes almost 600 years to move through one Astrological sign) and my Eris is at 8 degrees of Aries. Eris throws the apple of discord into the mix to see how we regain more harmony and balance in our lives, especially our gender-roles as females and males since 2006/07.

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2013

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2013

Bottom line here: ALL of us are rebalancing (Libra) some aspect of ourself via Ego Beliefs that no longer work in THIS world of THIS lifetime (Pisces) that in turn have prevented us from BEing our instinctual self (Aries) that takes Action for ME, ‘AND’ WITH Others (Libra) so that yes! We can HAVE successful Material GAIN and goals and responsibility (Capricorn) in our lives, as long as we EMPOWER (Pluto) ourselves to EMBRACE the Ego Shadow values, beliefs, emotions (Moon) AND the Soul Self values, beliefs, actions (Sun)…creating a more balanced (Libra) ME (Aries) in the process. Create an AND World – WITHIN – first, so that we Manifest WITHOUT.

What have YOU been DISowning so far as YOU? What Shadow parts of Self do you reject? Toss away as nonessential aspects of You? That which we reject we project AND attract to ourselves…

As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below – ah yes… we keep coming back to this simple yet deeply resonating Hermetic saying…


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

All pictures: taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn

Quite the wild ride we all experienced this past week! The last three days was the Balsamic Moon phase (letting GO of emotional and other baggage) of the last New Moon cycle that began November 22nd in Sagittarius. We not only started a New Moon cycle then, we did so by starting a new cycle of how and where we seek our higher truth of “WHY am I here? and Where am I going?” regarding faith and trust and what do I truly believe in?

Today’s Winter Solstice begins at 4:03 pm MST and the New Moon follows 2.5 hours later at 6:36 pm MST. Solstice means ‘sun stands still’ where the Sun rises and sets at the same spot in the sky for three days in a row. Today is the shortest day of the year/longest night and begins the New Moon of the Solar year. Not only are we beginning a new Moon cycle today, we are also beginning a new Sun year! Very much creating an “AND” bringing our Sun (Soul self) and our Moon (feelings, habits and intuition) together to take action (Sun) once we know how we feel (Moon).

The Sun leaves the sign of Sagittarius (fire element) and enters 00 degrees of Capricorn (earth element) signaling the Winter Solstice et al. The energy moves from high activity and being out in the world, to slowing right down, napping and eating comfort foods (think hibernating bears now). If you haven’t completed your Christmas shopping before today note that your energy levels may not be as high as they were, fueled by the fire of Sagittarius!

Capricorn rules how we go about furthering our material gain WITH integrity vs. power and control and greed. As a cardinal earth sign we now wish to create a NEW foundation to spring forth from, sometimes drilling away the old to bring in the new; sometimes totally starting from scratch. Capricorn likes to use current resources (skills, talents, money, materials) to create something NEW that the world needs NOW. Something that is long-lasting and tangible that everyone can see and use and touch. Until now it has mostly been about money and material things. Times they are achanging…

According to Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases the symbol for this Winter Solstice and New Moon is: “An Indian Chief Claims Power From the Assembled Tribe. This symbol implies that the religious ideal has now materialized or crystallized into sheer power – the power to lead the community and to ensure its welfare or even its physical survival. The energies released through group cooperation (Libra since the Vernal Equinox in September), deepened and emotionally experienced as forces of great potency (Scorpio – as well as fears!), and given meaning and conscious purpose (Sagittarius) are now stabilized and hierarchized. The power of the group is turned into a measurable and carefully managed “capital”. A time comes in many lives when the individual finds himself placed in a situation that allows him to assume power over his comrades, however limited this power may be. Is he ready to do this effectively and responsibly? This is the supreme test of man in society. The capacity latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group situation.”

What I find fascinating is that this symbol was first downloaded back in 1925 by Elsie Wheeler. Almost a century later we see the wars and lunacy happening all due to power, greed and control over others,  and an individual’s potency to attract like-minded souls into a following to create more outward chaos and extremism. All Shadow sides of what has been percolating within and out in the world since June of 2012 when Pluto (planet of Transformation – the transformation or death of power, greed and control over others) started dancing with Uranus (planet of rebelling to be Free to BE ME yet still a part of community and humanity – creating unexpected change). The high side of Pluto is allowing change IN without revolt, walking through the land of fears and ego resistance, embracing the new whilst letting go of old emotional baggage. Connecting passionately with our deep emotional dark side creating and AND world by seeing our Light AND Dark parts of ourselves. The high side of Uranus is creating change for the good of ALL humanity – not just the privileged few.

People ask me how I see the wars out in the world today. I answer by saying As Within So Without – we are waging inner wars re: our true beliefs about WHO we are and WHY we are here. Bottom line is this: it’s not about the religion you belong to; it’s about knowing and embracing your eternal Soul self – your Spiritual Divine self. Once we are all on board with this concept the better the outside world will be, to each other.

Pluto in Capricorn (since January 2008) and Uranus in Aries (since March 2011) have moved into a squared angle between them, creating much stress and strain to allow freedom for the individual AND integrity with how we collectively build our wee nest eggs (material gain in other words). The latest square occurred December 15th and the last one (seven in total since 2012) occurs March 15, 2015! Whew! We are almost finished with this planetary round of figuring out WHO AM I? What perceived chains or prison do I want to bust out of? And how can I still build my nest egg for the future, leave behind a legacy, AND be integral within myself and outwardly too?

Collectively we are all seeing aspects of our respective lives DYING in preparation for a REBIRTH by Spring of 2015. All of this teeming war within and without started back in the 1960’s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct or in the same sign and degree – in Virgo – all about BEing of service, creating new processes and rules to live and work by (post Second World War plus the Korean War at that time). It was all about LOVE (with lots of addictions via sex, drugs and alcohol mixed therein). Even back then the integrity of the ideal was shadowed.

We as humans are always evolving – we are NOT perfect (Virgo ideal) and a lot of us ask “How many more wars will it take to bring us into the consciousness of LOVE not WAR?” This Winter Solstice / New Moon at 00 degrees of Capricorn heralds NEW Starts and Beginnings – a brand new cycle for the coming month AND year! How many of you are ready to let go of warring (within yourself with your Ego self and between friends, family, community) to embrace more Love, Peace, Harmony and ALLOWING differences to BE just that – differences? Not extremes of either / or – let us come together within the AND world we now have in place. We all have dark and Light within us – yes we do. EMBRACE BOTH.

Capricorn is all about the following:

  • our future security,
  • how we handle responsibility (and knowing what we are NOT responsible for is just as important),
  • creating AND reaching goals we set forth for ourselves,
  • how we measure success and whether or not we need to be recognized for it,
  • how well honed our management skills are – no matter what job we have there is always something or someone to be managed,
  • how we view our so-called ‘authority figures’ – who gave them the authority in the first place? Did we go out and vote them in? Did we have a say about it to begin with? Did we stand up and give voice to our needs? Did YOU show up or just complain about it because you didn’t take responsibility for your rights?
  • releasing our controlling tendencies – how am I controlling myself or others in my life? And why? What Ego need keeps this rolling in your life? What are you afraid of if you release control and ALLOW and FLOW instead?

We are also experiencing a Grand Trine in Fire – this need to take action. Are you listening to intuitive insights of creative action or need to MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!? One of the players is Jupiter in Leo, who this year has been expanding our love heart big time and is now Retrograde (Rx) going deep within to heal the opening more lovingly. What I’ve been calling ‘open heart surgery’ to bring us all closer to loving Self and Others unconditionally.

Saturn rules Capricorn, and since December 15th has been sitting at 29 degrees of Scorpio (until the  24th) where it asks us to end this current cycle of running from our fears and not taking responsibility for our actions or non-actions. Between now and Christmas Eve take time to walk through your fears with integrity AND feel those deep feelings. LET GO of the OLD stuff – whatever you are still hanging on to (we’ve been going through this deep Scorpio clearing since August 31, 2012 whew)!

Today at the time of Solstice (4:03 pm MST) write out all of what you wish to leave behind in 2014 and not take with you into 2015. Then burn it and recite all of what you wish for yourself in 2015. Then rejoice bringing in the NEW! Remind yourself what in your life IS Capricorn-oriented and needs renewal NOW. BE more in the HEART rather mind/logical thought and send this out into your community – expand it out past your room, home, street, city, province and into the world at large.

Then do the same for what you want to plan goals wise for the next month for the New Moon in Capricorn. A mini version if you like of what we will experience in 2015! Be mindful and heartfelt and love Self as much as you can from this moment onward. BLESSED BE!

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