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Accelerated Heartfelt Emotions…Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in LEO!

At 10:16 pm MST tonight, Sunday January 20th, 2019, we’ll experience the exact timing of the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse at 00 degrees of Leo 52′.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse, we undergo a Full Moon-to-New Moon-back to Full Moon cycle of emotions, within 5 hours! Approximately 2.5 hours prior to 10:16 pm and for 2.5 hours thereafter…be AWARE of, CONSCIOUS of, and WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION (?!) emotionally, during this Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon timing – because what you FEEL will be ACCELERATED…and carry on forward these next 3.5 years…

In other words: feelings of JOY, LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, PEACE, RAGE, ANGER, FRUSTRATION, DEPRESSION, FEAR, SADNESS, GRIEF….will all be cycled through you, at an accelerated rate, and the chief feeling will also BE something you carry forward with you for the next 3.5 -5 years – a year for every hour of the Eclipse…

LEO is our fixed fire sign of (according to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology):

  • Love & Romance
  • Creativity
  • Generosity
  • Celebration & Fun & Play
  • Dignity
  • Determination
  • Tempering Arrogance
  • Physically Ruling: the heart, back, spine, exhaustion/heat exhaustion, and inflammation.

Any Ego-self Shadow pieces can be left at the door today. Temper the anger, I’m the King/Queen of the Castle arrogance, and connect further with your HEART. Be HEARTFELT, feel it HEARTFULLY, and bring your HEART to the table. Stand up for yourself, and support your heartfelt needs/desires – WITH HEART – vs. drama/arrogance. See the difference? How you RESPOND vs. REACT is key – yet, keep on FEELING it all, along the way…

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse is (according to The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill):

  • KEY NOTE: There is almost nothing that can be done at the moment. It is like being immobilized with neither mental or physical control. This will pass, but resistance will just make the situation worse. Difficulty containing emotional reactions. Becoming fired-up about something.
  • SHADOW: Making yourself ill through emotional suppression (!!!) Take note!

Since the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of January 5th in Capricorn, we’ve been undergoing a full Chakra Re-Boot! We began working with our Root Chakra imbalances/blockages that day, and today, 15 days later, we now work with the Crown Chakra’s. See my New Moon/Solar Eclipse post for the Root Chakra details. Here are the Crown Chakra details (a combination from Medical Astrology & The Chopra Center):

  • Ruled by: the SUN & associated with LEO
  • Glands Therein: Hypothalamus & Pineal
  • Colour: VIOLET
  • Element Highlighted: ALL – Light, Ether, Air, Earth, Fire, Water
  • Main Issues: Spirituality, Relationship to God/TAO, Universal Simplex
  • When Imbalanced: lacks inspiration, aimlessness, feel lonely, excessive materialism, lacks spiritual connection, difficulty meditating, exhaustion, sensitive to light/sounds, poor sleep habits, migraines or tension headaches.
  • When Blocked: Difficulty meditating. Lack of spiritual connections. Aimlessness.
  • MANTRA to Use: OM – say this to yourself, in meditation, over and over, for 10 minutes. Do this daily until you shift your imbalances/blockages.
  • Affirmation to Use: I honour the Divine Within me and all living things.

Looking at the chart for this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse – I see the following:

  • Water Grand Trine – so yes, we WILL experience emotionality/feelings and intuitive hits of insight to receive messages from Within, Above – to help us FEEL as we move forward…Chiron in Pisces will HEAL the wounds to connecting spiritually/emotionally/intuitionally/energetically with ourselves and everyone around us. The North Node in Cancer beckons us into the direction, soulfully, of the collective Family of Man, with compassion, intuition, and sensitivity to how we and others feel around us. And, Ceres in Scorpio brings forth emotional nurturance through the dark waters of our fears, deep-seated as they may be, to be released, cleansed and let go. To find our PASSIONATE natures lying underneath those waters of dark emotions we fear to feel, let alone walk through.
  • Cardinal Grand Square – 4 areas of Life Experience exhibiting needs for CHANGE – ALL AT THE SAME TIME! – from Eris & Uranus in Aries (independent nature to Explore, Pioneer anew, stand up as Warrior if need be) + North Node in Cancer (direction our Soul wishes to head into WITH sensitivity / feeling / compassion / intuition) + Pluto & Mercury & South Node in Capricorn (unresolved issues from Past Lives/this lifetime regarding Power & Control vs. Empowerment + Self Talk/Communicating about your goals, responsibilities, and upward-moving change in direction).
  • And, a Constant Letting Go of OLD PATTERNS of CONDITIONING x 4 (x 6 for we folks living in Okotoks!)….I won’t go into the gory details – you’ll understand exactly what your patterns are that you’ll be releasing this day and for the next 3.5 years. Let me say this: the YODS, Fingers of God patterns create a pentagram here in Okotoks – the Hand of the Goddess – to connect with your Divine Feminine nature and abilities – both women and men – and all mixtures of natures. FEEL, BE, RECEIVE, INTUIT, BREATHE…

Luckily for us this happens later today – however, leading up to 7:45 pm, well…those of us more sensitive to these subtle changes will have already been riding the waves of emotion/migraines/tension headaches/sleeplessness/buying things vs. spending time Within this past week…and for most of you, the subtleties of a Lunar Eclipse will pass on through you almost Unconsciously…while for the rest of us…not so much…

Bottom Line: FEEL your emotions, STAY WITH THEM, take note of your INTUITIVE HITS OF INSIGHT along the way, and ENJOY this ride that will open up your Crown Chakra for clearer connections with YOUR Divine Spirit/Soul-Self! Heartfully…

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Dad’s passing AND we’re celebrating my youngest sister’s birthday, without our middle sister – Blessed BE Dad and Tamra! We LOVE you both so much!


Heartfelt Creative Courage & Support – Total Lunar Eclipse

In less than 6 hours from now, as I write this post, we will begin to experience a Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon – the first of two this year! During a Total Lunar Eclipse time is accelerated. We will emotionally undergo a 29-day Moon cycle during the 3.5 – 5 hours of this eclipse! Some of us will be sleeping, some of us awake. No matter what – Time will Accelerate your state of  emotional consciousness – be it coming from Love, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Joy, Peace and/or Light!

Almost Full Moon January 31, 2018

This eclipse will begin as of 3:15a MST Calgary time (Calgary lies 36′ west of the MST zone), with the maximum eclipse occurring roughly at 5:53a MST Calgary time, and ends around 8:28a MST Calgary Time. Add or subtract 1 hour and 36′ from this time if you are East or West of MST (or 2 hours 36′ – you get the picture!).

This eclipse is located within the fixed fire sign of LEO – at 11 degrees of Leo 37′ – hence bringing forth the themes of HEART, Courage, Creativity, and Support – Leo rules the heart, back and spine of our physical bodies. How are you heartfully supporting yourself, your creativity, and taking the courage to roar like a lion (assertively vs. aggressively) to SHINE your Light of You out into the world? Heartfully, what is it you’d like ACCELERATED early tomorrow morning, positively, honestly, without judgement or criticism of self or others?

Wherever Leo resides in your birth chart – this is where Time will be Accelerated – to clear off that which you’d like to let go of, to bring forth that which you’d like more of. Leo rules the 5th House of the birth chart, where the Sun is ruler – therefore the SUN is also the Lord of this Total Lunar Eclipse (and sits in Aquarius this night)! Interestingly, Leo is about Leadership, leading with heart, as part of a team, leading by example. Leo is about having fun and play, connecting with the children in your life AND your own Inner Child. Leo is about the romance/heart centred energy you already have or wish to have in your life.

I find it fascinating that President Trump chose tonight to deliver his State of the Union speech! In time? On time? Past time? It was interesting to hear all of what he wishes for his country and for the people who live and work there. Was he coming from the heart? Time will definitely tell…what has he ACCELERATED this night? We now know HIS intent…

Then Robert Kennedy JR – grandson of Robert Kennedy and great-nephew to JFK, former President of the US – made the Democratic Response speech. Interesting choice there. Third term Senator, aged 37, and is he the Democrat’s future hope for the next Presidential race? Again, Time will tell…

Here in Canada – scandal now abounds from the ripple-effect of the US abuse of power scandals of the Fall of 2017…who says Canada isn’t connected to the US? Or affected by their decisions, doctrines and trades? Time will tell yet again…

Almost Full Moon January 31, 2018

January 31st, 2018 holds the INspired Fire of the Creative Source of ALL – are you listening to your INspired creative heart? What is it you truly wish to create for your life these next 3.5 years? Why 3.5 years? An year for every hour of this Total Lunar Eclipse – give or take 45′ each side.

Bring forth your heartfelt wishes and dreams, stir in some courage, stand tall, and take a Leap of Faith FORWARD into your life – and do it now, before you go to sleep – or get up early and meditate within the love, creativity, intuition, and FEEL your way forward into your future self. Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius – our future self resides within this fixed air sign – which pours forth, from the Heavens, future knowledge required NOW. What future knowing do you carry Within, that needs to be shared Without? As Above, So Below. Create it!

One can list all the things, people, circumstance they wish to be accelerated tomorrow – however, if it’s missing the HEART feeling, it won’t fly! Bring your HEART into it – all of it – BE it! Love it, bless it, and let it go into the hands of the Universe to deliver it as it is meant to be received within the next 3.5 years of your life.

Ego and applause and greed have nothing to do with any of this. Aquarius asks us to BE our true authentic self; Leo asks us to BE so, heartfully. Support yourself, and your community, with heart. Assert with heart. Create with heart. BE heart.


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Writer | Speaker | Teacher
Photos: taken tonight, January 30th, of the almost Full Moon by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

“Let’s Get Physical, Physical….”

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

I thought I’d spend a wee bit of time mentioning all the Physical Body issues being triggered by this year’s Moon cycles, eclipses and solstices/equinoxes.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, understand it or not, all of us are connected energetically with one another, to Nature and the solar system and therefore the Universe. End of.

Each eclipse and quarterly solar event (solstices/equinoxes) and Moon cycles plus transits of our planets, energetically connect with us down here on Mother Earth. And because we have been on a journey of Ascension since 2012, whether you believe this or not, coupled with the solar flare activity that peaked (and now is pretty much silent) and the Northern Lights activity – all of this and solar winds, is energy and how could we not feel it physically?

Here is a list of possible physical, emotional and mental symptoms that seem to be building up for many of us:

  • Some days I have energy, other days I do not. Even within the same day – up and down like a yo-yo!
  • Burping, belching and sneezing – all ways that we move energy through and out of our physical body. Seriously, yes it is.
  • Digestion issues, elimination issues – all due to the Virgo Pantheon of planets moving through this earth sign of the health of our Physical Body. How well we process the issues of our day, while we eat, what we eat, in response to them all – all of this plays a part in how well we are coping with the current digestion of new energetic Life processes in our lives.
  • Speaking of eating – I don’t eat the way I used to. I seem to snack more or graze rather than the full meals of even a month or two ago! Yep, you’re not alone on this one…
  • Emotional ups and downs – really allowing the tears to flow, the anger to be expressed (non-violently please!) – in other words, really noticing the Emotional Body in play, therefore in connection, to our Physical Body more and more now. Talk about BEing sensitive, eh?
  • Almost instantaneous response to our intentions, pleasing and not so much, to remind us how quickly our thoughts/spoken words energetically create current reality….just saying…
  • Signs, symbols and synchronicity – have sped up too. Are you noticing them?
  • TIME – has definitely changed. Every day can feel like a month or a year of activity, the whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts and dreams, moving through us. Or it seems to stand still and makes us believe we’ve been watching that rainbow for hours already! Zeroing in on the beauty, the amazement, the joy of it all….
  • Confusion, frustration and is it still Mercury Rx or something else getting in the way? As if our thought processes are being re-wired with our intuitive/creative mind more and more, so much so that the logical side of things isn’t what it used to be….
  • Emotional connections more and more within areas of business, formal settings, and interviews – do you ‘see’ we are connecting with one another heartfully now?
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

Today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse connects our Emotional Body (Moon) with our Physical Body (Virgo, earth sign) AND our Spiritual Body (Aries, fire sign), while our minds (via Mercury Rx and our Mental Body) go on circuitous journeys inward then connect outwardly to have intimate chats with significant others (Libra) of what we have found therein.

The time of today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is slated for 8:50p MDT where it peaks at Full Light to Illuminate how well we are creating anew our instinctual need to BE and ACT from our Physical self (Aries) AND show up in a balanced way with Others, connecting socially, conversationally, mindfully (Libra = air sign). All our Bodies seem to be in connection with one another more and more now – so no wonder the Physical body is acting out a bit, eh?

Love the process, Love yourself within your own process, and Love one another – no matter what it all looks like on the outside, from the inside!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator

Photo credits: All nature pics are mine! Especially the Rainbows!

Harvest-Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse…

Lunar Eclipse Paths, Google Images

Lunar Eclipse Paths, Google Images

The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox.

The Blood Moon occurs during a Total Lunar Eclipse – when the path of the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon, causing Earth’s shadow to block all the Sun’s light from directly reaching the Moon’s surface. According to, “the full moon nearly always appears coppery red during a total lunar eclipse. That’s because the dispersed light from all the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets falls on the face of the moon at mid-eclipse.”

Sunday’s Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon will cast a shadow throughout North America, therefore all of us will be able to view this eclipse, as long as we are cloudless! In Calgary, Alberta, the Moonrise will be visible at 8:11p MDT in the ESE direction of the sky. Due to our elevation, the eclipse will begin below the horizon and at the time of Moonrise, the Lunar Eclipse will be close to total already (totality is around 8:47p for about an hour). After which the eclipse becomes partial (around 10:27p MDT). Expect to view this eclipse for approximately three hours 20′. The next Total Lunar Eclipse will be January 31, 2018 and will be visible from Calgary.

ERIS, Google Images

ERIS, Google Images

Astrologically, this Full Moon will occur at 04 degrees of Aries 40′ – and will conjunct the natal Eris position of everyone born between 1919 and 1980 (who are still living!). Eris is a dwarf planet discovered in 2005, doubling the size of our solar system due to its 556-year orbit around our Sun (Pluto’s orbit is roughly half of Eris’).

Eris, known as the sister to Mars, the God of War, was the Goddess of Strife and Discord, believed to have caused the Trojan War. Her jealousy of being left out of a wedding, she threw the golden apple of discord into the gathering. In the aftermath, Paris had abducted Helena, and the Trojan War began.

Astrologically, Eris shows where and how we each struggle against injustice and oppression, defending the weak and standing up for oneself. Here we speak our truth to power, sometimes willing to resort to violence if necessary (which is the extreme of what we are seeing out in the wide world re: the wars in the Middle East).

Here we see the harsh struggle for survival, at all costs, making a stand for what one believes in. The fundamental nature of our human side is to be civilized, until we are forced to stand for what is right, against all odds. Nature is not all rosy – all creatures of the forest must struggle for survival at some point in their lives.

Eris shows us a “Crisis of Identity”, finding out who we truly are, which unfolds when in the midst of INNER discord and disharmony, revealing our true nature. Traditional roles of the past are torn asunder into more equality and harmony – sometimes to the extreme of violence (wars) which affect us physically, emotionally or mentally.

Isis and Osiris, Philae Temple, Egypt 2011

Isis and Osiris, Philae Temple, Egypt 2011

Here the goal is to create a more even Inner Feminine/Masculine sacred power balance Within and Without – aka a re-balance of gender identity. ‘Tis interesting that the discovery of Eris coincided with the onset of the Iraq war (violent struggle for resources) and during the current Moon cycle, the exodus of masses of people fleeing Syria etc seeking asylum within European countries. They all struggle for survival – some via war, others just want to live harmoniously with others. We see the darker side of humanity unfold around us, which must be acknowledged and faced in order to heal.

Eris is also the cousin to Pluto – the Great Transformer of our collective fears, greed and lust for power and control. We all must see and embrace our respective potential to BE violent from Within (verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally) AND Love this part of ourselves in order to become WHOLE. See where you harbour violent thoughts towards self and others, and Love this part of your animal – human side. A healing must be bridged now, creating an ‘AND’ in acceptance of Light and Shadow aspects of Self.

Blood Moon,

Blood Moon,

This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse will indeed BE Bloody – “seeing red” when we blindly allow all our inner angst and anger to come to the Full – yes feel it AND love it; we don’t necessarily need to ACT it out (or eat/drink it emotionally!).

As I look at the chart for this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse, I see two struggles:

  • Mars and Jupiter in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces: how we take Action (Mars) to move beyond current set boundaries (Jupiter) that keep us too safe from risks of BEing of Service (Virgo) beyond the norm (Pisces). How do YOU create an ‘AND’ between the Ego and the Soul’s version of what BEing of Service means to each? What illusions or delusions (Neptune) has gotten in the way of your true Dreams?
  • South Node, Moon and Vesta in Aries in opposition to North Node, Juno, Sun and Mercury Rx in Libra: the Me vs. We age-old struggle (and remember all of this involves the natal placement of our Eris planets, as mentioned above!). The South Node denotes unresolved issues from the past (this lifetime AND past lives), coupled with our Emotional Body issues (Moon) and how/where we place our focused attention (Vesta) re: “But it’s all about me!” This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse EMPHASIZES the NEED to create an ‘AND’ to bridge the Ego’s ME with more Soulful WE balance! Juno brings more feminine need for committed, fulfilling relationships (less inequality / injustice) willing to fight for PERSONAL RIGHTS within our relationships/partnerships. The Sun represents our Soul’s vital principle to SHINE brightly AS ME within the WE – always! And Mercury Rx brings more intuitive, out-of-the-box CREATIVE thought vs. logical into the mix. Here we have the option to CHANGE our MINDS about how we DO and BE with ALL of the above!
  • Question is: How do you marry the needs of the Ego with the larger/bigger picture of the Soul’s quest for inner growth? What IS the bigger picture within your life that needs to be SEEN and HEARD right now? What is going on, right now, in your life, LOUD and CLEAR (Jupiter) to bring your attention into a much needed healing?

What I find fascinating, within this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse chart is this: ALL the planets currently within Pisces and Aries are Rx (Retrograde)!! Meaning – personalizing the experiences of what we are each undergoing to bring more Soul growth awareness to the surface (BEing conscious of our unconscious Ego’s motivations). You can be swimming through a chaotic mix of emotions – tears and anger – (Pisces + Aries) and conversations (Libra) and the need to take instinctual action (Aries). Which and when and how and with whom?

Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC, Nov 2011

Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC, Nov 2011

What is also fascinating is that ALL four elements are included this time: earth/Virgo + fire/Aries + water/Pisces + air/Libra. Two mutable signs (wanting to go with the flow) vs. two cardinal signs (the much-needed CHANGE to BE will be initiated somehow).

Enjoy Sunday’s Total Lunar Eclipse; BE aware of YOUR Inner Shadow as the Earth’s shadow colours the Full Moon. “See the Red” within yourself, allow all the emotions and words and actions to surface WITH intuitive THOUGHT before Action (!!). I love ‘seeing’ how quiet it is during a Lunar Eclipse – notice how the animals are quiet, as well as humans – during the complete cycle of this particular Supermoon/Blood Moon. Then notice all the activity and noise after it is completed!

BE aware; DO action with this awareness. BE ME within any WE. Always, in all ways. This is indeed a Divine Timing experience, and opportunity to “see” yourself more clearly, Divinely, lovingly.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator

Photo credits: Nature/Egypt pics by Laurie Rae Rezanoff; all else Google Images or as noted



Shadow Sides of Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn…

Shadow & Light March 2015

Shadow & Light March 2015

Why am I speaking of the Shadow side of Pisces, Aries, Libra and Capricorn today? Because Saturday’s Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse brought UP and OUT (aka ‘outed’ us all) key Shadow work still to ‘see’ and heal. This was facilitated by Pluto’s movement through Capricorn.

During the latest Full Moon phase the SUN sat at 14 degrees of ARIES (interestingly, Fire + Fire elements), the MOON sat at 14 degrees of LIBRA (Water + Air elements) in opposition to each other, exactly. The other character, PLUTO, was sitting at 14 degrees of CAPRICORN (Earth element). What they all have in common is this: they each represent one of the 4 CARDINAL points or signs of Astrology – heralding the BEGINNING of a new season (hence why Cardinal signs signify CHANGE, New Initiatives, New Starts in our lives).

Aries begins Spring; Libra begins Fall; and Capricorn begins Winter. Two Equinoxes and one Solstice. Two areas that required BALANCING/EQUALITY to create an AND in our lives, in order to allow us to dig DEEPER into that long-winter’s NIGHT of how we reach Material Gain in this New World post-2012….cool!

T-Square to Pluto from Moon opposing Sun April 4, 2015

T-Square to Pluto from Moon opposing Sun April 4, 2015

In order to REACH this T-Square connection (visualize the Sun in Aries in opposition to the Moon in Libra, BOTH squaring up to Pluto in Capricorn – the apex of this triangle or T-Square formation) all of us, respectively, needed to somehow LIVE in the shadow of some aspect of ourself this past weekend – and I mean really LIVE in it. Got cozy with it, allowed it to become LOUD enough to catch our attention. So whatever you found yourself doing (or not doing) Saturday during the 28-days-worth of Moon energies via the Total Lunar Eclipse, THAT was EXACTLY what you were MEANT to be DOing to keep your Ego Mind distracted from the real work going on behind the scenes….

The fire of the Sun within the Fire of Aries – the Sun rules Leo, which represents SUSTAINED Fire, and the Aries Fire is QUICK, INSTINCTUAL, not lasting very long. Aries wants to take action via leaping before thinking; Leo wishes to take long action in order to CREATE something New….and to me the Sun in our birth chart represents our SOUL self. This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse with the Sun IN Aries brought forth that which we only ‘see’ within ourselves for a short time, yet is required to CREATE something NEW our Soul self needs now and in the future.

The air of the Moon portion of the Full Moon phase lay in Libra which brings in BALANCE and EQUALITY through Thought, Conversation, Interaction with someone significant in our life. Remember the Moon represents our Emotional Body via feelings and intuition and those hits of Insights from our Higher Self/BEings/people mirroring that which we need to see about Self.

Water vs. Earth March 2015

Water vs. Earth March 2015

Emotionally, where were you in your head? What triggers occurred for YOU this past weekend that perhaps totally freaked you out? Perhaps wanted you to ESCAPE (Pisces Shadow) BACK to where you WERE before this MOON CYCLE began March 20th @ 29 degrees of Pisces? Remember: 29th degree = LET GO OF SOMETHING this month….

Okay – so we have something INSTINCTUAL (Aries) that wants to assist our Soul (Sun) self to CREATE over the next 6 months to 3.5 years (due to the Eclipse energy). We also have the NEED to communicate (self-talk and with others) in an EQUAL face-time way (Libra) that somehow rebalances the beauty of our Emotional Body (Moon, at the Full Moon stage) – via the SHADOW of the Total Eclipse – bringing forth OUR SHADOW SELF – that which we usually reject out of hand in a blink of an eye….sound familiar?

Post-2012 we are are ALL learning to CREATE an “AND” world – no longer this or that, black or white, male or female, light or dark. ‘Tis this AND that, black AND white, male AND female, light AND dark – do you see what I am saying here? IT IS BOTH – AT THE SAME TIME.

The KEY transformation (PLUTO) is for us to SEE and EMBRACE our Shadow Self (Moon) AND our Divine Self (Sun)- see both/all sides of our selves – with Integrity, Responsibility, building a NEW solid FOUNDATION down here on EARTH (Capricorn). Once we begin to understand the ‘AND’ portion of living post-2012, we also begin to EMBRACE all of ourselves, all of the time.

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

The Shadow of Pisces brought our attention to WHERE the DRAMA of the Ego self is still in play within us and our lives. How does YOUR life look on the outside when it comes to drama? This is the reflection (Full Moon Illumination) of what we hold true as an Ego belief on the inside!

Knowing WHERE Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces are in your birth chart shows where this heavy-duty SHADOW work resides, what we have been “outed” into between the New Moon / Full Moon (Total Solar Eclipse / Total Lunar Eclipse) phases this Moon cycle. Very cool and very timely AND very scary for the Ego self.

As an example: I have both the end of Pisces (29th degree aka New Moon placement) and most of Aries (includes the 14th degree aka Sun at Full Moon placement) within my 8th House of:

  • Shared $$$, resources, and experiences with Other Partners (be they business-related, personal, taxes owed to the government, paycheque from an employer, etc) one of the Money Houses….
  • Trust issues – emotionally, physically, psychically – in exchange of money, things, work, intimacy…and the EXCHANGE includes Giving / Receiving…
  • Sexuality – 8th House moves us past the 7th House of the “getting to know you” phase into the really GETTING TO KNOW you intimacy of all the dark secrets we hide from others….and self if we weren’t aware of it BEFORE we hooked up with a significant Other
  • Life-Death-Rebirth – all the questions we have around DEATH and dying…here is where both Scorpio AND Pluto naturally live – so how am I allowing myself to TRANSFORM and die off, via Shadow work healing, some Ego aspect of myself each Moon cycle (and especially this cycle due to all the Eclipse energies)? Or am I just paying lip service to it?
  • Ego Self Shadow fears…..related to ALL of these 8th House themes….and am I allowing them to die off or am I still holding onto them, tightly, dearly?

Then I have the opposite sign, Libra within my 2nd House of:

  • All the ways I allow myself to bring in INCOME, via all my senses, personal resources and skills and talents…is there just ONE way of working all my life or many ways? Am I utilizing ALL my talents and gifts or overlooking my best assets?
  • How all of this relates to my Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and VALUES – what do I value about work and working to make $$$ to pay my bills? How are MY Values mirrored by the people I work FOR/WITH? As well as the business itself – what do they DO that I value in my world, within this world?
  • What do I VALUE materially for MY life? What is the balance between earthly material needs vs. spiritual needs? What is my attachment to material things? And how do I honour the energy exchange, materially?
  • This House of $$ deals with our daily needs, how harmoniously I deal with them and allow others in to my life to gain what I NEED to live.
  • Creature comforts, benefits of services given and received. Owning, lending, borrowing. Identifying SELF and SUCCESS via THINGS vs. BEingness….am I of VALUE or am I only of value due to WHAT I HAVE or OWN or have BORROWED?

Then there is Capricorn – in my 5th House – currently on top of my natal MARS (taking Action, BEing Assertive, Instinctual Warrior energy and Pioneering NEW paths within myself):

  • The 5th House is ruled by the Sun and Leo in the natural wheel of the Zodiac. Here we want to SHINE somehow, CREATE something not seen before, via FUN & PLAY and ROMANCE. Our Inner Child comes out here to show us the way….as well as all children.
  • Pleasure and inner satisfaction, those inner yearning’s to BE SEEN and CREATE – to have MY Creations SEEN by Others…
  • Games, entertainment, gambling, sports, how we win or lose, how we DRAMATIZE our lives.
  • Popularity vs. hero worship vs. inner happiness. King or Queen of the Mountain; Drama Queen or Drama King.

So for me, in my life, I have SEEN the tapes and OLD messages of the traditional institutional world (Capricorn) that were still running in my Ego mind (beliefs) about what I could or shouldn’t create on my own (Aries) as a WOMAN towards material gain (Capricorn) because I wasn’t EQUAL (Libra) with my personal collection of talents and skills to BE materially wealthy (2nd House) through Others (8th House).

I was holding into, unconsciously, past life ideas and beliefs (Pisces), that BEing an independent woman in this day and age also means being LESS THAN with or without a significant partner/Other in my life. BEing successful meant LOSING something of myself in the mix (Death and dying – Pluto/Scorpio/8th House). Who knew?

I am currently going through a process of ENVISIONING a NEW reality and future for myself – and hit the wall about it all over the weekend – my Ego said STOP! I’m going no further – you cannot make me! I want to GO BACK, STAY PUT, do NOT pass GO….etc etc etc.

Most of us have ERIS in Aries (her orbit takes almost 600 years to move through one Astrological sign) and my Eris is at 8 degrees of Aries. Eris throws the apple of discord into the mix to see how we regain more harmony and balance in our lives, especially our gender-roles as females and males since 2006/07.

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2013

Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2013

Bottom line here: ALL of us are rebalancing (Libra) some aspect of ourself via Ego Beliefs that no longer work in THIS world of THIS lifetime (Pisces) that in turn have prevented us from BEing our instinctual self (Aries) that takes Action for ME, ‘AND’ WITH Others (Libra) so that yes! We can HAVE successful Material GAIN and goals and responsibility (Capricorn) in our lives, as long as we EMPOWER (Pluto) ourselves to EMBRACE the Ego Shadow values, beliefs, emotions (Moon) AND the Soul Self values, beliefs, actions (Sun)…creating a more balanced (Libra) ME (Aries) in the process. Create an AND World – WITHIN – first, so that we Manifest WITHOUT.

What have YOU been DISowning so far as YOU? What Shadow parts of Self do you reject? Toss away as nonessential aspects of You? That which we reject we project AND attract to ourselves…

As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below – ah yes… we keep coming back to this simple yet deeply resonating Hermetic saying…


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

All pictures: taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

Felled Poplar Tree 2015

Felled Poplar Tree 2015

Here we go again – another eclipse – and all the energies and experiences that come with it! I’ve done several readings this week for people whose Sun sign or pre-natal eclipse positions or other key planetary positions are being activated DIRECTLY with tomorrow’s eclipse – very much life-changing for them.

Let’s get down to it. Here’s the timing and placing: Saturday April 4th at 6:05am MDT at 14 degrees of Libra 24′. This is a FULL MOON (therefore the SUN sits opposite the MOON, hence the Moon’s position is in Libra, therefore the Sun’s position is @ 14 degrees of ARIES 24′ – Aries is Libra’s opposite sign, capice?) AND it is also a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse timing.

Have you recovered from the previous Total Solar Eclipse yet? LOL! What ACTION have you taken since March 20th? We experienced the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on that day – and yes it has only been two weeks yet feels like two YEARS of life experience since!

Speaking of which – are you sitting down? Now take your time with this next piece – it is very important. Each TOTAL Lunar Eclipse brings with it the following:

  • Within this ONE DAY
  • We will ALL experience a COMPRESSED and ACCELERATED version
  • Of ONE Moon cycle – aka a 28-day Moon cycle
  • Did you get that? Think of it as a downloaded ZIP file, compressed due to its HUGE size, that works really really fast at the download, AND
  • We EMOTIONALLY receive it all within ONE DAY….
  • Are you still with me? Breathe, breathe, breathe…
Full Moon in Leo 2015

Full Moon in Leo 2015

Next: A Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION, the Moon’s light is totally full, reflecting the unconscious desires of the SUN, sitting opposite. And we know that this Moon is sitting in Libra (a cardinal air sign) and this Sun is sitting in Aries (a cardinal fire sign). Still with me?

Cardinal means initiating NEW change; taking a new tack; bringing in something totally new…put it all together and via AIR (communication/networking/relating with one another PLUS listening to our own Self Talk) via the Moon’s receiving energy (of emotions, feelings, intuition) we then begin to ‘see’ via the Sun’s light energy of vital force to somehow take ACTION in the arena of FIRE (spiritual creative ACTION inspired from Above).

In other words: what INSPIRED action, creatively meant, will YOU FEEL/INTUIT to take via insightful conversations (with Others or Self or both)?

Then we bring in the meaning of Libra (air) and Aries (fire):

  • Libra (where the Moon is sitting @ 14 degrees and 24′) represents the Scales of Justice, equality, balance, being fair and just, seeing the beauty around us, equal face time with some significant Other (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, close friend, client, partner etc) and how we RELATE to that Other by SHOWING UP, EQUALLY. Are YOU showing up 100% for your 50% of the partnership? Hhhhmmmm…..Libra rules the 7th House of our close one-on-one relationships – those deep getting-to-know-you conversations….All about WE.
  • Aries (where the Sun is sitting @ 14 degrees and 24′) represents the Ram, instinctively running TO something, with Inner Warrior courage and assertiveness, and with the Inner Pioneer of starting something NEW (hence why Aries represents the season of Spring – new GROWTH) in our life. Aries rules the 1st House of your Self-Identity and the physical body and wants to DO something, physically, take action, somehow, FOR something to do with ME. Related to your INDEPENDENCE stance. All about ME.
Spring Ice Thaw 2015

Spring Ice Thaw 2015

Are you still with me? Now Aries likes to DO IT ALL BY MYSELF….no matter what. Libra likes to do it WITH SOMEBODY ELSE, with a buddy. In an opposition (this Full Moon) we are being asked to create an AND here: how can YOU still be YOU AND BE with someone else, DOING something NEW? Capice? We no longer live in duality; we are all One. We are learning, via each Moon cycle, HOW to BE, DO, FEEL etc AS ONE.

This does not mean we lose our Self-Identity. It means we KNOW who we are AND bring this self to the table WHILE we relate with ANOTHER. The Total Lunar Eclipse EMPHASIZES the Soul GROWTH of CHANGE very QUICKLY (remember that Zip file?) for one day (yet the energy of it stays with us for the next SIX MONTHS to 3.5 years….just saying) via bringing up Shadow fears that show up via our Emotions, Feelings and Intuitive hits of INsight.

So, bottom line, tomorrow as you wake up, KNOW that THIS will be a DAY of HUGE insights, AHA! moments, emotions, intuitive guidance, and perhaps ACTION to be taken at some point within the next six months to 3.5 YEARS….if you are WILLING to FEEL, LISTEN, and BE with yourself along the way.

Frozen Glacial Water 2015

Frozen Glacial Water 2015

One more thing: our Transformational planet, PLUTO, is creating what is called a T-Square to the Moon/Sun opposition here. Meaning that the MORE we are able to create an AND between our Emotional Body (the Moon) and our Spiritual Body (the Sun) by working TOGETHER, we ALSO help to TRANSFORM how we set our goals, creating a more solid foundation of what MATERIAL GAIN truly means to us in our respective lives, all in the name of INTEGRITY.

Therefore, the MORE we STAND within our TRUE INDEPENDENT SELF (not to say we are DOing it all by ourselves) AND partner with Others who seem to be of like mind (air) due to all that open and shared communication (EQUAL FACE TIME) we have, in turn, we will KNOW via how we FEEL (good means go; not good means maybe not right for me?) and following our INTUITION (ease = yes! resistance = no? or not right now?) what ACTION needs to be taken TOWARDS answering the call of how we GAIN something in the world, materially, money-wise, building something that will last, or whatever our heartfelt GOAL is.

Ice & Water Glenmore Reservoir March 2015

Ice & Water Glenmore Reservoir March 2015

AND: the Pisces element of water (remember, we began this Moon cycle back on March 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces) whereby we FEEL and INTUIT something that needs to be LET GO OF (29th degree = end of a cycle) from our addiction to the Drama Triangle (victim stance or rescuer stance or persecutor stance – and for some it can be more than one stance or all three) the Shadow of Pisces in order to MAKE ROOM and SPACE to IMAGINE a POSSIBLE HUGE DREAM of something BIGGER and BETTER than what we have been living already.

Did you hear that? DREAM YOUR POSSIBLE DREAM, NOW, by letting go of “o woe is me” “please rescue me!” “I feel persecuted!” and BECOME a VICTOR of your own life. Stand in your Warrior fire energy (Aries) and ASK for what YOU WANT/DESIRE/DREAM!

Sit down tomorrow and IMAGINE where you WANT TO BE in 3.5 years! The bigger the better. No limits. At all. The COSMOS is your limitation (if you require one). WHO do you want to BE? What do you wish to SHARE with someone? What are your GOALS to a better life? What have you forgotten over the years that you really really cared about, wanted for yourself? DREAM IT NOW!

Butterfly Kite March 2015

Butterfly Kite March 2015

We ALL will have the SOUTH NODE in Aries assisting us to resolve unfinished business in the area of Asserting our Inner Pioneer/Warrior self to ASK and take ACTION for our DREAM or GOAL. If you don’t ASK or DREAM it – how will you attract it? How will you manifest CHANGE and BETTER if you don’t IMAGINE it NOW?

And with this Total Lunar Eclipse – we ALL have the EMOTIONAL and INTUITIONAL energy to BRING IT forward into our lives – in the very near future. Are you with me? Dream that Possible Dream, not matter how big or small, no matter how IMpossible it may seem to you right now. Bring yourself UP out of the morass of depression, addiction, escapism and drama (Shadow of Pisces) into the life of LIVING your DREAM/GOAL, NOW.

One last note: there are people out there dealing with HUGE karmic situations right now, whereby if only they STOOD UP for themselves, to SAY what needs to be said, that CHANGE would occur. Aries = COURAGE. Libra = EQUALITY. Have the courage to ASK for equality.

If a boss is taking a 3-week vacation, vacating the premises before Pay Day, therefore NOT paying his contractors, who in turn are unable to PAY their bills, running the risk of going bankrupt, losing their home, and the inability to feed themselves or their family…and this isn’t the first time this has happened – isn’t THIS the TIME to SAY and DO something about it? How many more TIMEs and how much LOUDER does it have to get before WE.TAKE.ACTION and DO something to CHANGE the outcome?

View of Glacial Ice 2015

View of Glacial Ice 2015

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and complaining that nothing changes – hello! WE have to CHANGE our thinking and our actions in order to CREATE change in our lives. What CHANGE is your LIFE (Soul) ASKING (screaming?) for? How much louder does it have to BE before you take a stand and so NO? STOP! This is not acceptable anymore!

AND: Expect the Unexpected to occur because our friend Uranus sits next to the Sun in Aries – bringing with him Innovation and Originality. So, once you ASK, Expect Magic and get out of your own way to ALLOW the Universe to answer your DREAM.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” This, finally, is the essence of tomorrow’s Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon.


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

Pictures taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

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