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Co-Creative, Heartfelt Leadership – New Moon in Leo!

DSC04664Hi Everyone! It’s been quite the ride with the weather during the last Moon cycle – huge thunderstorms here in Alberta, with either driving rain and/or hailstones and wind, with flash floods. Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta, experienced first the horrific forest fires in May, and just this weekend flash flooding due to 75″ of rain in one fell swoop! Too bad the rain didn’t manifest back in May to belay all the damage and destruction. Quite the example of masculine then feminine elemental energies there to balance everyone, and thing, out up there. It will be interesting to see what this natural re-balancing creates in their future!

Today’s New Moon in Leo brings a more sedate energy – fire that is fixed – so we truly are in the middle of the Summer season and weather. “The lazy hazy dog days of summer” – named by the Ancients in Egypt who realized, when the Sun entered the fire sign of Leo at some point in August, it also aligned with the fixed Dog Star of Sirius, lining up with the three stars of Orion’s Belt AND the Sphinx down here on Earth! This timing in 2016 is on August 8th – the Lion’s Gate Portal – embracing the Cosmic HEART energies into your life! This will occur while we undergo the Crescent Moon phase. A lot of what I write about herein is setting us up for the two Eclipses we’ll be experiencing in September. So BE mindful, heartfully and intentionally, this Moon cycle, of what you WISH to manifest for you these next 3.5 years of Life Experience…

What does this mean for you and me? Read’ll ‘see’ a theme and pattern here…


Fiery Sunset AND Thunderstorm!

As I write this post, the Sun and Moon came together as the New Moon as of 2:44p MDT at 10 degrees of Leo 58′ (so close to 11 degrees!). Where is Leo in your birth chart? This is the focus for all of us, any or all of the following, to experience, avoid, be denial of (your choice!):

  • Love and Romance: what do either of these concepts MEAN, heartfully, to you? What is your heartfelt INTENTION around these subjects, FOR your Life now and 3.5 years into the future? Remember: with Leo – we are either coming from the HEART (love), or we are coming from the EGO (mind) – are you showing up whole-heartedly or just mindfully without heart? Interesting…
  • CREATIVITY: here we learn not only to CREATE our Life IN the NOW moments (not the past nor the future), we also LISTEN with our Hearts as to WHAT IT IS I WISH TO CREATE! Do you know what you wish MORE of and BETTER, FOR YOUR LIFE, now? How well are you listening to YOUR inner wisdom space, hearing the voice of your Higher Self/Creative Self? Thank you Oprah and Deepak Chopra for creating such an awesome and magical 21-day challenge with this theme, for the rest of us to grasp and incorporate into our lives! I’ve been blogging about this for several years now – and they have CREATED a hands-on practice that is easy to follow and incorporate into your own life – if you so choose! What we create (positive and negative) comes right back to us – via circumstance, people, relationships – you name it! If you want BETTER – BE positively HONEST with yourself – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually – then you will show up honestly with Others. And on and on – the ripple effect is amazing! Trust me…
  • Generosity: how are you sharing yourself with others? Is it in a balanced, equal give-and-take way? By standing in your power, empowered, creating a win-win for everyone involved? If not, why not? Another sign of victim-rescue-bullying of the Drama Triangle otherwise…or martyrdom if you aren’t coming from an empowered place within…is it time for you to let this go yet?
  • Celebration with Fun & Play/Children’s Energy: watch a child at play – imagination abounds, glee and joy at just the PROCESS of creating something out of nothing! Return to the wonderment and joy of BEing a dynamic creative and fulfilled BEing of Light that you are! Truly yes you are. So am I. Every moment of the day…and CELEBRATE each glorious sunrise and sunset, the NEW creative day ahead, and then write about it in what I call my CELEBRATION Journal (used to be the Gratitude Journal up until this year). My friend Julie in Vancouver Island suggested we both think of it as a CELEBRATION now, which is MORE than just Gratitude…
  • Determination: allowing yourself, once you KNOW what your WISHES are to CREATE in the moment, to envision these wishes WITH heartfelt INTENTION, determined to ‘see’ it come to fruition within your Life! Without limitations or restrictions or second-guessing…allow your vision to fly up to the Cosmos like a balloon, filled with ALL of your heartfelt wishes and dreams and intentions – that are HEARTFELT, not of Ego-mind origin! There is a difference.
  • Tempering Arrogance: this one we all have issue with – as Human Beings – we cannot live down here on Earth without the Ego (or the Monkey Mind that likes to assist the Ego) to resist change, BE RIGHT/self-righteous, MY way is the BEST because it JUST IS! Etc etc etc…this is all coming from Ego not the heart with Loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness and on and on…do you ‘see’ the difference?
  • Leo Rules, Physically: the back and spine (having the backbone to support your own wishes/dreams of your Truest Self), exhaustion/heat exhaustion (burning the candle from both ends – why?), the HEART! And Inflammation of any or all these areas means you haven’t been listening to your physical body’s needs! This Moon cycle, if you aren’t paying proper attention to yourself, your needs, your physical body’s needs, then any of the areas I’ve already mentioned will be ‘talking to you’ via pain, discomfort etc. If they do, TALK to those areas of your body – ASK them what it is they NEED from you, heartfully, lovingly, and provide it. Don’t ignore it…

Alberta Roses in Bloom on Nose Hill

Coming from a HEARTFELT place WILL MELT negative issues you may encounter/experience this Moon cycle. Invite yourself AND others INTO your heart. Create peaceful solutions, together. Co-creating spaces – all themes I’ve been blogging about since 2009! To push us all along to this end, we will also experience the following:

  • A YOD, the Finger of God, points directly at the Sun/Moon aka New Moon in Leo position, as of today! The two planets that require each of us to LET GO of OLD PATTERNS OF CONDITIONING this Moon cycle, who create the base of this formation, are Pluto Rx (retrograde, inner-directed and therefore personalized transformational energy) within Capricorn (how we look at and expect material gain in our lives, plus focus on reputation, the public aspect of self, goals we set for ourselves for long-term gain) – how do you EMPOWER yourself, create win-win situations vs. power and control struggles Within and Without? Then there are BOTH Neptune Rx and the North Node Rx in Pisces – both are personalized (taking things personally, BEing hypersensitive about it, for a reason!) AND directed to make us ‘SEE’ in ourselves – HOW are you IMAGINING a BETTER and GREATER world/life for yourself despite what came before now for you? OR, are you still stuck on that Old Drama Triangle (from the Old Age of Pisces) of “I’m a Victim, Rescue ME!” Or “I feel Persecuted/Bullied! Help me! DO THIS FOR ME!” Or, “I cannot stand my Victim position, so I’ll just go out there and RESCUE someone else instead!” The latest version of this Drama Triangle we are all dealing with in 2016 has been MARTYRDOM – “I’ll do this on behalf of the rest of the family, the company, the world even! And no matter how much it hurts, or harms, or kills me, I will not refrain from the challenges!” Or words to that effect…thoughts, feelings, behaviours, habits…just saying – we are ALL undergoing rapid changes Within to LET GO OF THESE attitudes and beliefs from our collective past lives we lived within the Age of Pisces. The MORE you LET GO and begin to IMAGINE a magical, creative Life of wonderment and joy that your Soul envisions for you, the sooner you’ll EMPOWER yourself to BE more in the Now, leave the past in the past, and the future to the Unknown, AND empower all of those you interact and relate to daily, in turn! BE the change, BE the peace, BE the love, BE the Co-Creator of YOUR LIFE! This is what LEO and the New Moon are signalling for us now.
  • Grand Trine in Water: this is interesting, very interesting. Three of the Asteroid Goddesses (Juno – Sacred Marriage – in Scorpio + Pallas Athena – Warrior for Equality – in Pisces + Vesta – Home/Hearth/Sexuality with focused intention – in Cancer) within the element of water (feminine gifts of feelings, emotions, intuition, insightfulness, symbols, and allowing yourself to receive all of these) are connected via love lines with one another. How are you allowing yourself to receive any or all of the above, for you? Then honestly stay with it all, deal with it all, forgive and move on, lovingly, with self and others? Huge AHA! moments, watershed moments to come, if you’ve been doing your Inner Self work up until this New Moon. If not, well, could seem like a tsunami hit, all at once. Be aware, BE in the moment, and know we are all undergoing this too! None of us are alone. Ever.
  • MERCURY! Yep, twill be the last and 3rd round of Mercury Rx (retrograde) coming up for us! Hooray! I love this timing, I find information I didn’t know I needed to know (depends on the sign Mercury is travelling through within my chart) AND in Virgo – Mercury (and VENUS!) are setting us up for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 1st (action we’ll take for the next 3.5 years of Life Experience on whatever we decide upon between now and then). A chance for do-overs in conversations, thoughts, ideas, decisions – this is Mercury Rx. HOW we communicate and what we CHOOSE to talk about. Interestingly, Mercury rules Virgo! So yes, we’ll BE in our minds a wee bit. The pre-Mercury Rx Shadow period begins August 10th, with Mercury finally Stationing Rx as of August 31st, then BEing Rx until September 21st (Autumnal Equinox timing!), Stationing Direct again September 22nd, and the post-Mercury Rx Shadow will continue until October 6th. REMEMBER: look at this period as a chance to ‘see’ what you’re saying/thinking/writing/sharing, to whom, and how, and why and when (especially your Inner Talk!), then during the actual Rx period, to whom, why and when do you feel you need to revisit that conversation or shared experience? And once Mercury is Direct again – the decisions you made between now and September 22nd, were they heartfully what you TRULY wanted/desired/ expected/wished for, or not? So again, once Direct, you have another chance to change your mind! Ensure that you keep tabs on major decisions made and when, so you can look back at this timing to ‘see’ how on track you heartfully were, co-creating with your Higher Self/Creative Self, truthfully. Allow Virgo’s Shadow need to BE perfect, to KNOW IT ALL NOW, and to BE of SERVICE beyond the call of duty (!!) to be part of your past responses. BE of Service, heartfully. Look after the health of your physical body, heartfully. BE in service to YOURSELF, creatively, lovingly.
Nose Hill Labyrinth 2016

Nose Hill Park Labyrinth with my Aries friend, Chris, leading!

And: The Leo New Moon calls for a NEW way to be a LEADER, within a team environment. How are you leading by your heart? This is totally different from “wearing your heart on your sleeve” – heartfully, Inside You, what is your motivation towards your intentions? Are you motived from your Ego/Mind or your Soul/Heart? This is the key difference. How are you leading the way, from Within, and for? What is YOUR unique gift to the world, that only you can create and share because You are YOU? Embrace your uniqueness in the world – don’t shrink from it! I will blog about Hilary Clinton, Venus’ synodic journey through Leo since August 2015 and how we women have been letting go of the old, and as of tomorrow (August 3rd) are consciously retrieving the NEW, step by step, as the powerful leaders we truly are! Stay tuned…

I’ve been actively looking for a day job for two years now – Virgo rules the daily job front, and happens to be my Rising Sign (making Mercury the ruler of my birth chart too!) and is the opposite sign to my Pisces Sun/Soul self – have I been embracing my true unique self that has incorporated ALL the experiences, and talents and skills that came along with it all, that are now reduced to my Resume? Am I truly looking for work (in addition to the Astrology, my passion and first love!) that reflects ALL of me? WHERE do I find ME in the work I look for? Interviews I had these last two years did not show the fruition of jobs because I was NOT in the right and proper frame of mind to SHOW UP authentically as ME. Sometimes we show up to BE what we think others want us to BE…we all have done this. I tell this tale to encourage all of us to BE authentic, as much as we can, in EVERY MOMENT, we can. BE honest, trust your heartfelt feelings/intuition, watch for the magic of signs and symbols in your environment that help lead you intuitively to YOUR next step, and CELEBRATE! You, yourself, your life. Always, in All Ways.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Writer | Teacher

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff in July 2016

Leap Day 2016 & 2014…our RESET!

I was talking to a good friend of mine last weekend, zeroing in on Leap Year’s and Day’s, then thought, “Wonder what a chart of a day that only occurs once in 4 years would garner? And to compare it with the Leap Day of the previous 4 years too?” So I did and have it to share with all of you.

Because of how the Earth orbits the Sun, and how the Earth’s axis wobbles, in order to keep our current calendar on target, we must have an extra day every four years to “catch up”. Hence why, over the four years, the timing of the Sun moving into each of the Zodiac signs every month will slowly change from being as early as the 19th or 20th of the month, to being as late as the 23rd of the month! What we all call the “cusp” between signs.

This is also why Easter seems to be “early” or “late” each succeeding year too! So 2016, as a Leap Year, is a RESET year for many reasons!

See the chart below from Leap Day 2014.LeapDay2012

The first items of note is the stellium of planets within the mutable water sign of Pisces (Neptune + Chiron + Pallas + Sun) which also happens to be the apex of a mutable T-square formation from the Moon’s Nodes + the Moon (with South Node in mutable air sign of Gemini in opposition to Juno in mutable fire sign of Sagittarius). T-squares between planets create energetic stress and tension within us, facilitating action for much-needed change – if we are listening and in tune with ourselves. Otherwise, the change happens despite ourselves! Coupled with these mutable signs – going WITH the flow was key!

Neptune sits at 00 degrees Pisces – it had just entered the sign it rules as of February 4th 2012 – a brand NEW CYCLE of connecting with our Spiritual / Divine Self after 165 years! Chiron has assisted with healing the wound of our Spiritual separation from ourselves (aka Ego Mind and Physical Body devoid of our Spirit) since April 2010, giving us two years of figuring this out before Neptune showed up in 2012 to help DISSOLVE the illusion/delusions we were under up until then. We have also been learning to understand ourselves more ENERGETICALLY and SPIRITUALLY – and that one is the other – energetically we are Spiritual. And vice versa. The personal energetic boundaries have caused more sensitivity for all of us, whether we have been conscious of it or not.

Pallas, one of the four faces of the Divine Goddess/Feminine, has been showing us how to engage our Inner Divine Feminine Warrior – male and female alike – to BE compassion, to FEEL feelings, and allow our INTUITION to be seen, heard and/or felt! Think back over these past four years – how has your Inner Life changed from Ego-Self driven to intuitively, feelingly aware? Have you noticed changes in the workplace re: more compassion and assistance from what was there prior? Your home life? Your friends?

Both Nodes are Direct – so we were all focused on accomplishing something certain these past four years. The South Node sits almost exact with the Moon, in Gemini. Not only did we visit our past lives, we also brought forward data and information to be used NOW in new daily habits, intuitive awareness and feeling our way forward. Fears of doing any of this (those unresolved issues from the past) have been coupled with the North Node’s intention to seek our Higher Purpose (Sagittarius) AND marry our Inner Feminine with our Inner Masculine power (Juno) in a sacred marriage. Equal and balanced.

How well have your mastered your Ego-self’s fears thus far? To create an AND to also move forward towards your True Purpose/Mission this lifetime with awareness? Be honest – we are ALWAYS a work in progress. We are NOT 100% perfected yet, so ANY forward-moving progress is cause for HUGE celebration! AND, in the eyes of God, we are ALREADY PERFECT!

This chart shows a Grand Trine in Earth signs from Mars Rx (retrograde) in Virgo (where Jupiter and the North Node are Now in 2016!) and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. Asserting our desire to BE of service and look after the health of our physical bodies (Mars in Virgo) with transforming power/control issues of integrity re: how we go about building our respective material gain (Pluto in Capricorn) with expansion and amplification of creating something solid, via our senses, that is beautiful and from our Truest Purpose (Jupiter in Taurus). Looking back these past four years – what has fallen away (died via Pluto), what has expanded beyond your prior boundaries (Jupiter pushing us past them), and how have you asserted your Inner Warrior, bringing forth that Pioneering self to BE your True Instinctual Self (Mars)?

Saturn sits Rx and at the 29th degree of the cardinal air sign of Libra – inner responsibilities, ending some cycle you’ve been in, that until now has interfered with allowing much-needed CHANGE to BE in partnership with yourself and others. Loving self and others more perhaps? Letting GO of the Old relationships/partnerships that no longer worked?

Lastly, the Vertex (Vx) point of destiny/fated happenings, in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre! Interestingly, this point sends mini love lines to both Saturn @ 29 degrees Libra AND Neptune @ 00 degrees Pisces! We’ve been tying up loose ends/ending a cycle of NOT taking responsibility within our relationships/partnerships AND learning to connect with ourselves more Spiritually/Divinely, in a new way other than religiously! What fateful/destined people and/or circumstances have occurred in your life since February 2012 that have brought much-needed healing, letting go, making room for MORE inner love of self, love of others, and love to the Divine You?

Now let’s look at tomorrow’s Leap Day for 2016!LeapDay2016

Notice I used the same time of day – so the House cusps have the same degrees and signs in both charts. My intuition choose 3:00p MST – don’t ask me logically why. Again, we have a stellium of planets + the South Node in Pisces. Neptune and Chiron continue to dissolve and heal our wounds of separation AND teach us about letting go of the Old Age of Pisces Drama Triangle (victim/rescuer/persecutor or bully) roles that are of no use to us now. The South Node tells me we are still, collectively, resolving issues from our collect pasts about this. BE the victor – not the victim! The Ego-self just LOVES to do “o woe is me!” drama. Pisces rules our addictions and our collective society is addicted to DRAMA! See it on TV and in movies and books. Leave it all there. Take yourself OFF this Triangle and stand in Love and Acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, of Self and Others.

Jupiter Rx + North Node Direct stand in opposition to the Pisces stellium, asking us to expand ourselves beyond those restrictive boundaries we’ve held close for over 2,000 years, to BE of service beyond ourselves (our Ego) and to do so DOWN here on earth! To love our physical bodies as we relearn to love ourselves. The Rx energy personalizes everything, giving us a chance to slow down and think about it all, mull it over and sit with it a while before we take the Action forward destined by the North Node. The Vertex point is once again sitting at the Galactic Centre, bringing forth destined and fated events and people to us to help us move beyond where we now stand. Wonder where we will end up?

Both the Moon and Mars stand in Scorpio, the most private sign in the Zodiac, and a fixed water sign – ice. Mars asks us to Assert ourselves beyond any deeply-held emotional fears of our Ego-self (Scorpio) AND the Moon, sitting at 29 degrees of Scorpio, asks us to END a cycle of old habits re: those fears! Letting GO of OLD HABITS brings space to embrace NEW habits that support the NEW you emerging, despite your fears to do otherwise! Dig deeply to unearth each and every one. Scorpio helps us root it out! Each and every baby step forward with change and trust and faith – it ALL helps us to BE our truer more authentic selves!

Interestingly, the Aries stellium sends a connection to the Scorpio Mars/Moon position, giving us a constant prod to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning! Here Aries, our instinctual self-identity, contains Uranus (unexpected change to BE Free to BE ME!) + Eris shows us how to dispense with our wornout gender roles of the past + the Arabic Part of Fortune, our Joy point, beckons us to BE joyful, to embrace our respective uniqueness from one another AND within each other + Vesta asks us to concentrate our focus ON self, yet not at the exclusion of all others! All work and no play is not BALANCE! We are no longer an Island unto ourselves. We are Individuals living within Community (New Age of Aquarius).

This chart’s T-square figures on the Vertex/Galactic Centre from the Nodes + Jupiter and Chiron specifically. To HEAL our spiritiual disconnect AND expand our boundaries away from the same old/same old service we’ve allowed ourselves to BE stuck within! Bust out of your entrenched ruts about work! Where you work, what you DO for work, HOW you work! Mix it up! Feel your heart’s true desire and follow your intuitive creative hits of insight and TRUST that these new directions (NO MATTER YOUR AGE!!!!) will manifest your dreams (Neptune) and show you the new direction your Soul wishes you to walk into (North Node)!

Having the Vertex on the Galactic Centre tells me we are heeding a Higher Call from On High! Beyond our Galaxy. What IS your Higher Purpose this lifetime? Perhaps the upcoming Eclipses in March will remind you of what you signed up to DO and BE this lifetime? I will write that post soon enough.

Our minds (Mercury) and our Desire Body (Venus) and Inner Feminine Power Warrior (Pallas) all sit within the fixed air sign of Aquarius, the New Age we are in now. Allow your mind to connect with your Future Self, and your Desire Body to feel the CLEAR intentions of what you truly desire in your life, and bring forth the wonderful Inner Feminine Wisdom to receive those insights/signs, feel the intuitive urgings of your Soul/Higher Self, and walk into your Future. Now. It will be interesting to see what we bring forth these next four years!

BE In Love & Light!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

1st QTR Moon in Aries + YOD!


Comet Catalina – composite image by Mark Shelton January 2016

Usually I would tweet about this Moon phase, however I also wanted to talk about Comet Catalina AND the Yod, or Finger of God, that has been activated since the New Moon phase. All together it’s been one whopping week of inner change and Letting GO!

Today, Sunday, January 17th, the Comet Catalina is closest to Earth since she was discovered coming our way back in October 2013! She is winging her way past the Handle stars of the Big Dipper. This set of stars is called a asterism and is not considered a constellation. The stars therein are actually connected to three other constellations: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Draco the Dragon. Together, circling round Polaris, our Pole Star, they create an image long known by the ancients as the Goddess and the Dragon! They thought of this area of the sky to be the Birth place of all goddesses, the Mothers of Earth and Cosmos. Are we now experiencing the Rebirth of the Divine Goddess, Divine Feminine power energy once more?

The planet Venus began a new 8-year journey as of August 22, 2015 within LEO. At the same time the fixed star, Regulus, the heart of the Lion, moved from being in the sign of Leo for all these thousands of years (!!) into Virgo! Both were escorted by Jupiter in Virgo too. Another rare event, to have this planet of expansion and amplification bring forth:

  1. the birth of Venus as a Morning Star, within LEO – royalty, leadership, Love/Loving, leading by example, creating from the heart, romance, Inner Child, children, and a return to having fun and playing (Child of Innocence) –
  2. AND a sign change by Regulus, a Royal Star, depicting a noble mind, frankness and courage. Methinks Hilary Clinton may well get in as the new US President in 2016 – time will tell. I expect there will be more new feminine leaders too within these next eight years. Our province of Alberta here in Canada had a total change in party government, the NDP, and majority of the people running this government are female! A re-balancing is definitely coming forth to everyone here on Earth.

Jupiter has stationed Rx (Retrograde) as of January 8th, bringing her energy inward, personalizing everything since. Me-directed right now. I mention Jupiter Rx because both Jupiter and the North Node Rx are in VIRGO – the Virginal Goddess – a woman with means, education, intelligence, and the means to look after herself. Not being kept or controlled by anyone. She is her own person, able to move freely, speak freely, and BE of service as she chose. The original meaning of Virgo o so long ago.

Jupiter Rx and North Node Rx at 23 degrees of Virgo are the Finger, or Yod, apex within this Moon cycle’s chart. We are all heading toward expanding the True North direction of the service we are all respectively bringing to the world this Moon cycle. We will know better what that is and will be by the Last QTR Moon phase.

Yod Finger of God 2016A Yod brings angles of planets together whereby we are all challenged to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning! And this could very well be 1,000’s of years-worth! Hence all the sickness of late – people letting go physically of what was getting in the way before now to be able to EMBRACE our Divine Inner Beloved – feminine or masculine – power energy. Within a BALANCED way – not patriarchy or matriarchy – BALANCE of BOTH for now on.

The other planets that form this Yod have already been activated within the first two Moon phases of this cycle! No wonder it feels like we’ve been dealing with a LOT since January 9th. These planets/asteroids are:

  • Ceres at 22 degrees Aquarius 55 minutes: first activated between New Moon January 9th and Crescent Moon January 13th. How we nurture our Future Self (Aquarius) and receive all the Future Insights we download from that Future Self on a daily basis! Look for Aquarius in your chart – in what House of Life Experience does it reside? This is where and what Future Knowledge is coming at you, via Ceres. It is also represents any old patterns of conditioning that you’ve been hanging onto that PREVENT you from embracing these insights, let alone receiving them! Aquarius is a fixed sign – somewhat stubborn and not easily changeable, unless it is their idea! Aquarius beckons us to BE our true authentic self AND humanitarians within our respective community. What is it you needed to Let Go of prior to the Light coming forth via the Crescent Moon? What have you been in the Dark about re: your true self? Just FEAR of BEing you? Showing your true You to others? Standing UP as you?
  • Since the Crescent Moon phase – whereby with more Light emerging we ‘see’ what needs to change and be let go of from the OLD me so that more of the NEW me can show itself – and just before Saturday’s 1st QTR Moon at 26 degrees of Aries 16′ as at 4:27p MSTERIS Rx was activated at 22 degrees Aries 18 minutes, the second arm of this YOD, requiring us to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning. Aries brings instinctual action/reaction, warrior/pioneer energy, BEing in your physical body, and your self-identity – who am I? And how do I SHOW myself to Others (especially within my physical body aka how I dress, wear my hair, show body language)? Aries can be impatient, angry, almost war-like. Ruled by Mars, we can come to blows with ourselves and others. ERIS is sister to Mars – she will stand up for what she believes in, to the death if necessary! Let’s not go that far, shall we? How about noticing the gender-role changes that have been affecting all of us since June 2012. No more ‘women do this’ and ‘men do that’. Now it is: we ALL do this! We are ALL connected. Identity-crises have been abundant these past 3.5 years for all males and females alike. Whew! Again, what patterns of OLD conditioning are you letting go?
  • The 1st QTR Square Moon phase also in Aries continues to activate Eris Rx’s position. This Moon phase brings some sort of CRISIS of ACTION – first off – to ACT or NOT to ACT? Then, what action? Because we are taking a NEW step away from something we’ve held dear for many a year/lifetime! Something our Ego-Shadow self deems necessary to keep to stay alive. Not so. Aries like to BE independent. Perhaps asking for HELP may be in order? And from the opposite sex? Hhhmmm…not to say you aren’t capable with the current situation/circumstance etc. We are saying it is time to DELEGATE and ask for help! BE part of Community (Aquarius) and work TOGETHER! THIS is the new talent/skill we are all learning from Ceres in Aquarius and Eris in Aries working together (not apart, alone or isolated). The MORE we allow these two players’ energies to work WITH and TOGETHER within us and our life this Moon cycle, the MORE positive energy/action/domino effect will be released into the position where Jupiter Rx and the North Node Rx in Virgo reside in your chart. BEing of Service in the mundane world of Earth. How much unemployment has there been these past 5+ years all over the world? And especially since the drop in the value of the barrel of oil? It is TIME to work together to create something NEW (Aries is another cardinal sign – initiating the NEW). And as always, birth pangs ensue while we rebirth ourselves through yet more change….
  • The RE-ACTION Point will reside at 23 degrees of Pisces! Here our Ego-Shadow will run, not walk, to the Drama Triangle, smack dab into the South Node position (!!) of OLD habits and skills, of BEing victim, wanting to BE rescued or BEing the rescuer, or feeling persecuted or BEing the persecutor (bully)! LOL! O well Ego-Shadow, I love you, I forgive you, and thank you for yet again needing that Drama in your life! Interesting how Pisces rules the oil and gas industry too….hhhmmm….any drama happening whilst people watch the downward spiral of oil prices? Alarm? Anger? Fear perhaps? Hhhhmmm…what to do, what to do?

The key here is to BE aware of your Ego-Shadow’s escapism methods, denial methods, and resistance methods. The LOUDER they are and the FEAR is, the more you know you are moving in the right direction! Yay! Ego does not like change of any kind. Especially when it means a change in BEing, DOing or ACTing. Use the intent that any of these old patterns of resistance you’ve been holding onto are tossed up to Comet Catalina’s tail – she will wing them away, never to return! Then,





To BECOME…your Best You Yet!

Blessed BE!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer

Photo Credits: Comet Catalina via EarthSkyNews; Yod chart by Rainbows and Astrology

Comet Lovejoy’s Journey Blog Series…

Comet Lovejoy Schur Jan 18 2015

Comet Lovejoy Schur Jan 18 2015

It is now February 2015 and Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) has been travelling between the orbits of Mars and Earth since it was discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy August 17, 2014. The comet had an orbit of 11,500 years before it came into our planetary region (around 1950). Its return journey has been truncated to 8,000 years due to the planetary perturbations of our solar system. Comet Lovejoy will leave our planetary region around 2050 and return in about 8,000 years.

Essentially, five years after WWII, this comet has been showering us with “Love and Joy” from afar, bringing it closer, and louder, to us now in 2014/2015, just in time to view the machinations of the wars in the Middle East that have been steadily growing louder themselves since the Gulf War of 1990/91.

Another interesting note: Jupiter’s journey through Leo (that open heart surgery I keep talking about) began as of August (!) last year. The previous transit of Jupiter through Leo was back in 2002/2003; and previous to that it was 1990/91! Leo signifies leadership, royalty, ego/arrogance, heartfelt love of self and others, and what we are creating along the way.Jupiter How significant is it that Jupiter’s expansive and magnifying energy through Leo coincides with wars? Is the Cosmos knocking on the collective doors of our world leaders, asking, “When will you decide to lay down your weapons and just LOVE one another?” Notice how the planetary cycles mirror our human evolution towards a more inner, and outer, loving way of treating each other. I love Astrology!

In 1950, when Comet Lovejoy entered our planetary region, Jupiter travelled through Aquarius (Air sign, our insights/ideas from our Future selves) and then Pisces (Water sign, our Divine/Spiritual selves, moving beyond the Ego self). Remember: Aquarius is the opposite sign to Leo (where Jupiter is now). We have to view our inner opposites AND where we are now to embrace BOTH. We ARE both. Jupiter rules seeking our Higher Truth about WHY we are here…are we finally waking up yet? Also the religions of the world come into play through Jupiter. Interesting…

This shows us part of the ROOT of Comet Lovejoy’s message to us now in 2015: connect with original ideas that work for the collective humanity AND embrace your eternal Spiritual selves to create a New Earth down the road. Unconsciously, and collectively, this is how we have been evolving, taking baby steps along the way! As humans we don’t always “get it” the first time, do we?

Beach Estates Park, ROOTS, March 2013

Beach Estates Park, ROOTS, March 2013

According to Astronomy Now, Comet Lovejoy is a long-period comet and can be seen by the naked eye the closer it is to Earth. It has a dual tail 5 degrees long and the coma is a marvellous shade of bright green. It seems this comet has already survived a previous trip to our Sun! Long-lived Lovejoy to be sure!

Until now Comet Lovejoy’s path was easily tracked by astronomers in our southern hemisphere; as of January the comet is moving north and west about 1-2 degrees a day. Those of us living in the northern hemisphere are now better able to view Lovejoy’s journey anytime after 8 pm looking south. Start with Orion’s belt (3 stars pointing NE) and move up to the Pleiades, then east from there. Comet Lovejoy, and our Moon, have travelled past several constellations and certain Fixed Stars since 2014. Here are the dates leading up to, and including, today as follows:

  • Late December 2014: Comet moved through the constellation Lepus, The Hare
  • December 31, 2014: moved past Sirius (13 degrees Cancer 24′) of the Canis Major constellation
  • January 2: coming up to the Full Moon in Cancer, Moon conjunct Rigel at sunset EDT
  • January 3: Moon conjunct Mintaka (22 degrees Gemini 37′) in Orion’s Belt at 3 a.m. EDT, then conjunct Betelgeuse (28 degrees Gemini 58) at sunset EDT, also in Orion.
  • January 4: Full Moon – astrologically in Cancer (14 degrees 31′) conjunct Sirius
  • January 5: was 11 degrees west (right) of Rigel (16 degrees Gemini 08′) of the Orion constellation [NB: the Moon and Comet Lovejoy switched places between December 31 and January 5th, both connecting with Rigel and Sirius!]
  • January 7: comet was closest to the Earth and moved through the stars of Eridanus, The River constellation.
  • January 9: comet crossed the celestial equator and moved north into the constellation of Taurus
  • January 16: moved into the constellation of Aries
  • January 18: passed approximately 9 degrees away from the Pleiades (Alcyone, brightest star, at 29 degrees Taurus 18′)
  • January 20: New Moon – astrologically in Aquarius – 00 degrees 09′
  • January 25: comet moved into the constellation of Triangulum (just south of constellation Andromeda)
  • January 30: Comet reached perihelion (closest to the Sun)
  • February 3: Full Moon – astrologically in Leo (14 degrees 48′) near Jupiter (18 degrees Leo 00′ Rx), and then Regulus (constellation of Leo, at 29 degrees Leo 08′) by February 4th.
  • February 4: comet in close conjunction with the double star Almach (14 degrees Taurus 27′) of the Andromeda constellation
24C304FB00000578-2913322 Comet Lovejoy

24C304FB00000578-2913322 Comet Lovejoy

According to Rod Chang, Astro Dienst, the Ancients considered comets to be portents of huge change and significance, bringing weather changes (drought, earthquakes, tsunamis etc) famine or death. Comets would draw fear and horror to the surface of the collective unconscious to be released as the comet orbited the skies. What fears have you been aware of since August 17, 2014, growing louder and louder since the beginning of this year? Interesting to note and keep in mind…

Ancient Astrologers paid attention to the shape and colour of the comet to determine their properties, comparing them to the colours of the planets within our solar system. If it had a grey tone they viewed it similarly to Saturn, and its influence of contraction, responsibility and goal-setting, as an example What does the green coma of Comet Lovejoy portend to us now? This comet has so far moved through the astrological signs of:

  • Cancer (water sign, about family and nurturance, since late December),
  • Gemini (air sign, gathering data and sharing it, as of January 5) and
  • now in Taurus (earth sign, using ALL of our senses in practical ways to create beauty, since January 18 until now) and
  • is about to enter the sign of Aries (fire sign, all about ME, Myself and I to the exclusion of all others, at the extreme). Mars rules Aries – will there be more war? Or pioneering of a better way to end current ideologies/dogmas that are extreme, killing people all over the world?

I look at the natural wheel of the Zodiac and see Comet Lovejoy’s path is like the Moon’s Nodes, moving backward through the signs. Cancer rules the 4th House of home and hearth, family and lineage of nurturance; Gemini rules the 3rd House of siblings, our local peeps we interact with daily; Taurus rules the 2nd House of money, values and worthiness; and Aries rules the 1st House of our self-identity and physical body. How we present ourselves to others. What have we learned from these areas of life since Comet Lovejoy’s consciousness-awakening arrival back on August 17, 2014?



Returning to 1950, when Comet Lovejoy sailed into our solar system: Pluto, the Great Transformer, started the year Rx (retrograde) in LEO (at 17 degrees Leo 48′) and by December 31st was Direct again at 19 degrees Leo 31′. Yesterday’s Full Moon (at 14 degrees Leo 08′) had Jupiter at 18 degrees Leo 00′, Rx too. The fixed star Regulus, of the constellation Leo, as of today, is conjunct both the Moon and Jupiter, all in the astrological sign of Leo. Regulus was one of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia (!) linked with success without revenge. It is the HEART of the Lion and its energy is like Mars and Jupiter – Mars can be assertive or warlike; Jupiter expands and magnifies for good or ill. Do you see all the astrological coincidences here? Moon + Jupiter + Regulus all conjunct in Leo; and harking back in time, echoing the placement of Pluto in 1950 almost exactly…

Since 1950 Pluto has heralded the Ego’s Life-Death-Rebirth via Comet Lovejoy’s journey through our solar system. In Leo (fire) bringing forth leaders and leadership: are you coming from the Heart or from Ego? Pluto pulls back the carpet of what we have hidden from ourselves, deeply personal and emotional fears, all related to the collective EGO self. This current Full Moon in Leo, and the ties brought forth from the past via Comet Lovejoy, indeed heralds a portentous time of choice. War or Peace? War and Peace? How about just Peace?

Zodiac Sign of Leo

Zodiac Sign of Leo

Will it take us until 2050 to figure it all out? Will Persia finally lay down its arms? And today, how are YOU warring within and without? What do YOU need to lay down, finally, to rest? Where in your charts does Leo lie, especially the coordinates of 14 to 19 degrees of Leo? As you look at the Full Moon (still in play today and tomorrow) ask for guidance from the planets and Comet Lovejoy to BRING more peace and love to you and your life, from the inside, out.

Before I leave this page, I must return to Sirius and Rigel. The Egyptians embraced these two stars: so the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx are a part of this journey too. Stay tuned for more information later on.

Camels @ Giza Oct 23, 2011

Camels @ Giza Oct 23, 2011

Post written by: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher, Facilitator

CREDITS: data culled from numerous astronomy sites (The Sky Live, Astronomy Now, Earth Sky Sky & Telescope), Astrological sites/sources (Celestial Timings, Sky Maiden Musings and Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars), and Wikipedia. Thank you!

Scenic pictures taken by (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff; Comet pictures from astronomy sites; planetary pictures and glyphs from Google Images

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