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Jupiter Moves into Sagittarius: Mindful Seeker of Purpose!

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter 164, ruler of Sagittarius Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 - August 25, 2017 and our 9th House of Life Experience, entered into Sagittarius. That was November 24, 2006 until December 18, 2007. Where were you then? What were you seeking? Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart? This will be the House of Life Experience from which you seek your Higher Purpose. This is where you fling your arrow of Intention out into the world – which is the energy of this mutable fire sign, Sagittarius – being seen out in the larger world.

New Moon in Gemini: Connections & NegotiationsEvery 12 years we experience a renewal of purpose, abundance, and a need to expand known boundaries – personally, professionally, privately, publicly. This is called, in Astrology, a Jupiter Return – where Jupiter returns to the place it was in at your birth – its natal position in your birth chart. For those born with Jupiter in Sagittarius – yes, at some point this next year (anywhere between November 8, 2018 and December 2, 2019) you will experience your Jupiter Return.

For the rest of us, Jupiter, as of 5:39 AM MST today, is activating the House(s) of Life Experience in which Sagittarius resides in our respective birth charts. Jupiter is joy/jovial, uplifting and expansive – takes us beyond current boundaries we’ve constructed around our lives, that keeps our Ego-self feeling safe, secure and stable. Jupiter belies that belief of safety is best – is all about beliefs! And its mission: to go beyond where the Ego-self feared to roam!

Within Sagittarius, we’ll encounter new themes (compared to all the hidden secrets that were unearthed last year 2017/2018 publicly re the sexual abuses of power – all Scorpio themes – while Jupiter traveled through that fixed water sign) as we move away from the deeply hidden fears/emotions of Scorpio that had kept us from moving up and out, into the mutable fire of going with the flow by taking action beyond our safe locale – connecting globally, with purpose and a strong belief that yes, I do have purpose and can act for the good of all! Religious beliefs, philosophies, long-distance travels and connecting with other cultures this next year will be key for everyone. More global connections compared to 12 years ago!

f920a-egret2bon2bthe2bnileThere is a water Grand Trine connecting Jupiter with the New Moon in Scorpio + North Node in Cancer + Chiron Rx in Pisces – bringing forth much-needed HEALING regarding our SPIRITUAL PRACTICES & BELIEFS! This next year will either be full of Drama (via that Drama Triangle of victim thinking / wanting to be rescued/doing the rescuing / feeling bullied/persecuted) OR we’ll successfully take ourselves OFF that role-play via meditation/spiritual awakening to bring forth Love, Acceptance & Compassion for All. Now wouldn’t this be a great gift to offer the world?

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, we could take creative/spiritual action for others so far that we forget ourselves in the mix! Are you doing this action for YOU and Others, or just for the underdog? Remember yourself in the action – are you heartfully certain that you believe in ALL that is expected of you, from others? Or are you doing it all for an Ego-self lift? To be the Hero?

The archetypes we’ll encounter within Sagittarius could be any or all of the following:

  • ZEUS (Greek king of the Olympian gods)
  • JUPITER (Roman king of same)

According to Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., Astrologer, the Jupiter archetype was called the Great Benefic, related to Fortuna and Providence. Major aspects involving Jupiter tend to indicate the nature of one’s experience of personal expansion, growth, and success in all realms of life, as well as how impulses in these directions might be EXCESSIVE.

2018 March Snows! 004Be aware of excessive spending, eating, doing, talking etc. – depends where you have Sagittarius in your chart. If it is your Rising Sign – watch out for weight gain! Or perhaps, for all of us, the need, energetically, to physically MOVE the body – Jupiter rules fluid enrichment, nutrition, putting on weight, the liver, gallbladder, lungs, swellings and glycogen balance. Sagittarius rules the muscular system, your thighs and lumbar region. That fire energy needs to GO somewhere – better to physically move or creatively create vs. eating, drinking, gambling etc.

All in all – we are done with the tour of duty through the deep waters of emotion/fears that Jupiter brought to the surface 2017/2018. Now we have the FIRE to act, create, envision, speak up with others, study new philosophies/areas, travel globally to places we didn’t dare to before now.

What were you doing back in 2006/07 – and where did it take you? Compare that to now – what went unfinished/untried due to Ego-self fears to expand, leave your safe place? Are those things/experiences left undone 12 years ago still part of your Bucket List of To Do’s? Or do you have a whole raft of NEW Things To Do? And will you do them, or won’t you? ‘Tis all up to you…


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff; Glyphs from Dover Electronic Clip Art

Full Moon in Taurus: Unexpected Hands-on Change – Are you ready?

This Full Moon phase begins Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 10:45 am MDT in the fixed earth sign of Taurus at 01 degrees and 13′. The Sun sits opposite the Moon at 01 degrees of Scorpio 13′. The Full Moon reflects the unconscious desires of the Sun. What are yours?

Oct 2018 Pics 059The Moon represents our Emotional Body, daily habits, and how well we feel those feelings, follow our intuition, and deal with the emotional baggage we carry with us. The Sun represents our vital Soul self, the energy that keeps us moving forward in life.

Emotionally, Taurus brings forth our values, worthiness, self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Soulfully, we’re also treading through the deep-seated emotional waters of Scorpio – where our Ego-self hides its fears, denials and resistance to change – resistance to truly experiencing our Passionate Natures.

This Full Moon creates a Fixed Grand Square planetary formation, all within the fixed signs, bringing forth the need to deal with all the details at hand AND perhaps forgetting to come up for air to see the Big Picture. Uranus is currently Rx (retrograde) sitting at 00 degrees of Taurus, creating Unexpected Change, emotionally, for all. The Fixed signs do NOT like change…so this will be an interesting few days for everyone!

Oct 2018 Pics 009The other characters involved within the Fixed Grand Square are:

  • North Node Rx in LEO: the direction our Souls wish us to move into at this time; a direction we do not necessarily feel comfortable experiencing. Leo rules the heart, creativity, fun and play, leading as a team player, and selling yourself, heartfully. Leo also rules the back and spine: how well are you supporting YOUR unconscious desires AND supporting your heartfelt needs? For YOUR life? For YOU? Being a fixed fire sign, we can stubbornly put others first, ourselves second, because we always have, why change now? Time to put YOURSELF FIRST.
  • South Node Rx in Aquarius: the direction our Souls have LOTS of experience of, and where we can bring in Unresolved Issues from our past – past lives, and/or earlier this lifetime. Could be people, situations, circumstances from the past that come forward this Full Moon phase to help you BE AUTHENTIC, BE REAL and BE TRULY YOU (New Age of Aquarius means all of us are learning to BE/DO this as we continue to transition away from the Old Age of Pisces). If you’re not, they/the situation will call you up on the carpet to BE so.
  • A Square situation in Astrology creates Stress and Tension Within to cause change and usually much-needed at this time. Envision you’re sitting at a table seating four people. You can see directly into the eyes of the person sitting opposite you; you need to move your head/body somewhat to engage the people on your left or right. This movement IS the CHANGE – in focus, perspective, thoughts, feelings and insights. Are you willing to take a look/listen? To allow those true feelings to come forth and be witnessed by others around you?
  • In other words – we have another Heart-opening opportunity to BE part of the human condition, to NOT hide out in the Shadows.

Taurus rules the creativity we each wish to use for self, hands-on, using all our senses; Leo rules the innocent creativity, part of that Inner Child piece we each carry Within. Aquarius rules our ability to be unemotionally involved, while being community-minded; Scorpio rules our deepest passionate natures, and perhaps hiding this part of ourselves, feeling too vulnerable to be SEEN, truly.

Oct 2018 Pics 033All four elements are brought to the table for us to use this Full Moon. Choose wisely, creatively, sensuously, passionately, heartfully, and authentically. BE all of who you truly are. Allow yourself to SHINE and ILLUMINATE yourself to others.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff in 2018

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in LEO: Co-Creative Spiritual Purpose

Saturday, August 11th, 2018 at 3:58 a.m. MDT we experienced our last Eclipse of 2018 – a Solar Eclipse – at 18 degrees of Leo 42′ – taking INspired Creative Action which will abound in each of our lives for the next 3.5 years.

c2238-balloons2band2borbsCollectively, these 3 summer eclipses have propelled all of us forward, faster and further, to BE where we need to be at this time, and in 3.5 years’ time. The other planetary characters supporting this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, also in the fixed fire of LEO, are:

  • North Node – signalling the direction forward our Soul-self is meant to move into
  • Mercury Rx (retrograde) – our Mental Body – still dialing it backward since July 25th from 23 degrees of Leo 27′ to 11 degrees of Leo 32′ – will Station Direct August 19th (a week away!) and move directly again over the above coordinates – where we began this Heartfelt, Mindful journey back on July 7th (completing this Rx period by September 2nd). Remember: we’ve been mentally re-doing our decisions, thoughts, conversations and self-talk, all heartfully (Leo) between July 7th and September 2nd. BE mindful of your intentions (thoughts) to ensure they dovetail with your true heart’s desires.
  • Pallas Athene (feminine asteroid) – bringing forth the Wisdom we’re uncovering from our Heart Chakra’s at this time. Listen to your deep Inner Wisdom during daily meditations – what are the intuitive insights telling you? Any outward signs and signals catching your eye? And are you taking them in and following their direction?

IMG_0161The other important feature within the chart I created for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse is the YOD, or Finger of God, that points directly to the Moon, Sun and Pallas Athene all in Leo. A YOD features 2 other planets that are angled in such a way to ensure we are Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning – continually – these next 3.5 years! The 2 other planets in play are:

  • Pluto Rx at 19 degrees of Capricorn 20′ – Rx (retrograde) planets bring their normally outward energy INSIDE of us, personalizing and sensitizing the process and energy they supply. Pluto transforms our Ego-self fears and need for power and control into EMPOWERMENT, forcing us to ‘see’ and create Win-Win scenarios in the people and situations/circumstances we attract to us at this time. Within the cardinal earth energy of Capricorn brings opportunities to use the resources at hand to re-create them into something NEW that is required by the collective at this time. Earth signs always ask us to be hands-on, creating something tangible others can take away to use in their lives somehow. What is your transformation? What will you re-create in a tangible way?
  • Neptune Rx at 15 degrees of Pisces 18′ – here the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is bringing home (deeply Within) how we connect Spiritually within ourselves. The recent 21-day meditation series from Oprah and Deepak Chopra has been so timely! Completely ‘bringing home’ HOW we can and do co-create with the Source of All That Is (God, Great Spirit, Higher Self – whatever you believe to be that Source) via our Desires as we learn to embody our True Authentic Self (despite our Ego-self’s need for control, resisting change or blowing up fears of us taking Leaps of Faith) and enter the Silence to hear/understand what our next steps can be, if we’re listening Within.
  • The KEY to Let Go of our Old Patterns of Conditioning: here we learn to combine Pluto’s Transformation energies creating Win-Win scenarios AND connect deeply Within to our daily Spiritual practice that ensures we connect Soul-fully to BE of Service beyond our Ego-self (Neptune) – remember the MAGIC, imagine your own Garden of Eden (the Universe’s the limit) of Desires that INCLUDE what’s best for the others in your life. The more you Let Go of your Ego-self’s need for control, being fearful, not trusting in the Creative Forces of the Universe – the better.
  • As you learn to LET GO of all of the above these past 3.5 years, the MORE you’ll be sending energy up to the Leo planetary players, learning to Co-Create via INspired Creative Action (the Fire element). The more Pluto Rx works well with Neptune Rx, the clearer your Intent and Imagination will be.

Sunrise2Neptune Rx also sends one of these connects of Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning to our Mental Body – Mercury Rx – in this New Moon/Solar Eclipse lineup. Here we have the opportunity to Let Go of our Ego’s need to BE LOGICAL, black & white, on or off, to embrace our right-brain “thinking outside the box” creativity while listening to our intuition and how we FEEL about it. Brainstorm with like-minded others, create the MAGIC, and Lead as a Creative Team (Leo).

LEO themes this Moon cycle include (according to Jan Spiller’s “New Moon Astrology”):

  • Heart Connections: love and romance, children, dating, intense love encounters. Watch out for giving and seeking approval from others!
  • Creativity: via enthusiasm, creative projects, artistic expressions, being totally involved in your creation, self-actualization during the creative process, including your passion!
  • Giving Love: via generosity, loyalty, bringing joy, kindness and encouragement to others.
  • Pleasure and Celebration: via fun & play, games, parties, recreational sports and taking risks for excitement. We don’t really need to go extreme…
  • Dignity: recognition, being centre stage (watch out for being the Drama Queen/King! This shows where your Ego-self hangs out!), self-confidence, powerful individual expression, radiance and benevolence – SO LEO! Heartfully…
  • Determination: leadership, concentrated focus, follow through, strength of purpose, resoluteness and stamina. Beware of that “Energizer Bunny” attitude where you can burn the candle at both ends sooner than later. Find the fun and play, above!
  • Temper Your Ego’s Arrogance: here’s where Pride, being overly dramatic, self-centred, extravagant and/or bossy comes into the picture – all Ego-self related vs. hearfully/soulfully working with your Leo self. NB: we ALL have Leo in our birth chart – and this area of yourself is activated monthly via the Moon cycle and yearly by the Sun!
  • Physically, Leo Rules: the heart, back and spine, inflammation, exhaustion and heat exhaustion – stay in the shade during these overly hot and heated 35+C degree days! Drink plenty of water – keep hydrated with watermelon water, electrolyte water, cucumber water – whatever appeals to your particular palette!

dsc05095Bottom Line: connect Within both Spiritually, and Heartfully, to co-create your Life Forward with the Divine AND down here in tangible ways. What sparks your INspired creative imagination? And with whom will you play and have fun?


Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator of New Moon Gatherings

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – from Okotoks, AB, and Egypt (Hot Air Balloon/Orbs over the Valley of the Kings, 2011). Michaella Rezanoff’s Calgary, AB sunrise over downtown, 2017.

Heartfelt Creative Courage & Support – Total Lunar Eclipse

In less than 6 hours from now, as I write this post, we will begin to experience a Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon – the first of two this year! During a Total Lunar Eclipse time is accelerated. We will emotionally undergo a 29-day Moon cycle during the 3.5 – 5 hours of this eclipse! Some of us will be sleeping, some of us awake. No matter what – Time will Accelerate your state of  emotional consciousness – be it coming from Love, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Joy, Peace and/or Light!

Almost Full Moon January 31, 2018

This eclipse will begin as of 3:15a MST Calgary time (Calgary lies 36′ west of the MST zone), with the maximum eclipse occurring roughly at 5:53a MST Calgary time, and ends around 8:28a MST Calgary Time. Add or subtract 1 hour and 36′ from this time if you are East or West of MST (or 2 hours 36′ – you get the picture!).

This eclipse is located within the fixed fire sign of LEO – at 11 degrees of Leo 37′ – hence bringing forth the themes of HEART, Courage, Creativity, and Support – Leo rules the heart, back and spine of our physical bodies. How are you heartfully supporting yourself, your creativity, and taking the courage to roar like a lion (assertively vs. aggressively) to SHINE your Light of You out into the world? Heartfully, what is it you’d like ACCELERATED early tomorrow morning, positively, honestly, without judgement or criticism of self or others?

Wherever Leo resides in your birth chart – this is where Time will be Accelerated – to clear off that which you’d like to let go of, to bring forth that which you’d like more of. Leo rules the 5th House of the birth chart, where the Sun is ruler – therefore the SUN is also the Lord of this Total Lunar Eclipse (and sits in Aquarius this night)! Interestingly, Leo is about Leadership, leading with heart, as part of a team, leading by example. Leo is about having fun and play, connecting with the children in your life AND your own Inner Child. Leo is about the romance/heart centred energy you already have or wish to have in your life.

I find it fascinating that President Trump chose tonight to deliver his State of the Union speech! In time? On time? Past time? It was interesting to hear all of what he wishes for his country and for the people who live and work there. Was he coming from the heart? Time will definitely tell…what has he ACCELERATED this night? We now know HIS intent…

Then Robert Kennedy JR – grandson of Robert Kennedy and great-nephew to JFK, former President of the US – made the Democratic Response speech. Interesting choice there. Third term Senator, aged 37, and is he the Democrat’s future hope for the next Presidential race? Again, Time will tell…

Here in Canada – scandal now abounds from the ripple-effect of the US abuse of power scandals of the Fall of 2017…who says Canada isn’t connected to the US? Or affected by their decisions, doctrines and trades? Time will tell yet again…

Almost Full Moon January 31, 2018

January 31st, 2018 holds the INspired Fire of the Creative Source of ALL – are you listening to your INspired creative heart? What is it you truly wish to create for your life these next 3.5 years? Why 3.5 years? An year for every hour of this Total Lunar Eclipse – give or take 45′ each side.

Bring forth your heartfelt wishes and dreams, stir in some courage, stand tall, and take a Leap of Faith FORWARD into your life – and do it now, before you go to sleep – or get up early and meditate within the love, creativity, intuition, and FEEL your way forward into your future self. Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius – our future self resides within this fixed air sign – which pours forth, from the Heavens, future knowledge required NOW. What future knowing do you carry Within, that needs to be shared Without? As Above, So Below. Create it!

One can list all the things, people, circumstance they wish to be accelerated tomorrow – however, if it’s missing the HEART feeling, it won’t fly! Bring your HEART into it – all of it – BE it! Love it, bless it, and let it go into the hands of the Universe to deliver it as it is meant to be received within the next 3.5 years of your life.

Ego and applause and greed have nothing to do with any of this. Aquarius asks us to BE our true authentic self; Leo asks us to BE so, heartfully. Support yourself, and your community, with heart. Assert with heart. Create with heart. BE heart.


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Writer | Speaker | Teacher
Photos: taken tonight, January 30th, of the almost Full Moon by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

"Market Me" Thursdays in Okotoks!

Hi Everyone!

Thought I’d help promote this event I’ll be participating in through 
Studio Me here in Okotoks, AB in October and November!

Come join the fun and see how creative we Okotokians can be! 

I’ll be representing the Astrology House of course – 
handing out information about all my Astrology chart readings, Astro-dice mini-readings, 
Astrology classes I teach, and selling Gift Certificates for all those upcoming gifting occasions!

See you there!

Look for the ‘Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology’ booth

I look forward to seeing you all there!

A Moon Cycle of Eclipses and Mercury Rx!

Full Rainbow, Okotoks, AB 2017

Hi All! It’s been a busy time for me – selling a house, moving out of Calgary, settling into a new space in Okotoks, Alberta! Love that we had a quick selling time – and move. Always a great sign that all is moving forward as it was meant to. I am glad to return to my Astrology practice. Thank you for your patience whilst I devoted my time and energy to other challenges.

This current Moon cycle has many twists and turns! Let’s see how it’s been unfolding so far:

  • New Moon began Friday July 23rd at 00 degrees Leo 44′ whereby both the Moon and Sun stood together at these celestial coordinates AND holding hands with Mars at 01 Leo 52′. Hence my theme for this Moon cycle is:Heartfully taking Creative Action! If you don’t feel it from the Heart – don’t do it!” Leo rules the heart, and the back (supporting ourselves) and the Sun rules Leo! This Moon cycle is all about creating and shining our heart light out into the world around us, with fun and play, and ensuring our Inner Child comes along for the ride. Leo can be the King or Queen of the Mountain, wanting everyone else to DO what I DO. Drama King or Queen ensues if we’re not listening to our inner self for what we truly NEED to DO for ourselves this cycle. Leo is fixed fire – taking creative action and dealing with the details yet stubbornly so – not going with the flow and coming up for air from time to time for fun and play!
  • Mercury Rx (retrograde) Shadow timing began July 24th within the late degrees of LEO (!) and is currently moving through the mutable earth sign of Virgo – being of service, perfecting processes, and looking after the health of your physical body. Mercury rules Virgo, so there may be significant mental changes coming your way this Moon cycle if you’ve felt mentally blocked in deciding what program or regimen to get back into now. Virgo also rules our daily work and work environments. If there’s too much distraction, noise, etc. getting in the way – what is it you need to decide upon, discuss and strategize on how to mentally move forward in these areas of your life now? The Mercury Rx timings always make us aware of how we are mentally getting in the way of ourselves. We learn information we didn’t know we needed to know, before now. I love Astrology! The circle of 12 Houses in our natal charts shows the progress of the Moon (monthly) and the Sun (yearly) around it. As each luminary and fast-moving planet completes its journey and returns to where it began in our respective charts – we see how we’ve evolved since the last time that luminary/planet came by. What have you learned about yourself since the last time Mercury traveled through Virgo (July 31 – October 8, 2016? Where are you still struggling within the above-stated themes that Virgo brings into your awareness now? 
  • The actual Mercury Rx timing begins August 13th at 11 degrees of Virgo 38′ going BACK through the degrees it has already traveled through since July 24th! When a planet seemingly goes back over its orbit (Rx – retrograde) the usual forward-moving energy is now brought Inward – making it all very personal – up close and so personal we canna hide from the awareness and challenges of the WHY am I feeling this way? Whatever isn’t working for you, mentally, will show itself, in spades! Be aware that Mercury rules how we think, what we think, how we communicate – with others and within to self (Inner Talk) – and relate our Self with Others in our life. Be aware that speaking up and standing up for Self (all that Leo!) is what we require to do now. You won’t be able to move forward in your own life if you don’t let others around you know what it is you NEED for you. We are experiencing a do-over right now. Another opportunity to speak up, converse, decide, learn, study and practice – via the Mental Body – all that we’ve been putting off doing before now. The timing of Mercury Rx ends as of September 5th as Mercury stations Direct at 28 degrees of Leo 26′, moving ahead yet again over the degrees/minutes it was at as of July 24th! This time, we have Direct and forward-moving energy to help us with the direct ACTION (via this New Moon in Leo) to make positive decisions and have those forthright conversations, heartfully, that need to be had. And remember: Expect the Unexpected during Mercury Rx! Plans and ideas will change. New information and decisions will come into play. New people – people from your past – will come forward, adding to the mix. I love watching how each new Mercury Rx timing plays out! Very cool!
  • The post-Mercury Rx Shadow timing begins when it stations Direct, September 5th, until Mercury finally moves PAST the celestial coordinates of where it went Rx August 13th which will be September 19th, moving past 11 degrees of Virgo 38′! Do you see how the Mercury Rx timing brings forth 2 more opportunities to revisit conversations, mental thinking, decision-making, and Inner Talk scenarios?! Take advantage of all of this for your inner growth. The Sun assists with Heartfelt Action during this Moon cycle, while the Moon assists with your Emotional Body’s feelings and intuitive insights along the way. Those of us who have Pisces / Virgo Sun’s, Moon’s and/or Rising Signs, will be especially affected. Sagittarius and Gemini Sun’s, Moon’s or Rising Signs will also find some stress and tension to make changes mentally too. The other earth signs – Capricorn and Taurus – may find some ease along the way, while Aries and Aquarius signs will definitely need to let go of old patterns and conditioning during this Mercury Rx timing. Keep on keeping everyone!
Prairie Storm Clouds, 2017
Now for the Eclipses! We experience two eclipse seasons per year – the first set occurred February 10th (Lunar Eclipse in LEO during the Full Moon) and 26th (Solar Eclipse in PISCES during the New Moon). A Lunar Eclipse brings forth the Emotional Body’s needs to express itself via feelings and intuition, receiving from others – mainly our Inner Feminine energies at play. A Solar Eclipse brings forth the Inner Masculine energies – to take action, assert self, be creative in some way, to give to others. Take note of what occurs in your life just before/during/after each eclipse. The Eclipse themes highly continue for 6 months after, and for up to 3 years thereafter. Yet another opportunity for Self/Soul Growth. Here’s when the next eclipse set will occur and their themes to take note:
  • Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse August 7, 2017 at 12:11p MDT at the celestial coordinates of 15 degrees of Aquarius and 25′. At each Full Moon we experience some sort of AHA moment of understanding self in some regard – seeing what has unfolded within our respective lives since New Moon (July 23rd in LEO) amid the themes I related earlier –  heartfelt creative action, supporting self along the way. The Lunar Eclipse will make us EMOTIONALLY aware of how well we learned what we needed to learn, and includes following our intuition. Aquarius brings forth an aspect of knowing what it is our Future Self requires and wants for us NOW – and being a fixed air sign, much to talk about with friends and groups and peers! Plans for the future – with others – in community. As true authentic selves, within community – we look for what it is we truly require to BE ME, AND ask for assistance within our community AND give back to community. This is a central theme for the New Age of Aquarius – BE authentic to self, connect with community, and together we will move forward, each on our respective true life paths. Interestingly, Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius, and brings forth the creativity, fun and play, leadership and Inner Child themes that assist with all the Aquarius themes. We cannot BE one without the Other. How do you create an AND between both? This is the challenge!
  • New Moon/Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 at 12:30p MDT at the celestial coordinates of 28 degrees of Leo 53′. Another New Moon brings unrealized potential of soul/inner growth – which we are ‘in the dark’ about until the following Full Moon phase. This eclipse brings forth ACTION of some sort that we’ve emotionally been working on within this current Moon cycle begun July 23rd! Ensure you are consciously AWARE of how you feel, intuit and wish to receive during this Moon cycle and will then BUILD upon with Heartfelt Creative ACTION right away as the upcoming New Moon begins August 21st! NB: this Solar Eclipse is a TOTAL Eclipse that will be seen from most parts of North America! Very much bringing forth HEART to those living in economic straits and coping with interesting political changes and leadership personalities. LEO rules leadership – is it coming from the Heart or from Ego? Who do you wish to follow? Work as a team or dictated to? Here is where we ‘see’ in the outer world what we each are working on in our respective inner worlds. As the Shadow of this eclipse passes over North America – what hidden fears and anxiety will be brought up and out of your heart to heal and love through? Consciously ride this wave of heart-opening moments, challenges and awareness.
Moon Globe, Okotoks, AB 2017
Interestingly, the Balsamic Moon phase of the previous Moon cycle (the last Moon phase for that cycle that begun July 19th at 9:11p MDT within the celestial coordinates of 12 degrees of Gemini 39′) when Venus and the Moon came together to create the latest Venus Star Gate via the 5th Chakra – the HEART Chakra! How cool is this? Another reason why I love love love Astrology! Previous cycles of the luminaries/planets set us up for succeeding cycles – all in aid of assisting each of us on our onward/inner soul path journey here on Earth! So cool considering the CURRENT Moon cycle theme is LEO too! And the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse is LEO too! 
Venus, our Desire Body, is assisting us to open our hearts, while the Balsamic Moon (all about LETTING GO of distortions we’ve hung onto, until now) brings opportunities to let go, emotionally! For those of you who have been following the course of the current Venus Star Journey from Aries, we journey through all 7 Chakras from Balsamic Moon phase to Balsamic Moon phase. We’ve been descending into the Underworld via Venus and the Moon since March 2017, healing distortions, so far, within our respective Crown, Brow/3rd Eye and Throat Chakras. Now it is all about the heart, our hearts, and heartfully what it IS we truly want/Desire for ourselves, NOW and in the FUTURE.
For those curious and interested in learning MORE about Astrology and how it brings forth 
timely insights and healing within YOUR particular soul/life journey – 
call Laurie Rae for a truly insightful Astrology chart reading today!

Call 587.437.3520 or email myhouseofastrology ‘at’ for an appointment either 
In Person, Over the Phone or via Skype/FaceTime
and begin your conscious Soul/Inner Growth Journey today!
Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker
Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff within and around Okotoks, AB 2017

New Moon in Taurus: Sense and Sensuality

Taurus glyphToday, the Sun + Moon sit together at 06 degrees of Taurus as the New Moon – initiating new starts, beginnings, something to create and manifest crafted by your own hands this Moon cycle!

I too am crafting something NEW – now writing my Cosmic Weather posts via my new blogsite:

Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology – here’s the link Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology

Explore the NEW this New Moon via the fixed earth sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Something tangible this way comes!

HousesSign up for my posts, and visit all of The Rooms of my House of Astrology! I look forward to seeing you, hearing from you, and reading for you! Thanks for following me thus far with Rainbows and Astrology – it is time to sit down, with some tea or coffee, and have a good, long chat about your Astrology cycles!

Blessed BE!

Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

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Crone Confidence

Wise, older woman - the most powerful brand females come in.