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Full Moon in Virgo: Serve to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning!

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been experiencing the Full Moon since 8:53 a.m. MST this morning, February 19, 2019 at 00 degrees Virgo 42′ – in our mutable earth sign of the Zodiac. The Sun sat directly opposite, at 00 degrees Pisces 42′ – yes, the Sun entered Pisces as of 4:04 pm MST Monday!

cropped-gibbous2bmoon2bw2bjupiter2.jpgAnd we also have Mercury  + Neptune (ruler of Pisces) + Vesta in Pisces too! As of TODAY, we entered the pre-Mercury Rx (retrograde) SHADOW timing – those 2 weeks leading up to the actual Mercury Rx timing – within the mutable water sign of Pisces. We’ll be experiencing some vivid, technicolour dreams, high intuition, emotional feelings, and discerning how we may still be addicted to Drama (that Drama Triangle) in our lives over the next 2 months! I’ll post about this another day.

Within the chart of today’s Full Moon in Virgo, I see SEVERAL YOD’s, Fingers of God planetary formations – beckoning us all to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning that we’ve been hanging onto for how many lifetimes now?! LOL!

Here’s a wee summary of each YOD:

  • Pointing to the SUN at 00 degrees of Pisces – soulfully, how are you connecting Within to your spiritual body/Higher Self these days? What have you been allowing to get in the way of this practice?
  • Pointing to the VERTEX at 02 degrees of Libra – something Destined/Fated this way comes – a relationship or partnership? Coming or going? Do you need to let one go to make room for a newer, better, healthier one?
  • Pointing to the Full Moon at 00 degrees of Virgo – how is your desire to Be of Service being Illuminated during this moon phase? And are you also INCLUDING Being of Service to the health of your Physical Body, not just to the daily work you do? How can you perfect this daily process? And not use Perfectionism as a delay tactic?
  • Pointing to Chiron now at 00 degrees of Aries – healing vs. editing how we Instinctually Take Action With the Physical Body. Ta Da! Announce that “I AM HERE PEOPLE!” and do it assertively vs. aggressively or as your Ego-self who wants to be made much of. Chiron helps us to heal any areas where we’re hypersensitive to feeling we’ll be rejected by others for BEing truly authentically ME! Embrace your uniqueness AND your authenticity – WHO ARE YOU, TRULY?

dsc05003Then we’re also experiencing FOUR areas of our lives in need of change – ALL AT THE SAME TIME! This comes from the continuing Cardinal Grand Square – hooking up planets in the 4 cardinal signs which always initiate much-needed CHANGE in our lives.

Here we have the following change players:

  • ERIS + URANUS in Aries – rebalancing our Inner Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine energies AND Unexpected Change to help us innovate/invent something NEW as we Pioneer & Explore new Inner roads of Self we hadn’t the courage to do before now.
  • NORTH NODE in Cancer – the direction our Collective Soul wishes to head into – where we shake off the mantles of Duty & Necessity – to take time to Nurture, smell the roses, play with the kids, see family & friends. It is NOT all about work, anymore!
  • PALLAS in Libra, Rx – our Wisdom from Within Feminine Asteroid – one of the 4 faces of Venus/the Goddess – how well are you balancing / equalizing / harmonizing with your own Inner Wisdom? And listening to it? And following it? MEN & WOMEN, both? The Rx (retrograde) direction means this will present itself rather personally for each of us. Where is Libra in your birth chart? THIS is where you’ll experience this change in your life.
  • Lastly, the SOUTH NODE + PLUTO in Capricorn – here Unresolved Issues from past lives, perhaps due to the need for Power & Control/Greed vs. Empowerment, creating a win-win for all involved? Since January 4th’s Solar Eclipse in Capricorn we’ve been experiencing, ever loudly, the INTEGRITY of how we and others DO business. Are you allowing your integrity to go by the wayside in order to keep the money rolling in? What are you allowing, from other’s demands of your time, energy & perhaps money, that is less than integral? Have you noticed others’ integrity issues? Have you spoken up about it? Capricorn also rules our Reputation out in the world. Take care of the BUSINESS of HOW you & others DO BUSINESS. Pluto’s been unearthing dirty secrets since 2007 in the wider world amongst all of our traditional institutions/corporations. He’ll continue to do so until 2024… no time like the present to make some CHANGE here yourself…

dsc05276VIRGO loves to know the rules of engagement – HOW do I DO this? Whatever THIS is. The need to BE perfect about it is how our Ego-self gets in the way to delay accomplishment, completion, putting projects to bed. Watch out for your Ego-self’s denials, delay tactics, fears to risk anything NEW to occur this Full Moon, while also allowing yourself to Let Go of those Old Patterns of Conditioning.

Love how these Moon cycles give us ample opportunity to LET GO, evolve Emotionally & Spiritually, as we feel our way forward, and as we are guided by our intuition. Be aware by becoming Conscious of your Ego-self’s manipulations along the way!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon Gatherings in Okotoks, AB

Every New Moon I’ve facilitated (since 2011) a Gathering of seekers (women and men) who feel called to learn to connect with themselves emotionally and intuitively while also opening up to receive INsights, intuitive pulls and listen to their feelings.

cropped-gibbous2bmoon2bw2bjupiter2.jpgA New Moon begins when the Moon & Sun sit together at the same Zodiac position in the sky (today it was just after noon MDT) initiating a NEW cycle of conscious awareness, emotionally, for all. Each New Moon Gathering focuses on the Zodiac sign’s position in your birth chart, the themes around that sign AND the House of Life Experience that is activated in your chart. Together, you will find ways to navigate that Emotional Body of yours, feel those feels and intuitive INsights Within, and evolve into a more Mature Spiritual connection Within.

In Okotoks, I hold my monthly New Moon Gatherings on a Tuesday (7:00 – 8:30 pm) and a Thursday (5:00 pm MDT for 1.5 hours). I require your birth data: time, place and date of birth – to create your birth chart from which we work with.

Each Gathering member receives key handouts that help with the learning curve of the Moon’s phases and why we can be so emotional around the New and Full Moons. Cost is $25 per person per month.

bea56-okotoks2bmoon2bglobe2If you’re unable to attend in person, ask for the written version ($30) that I email to your inbox. Don’t miss out on the key information that helps you navigate the emotional waters of Life Experiences every Moon cycle!

Contact Laurie Rae now: myhouseofastrology ‘at’ or call/text: 587-437-3520 here in Okotoks, AB Canada for more information and reserve your spot for this INsightful Gathering!

I look forward to facilitating this wondrous evening of Inner Awareness for all of you!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon in Virgo: Service & Health?

September 9th, 2018 at 12:01 pm MDT the Sun and Moon stand together in the mid-day sky at 17 degrees of Virgo 00′ celestial longitude. The Moon is dark, the seed of unrealized potential awaiting blossoming by Full Moon. Each New Moon phase brings change of some sort. What will this Moon cycle bring you?

Venus – Her Synodic Journey PART IIIVirgo, our mutable earth sign of the Zodiac, represents our ability to be of service (daily work we do) and looking after the health of the physical body. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, our communication/thought-processes/learning ability planet, bringing into focus how well we process all of the above.

Perfectionism and procrastination and delaying is the Shadow side of Virgo – all honed by the Ego-self to prevent further Soul growth – if we allow it to be so. This New Moon’s chart shows an opposition between the Sun/Moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces (ruler of Pisces) still Rx (retrograde) bringing home personal truths of how we idealize situations, focus on illusion or delude ourselves into staying on that Drama Triangle role-playing of either Victim-thinking, wanting to be Rescued, feeling Persecuted or all of these.

IMG_0155Neptune calls us to imagine our personal Garden of Eden here on Earth – a better life, a new perspective that releases us from the bondage of Ego’s fear of letting go, surrendering to the Unknown, the Divine, the greater part of ourselves – the Higher Self – while tuning in to listen to our true heart’s feelings, intuition and follow through from there.

The Magic, Movies and Illusions that surround us can be tricky to discern one from the other. The Ego latches onto the Known, stable and secure. If anything or anyone threatens this status quo – look out! DRAMA! O woe is me! Fix me! Rescue Me! We all experience these moments of intense panic, of thoughts of failure, unworthiness and inability to move forward according to Ego’s dictates. The Ego has desired outcomes – which, if not manifested, creates panic and drama Within and Without.

December 2017 photos 042This New Moon in Virgo also shows a love line between Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio – mutable water to fixed water – go with the flow or stand frozen in fear. Your choice. Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio since October 2017 has shown us how limiting our fears can be, especially where Scorpio resides in your birth chart. Passion is what Scorpio is all about – deeply felt – and it can scare us, that depth of feeling. Ego will lash out, with fear, to stop the flow of moving Divinely on our life paths, not trusting or having faith that All Will be Okay.

Those desired outcomes (within the TIME-frame, dictated by our Ego) are the Illusion. We delude ourselves when we follow Ego’s desires and thought processes. We misconstrue Ego’s desires from our true heart’s desires. How can we tell the difference? Making decisions out of:

  • Desperation
  • Drama
  • Fear-based thoughts/conclusions
  • Victim-thinking – o woe is me/blaming others
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression

Virgo asks for us to BE of Service on the earthly plane, learning from, and teaching, others as we learn new skills of service. Current economic trends here in Alberta, Canada has a lot of people totally masked within fear, unable to see other possibilities, opportunities, avenues of NEW Service.

October 2017 Nature Pics 008This Moon cycle will show us HOW to look away from that PERFECT set-up/opportunity, to be grateful for what we already do HAVE that is working for, and with, us, while allowing ourselves to be OPEN TO RECEIVE, heartfully, whatever NEW is being seeded now.

Fall is already showing it’s colours, with frost to come this next week. Snow is showing itself on our Rocky Mountains. The world outside is beginning its death dance, about to go to sleep by Samhain (Halloween). Pluto in Capricorn sends its own love line to this New Moon in Virgo – Pluto transforms the Ego’s need to have control and power over our heart’s truest desires. Pluto wants all of us to BE EMPOWERED, from Within. Creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

Within Capricorn – traditions have been falling away since 2007 – and how we attain traditional goals with traditional responsibilities – again, falling away. Capricorn always asks us to take current resources and somehow CHANGE the way we use them, creating something NEW to be used, hands-on, now, for the greater good. Here is the process of Life-Death-Rebirth. What seems to be dying, all around us, is just another RENEWAL – deep Within, to change what is Without.

Look beyond the physical/obvious, and seek the ability to Go With the Flow – listen to your physical body’s needs, be open to ‘see’ other possibilities and opportunities. Know that Illusions/Delusions manifest only from Ego’s fears. Look BEYOND those fears. Look heartfully Within, and KNOW you already know your next true steps forward.

Each New Moon brings new opportunities, new focus, and initiates possible change. LOOK for all of this! Be mindful and heartfull all at the same time! Create an AND as much as possible – and LISTEN to your Inner Voice – positive and loving is best, all round.


Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon in Pisces: Something DESTINED This Way Comes…

The Moon + Sun sat together at 7:11 a.m. this morning within 26 degrees of Pisces 53′ (minutes) celestial longitude with Chiron to assist with the Spiritual healing we’re undergoing, all in opposition to the Vertex (Vx) point sitting in Virgo.

Pisces is our mutable water sign, signifying (of the 3 water signs) the nebulous, foggy, misty water element. We can see it, yet when we reach out to touch it – nothing seemingly is there. Yet we have an Inner Knowing that what is there is more solid than what our eyes take in. Interesting how we experienced fog here in Okotoks late Wednesday evening, hours before the Moon entered Pisces…

Mutable Water – flowing, going WITH the flow, encircling obstacles that come our way. What do we do with these obstacles? Hold onto them? Climb them? Walk through them? FEEL our way through the Emotional Body’s flotsam and jetsam…in the storms of our own making and/or drama of others’. Intuitive INsights abound this Moon cycle – as will our emotions, dreams, and visions. Feel, breathe, think, breathe, intuit, breathe, feel, breathe, think breathe, intuit, breathe, then take appropriate action.

The Vertex point is where Fated/Destined people, circumstances and situations occur Without, to bring forth greater INsight, self-awareness, and self-growth, Within. Be prepared for the Fated/Destined processes occurring within your life this Moon cycle. Look for the Houses of Life Experience Pisces/Virgo reside in your birth chart – here is WHERE the Fate/Destiny will show itself. Being in opposition means we’ll first oppose these two aspects of Self – teeter-totter to one side, then over to the other side.

The KEY this Moon cycle is to create an AND vs. the Either/Or! Blend these two aspects of Self into ONE – connect with your emotional/intuitive/spiritual Self AND allow yourself to experience the Destined/Fated processes to perfection to intervene. With Inner Wisdom via timely INsights to guide you onward. Virgo brings seemingly unequal relationships together – to teach/learn from one another. We are always learning, guiding, and teaching one another. Look for the Higher Truth – beyond the Ego-Self.

Chiron brings forth healing of our energetic boundaries with one another – the drama/pain and suffering we feel from Others – do we continue to take it in/on for them, or do we each decide that the time has come to step away, WITH Compassion and INsight, to BE there without taking on their pain/suffering? This is a process we’ve all undergone, when Chiron entered Pisces February 18, 2011 – whether we were conscious of it or not. February 26, 2019 is when Chiron enters and stays in the cardinal fire sign of Aries (until April 2027!).

The Vertex also joins hands with Pluto in Capricorn (Transformation bringing death for a rebirth of a more solid and secure foundation) + Pallas in Taurus (Inner Wisdom, hands-on, to create…what for yourself?) together creating a Grand Earth Trine – here sensuality, materialism or a talent for business are brought forth via unusual sensitivity, intensity and creativity. To be useful or detrimental – depends upon how balanced and grounded you are…

Interestingly, the usual Pisces glyph we Westerners see is has 2 fishes – 1 swimming upstream while the other swims downstream – yet connected to one another. The struggle is one of the Ego-Self – I Know Best! I Can Do It All Myself! Willful and Alone. Against the guidance of our Spiritual/Soul Self who is All Knowing Wisdom connected eternally to the Divine/God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Source.

The Egyptian Pisces glyph shows BOTH fishes swimming in the same direction! What did the early Egyptian Priests/Astrologers know that we now are struggling to remember as we leave the Old Age of Pisces behind? Mastery of the Ego-Self to work WITH our Soul/Spiritual Self – this is the goal. To go With the Flow, Within, then Without. To honour that Inner voice that keeps urging us on to BE heartfully authentically us – via our intuition, visions, dreams and INsights/signs – if we sit still long enough to listen…beyond the chatter and clutter and mental chaos that our Ego-self brings to the table to keep the status quo/same old same old occurring in our lives. You will ‘see’ this struggle more clearly this Moon cycle.

Pisces brings the following themes to our consciousness this Moon cycle:

  • Imagination – the Magic, Movies & Illusion – of what our IDEAL of Life will be – if we intend it with an open heart and listen to our creative mind via our feelings, intuition and INsights. Believe In the Magic of this physical life here on Earth. Manifest your Ideal Dream…
  • Inner Happiness – lately on FaceBook we’ve been seeing videos/posts saying it is the responsibility of each person to BE Happy – not for any of us to be responsible for any other person’s Inner Happiness. Interesting timing…with all the planets/asteroids in Pisces these past several weeks/months/years. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” The worry stems from Virgo, Pisces opposite sign, where the Vertex sits this Moon cycle. Be careful of this worry worm our Ego-self likes to distract us with to keep the status quo! Another distraction/escape from what is REAL in our lives.
  • Psychic Sensitivity – here is where our intuition, inner INsights, dreams, outer signs/guideposts come into play. Especially when in or around water (yes even while washing dishes!) allow your mind to float, BE Water (as per David Allen) and ‘see’ what comes forth as Inner Wisdom, answers to dilemmas, decisions more clearly seen.
  • Trust/Mystic Awareness – again how well we listen to our Intuitive Wisdom from Within, feel those feelings that lead to understanding the WHY of where we currently are in this Earthly journey.
  • Spiritual Healing – especially with Chiron holding hands with both the Moon and Sun – the healing of our spiritual disconnect that birth on this plane (Earth) brings forth. We spend a lifetime swimming back into our Spiritual Consciousness, healing the pain of that separation, while allowing our sensitivities and vulnerablity to become a NORMAL way to live!
  • Compassion – with Self and Others – to hold space for all of us to FEEL what we feel, without taking it on for others, or transferring it off to others. Take responsibility for what you truly feel without blaming another. Our feelings are our own – no one MADE you feel this way! And what you FEEL is yours to feel and your right to feel – Always and in All Ways.
  • Releasing Helplessness – here is where that Drama Triangle comes into play – the Shadow side of Pisces – moving PAST victimhood/wanting to be rescued or rescuing others/feeling persecuted or bullied. Step OFF the triangle – do it now. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for! Take that Leap of Faith into the Unknown – and know that you are supported by your unseen guides, angels, God/Source/Great Spirit/Goddess – Always and In All Ways!
Beach Estates Park, 2012 Nanaimo, BC
Physically: Pisces rules the following within our body – colds (!), the feet, bunions and corns, the lymphatic system, and poisoning and toxicity – this Long Winter that Never Ends of 2017/18 has a lot of us dreaming/wishing for Spring more fervently than usual! Time to flush those Winter toxins away, walk and move the body to get the lymph moving in the body (there’s many MORE lymphatic vessels than blood vessels in the body folks!) and eat less of those wintry carbs we crave as the temperatures drop. If any of the above is surfacing for you – look Within for the fear, resistance, Drama Triangle role-playing (signs that your Ego-self is in play!) and FEEL your way through it all! Love yourself, forgive yourself – hugs are good too! And breathe, intuit, breathe, feel, breathe, think, etc.
One last NOTE: Mars (asserting/taking action) in this New Moon chart sits at 29 degrees of Sagittarius (seeking your higher truth/life purpose) with Vesta (focused concentration) at 25 degrees (holding hands with one another) – the 29th degree means we’re all ending a cycle of  HOW we take the action of seeking our Higher Truth, with focused intention. What cycle are you ending? This New Moon (Moon + Sun) + Chiron are all squaring Mars/Vesta – creating Inner tension/stress to CHANGE something that’s been showing itself for a while…and Chiron will be there to HEAL that which needs Inner healing…trust, have faith and Leap!
Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator
Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff Winter 2017/2018 Okotoks, AB

Full Moon in Virgo: Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning!

This Full Moon, along with MORE SNOW FLURRIES here in southern Alberta (was that my outside voice?!) brought forth a deeper feeling of cabin fever AND “let’s get to work to unearth old patterns of conditioning”!

Gibbous Moon Feb 28, 2018

March 1st, Thursday, at 5:51p MST the Moon sat opposite the Sun at 11 degrees of Virgo/Pisces 23′, respectively, heralding the Full Moon phase during which something is ILLUMINATED within our lives. Something that was hidden in the dark before now that we were unaware of, relating to Self and how we wish to Serve.

Virgo is our mutable earth sign, flowing with change, creating change, physically and hands-on, yet also mentally – Virgo is ruled by our planet Mercury, all about how we think, use our brain power, learn, adapt mentally, communicate and it’s our Self Talk! How we speak, internally, with/to ourselves.

The Full Moon’s Virgo themes ILLUMINATED any, or all, of the following:

  • HOW we wish to BE of Service out in the world via our daily work – IS it working for us, this job we’re in right now? If not, why not? What are your next steps in this area of life? Our willingness to ADAPT to new service, knowing when it’s time to leave a job or change a routine – this is Inner Wisdom of Service at its best.
  • HOW we are looking after the health of our physical body – our diet, exercise program, healing needs, eating regimens – all are being examined now.
  • PERFECTIONISM – be it processes within Self, at work, in the home/personal life – wherever Virgo resides in your birth chart is where this theme activates within your life to bring forth self-awareness. 
  • Judgement / Critical Voice: here is where we judge others and self with our petty criticisms because the Ego-self is looking for Perfection! If we feel out of whack from Within, and don’t take the time to check in with how we feel/think at the moment, then the Ego-self will go out of its way to blame others around us for making us feel, well, out of whack! No one has that power, however. Each person is in charge of HOW they feel, when they feel, and what they do with those feelings. Unacknowledged feelings don’t go away – they recede, go into hiding, only to come flying out, unexpectedly, later when we least expect it. And the blaming, criticism and transference comes out to play again, and again, and again. Unless we stop, check Within to FEEL how we feel! Then THINK about how you’re feeling, then feel, then think, and see what gems you become consciously aware of, from Within You. It all begins with you. WORRY is at play here too – not listening to your opposite sign, Pisces (where the Sun sits right now) of feelings, intuition, intuitive INsights – to have faith, believe IN your or someone’s abilities, that this too shall pass – what ever THIS is. Worry creates blockages too, comes from fear, and therefore that Ego-self bringing forth illusory rabbit holes of self-sabotage.
  • Organization: How and when we organize ourselves, life, home. From the physical to the spiritual. I find myself, when I’ve completed some Inner Space work emotionally and/or mentally and/or spiritually, physically shifting furniture or finding new ways to file away paperwork, finally DO the paperwork (!) or other To Dos that seemed completely an uphill battle to accomplish prior to that Inner Space work. Interesting how not doing the Inner Space work can block us from moving forward on something, just as easily as a physical blockage can!
  • Discernment: here we use clear discrimination or critical thought to also clear blockages, move forward into whatever project or task needs organizing. Ruled by Mercury, this makes sense. We need the focus and at times, do analysis via those Pros/Cons lists/research to arrive at that which makes better sense before we take further action.
  • Perfectionism: I want to address this again – here we USE perfectionism to bring order out of chaos – something I do quite naturally (and how I make my living, other than Astrology). Here these innate skills to ORGANIZE a space, event, people, paper, things – this is a positive use of Virgo’s tendency to BE perfect! I have Virgo Rising, completely within my 1st House, therefore it is not only part of my outward personality, how I dress and present myself to others, it is also what I EMBODY (1st House is of the physical body). Therefore, whenever I am in a room I can physically FEEL when a physical thing is out of order or needs to be moved. I cannot settle down to concentrate unless I DO the physical thing to create order. Then my focus comes back to where I need it to be. Cool! How we do our processes at home/work – housework, homework, paperwork – whatever WORK process you are involved with – THIS is where we bring forth the innovation of perfecting HOW we do those processes. We can spend years doing the same old, same old habit/way of WORK, then one day, BHAM! we see our way through to a totally different, more efficient way! Cool! As in during a Full Moon in Virgo.
  • PHYSICALLY: Virgo rules the following physical places in our bodies – bowels and intestines, constipation and diarrhea, digestion and assimilation, our Solar Plexus chakra (Empowerment vs power and control issues). Here during a Full Moon in Virgo our awareness will become more conscious of these areas – how well they are working Within the physical body. Is it time to increase veggie intake? Do a cleanse? See a doctor for a physical? If you are having issues  “digesting” something emotionally and/or mentally will affect your digestive system. As Within, So Without.
Cosmos Out Breath – Google Images
Looking at the event chart for this Full Moon in Virgo, I see the following planets/Nodes assisting us with the themes mentioned above:
  • The Full Moon in Virgo sits opposite the Sun in Pisces: the opposite sign to each other – and with the Sun is Juno (equality in relationships) + the Part of Fortune (where we find our Joy) + Neptune, ruler of Pisces (the Magic, Movies & Illusion of Earth School – are we dealing with illusion or reality? Escaping reality via our addictions/distractions? Belief in the MAGIC of feelings, intuition, and INsights as markers we’re on the right path forward, in the NOW) + Mercury, ruler of Virgo (communication, thought, learning) + Venus (our Desire Body – what are my desires?) + Chiron (Spiritual Wound we carry to be healed this lifetime) – all in Pisces! Of the water signs, Pisces represents the nebulous, numinous, fog/mists – that which we cannot quite see or touch, yet we know is THERE. Hence our connection to our Spiritual Self/Higher Self/God/Great Spirit – whomever you believe to be a guiding force in your life. These 6 planets/places bring forth a conscious awareness of your Spiritual practices – the Full Moon reflects back the unconscious desires of the Soul (Sun). What intuitive INsights, feelings and thoughts are you receiving this Full Moon? How are you connecting with your opposite sign?
  • The Full Moon in Virgo + South Node Rx with Vertex in Aquarius: here is where we’re all ‘letting go of old patterns of conditioning” in some regard. The South Node points to unresolved issues from our past/past lives and the Vertex denotes Fated/Destined connections, circumstances, experiences. What has caused Old Stuff to come up for you, that you thought you’d dealt with, butting up against your ability to BE your True Authentic Self (Aquarius)? This Full Moon brings forth those situations/people/circumstances once again! Being Rx (retrograde) makes this South Node extra sensitive as in PERSONAL. You cannot run away and hide from it – no matter how hard you try!
  • Jupiter in Scorpio is in a love connection to Mercury + Venus + Chiron in Pisces: here we are being expanded and moved beyond current limitations/constrictions and boundaries (Jupiter) past those deeply buried fears (Scorpio) to be HEALED (Chiron) to bring forth our true DESIRES (Venus) and CHANGE our MINDSET (Mercury) through our Spiritual practices. Mental fears, emotional fears, spiritual fears – all of these can be coming forth, in full force, to be loved, healed and let go of. How? Acknowledge the fears, the feelings, the needs. Walk through the emotions, thoughts and find Inner Peace – that Inner Wisdom/you.
  • The Full Moon in Virgo in a love connection to both Saturn in Capricorn and Pallas in Taurus: here the earth signs bring forth grounding, practical solutions and hands-on tactile tasks to move through, create and bring forth goals, responsibilities, wisdom and BE in touch with Mother Earth. Despite the snow!
  • Jupiter in Scorpio + Uranus and Eris in Aries: another area where we’re “letting go of old patterns of conditioning” this Moon cycle. Scorpio is the ICE water sign, and Aries brings forth instinctual heat/action. Scorpio can be our fears frozen in Time and Space; Aries wants to move and break free of restrictions/bindings from the past – to initiate the Inner Explorer, Pioneer and BE independent. Uranus brings forth Unexpected Change and holds hands with Mars’ sister, Eris, to assert self into action that may re-balance your Inner Feminine/Masculine energy centres so there will be a more even mix of the two Within! More centred, whole and in line.
Double Rainbow 2017 Okotoks, AB
Wherever these planets/Nodes are in these signs within your birth chart – here is where you’re receiving the gems of self-knowledge and new awareness Within this Full Moon phase. Your AHA moments. Your healing – be it conscious or unconscious – it happens nonetheless. I enjoy being consciously aware of what I am healing Within. This doesn’t mean I am aware of EVERYTHING! Where’s the fun in that? LOL!
Enjoy the snow (or whatever weather you’re experiencing in the world) and Keep On Keeping On! One baby step in front of another baby step, forward.
Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff Astrologer | Writer | Teacher | Speaker
Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff 2018 in Okotoks, AB Canada

New Moon in Virgo: Processes & Procrastination?

If you are curious to see what your birth chart looks like and have it interpreted by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, 17+-year Astrologer, email her: myhouseofastrololgy ‘at’ (you know what to do with the ‘at’!) or call: 587-437-3520 in Okotoks, AB Canada to book your appointment.

The next New Moon phase, beginning a new Moon cycle, begins Tuesday, September 19th at 11:30 p.m. MDT at the celestial coordinates of 27 degrees of Virgo 27′. Here we begin to process through our environments, our work space, and those untidy areas of the home (if you haven’t already, considering the Sun entered Virgo back on August 22nd)! Each New Moon sees both the Moon and the Sun reside in the same place in the sky – hence why the Moon seems dark – the Sun’s light outshines the Moon, making it seem to disappear from the night sky.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, our planet of communication, learning, thought processes and logical relations with the world. Virgo wants order, rules and can go the nth degree to PERFECT everything and everyone around – including themselves! This is the extreme Shadow of Virgo. Otherwise, orderliness and setting processes in order, via the Emotional Body, will be the themes of this Moon cycle.

Looking at the chart for this New Moon cycle, I see Venus at 00 degrees of Virgo, followed by Mars at 09 degrees of Virgo, Mercury (now Direct! yay!) at 12 degrees of Virgo, and the Sun/Moon as New Moon at 27 degrees of Virgo. This lineup within Virgo brings:

  • Venus – our Desire Body – begins a new cycle of how we perfect our heart’s true Desires without killing ourselves! Jupiter traveled through Virgo from August 12, 2015 until September 11, 2016 expanding and making it quite LOUD how we either kept ourselves within strict boundaries of behaviour OR busted out of those restraints of old to find new processes (mind, office, home, you name it) to use that brought us closer to those Desires. Now Venus, that planet of love, peace, harmony, balance and beauty, brings a truer vibration to perfect WITH heart, rather than with Ego-mind. Heart vs. mind – can we create an AND here? Mix it up, create a good connection between what the Heart Desires and the Ego-Mind wishes to control?
  • Mars – our Action Body – here we take mindful action, keeping tabs on what’s worked in the past and what has not. Just because everyone else is doing it, whatever IT is, doesn’t mean IT will work for you! Discernment is required here. Think before leaping, yet don’t overthink that you miss an opportunity that could bring you closer to those Desires. Mars can mean impatience, wanting to ‘get going, eh?’ now! Here’s where Venus can help with some balance, ease and grace.
  • Mercury – our Thought Body – yes! Ruler of Virgo coming full-tilt in a Direct motion after all that Rx (Retrograde) nonsense (!) from July 25th until, well, today’s New Moon! Each Mercury Rx timing gives us all a chance to have a rethink, redo, reschedule, and re-organization to come out with, most likely, a totally different direction to mindfully go into. Am I correct? It certainly has for me! Interestingly, Virgo rules the 6th House of daily work + the health of the physical body. Perhaps all those interesting ideas Jupiter brought up for you in 2015/2016 are now jelling into Desires + Action = Mindfully different now in 2017? Hhhmm…let me think on that for a bit…
  • And lastly – the Sun/Moon as the New Moon phase – the Sun rules our vitality and Soul Self, taking creative action with fun and play mixed in. The Moon rules our daily habits, our Emotional Body, and those funky Ego-Mind fears of change. The Moon cycle brings forth opportunity to change those daily habits that are getting out of hand, not healthy (haven’t been for a while?) and is it TIME yet to make those changes for the better? The Moon rules Cancer and the 4th House of home, mothering/fathering, nurturing Self, then Others. How you were nurtured as a child will show up later in life in daily habits of how you now nurture yourself. Most women I know do for others before doing for Self, especially caregivers. With all of these planetary players here to assist us, perhaps it is TIME to make some much-needed changes in your life? Work-wise? Health-wise? Routines can grow old and comfortable like old runners and jeans. Do they still suit you? Is it time for something different that reflects who you are and where you’re at, MINDFULLY, now? Think on this for a bit, and, BE Honest with yourself.
Virgo rules the following within the physical body (according to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology):
  • Digestion and Assimilation –  heartburn/indigestion can mean you’re way offside with your heart’s true desires! The physical body is always sending you messages – are you listening?
  • Bowels and intestines – is it any wonder why folks do a cleanse this time of year? Clean out those pipes in time for the long, cold winter ahead. 
  • Constipation and Diarrhea – here fear from the Ego-mind comes into play. ‘Scared shitless’ or ‘running away with fear’ come to mind. No pun intended. Listen to the messages your physical body is sending you.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra – didn’t we just undergo a Venus-Moon Star Gate to let go of distortions within this chakra? I love how planetary cycles interact with one another, setting us up for another round of dealing with issues that we may have flunked out on or missed previously! Cool, eh? Read my previous post about the “Venus-Moon Star Gate in Leo” to review all the lessons this chakra brings us to deal with. Now you can see how perfectionism plays a role within the Solar Plexus Chakra re: the Ego-mind’s need for control and power! Just saying…
Victoria Beach, Beacon Hill, 2017
Okay, back to the chart for this New Moon cycle, Mercury is exactly opposite Neptune, ruler of Pisces, within Pisces! Interesting that both planetary rulers are opposing each other here! Mucho energy to bring the themes of Virgo (see above) AND the themes of Pisces – illusion/delusion vs. reality? Plus emotional escapism/distraction/addictive behaviours, and that old fav – the Drama Triangle of role-playing: Victim and/or Rescue Me/Rescuer and/or Persecution/Bullying. Which is better? Reality or illusion/delusion? For you?
These themes will be loud and clear for all of us to see and hear, and heal the Shadow aspects of, if we choose to do so. On a higher note, Neptune helps us imagine and envision a better world for Self and Others, and brings forth a new reality based on higher spiritual mores. Drama is creative, colourful and magical! Yes please do NOT forget about the MAGIC everyone! BELIEVE and have FAITH that ‘this too shall pass’! Do a Heart’s Desire board – create a better daily habit routine – perfect that process at work, at play, at home – and remember to PLAY and have FUN while doing so!
Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator
Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff 2017

Mercury Retrograde Timing #2…

What IS all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde anyway?

I was asked this question by a new friend I met this past weekend. I promised her I’d explain it more than usual in my next post! So here you go Susan!

Let me tell you the story behind Mercury, what IS Retrograde motion, and how this 3-4 times a year occurrence seemingly affects our lives.

Mercury – is the planet that represents Communication, how your mind/brain thinks and learns, the knowledge you like to collect and how you share it. Mercury rules the mutable air sign of Gemini and mutable earth sign of Virgo. This combo brings forth the following:

  • How you relate with your daily folks – roommates/household persons you live with, your neighbours, local vendors and friends you interact with.
  • Collection of data and information and what you do with it – do you hoard it or do you share it with others? What types of data/information do you latch onto? What interests you, that you later converse about with others? Perhaps contractual information will be taken on here.
  • Local travel – how you travel in your locale – using your car, transit, or walking.
  • Processes – how you ‘see’ them within work settings, with co-workers, and your own life. The Rules of Engagement – the HOW of DOing, anything.
  • Perfectionism – wherever Virgo resides in your birth chart, this is where your ‘bar of excellence’ resides and you expect this level of perfection not only from yourself – but from the people you work and live with too. Here we all carry a high level of EXPECTATION from performance – Within and Without. This is also where we can worry, and carry the Big Stick of “I’m Not Good Enough!” and beat ourselves up with it – and others.
Retrograde (Rx) – is the seemingly backward-moving motion of any planet. The Sun and Moon never move Rx. Similar to driving in a car, and the car next to you speeds up – it seems your car is moving backwards when really the other car is going faster than you. The planets do the same within their orbits around our Sun – at certain times of their orbital cycles, compared to Earth, they seem to go Direct (move forward) or go Rx (slow down and go backward). It is all relative to us looking up and out from Earth.
In Astrology, the seemingly Rx planets’ energy that is usually Direct and forward-moving OUTSIDE us, is now directed Inward, Within us – creating a sense of ‘taking things personally’ and/or circumstances and people in our lives seem to BE personally in our face for a time. All in aid of learning something NEW about ourselves that we didn’t know we needed to know. If we are open to this learning, we grow Within Self. If we don’t (when our Ego-brain can get in the way with resistance to change) the next opportunity to grow that comes our way will seem to be BIGGER and LOUDER (and more in our face). It’s all about free will – Will I or Won’t I, this time round?
Mercury Rx – occurs 3-4 times a year (2016 and 2017 are the 4 times a year occurrence) where Mercury, that planet of communication + thought processes, seems to take a vacation from the logical left brain side and spends that vacation within the right brain’s creative “thinking outside the box” problem-solving side. Yay us!
Mercury rules all the technology that runs our communication – now more than ever – hence phones, cell phones, office communication machines, computers, cars (more circuit boards therein than ever) etc. Everything to do with communication and local travel in other words.

During Mercury Rx timings, Expect the Unexpected from machines and cars and plans and contracts and goals – Mercury isn’t going Direct in a straight line, so why should anything else? Mercury likes to bring in more humour and play to show us just how serious (Virgo) we can be, stuck as we are in our daily routines and processes. So Mercury Rx shakes things up – and sometimes is what I like to call “The Gift That Keeps on Giving…sometimes weeks, months and even years into the future!”

What I LOVE about Mercury Rx timings:
  • I find out information that I didn’t know I needed to know! Truly – sit back and watch this happen in your life within this upcoming Mercury Rx timing. I promise there WILL be something that shows up for you – a missing piece of key information you didn’t know you were missing.
  • Expect the Unexpected! This is where Mercury’s humour shows up – to presumably trip us out of ‘taking life too seriously’ and remind us that humour is the best remedy – no matter the situation. Traffic jams, detours, computers crashing (mine did during the Mercury Rx session 2 days into December 2015’s timing and I’m still dealing with the aftermath 15 months later), office machines acting up more that usual, cars not starting or working as well – all to alert us (seemingly all at the same time!) that perhaps we’ve not been as careful with maintenance / nurturance of these THINGS in our lives. OR, to BE more patient…as in there’s a traffic jam and I’m late for a meeting with a friend – I always find, especially during Mercury Rx, that I’m delayed because my friend is too! And when we do catch up with one another guess what? We’re right on time! Here Mercury is showing us to CHILL (!) and take a long breath – there is ALWAYS a reason – be patient and you’ll find out what it is…refrain from honking on the horn or shaking your head at so-called dumb drivers – they are actually assisting you.
  • Clearing Clutter! Yes siree, ’tis time to clean out those closets, garages, drawers and trunks folks. Yay! Here’s the Virgo portion of the program – clarifying what to DO with stuff and creating new processes of how to handle it all in future. With our logical brain out of the way for 21 days, the creative brain brings forth NEW bright ideas of how to handle our STUFF – try it out and see. What seemed like an arduous task prior to Mercury Rx will seem easy-peasy now. And you’ve got to take advantage of ‘Spring Cleaning’, right?
  • People From Your Past Show Up! Yes – this does happen – more often than I can count. Perhaps to rekindle friendships/relationships/partnerships. Perhaps to mend fences – revisiting past conversations that ended badly – Mercury Rx gives you a chance to say it BETTER this time. I love this do-over aspect of Mercury Rx. Gives us TIME to think things over, talk about it more, then decide better when Mercury turns Direct once again. Cool, eh?

Now let’s get down to brass tacks – this second round of Mercury Rx in 2017 occurs as follows:

  • The actual Rx (Retrograde) portion of the program begins April 10th and ends with Mercury stationing Direct May 4th – a little over the usual 21 days.
  • The celestial longitude of WHERE Mercury is moving backwards/retrograde in the Astrological signs is from 04 degrees of Taurus 50′ back into Aries to 24 degrees Aries 17′. If you have your birth chart handy, take a look at which House or Houses of Life Experience will be activated / affected by this round of Rx action (do-overs, rethinks, chances to speak again etc.). 
  • For instance, this Mercury Rx timing begins in my 9th House of We Speak – communication with others – connecting with my Moon + South Node (emotional/intuitive insights + unresolved issues from my past) re HOW I interact with others while seeking my higher purpose. And will end in my 8th House of business partnerships, Ego fears and shared money/resources. Interestingly, I just completed 4 days of working with a lovely group of people for the Advanced Polls of the current Federal By-Election here in Canada. I was one of 2 Information Officers who greeted each and every voter, and I learned more about many of my co-workers from all the mini conversations we had during the lull times. AND I met a woman who was a year ahead of me in Junior and Senior High school. Talk about meeting up with someone from my past.
  • But wait a minute Laurie Rae – it isn’t April 10th yet! How come this seemingly Mercury Rx info is already occurring for you? Because there is always a PRE-Rx Shadow timing AND a POST-Rx Shadow timing. Huh? Meaning first Mercury was DIRECT, moving forward from 24 degrees Aries 17′ before stopping and going BACK the way it already came. The PRE-Rx timing began March 26th. Talk about being ‘right on time’.
  • Then Mercury goes Rx from April 10th to May 4th, going back out of Taurus and into Aries, retracing its steps it had already taken since March 26th – hence do-overs, rethinks, and new opportunities to chat again, do again, think again…along the way. Get it?
  • When Mercury turns Direct again, May 4th, it will be at 24 degrees Aries 17′ and by May 20th will be right back into Taurus where it was when it turned Rx back on April 10th. Do you ‘see’ the zig-zag back and forth path Mercury makes when it goes Rx? And the analogy of first having conversations, interactions, travel, etc. that seemed normal, only for it to be re-visited somehow yet again, only this time more personally and perhaps perplexing as to WHY again? There was something you missed the first time – to say, do or know – and once Mercury goes Direct again May 4th (and further along, out of the Shadow by May 20th) what once seemed confusing or impossible is now perfectly clear sailing ahead.
Bottom line? The Pre-Rx Shadow time gives us a taste of what’s to come from when Mercury truly is Rx. The Post-Rx Shadow time gives us answers/solutions we may not consciously have been aware of needing/seeking until Mercury went Rx. The themes we’ll experience this time round come from the fixed earth sign of Taurus and the cardinal fire sign of Aries:
  • Taurus brings issues around values, worth and money. How tactile and hands on we need to be with our personal talents and skills that assist us in bringing home income/money for those things we value. Taurus also heightens our senses – what we see, hear, feel, touch and smell. And how creative “I” can be with all I’ve got going for me – to be working, paying my bills, etc. Being fixed, Taurus can be “as stubborn as a bull” re: change…just saying…watch out for Ego resistance to changing your processes or language or habits. Worthiness issues will show themselves here. Self-confidence + self-esteem too…
  • Aries brings issues around independence (vs. co-dependence), asserting self (vs. aggression or bullying), having the courage to try something NEW for our lives (that Pioneering spirit) that shows how “I am unique in the world and it’s OKAY to show it!” This is where drinking from your Cup of Courage comes into play to CREATE something NEW (cardinal fire). Yeah, I’ve been THINKING about it, perhaps TALKING about it – but where’s the ACTION, eh? Watch out for impatience, irritability, just wanting to LEAP before THINKING. Great timing on Mercury’s part to slow us down, seemingly putting obstacles in our way – to take TIME to think, talk and mull it all over more than once. Cool, eh?
Here’s your chance to really get at some of the roots of the WHY and HOW of things that have been getting in the way of making money (Taurus), finding work (Virgo), networking/making friends (Gemini) and starting something NEW in your life (Aries). And take the TIME to suss out what is truly right for you!
Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff – pictures taken at Nose Hill Park 2016, Luxor, Egypt 2011 and Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2012

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