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Spring Into Action – New Moon in Aries, March 27, 2017

I thought I’d write my first post for my new blog on this action-oriented, taking New Steps, day – the New Moon in Aries – today!

The Sun entered Aries on March 20th at 4:37a MDT creating the Vernal Equinox timing – the start of Spring (yay!) We here in Canada have had quite the winter and seeing the shoots of tulips, crocuses, daffodils and other Spring flowers is heartening! The Vernal Equinox brought equal hours of day and night / light and dark. Between now and June 20th (Summer Solstice) the Sun brings 3′ more of light to us each day – yay!

Today’s New Moon begins at 8:57p MDT at the celestial longitude of 07 degrees of Aries 37′ – which tells us WHERE in our birth charts this New Moon cycle will activate and energize within our respective lives.

Each New Moon signals a brand new Moon cycle with both the Sun and Moon sitting in the same location in the sky. The New Moon phase signals new action, initiating something new in your life and you may not be fully conscious of what this is until the Full Moon phase (occurs April 11th).

Each Moon cycle lasts approximately 28 – 29 days, ending with the Balsamic Moon phase where we let go of something our Ego-self has held onto up until now, to be followed with another New Moon and Moon cycle.

Today’s New Moon in Aries brings forth the following themes we’ll be working with until the end of April 25th:

  • Action! Assertively or aggressively – standing up for yourself in some regard, or deciding to DO those tasks you’ve only thought about before now – what is it you’ve been putting off DOing? 
  • Courage! Gulp…do I truly have what it takes to make this giant leap into something NEW and SHINY that I’ve dreamed of doing “sometime”? Has “sometime” caught up with you, and NOW is the time to take action? Take a sip from your Cup of Courage and step out into the world the way you need to for you!
  • Pioneering! Some new aspect of YOU, your true inner you, wants to burst forth like those Spring flowers I already wrote of! Aries helps all of us to reveal yet another aspect of Self, in some regard, and will show itself at some point this Moon cycle. What part of yourself have you been holding back, afraid to share with the rest of the world before now?
  • Self – All About ME! This Moon cycle it’s all about ME – taking care of my own business – personally, professionally – however that looks for you. What is it YOU want in your life? Take action steps toward it NOW! Perhaps this Moon cycle will help you discover what that “ants in your pants” pent-up energy is truly telling you – to DO! Take time to figure it out this Moon cycle.
  • Independence! Here we see how we need to rely on Self rather than Others more. Go out with yourself, by yourself, and feel that incredible feeling of freedom – just BEing with Me, Myself and I. What are your thoughts? How do you feel? What do you want to do – by yourself? Does it scare you to be alone? With yourself and your own thoughts/feelings? Why? Use this Moon cycle to discover/uncover the ‘why’ of this. Let go of those fears of stepping out on your own.
  • Self-Absorption to the Max! Here’s a wee bit of the Shadow side of Aries coming forth – way too MUCH of ‘Me, Myself and I’ whereby it’s All About Me vs. inter-relating and inter-acting with Others! We are not an Island – we are social beings who learn more about ourselves because of other people in our lives. AND we also need our alone time to think our own thoughts, feel our own feelings, know what WE want. Create an ‘AND’ here – balance it out.
  • Physical Body Rulership! Aries rules the head, face, scalp, acne, eyes, headaches and dizziness. If any of these areas of your body come into play this Moon cycle – what are they telling you? Aries is cardinal fire – needing to create something NEW AND Take Action on it! If you don’t allow this new fountain of energy to have positive release you may create headaches or acne or feel your eyes are inflamed or have that itchy scalp that isn’t dandruff – all ways the physical body tries to get our attention that we’re not DOing enough of what our true Inner Self needs! 
The Aries ACTION can be any or all of the following:
  • Physical exercise – walk, run, climb, cycle, drive – DO something physical – the energy of Aries needs to be expressed – DO it – rather than think about it!
  • DOing something – this can be any ACTION – making those calls you’ve been putting off, networking, taking a class, changing jobs, ending a relationship that no longer supports who you truly are now – something NEW is emerging from Within you – what is it telling you to DO, change, or become?
  • Know Thyself – here Aries via the Inner Warrior and Pioneer archetypes brings forth inner knowingness that confirms “THIS is who I am! THIS is what I need! THIS is what I want!” For now…take advantage of this forward moving energy – launch yourself up and out of the Winter hibernation – get physical, get out of the house, get onto social media, get face-to-face with what YOU desire and need for you, then look for others who can assist you with Next Steps!
The other items of note for this Moon cycle will be:
  • Mercury turns Retrograde (!) as of April 10th at 04 degrees of Taurus 50′ and will go back into Aries April 21st and turns Direct again May 4th at 24 degrees of Aries 17′. I will write my next post in more detail about this second round of our annual journey with Mercury giving us a chance to turn OFF the logical brain in order to use our creative, ‘think outside the box’ brain for 3 weeks! Stay tuned!
  • Venus stations Direct again April 15th after being Retrograde since March 4th (in Aries and a bit of Pisces!) creating Inner Desires that have been simmering on the back burner all this time. All those bright ideas of what you truly desire will bubble up and out as of April 15th, joining this New Moon energy of DOing something New!
  • Saturn, who’s been in Sagittarius since September 19, 2015, will turn Retrograde too on April 6th at 27 degrees Sagittarius 48′ AND this is also where the Galactic Centre resides! So expect some Cosmic help here re: the ACTION you need to take within the INNER world of you! Sagittarius is all about expanding your usual boundaries, seeking your higher truth as to the WHY of your life, now, and where you wish to head in the near future. Exploration. Philosophical moments. Taking courses, go back to school in some regard (literally or figuratively). Saturn asks us to take responsibility for our actions/non-actions, set goals to move forward with.
  • Pluto turns Retrograde too April 21st at 19 degrees Capricorn 24′. Since 2008 Pluto’s been transforming the integrity of our collective economies, money / debt issues, greed and power and control issues. How’s your integrity when it comes to money? What lengths will you go to, when money is tight, to keep food on the table? Will you keep your integrity? How far will you go to have money in your pocket? Most of us have seen major shifts and changes in how we manifest money from work, jobs, becoming self-employed – or unemployed – since 2008. Where are you at with all of this? What are your next steps? Pluto’s transformative energy now turns Inward for each of us – making things personal, close to home. Will you take what comes personally, or in stride to create much-needed change in your life? Have you been sitting on the fence, refusing to change your actions? Pluto can be a wake-up call to TAKE action, deep Within, to change habits and deeds for the better. Letting go is change too! Capricorn represents our material gain in our life – how we gain materially from the world. What does this mean to you in your life?
That’s enough for now, eh? Stay tuned for more lively posts re: the wonderful world of Astrology and how it can assist in making sense of the WHY of what’s occurring in our respective lives!
If your Aries’ curiousity comes forth, desiring to know MORE about Astrology and your own birth chart, I invite you to contact me for a reading:
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Thanks for joining me today, in My House of Astrology! I’ve enjoyed sitting with you chatting about this New Moon cycle. I invite you to stayed tuned to more discussion about how the current planetary cycles are sending us opportunities and energy to keep us going onward and upward! Sign up for my posts via your email address here on my blogsite!
Photo Credits: Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff 2012

“Let’s Get Physical, Physical….”

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

I thought I’d spend a wee bit of time mentioning all the Physical Body issues being triggered by this year’s Moon cycles, eclipses and solstices/equinoxes.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, understand it or not, all of us are connected energetically with one another, to Nature and the solar system and therefore the Universe. End of.

Each eclipse and quarterly solar event (solstices/equinoxes) and Moon cycles plus transits of our planets, energetically connect with us down here on Mother Earth. And because we have been on a journey of Ascension since 2012, whether you believe this or not, coupled with the solar flare activity that peaked (and now is pretty much silent) and the Northern Lights activity – all of this and solar winds, is energy and how could we not feel it physically?

Here is a list of possible physical, emotional and mental symptoms that seem to be building up for many of us:

  • Some days I have energy, other days I do not. Even within the same day – up and down like a yo-yo!
  • Burping, belching and sneezing – all ways that we move energy through and out of our physical body. Seriously, yes it is.
  • Digestion issues, elimination issues – all due to the Virgo Pantheon of planets moving through this earth sign of the health of our Physical Body. How well we process the issues of our day, while we eat, what we eat, in response to them all – all of this plays a part in how well we are coping with the current digestion of new energetic Life processes in our lives.
  • Speaking of eating – I don’t eat the way I used to. I seem to snack more or graze rather than the full meals of even a month or two ago! Yep, you’re not alone on this one…
  • Emotional ups and downs – really allowing the tears to flow, the anger to be expressed (non-violently please!) – in other words, really noticing the Emotional Body in play, therefore in connection, to our Physical Body more and more now. Talk about BEing sensitive, eh?
  • Almost instantaneous response to our intentions, pleasing and not so much, to remind us how quickly our thoughts/spoken words energetically create current reality….just saying…
  • Signs, symbols and synchronicity – have sped up too. Are you noticing them?
  • TIME – has definitely changed. Every day can feel like a month or a year of activity, the whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts and dreams, moving through us. Or it seems to stand still and makes us believe we’ve been watching that rainbow for hours already! Zeroing in on the beauty, the amazement, the joy of it all….
  • Confusion, frustration and is it still Mercury Rx or something else getting in the way? As if our thought processes are being re-wired with our intuitive/creative mind more and more, so much so that the logical side of things isn’t what it used to be….
  • Emotional connections more and more within areas of business, formal settings, and interviews – do you ‘see’ we are connecting with one another heartfully now?
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

Today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse connects our Emotional Body (Moon) with our Physical Body (Virgo, earth sign) AND our Spiritual Body (Aries, fire sign), while our minds (via Mercury Rx and our Mental Body) go on circuitous journeys inward then connect outwardly to have intimate chats with significant others (Libra) of what we have found therein.

The time of today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is slated for 8:50p MDT where it peaks at Full Light to Illuminate how well we are creating anew our instinctual need to BE and ACT from our Physical self (Aries) AND show up in a balanced way with Others, connecting socially, conversationally, mindfully (Libra = air sign). All our Bodies seem to be in connection with one another more and more now – so no wonder the Physical body is acting out a bit, eh?

Love the process, Love yourself within your own process, and Love one another – no matter what it all looks like on the outside, from the inside!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator

Photo credits: All nature pics are mine! Especially the Rainbows!

The Signs of Summer…

Continuing on with my seasonal tour around the Wheel of the Solar Year (we began with Spring as the Sun entered 00 degrees of Aries on March 21st – Vernal Equinox) we now immerse ourselves into the middle of Summer! The Sun will enter 00 degrees of Leo at 9:31p MDT today (and as I write this post there are marble-sized hailstones raining down upon us and tornado warnings in the SE of the city – yikes!).

Zodiac Wheel of Signs

Zodiac Wheel of Signs

The Zodiac signs that make up our season of Summer are:

  • CancerJune 21 – July 22nd; cardinal water sign, most sensitive sign in the Zodiac pantheon, BEGINS our northern season of Summer (Winter for our Aussie et al folks down under) as the Summer Solstice – longest day of the Solar year. As with all water signs, we find ourselves more connected to our emotions (ALL of them!) and intuitive insights (aka ‘bright ideas’ and inner knowingness to DO and take action forward – no matter how illogical the strength of that action seems)! Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and is ruler of the 4th House of Home, Hearth, Mom/mothering, nurturance of Self and Others. All about the Family, and its emotional lineage passed on by the women from lifetimes ago. As a cardinal sign, Cancer INITIATES Change – within and between – self and Others. Here we learn Compassion and gentleness with Self and Others. Or possessiveness, jealousy and fear to share our loved ones (insecurity). Cancer rules the breasts/chest area, pancreas, stomach, stomach gas and ulcers, and tumors/cysts. How well we take notice, embrace and express our emotions and nurture ourselves THROUGH them (traumatic or not), in turn, brings either Joy (or NOT = pancreas health), Love of Self through Self-acceptance (or NOT = INdigestion – inability to digest the overwhelm of emotion, fear of being rejected for BEing emotional). Traumatic events we have been unable to take time to heal can reveal themselves months, or years later as cysts or tumors – holding the ‘water’ of that event within the physical body. Interesting, isn’t it, what our Bodies do to keep Us safe? As in Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Etheric Bodies…what we aren’t able to attend to in the moment, it is held for us to deal with in some other Body, and usually the end point will be our Physical Body…hence all the tumors and cysts and digestive aids out there in our world today.
  • LEOJuly 22 – August 22nd; fixed fire sign where we tend to really have heated weather (and storms!) and is the middle of Summer where most of our Sun’s heat is imbued into the grains, vegetables, and fruits/berries of our short growing seasons above the 49th parallel. [See the link for more information on August 2nd Lammas or Lughnasadh Feast Day]. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and rules the 5th House of the Zodiac Wheel – all about fun, play, Inner Child-like qualities, creativity, generosity and romance. Drama King/Queen, arrogance, dignity, leading by example within a team (not King of the Mountain). Leo rules the Heart – leading from our hearts means we are manifesting more of our Soul-self; leading from our heads shows more of the Ego-self (Drama et al). Back and spine, exhaustion/heat exhaustion, and inflammation within the Physical Body will be areas that talk to you if your life is devoid of fun, play, romance etc. Fixed signs tend to be focused and determined AND slow to change.
  • VIRGO August 23 – September 22nd; mutable earth sign, will be the last month of our Summer season. All mutable signs show signs of the current season AND the next season – hence why we experience the odd early frosts, snowstorms etc at this time with Fall occurring the very next day (September 23rd this year for the Autumnal Equinox). As you read in my previous post, Virgo brings perfecting of our physical health, eating regimen, exercise, daily work we do, our organizational abilities, how we are of service to others, bringing order into chaotic situations (paperwork, closets etc). We learn the constant dance between BEing the newbie and BEing the teacher (aka learning curves) and to BE gentle with our Ego-self’s need to BE PERFECT NOW! whew! Get it done and off my mental TO DO list, sooner than later! Kind of contrary to that mutable, going with the flow aspect of this sign, don’t you agree? Relax Bublichka! Breathe, Time IS on your side, always and in all ways… Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and rules the 6th House of the Zodiac Wheel. This House is where I focus to ‘see’ which of my client’s body organs and systems will be “talking to them” if they, the client, hasn’t been caring for their physical body’s health. Hence the bowels and intestines, constipation and diarrhea, digestion and assimilation and the Solar Plexus chakra come into play via Virgo!
  • If we are unable to assimilate our emotions (Cancer) then take soulful creative action (Leo) and then deal with the intricacies of BEing hands-on and productive with the work we do daily (Virgo) – we can create havoc within our Physical Bodies…that we may not see immediately, but over time. A note about the 6th House: if we have our health, we are able to work; if we are not working, over time this plays havoc on our health. And the circle continues….
Oct 22, 2011 Bent Pyramid, Dashur, Egypt

Oct 22, 2011 Bent Pyramid, Dashur, Egypt

There you are folks! Another turn of the Wheel of the Solar Year. BE mindful (Mercury) BE soulful (Sun) and BE emotional (Moon)!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator & Speaker

Photo credits: scenic pics by Laurie Rae Rezanoff; all other pics vis Google Images

Shadow Sides of Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn…

Shadow & Light March 2015

Shadow & Light March 2015

Why am I speaking of the Shadow side of Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn today? Because Saturday’s Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse brought UP and OUT (aka ‘outed’ us all) key Shadow work still to ‘see’ and heal. This was facilitated by Pluto’s movement through Capricorn.

During the latest Full Moon phase the SUN sat at 14 degrees of ARIES (interestingly, Fire + Fire elements), the MOON sat at 14 degrees of LIBRA (Water + Air elements) in opposition to each other, exactly. The other character, PLUTO, was sitting at 14 degrees of CAPRICORN (Earth element). What they all have in common is this: they each represent one of the 4 CARDINAL points or signs of Astrology – heralding the BEGINNING of a new season (hence why Cardinal signs signify CHANGE, New Initiatives, New Starts in our lives).

Aries begins Spring; Libra begins Fall; and Capricorn begins Winter. Two Equinoxes and one Solstice. Two areas that required BALANCING/EQUALITY to create an AND in our lives, in order to allow us to dig DEEPER into that long-winter’s NIGHT of how we reach Material Gain in this New World post-2012….cool!

T-Square to Pluto from Moon opposing Sun April 4, 2015

T-Square to Pluto from Moon opposing Sun April 4, 2015

In order to REACH this T-Square connection (visualize the Sun in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra, BOTH squaring up to Pluto in Capricorn – the apex of this triangle or T-Square formation) all of us, respectively, needed to somehow LIVE in the shadow of some aspect of ourself this past weekend – and I mean really LIVE in it. Got cozy with it, allowed it to become LOUD enough to catch our attention. So whatever you found yourself doing (or not doing) Saturday during the 28-days-worth of Moon energies via the Total Lunar Eclipse, THAT was EXACTLY what you were MEANT to be DOing to keep your Ego Mind distracted from the real work going on behind the scenes….

The fire of the Sun within the Fire of Aries – the Sun rules Leo, which represents SUSTAINED Fire, and the Aries Fire is QUICK, INSTINCTUAL, not lasting very long. Aries wants to take action via leaping before thinking; Leo wishes to take long action in order to CREATE something New….and to me the Sun in our birth chart represents our SOUL self. This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse with the Sun IN Aries brought forth that which we only ‘see’ within ourselves for a short time, yet is required to CREATE something NEW our Soul self needs now and in the future.

The air of the Moon portion of the Full Moon phase lay in Libra which brings in BALANCE and EQUALITY through Thought, Conversation, Interaction with someone significant in our life. Remember the Moon represents our Emotional Body via feelings and intuition and those hits of Insights from our Higher Self/BEings/people mirroring that which we need to see about Self.

Water vs. Earth March 2015

Water vs. Earth March 2015

Emotionally, where were you in your head? What triggers occurred for YOU this past weekend that perhaps totally freaked you out? Perhaps wanted you to ESCAPE (Pisces Shadow) BACK to where you WERE before this MOON CYCLE began March 20th @ 29 degrees of Pisces? Remember: 29th degree = LET GO OF SOMETHING this month….

Okay – so we have something INSTINCTUAL (Aries) that wants to assist our Soul (Sun) self to CREATE over the next 6 months to 3.5 years (due to the Eclipse energy). We also have the NEED to communicate (self-talk and with others) in an EQUAL face-time way (Libra) that somehow rebalances the beauty of our Emotional Body (Moon, at the Full Moon stage) – via the SHADOW of the Total Eclipse – bringing forth OUR SHADOW SELF – that which we usually reject out of hand in a blink of an eye….sound familiar?

Post-2012 we are are ALL learning to CREATE an “AND” world – no longer this or that, black or white, male or female, light or dark. ‘Tis this AND that, black AND white, male AND female, light AND dark – do you see what I am saying here? IT IS BOTH – AT THE SAME TIME.

The KEY transformation (PLUTO) is for us to SEE and EMBRACE our Shadow Self (Moon) AND our Divine Self (Sun)- see both/all sides of our selves – with Integrity, Responsibility, building a NEW solid FOUNDATION down here on EARTH (Capricorn). Once we begin to understand the ‘AND’ portion of living post-2012, we also begin to EMBRACE all of ourselves, all of the time.

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

The Shadow of Pisces brought our attention to WHERE the DRAMA of the Ego self is still in play within us and our lives. How does YOUR life look on the outside when it comes to drama? This is the reflection (Full Moon Illumination) of what we hold true as an Ego belief on the inside!

Knowing WHERE Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces are in your birth chart shows where this heavy-duty SHADOW work resides, what we have been “outed” into between the New Moon / Full Moon (Total Solar Eclipse / Total Lunar Eclipse) phases this Moon cycle. Very cool and very timely AND very scary for the Ego self.

As an example: I have both the end of Pisces (29th degree aka New Moon placement) and most of Aries (includes the 14th degree aka Sun at Full Moon placement) within my 8th House of:

  • Shared $$$, resources, and experiences with Other Partners (be they business-related, personal, taxes owed to the government, paycheque from an employer, etc) one of the Money Houses….
  • Trust issues – emotionally, physically, psychically – in exchange of money, things, work, intimacy…and the EXCHANGE includes Giving / Receiving…
  • Sexuality – 8th House moves us past the 7th House of the “getting to know you” phase into the really GETTING TO KNOW you intimacy of all the dark secrets we hide from others….and self if we weren’t aware of it BEFORE we hooked up with a significant Other
  • Life-Death-Rebirth – all the questions we have around DEATH and dying…here is where both Scorpio AND Pluto naturally live – so how am I allowing myself to TRANSFORM and die off, via Shadow work healing, some Ego aspect of myself each Moon cycle (and especially this cycle due to all the Eclipse energies)? Or am I just paying lip service to it?
  • Ego Self Shadow fears…..related to ALL of these 8th House themes….and am I allowing them to die off or am I still holding onto them, tightly, dearly?

Then I have the opposite sign, Libra within my 2nd House of:

  • All the ways I allow myself to bring in INCOME, via all my senses, personal resources and skills and talents…is there just ONE way of working all my life or many ways? Am I utilizing ALL my talents and gifts or overlooking my best assets?
  • How all of this relates to my Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and VALUES – what do I value about work and working to make $$$ to pay my bills? How are MY Values mirrored by the people I work FOR/WITH? As well as the business itself – what do they DO that I value in my world, within this world?
  • What do I VALUE materially for MY life? What is the balance between earthly material needs vs. spiritual needs? What is my attachment to material things? And how do I honour the energy exchange, materially?
  • This House of $$ deals with our daily needs, how harmoniously I deal with them and allow others in to my life to gain what I NEED to live.
  • Creature comforts, benefits of services given and received. Owning, lending, borrowing. Identifying SELF and SUCCESS via THINGS vs. BEingness….am I of VALUE or am I only of value due to WHAT I HAVE or OWN or have BORROWED?

Then there is Capricorn – in my 5th House – currently on top of my natal MARS (taking Action, BEing Assertive, Instinctual Warrior energy and Pioneering NEW paths within myself):

  • The 5th House is ruled by the Sun and Leo in the natural wheel of the Zodiac. Here we want to SHINE somehow, CREATE something not seen before, via FUN & PLAY and ROMANCE. Our Inner Child comes out here to show us the way….as well as all children.
  • Pleasure and inner satisfaction, those inner yearning’s to BE SEEN and CREATE – to have MY Creations SEEN by Others…
  • Games, entertainment, gambling, sports, how we win or lose, how we DRAMATIZE our lives.
  • Popularity vs. hero worship vs. inner happiness. King or Queen of the Mountain; Drama Queen or Drama King.

So for me, in my life, I have SEEN the tapes and OLD messages of the traditional institutional world (Capricorn) that were still running in my Ego mind (beliefs) about what I could or shouldn’t create on my own (Aries) as a WOMAN towards material gain (Capricorn) because I wasn’t EQUAL (Libra) with my personal collection of talents and skills to BE materially wealthy (2nd House) through Others (8th House).

I was holding into, unconsciously, past life ideas and beliefs (Pisces), that BEing an independent woman in this day and age also means being LESS THAN with or without a significant partner/Other in my life. BEing successful meant LOSING something of myself in the mix (Death and dying – Pluto/Scorpio/8th House). Who knew?

I am currently going through a process of ENVISIONING a NEW reality and future for myself – and hit the wall about it all over the weekend – my Ego said STOP! I’m going no further – you cannot make me! I want to GO BACK, STAY PUT, do NOT pass GO….etc etc etc.

Most of us have ERIS in Aries (her orbit takes almost 600 years to move through one Astrological sign) and my Eris is at 8 degrees of Aries. Eris throws the apple of discord into the mix to see how we regain more harmony and balance in our lives, especially our gender-roles as females and males since 2006/07.

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2013

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2013

Bottom line here: ALL of us are rebalancing (Libra) some aspect of ourself via Ego Beliefs that no longer work in THIS world of THIS lifetime (Pisces) that in turn have prevented us from BEing our instinctual self (Aries) that takes Action for ME, ‘AND’ WITH Others (Libra) so that yes! We can HAVE successful Material GAIN and goals and responsibility (Capricorn) in our lives, as long as we EMPOWER (Pluto) ourselves to EMBRACE the Ego Shadow values, beliefs, emotions (Moon) AND the Soul Self values, beliefs, actions (Sun)…creating a more balanced (Libra) ME (Aries) in the process. Create an AND World – WITHIN – first, so that we Manifest WITHOUT.

What have YOU been DISowning so far as YOU? What Shadow parts of Self do you reject? Toss away as nonessential aspects of You? That which we reject we project AND attract to ourselves…

As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below – ah yes… we keep coming back to this simple yet deeply resonating Hermetic saying…


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

All pictures: taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff


8 Phases of the Moon Cycle

8 Phases of the Moon Cycle

In just over 6 hours we begin another Eclipse Season and New Moon cycle all at the same time! AND 13 hours later the Sun moves into Aries, announcing the Vernal Equinox – the beginning of Spring. Similar to what we experienced back in December for the Winter Solstice (New Moon AND Solstice on the same day) yet with a bigger energetic bang due to a Total Solar Eclipse this time.

The cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra all initiate CHANGE – a change of season, therefore weather and plant life – and a chance to renew something – not totally, but renew just the same. When the Sun changes signs, especially entering one of the cardinal signs, it signals a new phase of life here on Earth.

And the New Moon phase of each Moon cycle also means CHANGE – a chance, through our conscious intention, of bringing some new aspect of change into our life for that Moon cycle.

Annular Eclipse

Annular Eclipse

Eclipses occur during a New Moon (solar eclipse) or a Full Moon (lunar eclipse) but not every New or Full Moon creates an eclipse. The short version why this is: it is all about the location of the current Moon’s Nodes (North Node in Libra or South Node in Aries) at the time of a New Moon or Full Moon timing. Since Libra and Aries are cardinal signs, it makes sense that the South Node in Aries will be close to the Sun’s orbit because the Sun enters Aries shortly after the New Moon phase begins, triggering the Solar Eclipse. And we will experience a Total eclipse this time (not all eclipses are total).

The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse occurs around 3:36a MDT March 20th causing a dark shadow to travel across the face of the Earth. In ancient times, darkness from either a Solar or Lunar Eclipse brought fear and terror to the surface of mankind. The word eclipse means to dim, to hide or conceal – somehow Light becomes invisible when it should be light. People are afraid of the dark corners of their inner self – the Ego Shadow self – the dark of night, the bogey man in the closet or under the bed.

Giza Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt 2011

Giza Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt 2011

What fears will we be processing this time? What does all of this mean for us humans? With the Moon blocking the Sun’s energies as it passes directly between the Sun and the Earth, what emotional (Moon) truths will be revealed after the darkness or blockage passes?

This New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces 27′ – an ending of something emotional for all of us. Collectively, we humans are still processing and releasing our hold on the Drama Triangle – be it taking the Victim stance, being the Rescuer or wanting someone to rescue us, or Persecutor (aka bully) or feeling persecuted. Some of us run around the Drama sitting at each of these positions; others sit at one or two. The key is to GET OFF and away from the Drama!

Pisces is all about Magic, Movies and Illusion. Dreams and dreaming. Intuitive knowing and emotional sensitivity. What is your normal State of BEING? Emotions will occur and stay with us for maybe 15′ before moving on (sad or mad or happy or glad or joy or calm etc). The state of BEingness can be patience, giving, taking, risk-taking, or perpetual drama etc.

As humans we are still figuring out how to BE with our emotional body AND move away from our addiction to the drama. Drama keeps us busy emotionally and mentally, distracting us from moving forward with purpose. Look at your life, the people in your life and ‘see’ the drama playing out around you. Would you rather be IN the storm of the drama or stand in the eye of the storm instead?

The Eclipse energy, Solar = sun = vitality and action. To me the Sun represents our Soul self – so during a Solar Eclipse I ask myself what ACTION is my Soul beckoning me to take? The theme begins with Pisces – our divine and spiritual self – that wishes to BE of service for the good of all, BEYOND the Ego self (or little self). Mastering the Ego in order to all the Soul to come forward to be leader, from the heart with unconditional love, compassion and no judgement – with Self or Others.

Mt Shasta Morning Mists 2011

Mt Shasta Morning Mists 2011

This is what we will be working on for the next TWO YEARS. Tomorrow’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces is just ONE of FIVE timings of connecting either with Pisces or the opposite sign of Virgo between tomorrow and March of 2017! Seems like the Universe is sending us a message: learn to deal with your emotions, be aware of your feelings AND learn to BE with them and yet not OF them. Deal with them (don’t run away from them by escaping into your collection of addictions aka crutches that keep you distracted from the REALITY by staying within the ILLUSION).

Interestingly, we have BOTH the Moon and the Sun plus Neptune (ruler of Pisces), Mercury and Chiron all in Pisces at this time. The Moon, during its month-long cycle, shows each of us what aspect of our Ego Shadow needs to die, whilst the Sun shines a Light on what that aspect of self is, and Neptune helps us imagine and dream higher dreams of a better way of BEing, Mercury shows us how our thoughts can be deluding us (idealizing the situation rather than seeing the reality) and Chiron continues to assist all of us to HEAL the wound of separation from our Spiritual/Divine self.

Chiron glyphChiron in Pisces brings hypersensitivity to the mix, whereby we sense and are alerted to the pain and suffering of others around us. Energetically, and emotionally, set up healthy boundaries with self and others. What are you willing, and not willing, to experience with others from here on out? This New Moon begins at 29 degrees – indicating an end of a cycle – an end of HOW we do energy and emotions with self and others. In other words: let GO of the DRAMA, heal the wound of separation that prevents you from SEEing yourself (and all others) as a Divine BEing having a physical experience down here on Mother Earth, DREAM your dreams of a better world, life (inner and outer) and IMAGINE your heartfelt intention.

Objectivity will be difficult during this Solar Eclipse – this energy peaks at the time of the eclipse and for several days later, yet remains available to work with until the next eclipse that closes this one (in other words, this Solar Eclipse in Pisces will close at the Lunar Eclipse of Virgo – opposite sign to Pisces) in September). We have six months to work through this process (and it will bear fruit further along for three years thereafter).

BE NOT AFRAID and TRUST and have FAITH that all is in right and proper timing. As per usual the Moon’s phases are always bringing us new ways to ‘see’ our true inner self and in turn bring awareness and conscious action for next steps forward.

Chemainus, BC Feb 2012

Chemainus, BC Feb 2012

Then at 4:45p MDT March 20th the Sun enters 00 degrees of Aries 00′. The Equinox – equal hours of light and dark – a rebalancing occurs energetically. The Vernal (green) Equinox signifies the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere (Fall down under) and the ‘new moon’ of the Solar year.

Aries is cardinal fire – taking action, via courage and assertion (not aggression), your self-identity is being SEEN outwardly by others. What do YOU want? Are you taking action toward what YOU want? Aries also represents the Inner Warrior (so that courage I mentioned) AND being a Pioneer in some regard. I think of pioneering new inroads within myself that I may have been afraid to take before now. Hence that courage and asserting self. Where have YOU been afraid to live, deep within, that no longer feels that way now? What was I so afraid of before? Huh!

To find out where the 29th degree of Pisces and 00 degrees of Aries are in your birth chart tells you what area of your life is being affected right now. For me I have the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries in my 8th House of intimacy, shared money and resources, the life-death-rebirth cycle. Here intimate and business partnerships prevail. It will be interesting to see how I allow more intimacy into my life, allowing others to SEE me more clearly and deeply than I have allowed them to before now.

The path of this Total Solar Eclipse begins to the south of Greenland, circles to the east of Greenland and Iceland by midday, and ends to the north of Greenland at sunset. The best viewing of this eclipse from land will be the Faroe Islands and Svalbard archipelago [EarthSky astronomical website]. To varying degrees a partial eclipse in the rest of the world occurs over Greenland, Iceland, Europe, northern Africa (Egypt), the Middle East and northwestern Asia.

I find it interesting, with all the unrest and wars going on in the east, this is where this supermoon is bringing LIGHT into a dark subject! What healing will occur there to bring less drama and more love to the heartbeats that live there? Time will tell…

Solar Eclipse - Partial

Solar Eclipse – Partial

From the chart I created for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, we are also connecting with the LAST of the seven square timings between Uranus and Pluto since June 2012! This occurred March 16th and this was the ONLY time that both planets were DIRECT – bringing forward movement together all at once!

Many people have been downsized/let go from oil and gas companies up here in Canada (especially here in Calgary where most of the head offices are) since September 2014, and I am not surprised to hear of many more layoffs occurring this week and into the next six months.

Pluto has been travelling through Capricorn since 2007 – bringing to the surface deeply buried INTEGRITY issues, via power and control struggles, within governments, countries, corporations. Interestingly, the sign of Pisces rules the liquids of Mother Earth – oil and gas being one aspect. the 29th degree of Pisces – what are we truly letting go of this Moon cycle AND eclipse timing?

Uranus has been travelling through Aries since March 2011 – asking us to BE more independent, self-sufficient, not victims needing to be rescued. One thing I know to be true: no one ever dies from losing a job. It is a great opportunity to usher in much needed CHANGE in direction, thought, feeling and living. All in Divine timing. Right on time, and just in time.

Uranus brings Unexpected Change, seemingly out of left field – yet if you glance back you most likely were picking up on the nuances and signs along the way. The Ego likes to deny seeing them, hoping it will just go away quietly.

The South Node in Aries brings unresolved issues from the past to the fore – re: warring, fighting, bullying (self and others) which in turn activates change (Uranus) and taking action (Mars) for more EQUALITY in the world, especially for women (Eris) – all in Aries.

Planets & Glyphs

Planets & Glyphs

Venus is now in Taurus – what do we wish to create, lovingly, in a tactile way, to beautify this world rather than tear it down with war and anger? She is like the lone voice in the wilderness, asking for us to let go of old patterns of conditioning re: our global leaders and so-called authority figures. Who gave them the authority to begin with and when?

Jupiter turns Direct again April 8th, within Leo, ruling the heart, the heartbeats in the world, magnifying and expanding our previous experience beyond the norm. After this supermoon, just what will we CREATE (Leo) heartfully and directly with its energy? What will change in the world? What will change deep within?


Posted by: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Scenic pictures taken by LR Rezanoff; other images from Google Images

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