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A Moon Cycle of Eclipses and Mercury Rx!

Full Rainbow, Okotoks, AB 2017

Hi All! It’s been a busy time for me – selling a house, moving out of Calgary, settling into a new space in Okotoks, Alberta! Love that we had a quick selling time – and move. Always a great sign that all is moving forward as it was meant to. I am glad to return to my Astrology practice. Thank you for your patience whilst I devoted my time and energy to other challenges.

This current Moon cycle has many twists and turns! Let’s see how it’s been unfolding so far:

  • New Moon began Friday July 23rd at 00 degrees Leo 44′ whereby both the Moon and Sun stood together at these celestial coordinates AND holding hands with Mars at 01 Leo 52′. Hence my theme for this Moon cycle is:Heartfully taking Creative Action! If you don’t feel it from the Heart – don’t do it!” Leo rules the heart, and the back (supporting ourselves) and the Sun rules Leo! This Moon cycle is all about creating and shining our heart light out into the world around us, with fun and play, and ensuring our Inner Child comes along for the ride. Leo can be the King or Queen of the Mountain, wanting everyone else to DO what I DO. Drama King or Queen ensues if we’re not listening to our inner self for what we truly NEED to DO for ourselves this cycle. Leo is fixed fire – taking creative action and dealing with the details yet stubbornly so – not going with the flow and coming up for air from time to time for fun and play!
  • Mercury Rx (retrograde) Shadow timing began July 24th within the late degrees of LEO (!) and is currently moving through the mutable earth sign of Virgo – being of service, perfecting processes, and looking after the health of your physical body. Mercury rules Virgo, so there may be significant mental changes coming your way this Moon cycle if you’ve felt mentally blocked in deciding what program or regimen to get back into now. Virgo also rules our daily work and work environments. If there’s too much distraction, noise, etc. getting in the way – what is it you need to decide upon, discuss and strategize on how to mentally move forward in these areas of your life now? The Mercury Rx timings always make us aware of how we are mentally getting in the way of ourselves. We learn information we didn’t know we needed to know, before now. I love Astrology! The circle of 12 Houses in our natal charts shows the progress of the Moon (monthly) and the Sun (yearly) around it. As each luminary and fast-moving planet completes its journey and returns to where it began in our respective charts – we see how we’ve evolved since the last time that luminary/planet came by. What have you learned about yourself since the last time Mercury traveled through Virgo (July 31 – October 8, 2016? Where are you still struggling within the above-stated themes that Virgo brings into your awareness now? 
  • The actual Mercury Rx timing begins August 13th at 11 degrees of Virgo 38′ going BACK through the degrees it has already traveled through since July 24th! When a planet seemingly goes back over its orbit (Rx – retrograde) the usual forward-moving energy is now brought Inward – making it all very personal – up close and so personal we canna hide from the awareness and challenges of the WHY am I feeling this way? Whatever isn’t working for you, mentally, will show itself, in spades! Be aware that Mercury rules how we think, what we think, how we communicate – with others and within to self (Inner Talk) – and relate our Self with Others in our life. Be aware that speaking up and standing up for Self (all that Leo!) is what we require to do now. You won’t be able to move forward in your own life if you don’t let others around you know what it is you NEED for you. We are experiencing a do-over right now. Another opportunity to speak up, converse, decide, learn, study and practice – via the Mental Body – all that we’ve been putting off doing before now. The timing of Mercury Rx ends as of September 5th as Mercury stations Direct at 28 degrees of Leo 26′, moving ahead yet again over the degrees/minutes it was at as of July 24th! This time, we have Direct and forward-moving energy to help us with the direct ACTION (via this New Moon in Leo) to make positive decisions and have those forthright conversations, heartfully, that need to be had. And remember: Expect the Unexpected during Mercury Rx! Plans and ideas will change. New information and decisions will come into play. New people – people from your past – will come forward, adding to the mix. I love watching how each new Mercury Rx timing plays out! Very cool!
  • The post-Mercury Rx Shadow timing begins when it stations Direct, September 5th, until Mercury finally moves PAST the celestial coordinates of where it went Rx August 13th which will be September 19th, moving past 11 degrees of Virgo 38′! Do you see how the Mercury Rx timing brings forth 2 more opportunities to revisit conversations, mental thinking, decision-making, and Inner Talk scenarios?! Take advantage of all of this for your inner growth. The Sun assists with Heartfelt Action during this Moon cycle, while the Moon assists with your Emotional Body’s feelings and intuitive insights along the way. Those of us who have Pisces / Virgo Sun’s, Moon’s and/or Rising Signs, will be especially affected. Sagittarius and Gemini Sun’s, Moon’s or Rising Signs will also find some stress and tension to make changes mentally too. The other earth signs – Capricorn and Taurus – may find some ease along the way, while Aries and Aquarius signs will definitely need to let go of old patterns and conditioning during this Mercury Rx timing. Keep on keeping everyone!
Prairie Storm Clouds, 2017
Now for the Eclipses! We experience two eclipse seasons per year – the first set occurred February 10th (Lunar Eclipse in LEO during the Full Moon) and 26th (Solar Eclipse in PISCES during the New Moon). A Lunar Eclipse brings forth the Emotional Body’s needs to express itself via feelings and intuition, receiving from others – mainly our Inner Feminine energies at play. A Solar Eclipse brings forth the Inner Masculine energies – to take action, assert self, be creative in some way, to give to others. Take note of what occurs in your life just before/during/after each eclipse. The Eclipse themes highly continue for 6 months after, and for up to 3 years thereafter. Yet another opportunity for Self/Soul Growth. Here’s when the next eclipse set will occur and their themes to take note:
  • Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse August 7, 2017 at 12:11p MDT at the celestial coordinates of 15 degrees of Aquarius and 25′. At each Full Moon we experience some sort of AHA moment of understanding self in some regard – seeing what has unfolded within our respective lives since New Moon (July 23rd in LEO) amid the themes I related earlier –  heartfelt creative action, supporting self along the way. The Lunar Eclipse will make us EMOTIONALLY aware of how well we learned what we needed to learn, and includes following our intuition. Aquarius brings forth an aspect of knowing what it is our Future Self requires and wants for us NOW – and being a fixed air sign, much to talk about with friends and groups and peers! Plans for the future – with others – in community. As true authentic selves, within community – we look for what it is we truly require to BE ME, AND ask for assistance within our community AND give back to community. This is a central theme for the New Age of Aquarius – BE authentic to self, connect with community, and together we will move forward, each on our respective true life paths. Interestingly, Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius, and brings forth the creativity, fun and play, leadership and Inner Child themes that assist with all the Aquarius themes. We cannot BE one without the Other. How do you create an AND between both? This is the challenge!
  • New Moon/Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 at 12:30p MDT at the celestial coordinates of 28 degrees of Leo 53′. Another New Moon brings unrealized potential of soul/inner growth – which we are ‘in the dark’ about until the following Full Moon phase. This eclipse brings forth ACTION of some sort that we’ve emotionally been working on within this current Moon cycle begun July 23rd! Ensure you are consciously AWARE of how you feel, intuit and wish to receive during this Moon cycle and will then BUILD upon with Heartfelt Creative ACTION right away as the upcoming New Moon begins August 21st! NB: this Solar Eclipse is a TOTAL Eclipse that will be seen from most parts of North America! Very much bringing forth HEART to those living in economic straits and coping with interesting political changes and leadership personalities. LEO rules leadership – is it coming from the Heart or from Ego? Who do you wish to follow? Work as a team or dictated to? Here is where we ‘see’ in the outer world what we each are working on in our respective inner worlds. As the Shadow of this eclipse passes over North America – what hidden fears and anxiety will be brought up and out of your heart to heal and love through? Consciously ride this wave of heart-opening moments, challenges and awareness.
Moon Globe, Okotoks, AB 2017
Interestingly, the Balsamic Moon phase of the previous Moon cycle (the last Moon phase for that cycle that begun July 19th at 9:11p MDT within the celestial coordinates of 12 degrees of Gemini 39′) when Venus and the Moon came together to create the latest Venus Star Gate via the 5th Chakra – the HEART Chakra! How cool is this? Another reason why I love love love Astrology! Previous cycles of the luminaries/planets set us up for succeeding cycles – all in aid of assisting each of us on our onward/inner soul path journey here on Earth! So cool considering the CURRENT Moon cycle theme is LEO too! And the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse is LEO too! 
Venus, our Desire Body, is assisting us to open our hearts, while the Balsamic Moon (all about LETTING GO of distortions we’ve hung onto, until now) brings opportunities to let go, emotionally! For those of you who have been following the course of the current Venus Star Journey from Aries, we journey through all 7 Chakras from Balsamic Moon phase to Balsamic Moon phase. We’ve been descending into the Underworld via Venus and the Moon since March 2017, healing distortions, so far, within our respective Crown, Brow/3rd Eye and Throat Chakras. Now it is all about the heart, our hearts, and heartfully what it IS we truly want/Desire for ourselves, NOW and in the FUTURE.
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Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker
Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff within and around Okotoks, AB 2017

So Many Changes….Where to Begin?

dsc04951I’ll begin with today and move backward from here! LOL!

We entered the Last QTR Moon cycle as of 3:57a MDT this morning – with the Moon at 00 degrees of Cancer 48′! Hence yet another nod in the direction of NEW Cycles! This cardinal water sign beckons us all to be sensitive to our respective needs AND to be aware of how tetchy the Ego-self can/will be over the next several days. The Last QTR Moon phase brings forth some sort of Crisis in Re-Orientation – due to what we now know about our Self since September 1st’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse (and that Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse + Mercury Rx in Virgo plus plus plus…) that we didn’t know BEFORE then.

Between today and the Balsamic Moon phase September 26th, what ACTION, despite Ego-self denials, resistances, stubbornness et al, are you being called upon to take? And if you’ve been feeling overly emotional of late…you are not alone! Crying is a chemical reaction to letting go energetically of something. There are times we KNOW what we’re releasing and times when we don’t. All good! BE aware of your feelings, intuition, and emotional needs! End of. Intuition will show you the way forward of what Action to take next. Cancer is all about self-nurturance – how are you doing this for YOU? I repeat – a NEW cycle – of letting go of Ego’s desire to IGNORE and perhaps hug yourself daily, look yourself in the mirror, in your eyes and tell yourself, “I LOVE YOU!” Now wouldn’t that feel warm and fuzzy all over? For a change, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Nurturance, Self-Respect, Self-Worth….

dsc04891Yesterday (Thursday) the Sun entered 00 degrees Libra 00′ as of 8:22a MDT – and wow did we feel it! Here in Calgary it was cloudy, misty, rainy, and a bit cool but not as cool as I thought it would be. Enjoy the pictures herein – all taken yesterday in my ‘hood. I LOVE this time of year – Autumnal Equinox aka First Day of Fall – because the Sun entered yet another Cardinal Sign – Libra – cardinal air. Yet another NEW step – this one on the Mental Body level (air = mental). What NEW ideas, thoughts, conversations did you have yesterday? Libra brings forth BALANCE, EQUALITY, PEACE, HARMONY, EQUILIBRIUM – or at least the inner tug to have more of any / all of the above! Libra rules the 7th House of marriage, partnerships, close one-on-one relationships – where is Libra in your natal chart? THIS is where you yearn for balance, equality etc. How well are you doing with all these themes of Libra, compared to where you were this time last year?

For instance, most of Libra is within my 2nd House of Values, Worthiness, Self-Esteem, Money, and what I bring to the table of personal skills, talents and experience that assist me to attract abundance, bounty and prosperity. Interestingly, the 2nd House is the natural home of Taurus – how to DO it on my own – yet having Libra here, I want to PARTNER with someone in some regard – be it business or otherwise – to help me bring home the bacon! Libra wants partnership and balance – an equal give and take. If I’ve been giving too much and not receiving much to balance it out, then there’s something wrong!

dsc04905Speaking of Libra, Jupiter entered 00 degrees of Libra 00′ as of September 9th at 5:19a MDT, just before the 1st QTR Moon phase began in Sagittarius. Jupiter spends roughly one year in each sign. It takes Jupiter 12 years to travel around our charts. Think back to September 26, 2004 (the last time Jupiter began to travel through Libra) – what were you doing then? Where did you work? What partnerships did you have professionally, personally, romantically? Remember, Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. All about LOVE, Beauty, the Arts, and Music! Hence why romance is surrounded by all of this! How is your life different now compared to 2004/05? What NEW changes do you wish to bring into your life this round? Remember, LIBRA is all about initiating something NEW, mentally/socially within the realm of close relationships/partnerships. Shake it up baby! And Jupiter LOVES to amplify and EXPAND our boundaries about it all too – go beyond those limitations we may have gravitated into over the last 12 years….that kept us safe, away from harm heart-wise…

Mercury Stationed Direct as of September 21st at 11:31p MDT at 14 degrees of Virgo 50′. Yay! Whew! That was quite a heady time for all  of us, considering Mercury RULES Virgo – yep! There was a LOT of thinking, processing, conversations, inner talk, rethinking, redoing, repositioning along the way! So if your head hurt from time to time…no wonder. We are now in the post-Rx (retrograde) Shadow period until October 6th – not 100% out of the woods quite yet. Could be more decisions to discuss, change your mind (!) on, etc. This is why I LOVE Mercury Rx timings! Gives us all a chance to S-L-O-W down mentally, allow that creative/out-of-the-box thinking cap that bring forth new ideas and ways to cope with current issues/problems in our respective lives. How did YOU do by the way? I’d like to hear about it. Any good Perfectionistic aka procrastination stories to share? Shadow of Virgo…and with the North Node meeting up with Mercury in Virgo over the past week or so – the Direction your Soul wants you to head into – via perfecting HOW you wish to BE of service out in the world AND to your own physical body’s health – how did you do with all that too? Think back and give yourself pats on the back – it is as important to KNOW what you want as it is of what you DON’T WANT!

dsc04883Then there was that wee thing called the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees PISCES 20′ on September 16th at 1:05p MDT (mutable water sign) along with that continuing Water Grand Trine that included the Ruler of Pisces, Neptune AND that South Node – BOTH in Pisces – I ask you: how emotional of a time has it been for all of you? Each Lunar Eclipse, especially in a water sign, means we undergo a FULL 28-day Moon cycle within 24 hours! Think about that for a moment –  if you felt underwater at that time, you were! Watershed times to be sure! Yay! Let go of those toxic thoughts, ideas, beliefs, of the PAST (this and other lifetimes) etc and move forward with your Life NOW! Pisces, as the mutable water sign, can seemingly allow us to “go WITH the flow” but whose flow did you go with? Yours or someone else’s? Hhhhmmmm…..any regrets? Still time to get on board WITH your Life/Soul Path of the NOW to reorient yourself (!!) just saying…Listen to YOUR own intuition – not someone else! Listen to YOUR feelings! They are YOURS – no one else around to feel what YOU feel! Are you feeling me here? LOL! Remember – these three Eclipses we’ve experienced since August 18th will propel all of us forward, one way or another, for the next 3.5 years….HOW do you want to move forward in YOUR life? And remember, VIRGO is Pisces’ opposite sign, so if you think you ducked out on the watershed – think again! Mercury and the North Node in Virgo will PULL from Pisces that which you didn’t deal with yet…be aware…the Universe is sneaky this way – if at first you don’t go with the flow, there’s always another way coming round the corner…

And, last but not least, Venus, Ruler of Libra and Taurus, moved into Taurus’ opposite sign of SCORPIO today too! Yay! LOL! As of 8:51a MDT at 00 degrees Scorpio 00′ – and where’s this sign in your charts? Venus is our DESIRE BODY – what is it you DESIRE for yourself, deeply, emotionally, sexually, passionately? Bring out that inner emotional fire you’ve been hiding under a bushel, from yourself, let alone others! What are YOU passionate about? The House(s) Scorpio is located within in your chart gives you clues as to WHERE or HOW you find that passion! And again, Scorpio rules the Ego-Self FEARS of CHANGE, moving forward from the status quo of the same-old, same-old habits, desires, life. If your passion’s pilot light went out, get it back! The last time Venus was in Scorpio was October 24, 2014 – January 3, 2015. Where were you at, emotionally, back then? What was missing then, and have you re-ignited your passion since? If not, why not? And why not do it now? Venus will travel through Scorpio until October 19th when it enters Sagittarius. Bring forth your TRUE Desires, deeply emotional they may be, and yes, your Ego-Self may be afraid of the depth of those feelings! Dive down as deeply as you can, get to the ROOT of your issue(s) (and if you require assistance, I’m here to help!) because the Universe is supporting ALL of us to do this deep work almost effortlessly! Look at all the planets hanging around in water signs! Hello! How much louder does it need to get, and how many more players do you need? LOL!

dsc04932Getting back to the Water Grand Trine for this Moon cycle we begin September 1st: we experienced Juno’s part in Scorpio within the Crescent Moon phase (September 5-8th), then the Neptune Rx + South Node Rx both in Pisces within the Gibbous Moon phase (September 13-16 – talk about Past Age/Life stuff!) and now, within this Last QTR Moon phase, until September 26th, Vesta in Cancer will help us with FOCUSED CONCENTRATION to delve into whatever it is our Ego-Self may be fighting tooth and nail to avoid letting go of that it holds onto for dear life! Just a heads-up for all of us. The MORE we Let Go now, the better our Balsamic Moon phase (typically the emotional ‘letting go’ phase of each Moon cycle) will be. Remember: each Moon cycle brings all of us opportunities for further Self/Soul Growth, changing our daily habits, evolving our Emotional Body to BE as mature as it can possibly be each Moon cycle. And no, if you think you’ve missed the Emotional Boat this Moon cycle – you haven’t. Because there’s always another Moon cycle every 28-29 days….

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Writer | Teacher

Photo Credits: taken during the Autumnal Equinox by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

HeartFULL Connection INto the New Age of Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!

At 3:26a MDT, Thursday, August 18, 2016 we begin what will be the ‘Season of Eclipses’ – three between tomorrow and September 16th!

Mt Lorette Ponds2After this Summer that I call the “Storm of Storms!” with all the water raining down around us, multiple times a day, with or without the thunderstorms, almost every day (!!) we reach this Lunar Eclipse (meaning Eclipse of the Moon) during the Full Moon (it’s ALL about EMOTIONS aka water) at 25 degrees Aquarius 51′ – and in turn, the Sun sits opposite at 25 degrees Leo 51′.

We have a Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse + Grand Trine in Water signs – that’s a whole lot of water aka emotional baggage to contend with! If any of you have been shedding your fair share of tears already this week – you are in good company! Shed away – the more the better – as we ALL ready our Heart Chakras and Emotional Bodies to embrace and connect more truly, heartfully, with this New Age of Aquarius.

In order to open the heart fully to EMBRACE the New Age, we must, at the same time, RELEASE THE OLD, to make room for this New Age. What are we releasing exactly? Look back to August 2nd’s New Moon in LEO – the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse REFLECTS the Light of that Sun/Moon combo of 16 days ago – Illuminating ALL of what we had hid away in our respective hearts that was more Dark than Light. What was so Dark Within your heart, that now is being shed (via tears, forgiveness etc.) to HEAL your heart, be Let Go, to make room for the New?

In order to operate fully, balanced, within the New Age of Aquarius, we MUST connect to, and engage with, the opposite sign, LEO, which rules the heart, spine and back within the physical body. Without Heart, how can we love Self and Others? Without a Spine, how can we Stand UP for what we FEEL is right and true? Without a Back-bone, how can we BRAVELY move forward?

It may seem as if you’ve been operating WITHOUT a heart, up until now. As if it was displaced somehow, outside of Self and your physical body. This Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon gives all of us the opportunity to bring it BACK into the physical body, into the Heart Chakra, to Love Self, more fully. Then be able to Love our Fellow Man/Woman/Child.

Mt Lorette Ponds3

Mt Lorette Ponds 2016

Go ahead and cry, do your watershed moment(s) – as much as your Soul requires, squeeze out every last drop of regret, shame, anger, loss, resentments, worthiness issues – you name it and do it. The more we Let Go, emotionally, now, the Better we’ll be connected Heartfully TO Self, and then, With Others. Heartbeat to Heartbeat yes, yet essentially it is more of an ESSENCE of Love – that current that has always been there, yet somehow we’ve been unable to access it, let alone BE it.

Yes, Aquarius can be known to BE Unemotionally Involved/Attached etc – but in this Eclipse the emotional/feeling connection is there, believe me. The Moon in Aquarius brings forth the awareness of what may be lacking…and what we are all searching for, outside of Self. Self needs the Love, Nourishment, and Acknowledgement, from Within. From YOU, to YOU. Then Self can be there with Others, equally well. We must fill our own Inner Well of feeling/emotion that is Heart and Love, first, before we give any of it to Others. ‘Tis similar to running your car on empty – how far down the road will you be able to travel on fumes? And what further damage will occur along the way in doing so? Fill YOURSELF UP!

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse also brings in a YOD, Finger of God, formation pointing TO Mars + Vertex (something this way Destined/Fated comes!) + Saturn in the early degrees of Sagittarius (Seeking Our Higher Truth/Life Purpose). Mars wants to take Assertive Action of some kind, while Saturn, the Authority Figure BEing responsible (or not), needs some long-term goals to move towards. Or from. Are/were there any authority figure(s) in your life that need Forgiveness, Heartfully, for You to move on from?

Every YOD brings in opportunity to HEAL Old Patterns of Conditioning in some regard. The two Feminine Asteroids who are assisting us to do so are:

  • Vesta, in Cancer – the most sensitive water sign, Cancer represents the Mother, Family, Nurturance and can be Possessive, not wanting to LET GO in some regard. Vesta, the brightest of the Asteroids, brings forth concentrated focus, and she rules the Home/Hearth Fire. She represents the flame that BURNS AWAY the non-essentials, leaving only that which is pure (according to Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide 2016). We can use her energy to focus on this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse task to heal an old pattern re: HOW we do nurturance within the Family. As we do so, we may send Love and Forgiveness UP to the Finger of this YOD, to Saturn – representing a parent, a boss, or other authority figure in your life – that you haven’t been HEARTFULLY able to do before now. And with Mars Up There too – extra energy to TAKE ACTION on this wee gift of Self Growth.
  • Ceres in Taurus – the mutable, sensuous (Full of our Senses/Senses ARE Full) earth sign, Taurus can be as Stubborn as a Bull (!!) with resistance to CHANGE – OR will take the Bull by the Horns (!!) to get this job done! Your choice, as always. Ceres, the largest of the Asteroids, known for ruling agriculture, the harvest and abundance of the land, indicates HOW we received NURTURANCE as a child/our capacity to NURTURE now as adults…just saying…has anything changed for you since you were a child?
  • Can you ‘see’ how both Vesta and Ceres, as they LET GO of old resentments/grudges against a parent or whomever that didn’t NURTURE us the way we expected (they did the best they could with the Heart that they had), we in turn heal our Hearts, allow FORGIVENESS to heal ME and YOU/THEM along the way, AND create more LOVE in the world (and Beyond)?! AND, create more ROOM for nurturance of Self, then Others – and on and on it goes…and grows!
  • AND, Ceres and Vesta learn to work together too. Vesta can get so caught up in the DOING of a task, she can forget to come up for air and BE with her loved ones. Ceres assists with the Caretaking/CareGIVING portion of the program. SO, when Ceres heals her end of the Old Pattern of Conditioning with the Parent/Authority figure in question in your life, AND Vesta heals her issues, then TOGETHER they create a NEW way, Within YOU, to nurture, YOU! A Win-Win, eh?

Violets, Cedar Villa Extendicare 2016

Interestingly, the Water Grand Trine in this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, connects VESTA in Cancer with the South Node/Neptune (both Rx – retrograde – therefore PERSONALIZING IT ALL, making you a wee bit sensitive about it) in Pisces, with JUNO in Scorpio. More watershed opportunity to Let Go of the Past (via the Dragon’s Tail aka South Node swishing away the OLD from this Lifetime or Past Lives that still seem to playing themselves out in your current life) AND Dissolving Idealized relationships (Neptune) or whatever YOUR particular Illusion/Delusion has been that you’ve been carrying around like an old doll or blankie as a pseudo-nurturance crutch, creating all sorts of Drama for the Ego-Self…as in a barrier to ALLOW further nurturance/Love into your life, because “I was hurt before so I’m NOT going to allow it to happen again!” or thoughts along that line…

Mars also represents the men in our lives. Could be a Father-figure, an actual partner you’ve had, someone who had a major impact in your life. The Vertex (Vx) brings something Fated/Destined your way. All in the timing folks! Divinely or otherwise…I like to take advantage of ALL Astrological opportunities that come my way, to help ME Heal ME, as much as possible. I invite each of you to do the same. And as always, it is your choice to do so.

Let me Think on That

Let Me Think on That…

Did I mention that what we DO mindfully, with the Heartfelt Feelings/Intuition of any Lunar Eclipse has an impact on our lives for the next 3.5 years down the road? Again, why I love Astrology – applies a wee nudge in the right direction (Sun/Soul) to honour the Emotional Body (Moon), follow your INtuition, and FEEL your way forward – however that looks and feels for YOU. Always, in All Ways.

Blessed BE!

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO: My Dad, Ernie Rezanoff. His birthday was August 21st, and the day we held his ‘Celebration of Life’ 2 years ago. I’ve used this watershed timing to help HEAL my relationship with my ‘Father Figure’ this week. Huge shifts for me. Thanks Dad, for this gift, for your Love, and I miss you! xoxoxoxo

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff + Michaella Rezanoff 2016

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