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Full Moon in Cancer: Spotlight on Initiating Caring & Nurturing Cycle

Today’s Full Moon begins at 10:50am MST with the Moon + Sun sitting opposite each other at the celestial longitude of 00 degrees of Cancer 50′ / 00 degrees of Capricorn 50′, respectively.

IMG_176400 degrees of a Cardinal sign means the beginning of a New Cycle. The Moon represents our Emotional Body, daily habits, following our intuition, listening and responding to our emotions/feelings, and how we nurture all of this. The Sacred Feminine attributes.

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore this Full Moon in Cancer is MORE of all of the above. Loud and clear.

The Sun represents our Soul self, the vital and active principal of how we DO our BEing. Here our Sacred Masculine attributes are in play. Spiritual inSPIRed action, as we follow our intuition and feel our feelings – what heartfully DO you want for YOU?

Each Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION – a spotlight turned on Within self as we become conscious of what it is our Soul Self (Sun) wishes us to know and BE more. The Full Moon reflects the unconscious desires of our Soul every Full Moon. What have you been Unconscious of Within that you are now Conscious of?

Interestingly, we began 2018 with the Supermoon Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees Cancer 38′ of celestial longitude. During 2018 (an 11 or Master Number year for all of us) we’ve been forced into the Illumination of Caring & Nurturing – for self and others – ALL YEAR LONG. Have you been listening to your Inner Self’s needs? What action have you taken in 2018 as a result?

IMG_2366And now, almost full circle, we have a unique opportunity to REVIEW 2018 under a more sensitive, caring, feeling and intuitive lens. Where were you, Emotionally and Soulfully, January 1st? What have you experienced this year within that spotlight of Consciousness? How conscious were you, truly, listening to your Emotional Body’s needs? Following your intuitive hits of insights, seeing the symbols and symbolism from Nature, coincidental occurrences and so-called random encounters with new relationships, partnerships and affiliations?

All year, throughout 2018, we’ve been operating, Emotionally, under the spotlight of our Soul’s Unconscious Desires to BE nurtured, cared for, loved, with compassion, forgiveness and true empathy. Can you ‘see’ now, as you look back over this year, how the happenings and experiences within your life has all been in aid of letting go of that hard outer shell of protectionism, to ‘see’ your Soul’s true desire – to Love and Be Loved – just as you already are?


Waiting for Santa Dec 12th

Our family has experienced the death of 2 close family members and 2 close friends this year. Within the last 5 years I have lost a parent, 2 sets of aunts/uncles, a favourite aunt, 2 close friends who were like sisters to me, and recently, a sister. I have moved from Nanaimo, to Calgary and now to Okotoks. I have released working for others to now administrate and steer my own Astrology business 100%. I have made many new connections and friends and partnerships that ebbed and flowed this year. And no matter that I haven’t physically seen my friends on Vancouver Island these past 5 years – we are connected, always and in All Ways. Just as I am still connected with all of my loved ones who have passed over. They visit from time to time to remind me how much I am loved and beloved.

The key review for me is after all the caregiving for others these past 5 years – it truly is TIME to turn the spotlight of caring, nurturing and following my feelings, intuition and insights ON ME. The self-nurturance piece is what we all need to embrace. This is what the Full Moon in Cancer that began 2018, and this current one ending 2018, have been, and are, reminding all of us. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE. Emotionally embrace your Soul’s Unconscious Desires to this end!

The Sabian Symbol (from: The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill, 1995) for today’s Full Moon in Cancer is:

  • Key symbolism: This marks a real turning point. There needs to be a symbolic gesture or expression of the change of allegiance. Although this may be a decision of the collective, each individual can gain glory in the action. Changing one’s loyalties. Coming to a turning point in one’s obligations or duties. Announcing new standards.
  • Shadow: Too quick to reject the old just for the sake of change. Fickleness.

Look Within, as you stand in your spotlight, review where you were January 1st, what you’ve experienced, felt, and embraced throughout 2018. Now ‘see’ and feel where you are today. What allegiances have changed Within you? Those obligations/duties – has there been a turning point? What are your new standards – for you – and how are you announcing them to others in your life?

IMG_1579More importantly: how have the changes, decisions and experiences brought forth SOULfull change vs. Ego-Self change? Ahhhhh…..yes….are you truly loyal to your Soul’s Unconscious Desires yet? Take time these next several days, within this Full Moon phase, to truly BE with yourself, DO what you truly DESIRE to do, for you. SEE what 2018 has been wishing for you all along.

Namaste & Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker |Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Jupiter Moves into Sagittarius: Mindful Seeker of Purpose!

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter 164, ruler of Sagittarius Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 - August 25, 2017 and our 9th House of Life Experience, entered into Sagittarius. That was November 24, 2006 until December 18, 2007. Where were you then? What were you seeking? Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart? This will be the House of Life Experience from which you seek your Higher Purpose. This is where you fling your arrow of Intention out into the world – which is the energy of this mutable fire sign, Sagittarius – being seen out in the larger world.

New Moon in Gemini: Connections & NegotiationsEvery 12 years we experience a renewal of purpose, abundance, and a need to expand known boundaries – personally, professionally, privately, publicly. This is called, in Astrology, a Jupiter Return – where Jupiter returns to the place it was in at your birth – its natal position in your birth chart. For those born with Jupiter in Sagittarius – yes, at some point this next year (anywhere between November 8, 2018 and December 2, 2019) you will experience your Jupiter Return.

For the rest of us, Jupiter, as of 5:39 AM MST today, is activating the House(s) of Life Experience in which Sagittarius resides in our respective birth charts. Jupiter is joy/jovial, uplifting and expansive – takes us beyond current boundaries we’ve constructed around our lives, that keeps our Ego-self feeling safe, secure and stable. Jupiter belies that belief of safety is best – is all about beliefs! And its mission: to go beyond where the Ego-self feared to roam!

Within Sagittarius, we’ll encounter new themes (compared to all the hidden secrets that were unearthed last year 2017/2018 publicly re the sexual abuses of power – all Scorpio themes – while Jupiter traveled through that fixed water sign) as we move away from the deeply hidden fears/emotions of Scorpio that had kept us from moving up and out, into the mutable fire of going with the flow by taking action beyond our safe locale – connecting globally, with purpose and a strong belief that yes, I do have purpose and can act for the good of all! Religious beliefs, philosophies, long-distance travels and connecting with other cultures this next year will be key for everyone. More global connections compared to 12 years ago!

f920a-egret2bon2bthe2bnileThere is a water Grand Trine connecting Jupiter with the New Moon in Scorpio + North Node in Cancer + Chiron Rx in Pisces – bringing forth much-needed HEALING regarding our SPIRITUAL PRACTICES & BELIEFS! This next year will either be full of Drama (via that Drama Triangle of victim thinking / wanting to be rescued/doing the rescuing / feeling bullied/persecuted) OR we’ll successfully take ourselves OFF that role-play via meditation/spiritual awakening to bring forth Love, Acceptance & Compassion for All. Now wouldn’t this be a great gift to offer the world?

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, we could take creative/spiritual action for others so far that we forget ourselves in the mix! Are you doing this action for YOU and Others, or just for the underdog? Remember yourself in the action – are you heartfully certain that you believe in ALL that is expected of you, from others? Or are you doing it all for an Ego-self lift? To be the Hero?

The archetypes we’ll encounter within Sagittarius could be any or all of the following:

  • ZEUS (Greek king of the Olympian gods)
  • JUPITER (Roman king of same)

According to Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., Astrologer, the Jupiter archetype was called the Great Benefic, related to Fortuna and Providence. Major aspects involving Jupiter tend to indicate the nature of one’s experience of personal expansion, growth, and success in all realms of life, as well as how impulses in these directions might be EXCESSIVE.

2018 March Snows! 004Be aware of excessive spending, eating, doing, talking etc. – depends where you have Sagittarius in your chart. If it is your Rising Sign – watch out for weight gain! Or perhaps, for all of us, the need, energetically, to physically MOVE the body – Jupiter rules fluid enrichment, nutrition, putting on weight, the liver, gallbladder, lungs, swellings and glycogen balance. Sagittarius rules the muscular system, your thighs and lumbar region. That fire energy needs to GO somewhere – better to physically move or creatively create vs. eating, drinking, gambling etc.

All in all – we are done with the tour of duty through the deep waters of emotion/fears that Jupiter brought to the surface 2017/2018. Now we have the FIRE to act, create, envision, speak up with others, study new philosophies/areas, travel globally to places we didn’t dare to before now.

What were you doing back in 2006/07 – and where did it take you? Compare that to now – what went unfinished/untried due to Ego-self fears to expand, leave your safe place? Are those things/experiences left undone 12 years ago still part of your Bucket List of To Do’s? Or do you have a whole raft of NEW Things To Do? And will you do them, or won’t you? ‘Tis all up to you…


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff; Glyphs from Dover Electronic Clip Art

Spring Into Action – New Moon in Aries, March 27, 2017

I thought I’d write my first post for my new blog on this action-oriented, taking New Steps, day – the New Moon in Aries – today!

The Sun entered Aries on March 20th at 4:37a MDT creating the Vernal Equinox timing – the start of Spring (yay!) We here in Canada have had quite the winter and seeing the shoots of tulips, crocuses, daffodils and other Spring flowers is heartening! The Vernal Equinox brought equal hours of day and night / light and dark. Between now and June 20th (Summer Solstice) the Sun brings 3′ more of light to us each day – yay!

Today’s New Moon begins at 8:57p MDT at the celestial longitude of 07 degrees of Aries 37′ – which tells us WHERE in our birth charts this New Moon cycle will activate and energize within our respective lives.

Each New Moon signals a brand new Moon cycle with both the Sun and Moon sitting in the same location in the sky. The New Moon phase signals new action, initiating something new in your life and you may not be fully conscious of what this is until the Full Moon phase (occurs April 11th).

Each Moon cycle lasts approximately 28 – 29 days, ending with the Balsamic Moon phase where we let go of something our Ego-self has held onto up until now, to be followed with another New Moon and Moon cycle.

Today’s New Moon in Aries brings forth the following themes we’ll be working with until the end of April 25th:

  • Action! Assertively or aggressively – standing up for yourself in some regard, or deciding to DO those tasks you’ve only thought about before now – what is it you’ve been putting off DOing? 
  • Courage! Gulp…do I truly have what it takes to make this giant leap into something NEW and SHINY that I’ve dreamed of doing “sometime”? Has “sometime” caught up with you, and NOW is the time to take action? Take a sip from your Cup of Courage and step out into the world the way you need to for you!
  • Pioneering! Some new aspect of YOU, your true inner you, wants to burst forth like those Spring flowers I already wrote of! Aries helps all of us to reveal yet another aspect of Self, in some regard, and will show itself at some point this Moon cycle. What part of yourself have you been holding back, afraid to share with the rest of the world before now?
  • Self – All About ME! This Moon cycle it’s all about ME – taking care of my own business – personally, professionally – however that looks for you. What is it YOU want in your life? Take action steps toward it NOW! Perhaps this Moon cycle will help you discover what that “ants in your pants” pent-up energy is truly telling you – to DO! Take time to figure it out this Moon cycle.
  • Independence! Here we see how we need to rely on Self rather than Others more. Go out with yourself, by yourself, and feel that incredible feeling of freedom – just BEing with Me, Myself and I. What are your thoughts? How do you feel? What do you want to do – by yourself? Does it scare you to be alone? With yourself and your own thoughts/feelings? Why? Use this Moon cycle to discover/uncover the ‘why’ of this. Let go of those fears of stepping out on your own.
  • Self-Absorption to the Max! Here’s a wee bit of the Shadow side of Aries coming forth – way too MUCH of ‘Me, Myself and I’ whereby it’s All About Me vs. inter-relating and inter-acting with Others! We are not an Island – we are social beings who learn more about ourselves because of other people in our lives. AND we also need our alone time to think our own thoughts, feel our own feelings, know what WE want. Create an ‘AND’ here – balance it out.
  • Physical Body Rulership! Aries rules the head, face, scalp, acne, eyes, headaches and dizziness. If any of these areas of your body come into play this Moon cycle – what are they telling you? Aries is cardinal fire – needing to create something NEW AND Take Action on it! If you don’t allow this new fountain of energy to have positive release you may create headaches or acne or feel your eyes are inflamed or have that itchy scalp that isn’t dandruff – all ways the physical body tries to get our attention that we’re not DOing enough of what our true Inner Self needs! 
The Aries ACTION can be any or all of the following:
  • Physical exercise – walk, run, climb, cycle, drive – DO something physical – the energy of Aries needs to be expressed – DO it – rather than think about it!
  • DOing something – this can be any ACTION – making those calls you’ve been putting off, networking, taking a class, changing jobs, ending a relationship that no longer supports who you truly are now – something NEW is emerging from Within you – what is it telling you to DO, change, or become?
  • Know Thyself – here Aries via the Inner Warrior and Pioneer archetypes brings forth inner knowingness that confirms “THIS is who I am! THIS is what I need! THIS is what I want!” For now…take advantage of this forward moving energy – launch yourself up and out of the Winter hibernation – get physical, get out of the house, get onto social media, get face-to-face with what YOU desire and need for you, then look for others who can assist you with Next Steps!
The other items of note for this Moon cycle will be:
  • Mercury turns Retrograde (!) as of April 10th at 04 degrees of Taurus 50′ and will go back into Aries April 21st and turns Direct again May 4th at 24 degrees of Aries 17′. I will write my next post in more detail about this second round of our annual journey with Mercury giving us a chance to turn OFF the logical brain in order to use our creative, ‘think outside the box’ brain for 3 weeks! Stay tuned!
  • Venus stations Direct again April 15th after being Retrograde since March 4th (in Aries and a bit of Pisces!) creating Inner Desires that have been simmering on the back burner all this time. All those bright ideas of what you truly desire will bubble up and out as of April 15th, joining this New Moon energy of DOing something New!
  • Saturn, who’s been in Sagittarius since September 19, 2015, will turn Retrograde too on April 6th at 27 degrees Sagittarius 48′ AND this is also where the Galactic Centre resides! So expect some Cosmic help here re: the ACTION you need to take within the INNER world of you! Sagittarius is all about expanding your usual boundaries, seeking your higher truth as to the WHY of your life, now, and where you wish to head in the near future. Exploration. Philosophical moments. Taking courses, go back to school in some regard (literally or figuratively). Saturn asks us to take responsibility for our actions/non-actions, set goals to move forward with.
  • Pluto turns Retrograde too April 21st at 19 degrees Capricorn 24′. Since 2008 Pluto’s been transforming the integrity of our collective economies, money / debt issues, greed and power and control issues. How’s your integrity when it comes to money? What lengths will you go to, when money is tight, to keep food on the table? Will you keep your integrity? How far will you go to have money in your pocket? Most of us have seen major shifts and changes in how we manifest money from work, jobs, becoming self-employed – or unemployed – since 2008. Where are you at with all of this? What are your next steps? Pluto’s transformative energy now turns Inward for each of us – making things personal, close to home. Will you take what comes personally, or in stride to create much-needed change in your life? Have you been sitting on the fence, refusing to change your actions? Pluto can be a wake-up call to TAKE action, deep Within, to change habits and deeds for the better. Letting go is change too! Capricorn represents our material gain in our life – how we gain materially from the world. What does this mean to you in your life?
That’s enough for now, eh? Stay tuned for more lively posts re: the wonderful world of Astrology and how it can assist in making sense of the WHY of what’s occurring in our respective lives!
If your Aries’ curiousity comes forth, desiring to know MORE about Astrology and your own birth chart, I invite you to contact me for a reading:
Call Laurie Rae: 1-587-353-8085 in Calgary, AB Canada
Email Laurie Rae: myhouseofastrology ‘at’ 
(you know what to do with the ‘at’!)
Thanks for joining me today, in My House of Astrology! I’ve enjoyed sitting with you chatting about this New Moon cycle. I invite you to stayed tuned to more discussion about how the current planetary cycles are sending us opportunities and energy to keep us going onward and upward! Sign up for my posts via your email address here on my blogsite!
Photo Credits: Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff 2012

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