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New Moon in Taurus: Sense and Sensuality

Taurus glyphToday, the Sun + Moon sit together at 06 degrees of Taurus as the New Moon – initiating new starts, beginnings, something to create and manifest crafted by your own hands this Moon cycle!

I too am crafting something NEW – now writing my Cosmic Weather posts via my new blogsite:

Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology – here’s the link Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology

Explore the NEW this New Moon via the fixed earth sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Something tangible this way comes!

HousesSign up for my posts, and visit all of The Rooms of my House of Astrology! I look forward to seeing you, hearing from you, and reading for you! Thanks for following me thus far with Rainbows and Astrology – it is time to sit down, with some tea or coffee, and have a good, long chat about your Astrology cycles!

Blessed BE!

Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Moving On Over…

capricornsymbolWith the advent of Saturn Stationing Rx (Retrograde) last night at 11:06 pm MDT at the Galactic Centre, 27 degrees of Sagittarius, I thought I’d mention here, within my Rainbows and Astrology site, for all my current followers, the opportunity to arc on over to my NEW blog, Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology.

I will be blogging from there for now on. It’s been an interesting ride these past 3.5 years returning to Calgary after living on beautiful Vancouver Island! At the time I didn’t know I’d be moving away from StarSeeker Connection, my first Astrology business name, into the Rainbows and Astrology business name. For whatever reason, I needed to gently glide down from the Cosmos to be more grounded here on Earth.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

I invite all of you to sign up for my NEW blogsite here:  Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology and I look forward to sharing more Cosmic Weather updates, Moon cycle insights and upcoming classes (online and in the Class Room!) as Time moves on.

See my latest post, “Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 – August 25, 2017” at the new site. Saturn is Father Time, and it is Time for further INsights delving into the realms of beliefs, ethics, faith and much more!

Most sincerely,

Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon in Aries – Spring Into New Action!


Aries glyph

Hi All! It’s been a whole Moon cycle since I last blogged – a lot has been happening in my personal and professional world since.

I have created a totally NEW blogsite – Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology – and the link is here Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology.

I have written today’s New Moon in Aries post therein too – take a look! If you wish to continue to receive my Cosmic Weather posts, please add your email to the House of Astrology list. I look forward to seeing you all there.

In the meantime, I take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to all of my current followers of Rainbows and Astrology. I believe I needed to ‘bridge’ pieces of myself since returning to Calgary from Vancouver Island in 2013 through those rainbows (!) and feel I have finally arrived to a new place Within myself here in 2017.

It could be my 2nd Saturn Return timing in January 2017 (!) or this New Moon in Aries cardinal fire energy wanting to step out in a brand new way – or a combination of both.

I am finding my way forward again after several years of caregiving within our wee family here in Calgary. We are all doing fine and our middle sister Tamra is still amongst us.

Onward and Upward Everyone! I look forward to seeing you all at Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology soon!

Many heartfelt HUGS and much Love Light,

Most sincerely,

Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Astrologer | Writer | Teacher | Speaker

Full Moon in Gemini…

RAINBOW PATHWAYS….ahead…have you picked yours yet? Do you ‘see’ in the near distance ‘where’ you are about to land, INTO your New Life/pathway? This Moon cycle’s YOD, or Finger of God, pointed you into this direction and onto that pathway. It is very important that You decide NOW, and LAND. Do not tarry or hesitate. You MUST place your feet firmly upon your path (what colour of the Rainbow is it?) and walk directly to your NEW Life/pathway just ahead. Do it…now!

September 2015 Rainbow

September 2015 Rainbow

Wednesday’s Full Moon begins at 3:45p MST in the mutable air sign of GEMINI (opposite sign to Sagittarius, where the Sun now sits) and bring a lot of talk talk talk, wanting to be social, heads full of thoughts bouncing all over (what to do with all that energy?!), data gathering and information sharing.

Having traversed the waxing energy of this Moon cycle begun in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, and WALKED through any remaining Ego-self FEARS of moving forward onto a different path, by now that YOD, or Finger of God planetary formation should have indicated quite clearly WHERE you need to head in your Life. This Full Moon Illuminates ALL of the Old Patterns of Conditioning you once held onto, and are prepared to Let Go Of, once and for all! Yay!

The CLEARER the neon sign of your New Direction/pathway, the better (and clearer!) you feel about ALL that you have successfully Let Go Of – yay! Congratulations and Celebrations and Salutations!

Looking at the Full Moon chart I find a Grand Trine (triangle) connecting all the Air signs into a continuous Love Loop as follows:

  • Full Moon in mutable Gemini: brings a bright light onto and into this part of your life re: conversation, communication, how and what you learn and wish to start anew, how you talk to yourself (Lovingly or not so much?) and what it is you wish to share with others in your locale. Go with this flow…
  • Ceres in fixed Aquarius: brings Originality and Uniqueness in how you are able to bring in the Harvest and feed yourself and your family now. Many of us have lost our earning capabilities due to the downturn in the Energy sector – what next? Where do I go to work to feed my family, let alone myself? Ceres is a feminine asteroid, asking us to mother/nurture self, then others, feel abundant no matter what that bank balance looks like. Take a different look at that resume, take this Full Moon opportunity to network in areas not previously thought of before. Take care of the details along the way and don’t get stuck!
  • Mars in cardinal Libra: Interesting, this group of planets connected with Love. Follow the Light of the Full Moon (in Gemini) to connect with your close peeps, then connect with your Unique Authentic Self and nurture the desire to connect within community (Aquarius), then take assertive ACTION (Mars) in a totally NEW partnership direction (Libra). The cardinal signs herald a new season, a change in the weather and the land. What NEW season is upon You that beckons action? Do you hear it?
September 18, 2015 Roses still!

September 18, 2015 Roses still!

Remember, we are still connected to that New Moon “seed” that was in Scorpio – all about TRUST issues (of self and others). Moving away from that which was Hidden, this Full Moon now Mirrors the Sun’s (Soul) Light, Illuminating the unconscious desires that were once buried deep within! At Full Moon that “seed” has blossomed into a “flower” – what does yours look like? What colour is it? Does it represent the colour of your new Rainbow Pathway? Did you land there yet? Do NOT stay on the pathway – head directly to your NEW SPOT on land. Follow that Rainbow/Golden Road, keep your eyes on the prize!

The other planetary formation that will create some stress and tension within (as in “ants in your pants” energy!) is this Full Moon in Gemini in opposition to the Sun, Saturn and Mercury all in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, both squaring out to Neptune in Pisces! Here again we must create an “AND”, work together to move beyond our current locale (Gemini) and take further Soulful responsibility to set new goals (Saturn), keeping our Ego-minds free of fear and on the prize (Mercury) to Seek our Higher Truth OUT and away from our usual locale (Sagittarius).

Take a moment to see the Big Picture of your Life – stand on your hill, look back at all you’ve experienced and what brought you to this moment. Turn towards your future, see the Rainbow Road that beckons to you, and send out your Arrow of Intention – do this now!

Oct 9, 2015 Okotoks, AB

Oct 9, 2015 Okotoks, AB

The sooner you do this exercise, the sooner you bring in the AND, allowing the Light of the Full Moon to show you the new Rainbow Path into partnership of some NEW connection (could be personally, professionally, with clients and others, over LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook – who knows?) connecting more directly with your Spiritual and Divine self (Pisces) dispelling any further Illusions, Delusions of Ego-self fear of moving away from your current Illusion (Neptune) and IMAGINE a brighter Now and Future for yourself! Yay! Yet another kick at that Old Age of Pisces can that is the Drama Triangle. Dispel the Victim, that need to BE Rescued (or to Rescue Others), feeling Persecuted (or BEing the Persecutor). LET. IT. GO. Now and forever, Amen.

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer | Facilitator

Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

“Let’s Get Physical, Physical….”

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

New Moon / Solar Eclipse Rainbow Sept 13, 2015

I thought I’d spend a wee bit of time mentioning all the Physical Body issues being triggered by this year’s Moon cycles, eclipses and solstices/equinoxes.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, understand it or not, all of us are connected energetically with one another, to Nature and the solar system and therefore the Universe. End of.

Each eclipse and quarterly solar event (solstices/equinoxes) and Moon cycles plus transits of our planets, energetically connect with us down here on Mother Earth. And because we have been on a journey of Ascension since 2012, whether you believe this or not, coupled with the solar flare activity that peaked (and now is pretty much silent) and the Northern Lights activity – all of this and solar winds, is energy and how could we not feel it physically?

Here is a list of possible physical, emotional and mental symptoms that seem to be building up for many of us:

  • Some days I have energy, other days I do not. Even within the same day – up and down like a yo-yo!
  • Burping, belching and sneezing – all ways that we move energy through and out of our physical body. Seriously, yes it is.
  • Digestion issues, elimination issues – all due to the Virgo Pantheon of planets moving through this earth sign of the health of our Physical Body. How well we process the issues of our day, while we eat, what we eat, in response to them all – all of this plays a part in how well we are coping with the current digestion of new energetic Life processes in our lives.
  • Speaking of eating – I don’t eat the way I used to. I seem to snack more or graze rather than the full meals of even a month or two ago! Yep, you’re not alone on this one…
  • Emotional ups and downs – really allowing the tears to flow, the anger to be expressed (non-violently please!) – in other words, really noticing the Emotional Body in play, therefore in connection, to our Physical Body more and more now. Talk about BEing sensitive, eh?
  • Almost instantaneous response to our intentions, pleasing and not so much, to remind us how quickly our thoughts/spoken words energetically create current reality….just saying…
  • Signs, symbols and synchronicity – have sped up too. Are you noticing them?
  • TIME – has definitely changed. Every day can feel like a month or a year of activity, the whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts and dreams, moving through us. Or it seems to stand still and makes us believe we’ve been watching that rainbow for hours already! Zeroing in on the beauty, the amazement, the joy of it all….
  • Confusion, frustration and is it still Mercury Rx or something else getting in the way? As if our thought processes are being re-wired with our intuitive/creative mind more and more, so much so that the logical side of things isn’t what it used to be….
  • Emotional connections more and more within areas of business, formal settings, and interviews – do you ‘see’ we are connecting with one another heartfully now?
New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

Today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse connects our Emotional Body (Moon) with our Physical Body (Virgo, earth sign) AND our Spiritual Body (Aries, fire sign), while our minds (via Mercury Rx and our Mental Body) go on circuitous journeys inward then connect outwardly to have intimate chats with significant others (Libra) of what we have found therein.

The time of today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is slated for 8:50p MDT where it peaks at Full Light to Illuminate how well we are creating anew our instinctual need to BE and ACT from our Physical self (Aries) AND show up in a balanced way with Others, connecting socially, conversationally, mindfully (Libra = air sign). All our Bodies seem to be in connection with one another more and more now – so no wonder the Physical body is acting out a bit, eh?

Love the process, Love yourself within your own process, and Love one another – no matter what it all looks like on the outside, from the inside!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Facilitator

Photo credits: All nature pics are mine! Especially the Rainbows!

Our Processes…

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Rainbow!

As I write this post, the following planets are still in Virgo (all about processes) with Mars and Venus soon to join them:

  • JUNO (!) – this Feminine Asteroid, who orbits within the Asteroid Belt situated between Saturn and Jupiter, I totally forgot to mention in my Virgo Planetary Pantheon post. Juno represents the Sacred Marriage, the blending together, equally, of our true Inner Feminine power energy with our true Inner Masculine power energy. We are all ONE – outwardly we may look either female or male – inwardly we are both. Within Virgo, Juno is teaching us our respective process of how we do this blend, how well we allow ourselves to receive, intuit and feel or BE (Feminine Power) AND how well we assert, take action or DO (Masculine Power) here on Mother Earth. Juno has been traveling through Virgo since July 3rd and will move into Libra as of September 23 – the day of the Autumnal Equinox.
  • SUN – continues to Illuminate our processes through Virgo, via our Soul Body or Spirit Body. Here we ‘see’ beyond the physical black and white world of old. We connect with the lessons our Soul-self wishes to gain experience within, and without.
  • JUPITER – will be moving through Virgo for yet another year (or close to) expanding our current experiences of how we do our daily processes beyond what has felt comfortable up until now. Jupiter will also amplify it all – make it LOUD – to be seen, heard and felt in ways not possible before, in order for us to embrace NEW experiences past our usual Ego-self fears of walking beyond the Known.
  • Upcoming, MARS will enter Virgo as of September 25th, and VENUS as of October 9th. They bring Assertive Action via courage (Mars) and our Desire to attract that which we truly Like and Love (Venus). This will be interesting…very very interesting.


I awoke this morning inSPIRed to write this post. We each have our own respective PROCESS in living Life down here on Mother Earth. Our PROCESS is this:

  • It is what and how we have done, learned and lived already,
  • And what and how we are currently doing, learning and living,
  • And, most importantly, what we LEARN and grow from our experiences, and then TEACH others.

This, as part of the Virgo experience, is what makes us unique from the other. We DO and BE, we show up and walk through with courage. or run away and hide/escape in fear. How we do all of this, mixing it up along the way, is OUR PROCESS! It is neither right nor wrong – IT IS WHAT IT IS.

It is our Ego-self mindset that tells us what horrible people we are because we didn’t do or say such-and-such the way so-and-so would have or did. Stop this right now! Throw out that measuring stick that you use to beat yourself up with! So very much the Shadow side of Virgo – the self judgements and critical voice (remember, Mercury, our planet of communication, rules Virgo and our inner SELF TALK too!).

Learn to LOVE your own unique process of Living Life down here on Earth, in this physical body your Soul calls Home! Embrace your Soul-self AND your Ego-self! BE All and Both. You are All and Both.



I look back to the previous two years since I returned to Calgary, having been called home to help Mom and my youngest sister deal with the fact that Dad and our middle sister were both in hospital (two different ones!) within a day of one another. Mom predicted that I would, at some point, “hit the wall” of the LEARNING CURVE that was all about the processes of grieving, dealing with our healthcare system here in Alberta, and rejoining the family dynamics I had left almost fours previous when I moved to Vancouver Island. And I did, very much so. Mom and Mich had already been living through two years of all of this prior to my catching up to them, physically. Now it was my turn to “catch up”!

Virgo is all about Learning Curves – throughout our lives we are always LEARNING something. Mercury is all about HOW we learn and think and process all the mind stuff along the way. How we discern, decide upon and reject ideas and beliefs and impulses – be they Ego-self oriented ones or Soul-self ones.

What I have learned about Virgo (my opposite sign and Rising Sign or Ascendent, therefore what I Embody as my self-identity) is that MY process, up until these past two years, was to run away as much as possible (all those Ego-self fears) and not show up consistently. What I walked into two years ago I describe as a combination of: dropping through a rabbit hole; walking through a mine-field; and navigating a maze. Totally unreal, not anything I had ever experienced before in my life, and wondering if I’d every make it out alive.



Being the eldest of three sisters, I felt I was supposed to KNOW how to DO stuff – always. Or figure it out! No matter how fearful I was, how shy I was, how unprepared I was. This is why I was such a great Temp in the work world! Drop me into the deep end of the pool and see if I swam or sunk! Swam, and then some, most times, most days.

Virgo rules the 6th House of our daily work, and how we look after the health of our physical body. Mercury, our Communication planet, rules both too. Here we are dealing with the MINDSET of our Ego-self AND what our Soul-self wishes us to experience. In equal or unequal doses, we will all experience those learning curves of Life – when we begin something new that we’ve never ever experienced before. We always have a new learning curve when we begin a new job. We are the student for a time, then eventually we master the skills and the duties that come with that job, and are then able to take on MORE responsibility and skills, or not. Depends on our PROCESS. At some point we do become the teacher, able to pass on our knowledge of what we’ve done so far. And here is the cool part: some of us are better students than teachers, some of us better teachers than students, and some of us can do both equally well. Do you see the Process within the Process?

Two years later I am able to WALK through most unexpected situations, dealing with all the peeps and circumstances with ease and grace (while also feeling anxious or fearful!) along the way. I still FEEL what my Ego-self brings to the table. I still DEAL with all the ways and means my Ego-self tries to sideline me, distract me, escape the current scene it doesn’t want to experience. Our Egos just want to stay safe and secure with the status quo. End of. Period. I now allow my Soul-self to show up more and more, with Love, Kindness, Compassion and Laughter.



Here is why I love love love Astrology! The regular cycles of:

  • Our yearly Sun moving through the seasons (and therefore our birth charts or horoscope),
  • The Moon’s monthly movement around the same, and
  • All the other planets/asteroids within our Solar System via their respective cycles –
  • They all bring opportunities, people and circumstances into our respective lives to assist us with our respective PROCESSES of showing up, DOing and BEing along the way, within our unique mix of how our Ego-Self AND Soul-Self show up to experience it all! Cool!

As all of you read this post, contemplate how well you show up to learn your Learning Curves of Your Life. Are you walking through most of the time? Are you running away? Do you do both? And when you run away, WHY? And when you show up, WHY? How do you show up? How do you run away? THIS IS YOUR PROCESS – no judgements – it IS what it IS.

What YOU learn from it, during your lifetime down here on Mother Earth, is all up to you. It always has been. We ALL have Virgo in our birth charts. We ALL have the planets and asteroids that make up our solar system. We ALL experience the opportunities the Universe (and our solar system) bring to us to experience MORE Soul-Self, learning to master our Ego-Self along the way. This is the realm of Earth-life experience that has the Universal peeps lining up to experience! Standing room only people! Believe it, or not.

BE your process; SEE your process; LOVE your process; DO your process. Experience your unique Rainbow-self! The rest is just flotsam and jetsam.

Blessed BE!

PS: If you are curious to dig deeper into what YOUR processes are, and to ‘see’ more clearly your unique combination of Light/Shadow (aka Soul/Ego) presence, give me a call! We’ll look at your horoscope together, and discover, reveal and finally UNDERSTAND the Why of Who you Truly Are! Call me: (587)-353-8085 or email: rainbowsastro [at]

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Writer, Facilitator & Speaker

Photo Credits: Nature pics by Laurie Rae Rezanoff; all others, Google Images

Full Moon in Pisces Today…

At 12:35p MDT, in the midst of all the forest fire smoke we continue to inhale from the Washington State fires, the Moon will sit in the early degrees of Pisces while the Sun sits in its opposite sign, Virgo.

Almost Full Moon Aug 28, 2015

Almost Full Moon Aug 28, 2015

I find it fascinating this week we’ve been under a haze of smoke for more than a week now. Pisces is all about Magic, Movies and Illusion/delusion. ‘Tis the fog as the last water sign of our Zodiac (Cancer is water and Scorpio, the third water sign, represents ice) and I ‘see’ this fog of smoke hiding our confusion over HOW to BE of Service these days in the current economic climate.

With the Full Moon shining in the Pisces water sign of BEing of Higher Service, beyond the Ego-self, connecting with our Higher Self, angels, Teams of guides et al, – the Sun sits exactly opposite in Virgo, how we are of Service in our daily mundane world down here on Earth.

Each opposition between our planetary partners creates another opportunity to create an “AND” world – beyond the Either/Or world we have left behind since 2012. We are no longer black or white, light or dark, female or male, right or wrong, or good or bad. This is the old 3D world we are leaving behind – far behind.

Since December 2012 we have been on a rather high learning curve to grasp and understand HOW to BLEND it all into BEing ONE – we are ALL part of the ONE, and always have been. We are now waking up to this reality that has always been true – the Ego-self has been hiding us away from this truth over many many thousands of lifetimes.

Gibbous Moon & Orb Aug 28, 2015

Gibbous Moon & Orb Aug 28, 2015

Creating an “AND” world is key now. We are part of the mult-verse, the Cosmos AND we are living and working down here on Earth. Our solar system is part of a galaxy, which in turn is part of many other galaxies which in turn make up a universe – or is it multiple universes? Do you sense the ongoing wheels of cycles and patterns having just read the above sentence?

Full Moon in Pisces, and Sun in Virgo (along with that Pantheon of Planets in Virgo I last blogged about) illuminates our way forward, collectively, in creating our unique respective ways and means of how we create SERVICE for now on (in preparation for the upcoming September eclipse season). Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, the Wise Woman/Man/Elder carrying forth decades AND lifetimes of wise knowledge to be shared with the collective. What is your wisdom? How are you sharing it? Do you ‘see’ the Service that comes from HOW you share it?

Virgo brings Service through processes, HOW we complete our tasks, with whom and for what purpose. Perfecting it as we move through our learning curve of the respective daily work we do here on Earth. Understandably, there are more unemployed workers due to the downturn in oil prices, yet again. Divine Timing I say – to create an “AND” out of what WAS your daily work AND what will BE your daily work! An opportunity for SOULful (Sun) change in what you took for granted as the service you did up until you were downsized, fired etc. Ask yourself this: “Was I truly happy doing that work? If I am being honest with myself, I will have to say….”

12 Hours prior to Full Moon in Pisces Aug 28, 2015

12 Hours prior to Full Moon in Pisces Aug 28, 2015

Looking at the chart I created for this Full Moon I see FIVE sets of planetary pairs assisting with our Wise Awakening today, and they are:

  • Full Moon AND Neptune Rx (Retrograde) in Pisces: I love this one! Here the planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is IN Pisces, and is Rx – its energy is directed Inward for us to ‘see’ ourselves more clearly as Divine Eternal BEings in these physical bodies – and the Full Moon is spotlighting any hazy or foggy aspects we’re experiencing to fully EMBRACE this concept! Cool! Do you ‘see’ the Magic of the multi-verse WITHIN You?
  • Sun AND Jupiter in Virgo: Here we Soulfully (Sun) expand and amplify (Jupiter) how we ‘DO’ our daily service in this world – it can BE loud and clear, finally – as we also seek our Higher Purpose (Jupiter) why am I here this lifetime? What is my purpose? Soulfully. Daily. Purposely.
  • North Node Rx AND Mercury in Libra: The Dragon’s Head (smoke in the air, Dragon’s breath?) or North Node of the Moon, with its inward direction (Rx), beckons us into the direction our SOUL wishes us to go – to bring our mind (Mercury) into creating an AND (Libra) or balance, harmony, peacefulness deep within. Libra LOVES the challenge of the constant balancing act AND it is also our cardinal air sign of PARTNERSHIP. See your Inner Self partnering up with your wise Higher Self – wrap your Ego-brain around this concept as best you can….
  • Have you noticed anything else yet? How each of the elements are being activated with pairs or partners of planets, bringing ALL elements to the table of this Full Moon in Pisces?
  • Uranus Rx AND Eris Rx in Aries: Fire, finally! Dragon’s ‘Breath of Fire’ perhaps? The element of fire represents our ability to CREATE via Spirit – inSPIRation – to be inspired or IN SPIRIT. Uranus brings Unexpected Change and Innovation out of the blue (those bright ideas, insights, circumstances) AND Eris, our newest planet, brings gender-role re-balancing. Both Rx, therefore inward change (think earthquakes or lightening strikes of change deep within) of HOW we express our true self-identity (Aries) no matter our gender (Eris). No more traditional ROLES as we DO and BE our service in the world and beyond.
  • Mars AND Venus Rx in Leo: Now how cool is this? The male (Mars) AND female (Venus) representations of our Outer Male self (Mars Direct motion) AND Inner Female self (Venus Rx) coming together to create an AND. Heartfully (Leo fire) marrying how we take Action (Mars) out in the world in response to our Desire Body’s (Venus) ability to ‘hear’ ‘see’ ‘listen’ to the Intuitive Insights from our Higher Self’s Wisdom as to what direction, or next step, our Soul wishes us to make and take! Please note: BOTH men and women are being asked to embrace their respective Inner Feminine/Masculine selves AND work with BOTH as ONE for now on. We truly are all ONE – and always have been. The separation that WAS continues to end as we paint the Rainbow to bridge this gap that has been holding us in opposing camps for far too long.
1st QTR Red Moon Aug 24, 2015

1st QTR Red Moon Aug 24, 2015

Where there’s smoke, there is Fire. Hence the smoke haze AND two pairs of planets within Fire signs. AND we also have a Grand Trine (or triangle) in Fire signs that has slowly created itself as the Moon has waxed to this Full Moon phase we see today. More Fire – more smoke and mirrors.

What are we reflecting or mirroring (Libra) within and without with others? How have we been deluding ourselves with illusions of the past (Pisces)? What IS our true self-identity (Aries) now that our previous work (Virgo) is no more? What are we now creating (Leo)? AND AND AND – perfecting the new processes (Virgo) AND connecting to, and listening for, our Intuitive Insights (Pisces).  As the Old falls away, dying within the forest fires, the Phoenix Rises out of those ashes ANEW! BE that Phoenix – know you are Eternal, you do renew yourself over and over and over. Always, in All Ways.

Almost Full Moon Aug 2015

Almost Full Moon Aug 2015

TIME has also shifted this week, from the 1st QTR Moon phase in Scorpio into the Gibbous Moon phase in Capricorn. We are In Divine Timing, On Time, IN REAL TIME (now!) AND Before Time. How we use Time (Capricorn) and shape-shift it (Scorpio) to serve (Virgo) our Higher Purpose (Jupiter and Pisces) is up to each of us. [Ask for the necessary resources to be put in place ‘Before Time’ to prevent time lag]! Coming from your Soul-Heart (Sun rules Leo) honestly, truthfully, faithfully and endlessly. BE re-PURPOSED, now, On Purpose, and With Purpose.

Blessed BE!

Post Written By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker & Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff of this week’s Fiery red and Gibbous Moon!

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