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I recently heard through the grapevine that potential clients were vacillating about whether or not to commit to an Astrology reading chiefly because of FEAR. Plain and simple, Ego-manufactured fear to NOT go into that Unknown called an Astrology reading. “OMG! What if she tells me something bad?! What if she tells me something I don’t want to know….?” and on and on it goes. Sounds like victim-thinking to me – and Drama Triangle excuses to stay in victim-mode and NOT move forward to make one’s life better, expanded by truer inner awareness etc.

This is how our Ego-self works my friends! Continual fear-based excuses, drama, and resistance to STAY PUT no matter what! “You can’t make me! I won’t go there! Leave me alone! La la la la la!….” We all do it, and the deeper the fear, the more denial we are in about our true intentions to begin with. THIS is why I love love love Astrology! It shows each of us (including me!) how and why and where we allow our Ego-self’s fears to interfere, preventing us to grow and mature emotionally and spiritually! Truely, it does.

As I thought about this, I decided clarification is needed for everyone to understand what truly IS the experience of an Astrology reading/session! And I asked several of my current clients (long-time, returning and new!) to help out with their Testimonials positioned throughout this post. Here we go…

I have used a number of astrologers in my life. I kept switching because I’d never found one that I felt I understood clearly and who left me feeling I had a complete reading—until Laurie Rae. Laurie Rae’s knowledge of all things astrological is extensive. The generosity with which she shares this information both verbally and in handouts helped me have some aha moments and opened my eyes to patterns I had somehow missed in my life. The self-exploration that Laurie Rae facilitates is educational, motivational, inspirational and most of all healing. She’s truly gifted at what she does.

Jamie T., Cottonwood, CA

Firstly, Astrology is NOT an entertainment. If you want a chuckle and mock Astrology, go read your horoscope via the Sun-based Astrology used for over 100 years in publications to sell newspapers and magazines (no lie here – publication magnate William Randolph Hearst was the very first to bring Sun-based Astrology into his papers to increase circulation in the early 1900’s).

Secondly, an ethical and true Astrologer will never read for you in a bar, cafe or other public place! Too much noise, distraction, and most importantly, no privacy for the personal information that comes out of any chart reading. End of.

Astrologers have the affinity to do the following:

  • Be counselors, hearing what you say, seeing beyond the words, and getting to the root of the real issue, sometimes within a matter of minutes. Despite only having met you two minutes ago! We are personable, compassionate, and business-like all at the same time!
  • Be honest with each client. Total honesty does not mean telling the client they are bad, or about to die or any other negative situation the Ego-self can come up with. I do not know of any Astrologer capable of predicting death. We are ALL unique; our uniqueness is what makes each of us, US. Astrology supports your uniqueness, shows how you ARE unique and why. And that it is OKAY to be unique! To love yourself BECAUSE of it. Not to poo-poo you, discredit your personality or decisions in life. The planetary cycles, past and current, will SHOW that you signed up for the challenges you undergo this lifetime. It is uncanny, and it is true.
  • Find out WHY the client needs assistance at this time. This can be difficult for the client to put into words. They can be so overwhelmed by emotion, fear, and events that all they know is this: “I am lost and cannot find myself! Help!” Coming in for a reading of your birth chart, with an eye on where the current transits of the planets are activating events or circumstances in your life, can make all the difference to helping a client to COPE with it all. There truly is an END time to it all. An end of a much-needed inner growth cycle to make the client AWARE of themselves for whatever reason.
  • Bring much-needed Coping Tools into the mix. We all have Life-coping tools, the older we are, the more tools and wisdom we each have. Astrologers are usually very insightful and intuitive, they are highly sensitive to the world around them, therefore ‘see’ beyond the physical reality. We use Astrology charts to bring this gift into the client’s world, personalizing it for them to ‘see’ themselves more clearly. My clients happen to receive much-needed guidance, healing and tools for Self-nurturance. I do not do the work for them! They must be READY, WILLING and WANT TO do their own Inner work. We all must mature and move along at some point – no matter if we are in our teens, twenty’s or even our sixties! When the TIME is right, we will show up for the self-awareness process. It takes the baby step forward, to walk through our fears of resistance. Doing it despite the fear is walking through the fear! Yay!
  • Know when WE cannot help a client! This is key. We are not psychiatrists nor psychologists. Ethical Astrologers will tell the client NO that is not my job. An Astrologer who takes your money without being honest with you is not ethical. We do NOT condone allowing a client to think we have ALL the answers to your dilemmas or challenges. We will refer you to someone else who we know has better answers and processes to help your situation. Astrology is a TOOL, a very good one, to help each of us cope with the WHY and WHEN of things in relation to each of us. It is not a be-all, end-all tool. And it doesn’t work for everyone. I have fired clients because I knew I was not the right person for them, nor did I have the tools or processes to help them. I referred them to others more qualified than I.
  • Keep their clients notified of upcoming planetary cycles. It is like a tune-up, going to see your Doctor or massage therapist or acupunturist on a regular basis. It is what keeps my local, national and international clients coming back year after year.

We ALL undergo the same cycles around the same ages. The Sun’s path from birthday to birthday is called the Solar Return. The Moon’s path around the birth chart is the monthly Lunar Return or what I call the Moon Cycle Report. Also with the Moon cycles, I am able to show women when they are the most fertile in their monthly cycles! Saturn structures our lives every 7 years, returning to its starting point every 28-29 years in life – and most of us will live to experience three of these! Jupiter Returns every 12 years, creating a new cycle of prosperity, expansion of our beliefs and faith beyond current Ego-fears. Mars Returns every two years jump-starting a huge new burst of energy to DO something new in our life!

And my personal favourite, the Uranus Opposition aka the MidLife Awareness Timing! Yes, I can tell you when you will (or did) experience yours and the themes surrounding it. Yet another Life Passage into maturity! Venus and Mars and Libra in your chart show me about marriage, partnership and relationships in your life. Ask me about it!

To be very clear: if you have NEVER experienced an Astrology reading ever before, the first step is to have a birth chart/natal chart reading. End of. This will introduce you to the wonderfully clarifying world of Astrology, show you the deep layers of insight and explanations of WHY you are WHO you are. Simple. Then, if you thirst for more timely and in-depth Inner Perception, your Astrologer will assist you with asssessing all current planetary cycles and which one stands out the most! And you go from there!

When I first reached out to Laurie Rae, I was in a painful place. I had lost my job and, as it was the middle of an economic crisis, I had little hope of finding a new one. At the same time, I felt that so many of my childhood struggles were resurfacing. I knew enough about astrology to worry myself. I saw that there were squares between transiting planets, like Pluto and Saturn, and I was afraid. I understood that I needed to reach out to a professional. From our first communication, Laurie Rae exuded patience and compassion. During our first reading, and all of the many readings to follow over the course of several years, Laurie Rae has been professional and kind. She is always so prepared–it is clear that she has spent a great deal of time gathering materials and ideas for our readings. And she is generous with her follow-up time, as well–sending resources and thoughtful emails. I am grateful Laurie Rae and I met, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services. -LS

A typical scenario for an Astrology reading will be the following:

  • Client decides they need to KNOW MORE about whatever is going in their life. They ask around, perhaps research via the internet, and follow their own inner guidance system, trusting they will find the right and proper Astrolger to help them out.
  • Client contacts said Astrologer (phone or email) and after an initial discussion or two, decide upon WHAT type of reading is required, and set up an appointment for the reading. Key information required from the client will be the date, time and place of their birth to create the natal or birth chart. Fees and payment will be discussed at this time, as well as the meeting place location for the reading.
  • Before the appointment and reading, the Astrologer will create the chart, look through that person’s planetary cycles to suss out any underlying influences that may have caused the client to call in the first place, and if they are like me (!) decide upon which cheat-sheets and relevant handouts that client will take home after the reading, along with the chart(s) relevant to the reading. I want my clients to become comfortable with THEIR birth chart! It is their Sky Chart after all, of what they agreed to do, experience and BE this lifetime.  I believe in educating every client with the same initial information. After that, it is up to the client to ask me for more with each succeeding reading.
  • At the date, time and place scheduled, the reading commences. I always do a mini Astrology 101 overview so that my new clients get an idea of how Astrology works. As I do this, I begin to weave THEM into the story and they begin to ‘see’ themselves in a new light. I will ask questions along the way, ensuring I am zeroing in on what the client needs to know at the time, and has asked for to begin with. By the end of 2 hours, the client should be, and usually is, more than satisfied with what I have shared with them, about them, for their self-awareness and current personal growth.
  • I always record the reading and am able to create either an mp3 audio file that is emailed to the client within 24 hours,or onto a cd that will be mailed to them, also within 24 hours of the reading. I send each client home with their chart(s), handouts and cheat-sheets, along with the knowledge that they can call or email me at anytime to review, ask more questions, come back for another reading – whatever they need to help them deal with whatever event or issue is coming up for them. I want the client to have a way to return to their reading as many times as they need, to understand themselves better, to heal, and know it is okay to BE who they truly are!
  • If a client is uncertain as to what other reading they require after the initial reading, I will let them know of the planetary cycles occurring in their life, chat about what cycles may be of more benefit than others. I even have several clients who now see me for BOTH their personal and business cycle readings!

I have been seeing Laurie Rae for Astrological readings for many years personally, and within the past few years also for my business. I now look forward to the future growth of my business as a sole-proprietor, and myself, personally, with eyes wide open.

I’m always amazed how in-depth the information is that comes out of looking at a circle with a bunch of lines, numbers and squiggles!

I am my business. When I grow personally, so too does my business; when I’m in a slump energetically, so is my business. Because of this, I now have a better understanding of what, and then when, to do certain things for my company and myself. It’s like having your New Years’ resolutions set out for you, so you know and feel you are on the right path, or receive the assistance needed to get back on the right path.

Laurie Rae is a business life coach for me, and I’m proud to say she is also my sister. xo

Michaella Rezanoff, Licensed Japanese-style Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist, Calgary, AB.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

As you can see from the testimonials of the clients I have seen so far in 2016 alone, Astrology is a tool that helps anyone ‘see’ below the surface to the root of whatever is going on/seemingly wrong in their life. It takes courage to allow the carpet to be pulled back that has been hiding YOU, your fears, and self-awareness from the Light of Illumination! I invite those of you who have been thinking about it, but not taking action upon it quite yet, to reach out, contact me, and begin your Inner Journey, looking INto the Astrological Mirror of You! I look forward to hearing from you and BEing of Service to you.

Most sincerely,

Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Contact me via: Phone (587)-353-8085 in Calgary, Alberta Canada or email: RainbowsAstro@shaw ‘dot’ ca


Wheel of the Solar Year, Part 1

Wheel of the Year1

The Wheel of the Solar Year!

Astrology looks at the natural connections between our Solar System/the Universe and Earth, to bring a Divine conscious connection and awareness to our human life down here. “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without” is an ancient Hermetic saying.

As we connect with our Divine self Within, so too do we connect with other Divine selves Without. As we allow ourselves to connect with the subtle nuances, insights and symbols sent from Above, we actually ‘see’ them Below, bringing much-needed guidance as to the Next Steps on our respective Solar (Sun) journeys down here on Earth.

One of the ways we seek natural guidance here on Earth is through Nature. The four Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra, depict the start of something new within Nature. That something ‘new’ combines a season, an element, and the mode of operation is always to Begin Anew in some regard.

The Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Cancer (each others’ opposite signs) commence on their respective days of Solstice (means “Sun Stands Still” whereby the Sun rises at the same point in the sky 3 days in a row; then sets at the same point 3 nights in a row) the times of year which the Ancients celebrated as follows:

  • Sun entering 00 degrees of Capricorn 00′ brings forth the Winter Solstice, Yule, or beginning of our Winter season. ‘Tis the longest NIGHT of the year for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn is an earth sign, denoting Mother Earth’s desire to hold a more solid foundation from which to Spring (!!) forth new growth 3 months hence. For those of us following the Lunar Cycles, Winter Solstice is the New Moon phase of the Solar (Sun) cycle. To begin anew, create a NEW foundation from which to build more solidly that which we wish to create from all the resources we NOW possess – to do so in a way not imagined before now. Take a new tack, a new direction than what occurred to us to DO before now. Winter holds the coldest weather of the Solar cycle. The green growth has died off since Samhain (pronounced ‘sew-ween’ or aka Halloween) returning its energy to Mother Earth, awaiting the return of the Sun (the Light) to usher forth New Growth from the dormant Seed of Winter.
  • The Ancients celebrated Winter Solstice or Yule by burning candles and especially that Yule log in the fireplace, celebrating the fact that the Light will be returning approximately 3′ MORE each day from now until Summer Solstice! Yay! Hence all the Christmas Lights and lighted Christmas Trees this time of year. Anything to Bring Forth More Light!
  • Sun entering 00 degrees of Cancer 00′ brings forth the Summer Solstice, Licha, or beginning of our Summer season. Here we experience the longest DAY of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer is a water sign, representing actual water flowing along the surface of the Earth, being supported by Earth/earth for the most part. Summer is the hottest season of the year, thereby bringing forth the most potent growing season. This is the Full Moon phase of the Solar cycle. Think of the Seed(s) you planted at Winter Solstice (remember the New Moon phase IS the seed of unrealized potential each Lunar cycle). At Summer Solstice look at what has Flowered forth from your intent 6 months previous. This Flower may not look as you intended, yet it became exactly what you NEEDED according to your close personal “Team” Up Above! Remember, “As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without.” The Cancer water is what is required right now to KEEP our growth growing! Hence the rainiest time of year (usually!).
  • The Southern Hemisphere experiences opposite seasons to we folk in the Northern parts. Our Winter Solstice is their Summer Solstice; our Summer Solstice is their Winter Solstice. They plant their seeds when we see the flowering of our seeds and vice versa!

Winter Solstice 2015

On Monday, December 21st, Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun enters 00 degrees Capricorn 00′ at 9:49p MST. Take time to BE with yourself and envision that unrealized Seed of Potential. What do you intend for your life, your self, these next 6 months? What would you like to ‘see’ Flower by the Summer Solstice?

Capricorn’s themes, according to Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology, are:

  • Future Security – laying down a firmer foundation to BUILD more and further than where you stand right now. Aka GOALS! Discipline.
  • How you Handle Responsibility – Saturn rules Capricorn and hence brings forth BOTH what you ARE responsible for in Your life AND what your are NOT responsible for – usually because it has nothing to DO with your life!
  • Reaching Goals – do you set goals for yourself? Both Saturn and Capricorn depict TIME and setting long-term goals that won’t manifest completely for many a year! We can set the mini-goals via the 12-13 Lunar cycles a year, and the New Moon of the Solar year aka Winter Solstice! These cycle help us keep track of where we are WITH the direction of those goals, whether we’ve become sidetracked or abandoned the initial goal to begin with! Thing is: you MUST set, via intention, the goal(s) first! Just like winning the lottery, one MUST by the ticket to begin!
  • Success/Recognition – Capricorn rules the 10th House of our birth charts. The highest point in our charts, like High Noon, highly visible by the public eye. We all seek success of some sort and to BE recognized for our contribution within society and community. This is our reputation area of life. What are you known for? Can be depended upon?
  • Management Skills – here’s where Capricorn brings forth our CEO mindset! How well are your running the Big Picture of your Life, your career, your goals? Do you HAVE goals? Why not? We all need some wee bit of discipline and routine each day that we bring energy INTO working towards our goal(s)! If not, where are you Heading? How else is that Flower going to Grow and BE Seen by Summer Solstice?
  • Authority Figures – here’s where we have regard (or not!) for authority in our lives. Be it our parents, grandparents, bosses, and any leaders we form a relationship with. Do you buck authority at every chance, or do you stand back to ‘see’ the wisdom they have to offer? AND, this is where we can BE the authority in the area of our Life where Capricorn resides in the birth chart. What House(s) does Capricorn reside in your chart? For me, ’tis both my 5th and 6th Houses – therefore creativity AND daily work are affected by how well (or not!) I set goals for myself. When I am working, I work like a beaver to build good solid foundations and connections, and I always have a great rapport with all management peeps. When I am unemployed or in between contracts/projects, I can drift and become unproductive and listless. I NEED to set goals for myself, always to BE connected. And what am I the Authority of? Resourceful creativity with processes, ‘seeing’ the Bigger potential in most things, BEing extremely organized and wanting to BE of Service (Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th House).
  • Release Controlling Tendencies – here’s the Shadow side of Capricorn. Lack of Joy, being stern, fear of anything NEW, being pessimistic (That’s NOT going to work!) and inflexible, and using self-justification to talk yourself out of anything (especially NOT setting those all-important mini-goals!). Hhhmmm…Capricorn is the Sea-goat/Mountain Goat – coming up out of the water onto dry land, then venturing forth UP the hills, then the mountains. In search of that higher cliff, elevation, view, summit – you name it! Another aspect of Shadow Capricorn is plateauing, taking a rest, then becoming lazy, tired, depressed, unable or refusing to move forward/UPward. Ring any bells here for you? Hhhhmmm….We ALL have those testing years that make us feel we just canna move forward any longer! Challenge here is to GET BACK ON THE HORSE (or Mountain Goat in this case) and Keep on Keeping ONward/UPward, eh?
  • Physical Body ruled by Capricorn – Bones and joints, arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladders and gallstones (!), knees, the skin therefore episodes of psoriasis, excema and itching (no wonder it is so dry this time of year affecting our skin, eh?). Here your physical body will talk to you via any of these areas if you are NOT building YOUR foundation as YOU need it to be! Cancerians, note that Capricorn IS your opposite sign – even if the Sun is about to travel through Capricorn, the Sun can pull forth, in opposition, that which you are NOT nurturing (Cancer) in your Life! Remember that Flower of the Summer Solstice – how can the Seed of Unrealized Potential at Winter Solstice possibly GROW FORTH with out water? ‘Tis the Inner Nurturance that brings the Outer Goals into BEingness…capice?

Yule 2015

Read this post over a few times to really ‘get’ where you have possibly taken the wrong path upward, or perhaps just decided to give it all up! It is Time (Father Time = Saturn – interesting how the New Year’s Eve depiction of Father Time is within Capricorn’s cycle!) to get back on Your True North track once again (remember, we are still within the Sagittarian Moon cycle, all about Future Intent towards our Mission this Lifetime). Rip Van Winkle had an excuse being asleep for 100 years! What’s yours?

Look for The Wheel of the Year Part 2 in future!

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: all pictures taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

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