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Astrological Events in Okotoks Summer 2019…



Weekly mini Astrology or Numerology readings  20 minutes for $20– at CD Bloom, 2 Elma Street West in downtown Okotoks – come join me on the verandah, ask your question of the Astro-dice that you roll (more than once!) onto the Astrological Wheel mat – then sit back and relax as you listen to the INsightful feedback…

OR check into the Numbers in your Life through Numerology – a mini reading as you learn what your Life Path Number is, what Numbers are a Natural fit, a Compatible fit or Challenge your Life Path. What year are you travelling through on the Numerology 9-Year Cycle? Being Tested? Weeding out old dreams/wishes that no longer dovetail with your current values? Ending a 9-year cycle as you are about to launch into a NEW cycle?

Drop-in, buy a coffee or tea from Jim, one of the owners, then choose the mini reading that calls to you – I look forward to reading for you! See dates/times listed below! Namaste

PS You may book your time slot ahead – contact Laurie Rae: myhouseofastrology ‘at’ or call CD Bloom at 403-982-4646!

Announcing My NEW Membership Portal!

When you sign up for your Annual/Bi-Annual Membership with Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology, you will receive the following:

1) My monthly Astrological INsights Newsletter posts – 
  • My twice-monthly post describing the New/Full Moon timings, what to expect in the coming month via your Emotional Body’s challenges/changes for further Emotional growth…
  • Mercury Rx (retrograde) Timings, 3- 4 times a year! How to navigate through your Mental Body’s movement from the logical to the creative, outside-the-box thinking, speaking & self-talk! The Zodiac sign Mercury goes Rx within brings forth the theme to keep in mind…
  • The Two Eclipse Seasons! Learn when the Solar/Lunar Eclipses open portals of accelerated Motion/Action or Emotion/Intuition – energetic timings that activate YOUR birth chart from 6 months up to 3.5 years into the future…
  • Planetary Formations & Cycles – here’s where life becomes MORE dynamic! When the planets change Direction or Signs – we feel it. Moving from Direct to Retrograde (or vice versa) means their energy becomes personalized, Within each of us, & in your face to DO something different in your life. When planets change signs, they signal a change in Elements (moving from Fire to Earth to Air or Water, over & over) which bring changes in HOW you relate to yourself & others, in turn…
2) One FREE 30-Minute Astro-Dice mini Astrology reading OR mini Numerology reading – Save $30! Jump-start your curiosity by asking a question of the Astro-Dice which you shake & roll OR find out what YEAR you’re in via the 9-Year Numerology Cycle. What will you experience? A Testing year? Weeding-out year? Or a brand NEW 9-year cycle?
3) BONUS for All Clients – When you have experienced your initial Birth Chart/Sacred Contract reading – Personal or Business (or other chart readings) with Laurie Rae, you receive either your Personal or Business YEARLY Solar Return chart reading for just $100 (save $50)! This is the birthday-to-birthday OR anniversary-to-anniversary look at what’s coming in the next year of YOUR Life Experiences – pointing to any possible challenges/changes/transformations within your Personal life or Business. 

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $15 x 12 months = $180 – BUY this Membership for $150 CAD & SAVE $30 or 2 months…
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PAYMENT: Via E-transfer to myhouseofastrology ‘at’ (you know what to do with the ‘at’) or I’ll invoice you via PayPal – your choice!
When payment is received, I’ll email my Astrological INSights Newsletter featuring this month’s New Moon in Gemini post & the upcoming posts of the new planetary cycles of Uranus in Taurus (first time in 84 years!) & Chiron in Aries (first time in 50 years!) to hear how these long-term transits will affect all of us.
Then we’ll Book your FREE Astro-dice/Numerology mini reading – when you are ready to do so.
Book your annual Personal or Business Solar Return chart reading during your Birth /Anniversary Month or at anytime during the coming year – it is your choice! I’ll send a reminder email just in case you forget.
Email Laurie Rae with your YES, Sign me UP!: myhouseofastrology ‘at’ – I look forward to hearing from you…
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Let’s connect & find out what’s in store for you in 2019, onward! Namaste

"Market Me" Thursdays in Okotoks!

Hi Everyone!

Thought I’d help promote this event I’ll be participating in through 
Studio Me here in Okotoks, AB in October and November!

Come join the fun and see how creative we Okotokians can be! 

I’ll be representing the Astrology House of course – 
handing out information about all my Astrology chart readings, Astro-dice mini-readings, 
Astrology classes I teach, and selling Gift Certificates for all those upcoming gifting occasions!

See you there!

Look for the ‘Laurie Rae’s House of Astrology’ booth

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Astro-Dice Readings in Okotoks!

The New Moon begins Tuesday, September 19th initiating NEW ventures and partnerships. AND, I have an hour both tomorrow morning and next Tuesday morning from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. to do 3 Astro-Dice Readings each day! Yay!

These Astro-Dice give a mini-reading version of what Astrology can reveal to you about whatever current challenges you are experiencing in the Now. And possible resistance you’ve been experiencing to DO or SAY whatever you’ve not been allowing yourself to Do or Say!

Call Laurie Rae or email her @ today to book your 
20′ spot for tomorrow or next Tuesday morning! 
Allow the energies of the New Moon in Libra to bring balance, harmony and a 
more equal footing your way! Experience something NEW at the same time!
Appropriate within the energy of a New Moon phase.
I look forward to reading for you!

Laurie Rae Rezanoff
Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Venus – Her Synodic Journey PART III

“The orbit of Venus is inside the orbit of Earth, and is relatively close to the Sun in the sky. When Venus is on one side of the Sun, she is trailing the Sun in the sky and brightens into view shortly after the Sun sets, when the sky is dark enough for her to be visible. When Venus is at her brightest, she becomes visible just minutes after the Sun goes down. This is Venus as the Evening Star.

When Venus is on the other side of the Sun, she leads the Sun as it travels across the sky. Venus will rise in the morning a few hours before the Sun. Then, as the Sun rises, the sky brightens and Venus fades away in the daytime sky. This is Venus as the Morning Star.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians thought Venus was two separate objects – a morning star and an evening star. The Greeks called the morning star Phosphoros,“the bringer of light” and they called the evening star Hesporos, “the star of the evening.” A few hundred years later the Hellenistic Greeks realized that Venus was actually a single object in the sky.”

 Above quoted from: Fraser Cain, December 19, 2008 – “Venus, The Morning Star and the Evening Star”

“The Synodic Cycle of Venus is 584 days [19 months] from one conjunction with the Sun to the next one. There are exactly 5 Venus cycles in every 8 years, and the significant points migrate slowly retrograde (Rx) through the signs of the Zodiac. This means every 8 years the same Rx loop occurs at the same time of year, covering the same degrees of the Zodiac.

Psychologically, the Venus Synodic Journey, when Rx, represents a time of the most profound maturing of the Soul through the purification of the heart. We are invited to include that which has been excluded, to make amends internally, to seek forgiveness and to process unfinished business so that we may be renewed and released.”

Above quoted from: Melanie Reinhart’s compilation, “The Cycle of Venus” 2017


Heart Rocks, Sheep River, Okotoks 2016
Venus Stationed Retrograde (SR) March 4, 2017 at 13 degrees of Aries 08’ – here is when we underwent a purification of the heart – via the themes of Aries – assertion vs. aggression, action vs. non-action, pioneering vs. stagnation, warrior vs. pacifist (not to say ‘war’ here; it is more of standing up for what you truly believe, in the moment, onward). What changes have you undergone since March?

Venus Set as Evening Star (ES) March 21, 2017 at 07 degrees of Aries 01’ (still Rx – retrograde – inward-drawing energy) ending the Hesperus side of Venus – like the waning hemicycle of the lunation or Moon cycle (Full Moon to New Moon) – here we disseminated and extracted the meaning of all the emotional insights we gained whilst Venus was the Morning Star (MS) – August 22, 2015 until April 30, 2016.

Think back to this period of the previous Venus Synodic Journey within the Overtone/Archetype of the Feminine within fixed fire of LEO – the Queen/King of the mountain, leadership from the heart rather than Ego, via fun and play, creativity – as a team (vs. hierarchy) – and romance. Emotionally, what was missing from your life from this list? What has your heart desired to incorporate ever since? Did you ‘lead by example’ in some way?

Venus, still Rx, ‘kissed’ the Sun (conjunct the Sun) March 25, 2017 at 04 Aries 57’ – here Venus/Inanna regained her vital energy – her Soul self – to live again and begin her ascent up from the Underworld. How did this re-vitalization come to be in your life? What action/activity renewed itself for you? Remember, Venus was still Rx, therefore this energy was coming from Within you, not Without or outside of yourself.

Gibbous Moon + Jupiter 2017
Venus Rose as Morning Star (MS) March 31, 2017 at 01 degrees Aries 34’ RxHere Venus / Phosphoros brings to light emotion and evaluation to be infused with a new quality of will and purpose – gradually, over this next whole NEW 584.5-day journey of Venus. With a NEW Overtone/Archetype of the Fierce Feminine within the cardinal (initiating NEW / renewed action) fire of ARIES – WILD WOMAN WARRIOR! These next 19 months we’ll be dismantling the old way of how we are BEing, while DOing, Aries.

Much of old patriarchy orientation of being Aries will be removed, healed, renewed. Moving away from the more violent overlays of:
  •         Bloodthirsty
  •       Conquering
  •       I can do this all by myself! I don’t need your help!
  •       Wearing emotional/mental, or even physical armour (overweight), just to survive – especially for women in the workplace.
  •      Fighting just for fighting’s sake
  •      Let’s just make money – and fight over this too!
  •      Being brittle and/or rigid – ‘my way or the highway’ type of thinking and action.

We will replace as much of the above-noted overlays with:
  •         What the essence of TRUE Aries strength is – a combination of the feminine AND the masculine!
  •      More of: Flow, Change, and bring in Vulnerability, Strength and Courage
  •      Restoring Cosmic Balance, for the Good of All!
  •      Protect what needs to be Protected
  •      Support what needs to be Supported – at this time…
  •      To BE Strong AND Female/feminine all at the same time!

The Wild Woman Warrior archetype/overtone has been repressed and denied in recent cultures all over the world. It is interesting the new movie, “Wonder Woman” will be in theatres here in North America June 6th. Here is the depiction of the Virgin Amazon version of the Wild Woman Warrior! According to Shamanic Astrology, the Amazon archetype is “her identity is based upon her accomplishments and achievements.” How men have been identifying themselves all this time.

The added Virgin archetype is “she is complete unto herself, she doesn’t have to be with anyone to know who she is. She is a courageous defender of the Cosmic Order. She does what she wants; don’t tell her what to do. Honour her independence, freedom, and ability to play.”

This is also the original meaning of ‘virgin’ of which the mutable earth sign of VIRGO is named from. Interesting! And timely. Hence why it is deemed that the energy of Virgo feeds Aries. If we don’t know who we are, male or female, how can we take courageous action in our life, world or family to get what we want, and desire (Venus) moving the fears that have blocked our way forward before now?

And the energy of Aries feeds Scorpio – if we don’t have the COURAGE to look deeply into our Ego’s fears, then how can we overcome the inner mental/emotional blockages that hold us back from being our True Aries self?

Remember:all of us have the 12 signs of the Zodiac within our charts. Therefore, I think of Astrology as being natural and multi-faceted – just as each heartbeat who lives here on Earth is!
Some will have key sensitive points in Aries – either your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, North Node/South Node or Midheaven – or some of the other planets therein. 

People who are Aries or Libra (opposite sign to Aries – you will need to create an ‘AND’ between this duality) or Capricorn/Cancer (both square off to Aries – creating tension/stress Within to create much-needed inner change) will be directly affected by this new Venus Synodic Journey through Aries begun March 31, 2017.

Those of us in the other fire signsLeo and Sagittarius – will find it an easier time. As if you are stepping into your power somehow. Just don’t overdo it – burning people up with your renewed fire isn’t the way to go! Be invigorated, yet steady and balanced.

Those in the other air signs – Gemini and Aquarius– will find a breath of fresh air coming in as oxygen to fuel their Inner fires! Gemini may become action-oriented vs. just talking about it, and Aquarius finds much-needed community-oriented outlets to create within – rebel WITH a cause perhaps?

Those of us in the fixed and mutable water/earth signs – Scorpio and Pisces, plus Virgo and Taurus –  may find a renewed sense of energy, courage and fight we wouldn’t normally have. These next 19 months we will see a wave of activism across the planet on many fronts.

Virgo and Scorpio signs will need to let go of old, outworn patterns and conditioning of perfectionism (Virgo) and the unwillingness to change (Scorpio) those Ego-Self habits of fear! Too much fire will sap any water sign’s vitality – so watch that ‘energizer bunny’ ability my water folk! You’re not wired to keep on keeping on endlessly!

Fire and earth can stir up a dust-storm or add much-needed oxygen to enhance the courage to manage all those details in life that might have bogged you down before now. Effortless action to climb higher than before with goals and insights can be the order of the day!

Venus Stationed Direct (SD) April 15, 2017bringing forth Outward directed energy after our long ascent up from the Underworld we traversed between August 3, 2016 and February 28, 2017. Now we seem to ‘see’ and ‘know’ what our next steps in life are to be!

Okotoks Front Garden 2016
As Morning Star, Venus has begun her descent into the Underworld (read my PART II post for the Venus/Inanna story). During the previous Moon cycle (March 26 – April 25, 2017) we began our own journey of descent, removing our Crown via the Crown chakra – Gate 1 of Authority – during the Balsamic Moon phase – April 23rd– at 28 degrees of Pisces. This is when Venus connected with the Moon, during this Moon phase, in the sky.

Pisces, with Neptune, rules over our connection to the Divine, our Spirituality, how we see ourselves beyond this physical realm of Earth. Remember, we are removing distortions of how we have connected with our godhood. It is more than just a god – it is also the goddesshood – the goddess. We bring in a balance of the feminine and masculine here.
Within the Crown chakra resides the hypothalamus and pineal glands. The Sun rules these glands. The Crown chakra is about our Higher Will, Active Self, and how aware we are of self, then others. The main issues we address through this chakra are our spirituality, relationship to God/Goddess/Tao and the universal simplex.

Think back to April 25, 2017 until today, May 22nd, the current Moon cycle’ Balsamic Moon phase, now in Aries. Have you begun a NEW spiritual practice? Something more attuned to your feminine side? Are you balancing it out with the masculine? Feminine is receiving – via meditation, downloading insights via intuition, waiting, and listening deep Within.

The Masculine is acting – doing yoga, going for walks or hikes, being out in Nature to listen for the inspiration emanating from all living and growing things around you. From this inspiration, we gain energy to CREATE something new in our lives. This is the cycle of life here on Earth.
What has changed, perhaps subtly, perhaps loud and clearly, in your spiritual practice from passing through Gate 1 of the Crown chakra? When unbalanced, we lack inspiration, are aimless, feel lonely, create excessive materialism, lack spiritual connection, have difficulty meditating (!), are exhausted, sensitive to light/sounds, have poor sleep habits, migraines or tension headaches. The mantra OM helps to clear these distortions while meditating. [Chakra information gleaned from the Chopra Center]

Haloed Full Moon, Nanaimo
Today’s Balsamic Moon is at 16 degrees Aries 41’ as of 8:38a MDT. This is Gate 2 of our Perception – removing our Royal Staff. Here we learn to remove any distortions from our Brow or 3rdEye Chakra. Within Aries, this means the patriarchy perception that Aries must be violent in all ways, always, will be removed somehow from your Inner Seeing eye. Perhaps you’ve carried Within yourself a stick that you beat yourself up with when you’ve denied yourself chances to take a risk, or action, that could have changed your life?

Instead of using a stick, why not drink from the Cup of Courageous instead? A gentler yet supportive way to help your Ego-Self take a deep breath and JUMP into a leap of faith, and trust you WILL land in the right and proper spot, designed just for YOU! Look for the cosmic longitude of this Balsamic Moon phase within your natal chart to find the House that holds the challenge for you within your life where you’ve been holding yourself back somehow. 

Call me for a reading if you are interested in finding out how to navigate your chart, become familiar with it, and as an extension, familiar with yourself! I’m in Calgary, AB Canada at 1-587-353-8085 or myhouseofastrology ‘at’ via email.

Each Balsamic Moon phase brings forth something we need to let go of, from Within, that has been holding us back from being our true authentic self in some way.Because this Balsamic Moon phase is in Aries, it is most likely an action-oriented step that you usually miss at this juncture. Asserting yourself with another? Taking yourself out of your comfort zone? Going for a walk alone, or out to dinner alone? Something that doesn’t deny you your true independence – being strong within yourself, FOR yourself and you alone!

The 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra is where our pituitary gland resides behind the forehead.It is co-ruled by Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (constriction) via the posterior pituitary / anterior pituitary glands. The pituitary gland is the Master Gland of the endocrine system of your physical body. Its secretions regulate all the other endocrine glands. This gland represents one’s ability to coordinate the different aspects of one’s Life, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Problems within the endocrine system represent difficulty doing this. [If any of you have hormonal issues, this could be why] Many of us have compartmentalized our life – different areas of your life are separated from one another. How do you now weave them together to have a better flow between and betwixt?

The pituitary gland is linked with the Hypothalamus, also located in the brain, whose function is to maintain homeostasis in the physical body. This is the body’s way to return automatically to its level of highest functioning. Metaphysically, this means aligning the frequencies of the physical and energetic bodies to homeostatically return to one’s highest spiritual functioning. [from:]

The Brow Chakra is about self-reflective awareness and memory, our intuition, creative intelligence, clarity of sight (insight) and wisdom. The Body/Mind connection – we are MORE than just a brain and logic! It is so Aries to think all about ME and to leap before thinking of where you are leaping to. Aries rules the head, cranium / cerebrum (motor skills), face, eyes and nerves. Headaches, epilepsy, neuralgia, rashes on the face – all stem from an over-active Aries and being unbalanced with your inner fire too. Being impatient with self and others, needing to do things by yourself and denying help from others, to act willy-nilly without forethought as to consequences down the road – all of this is the unbalanced Aries energy.

Imbalances here include: poor intuition, lack of concentration, impaired judgement, confusion, depression, headaches, trouble sleeping or nightmares. The Brow Chakra is ruled by the Moon. The mantra SHAM helps you to trust your intuition and follow its wisdom and to understand the true meaning of life’s situations.

Okotoks, AB 2017
The co-rulers of the pituitary gland within the Brow chakra – Jupiter and Saturn – here’s where Astrology is so magical! Jupiter wishes to expand our boundaries beyond our comfort zones, and Saturn wants to constrict, keep us safe from harm, due to prior fears brought up in us as children. Notice how this corresponds with Gate 2 of Venus/Inanna’s descent into the Underworld. What aspects of expansion/constriction are distorting this chakra in you? How are you unable to weave all areas of your life together to create an ‘AND’ or whole, yet separate, area of your life?

This is what we will be working on between this Balsamic Moon phase/Gate 2 and the next Balsamic Moon phase/Gate 3 coming June 20th in Taurus.

Enjoy this next Balsamic Moon to Balsamic Moon journey with Venus, your Desire Body, through this second Gate as we slowly descend together to the Underworld where we will all ‘die’ to some aspect of what was our previous Desire Body/loving heart. During every Balsamic Moon phase, of every Moon cycle, you’ve already been ‘dying’ to some aspect of Self, either consciously or unconsciously. Through Venus, we are healing our emotional natures via the heart – to be more loving with Self, and others. To be more authentically ME, so that I can also do the WE authentically too!


Note:I have combined Medical Astrology + Chakra wisdom + the extensive research I did in 2016 on the Endocrine System/glandular relationships to Astrology herein. All to show how multi-faceted Astrology is, and by extension, you are too! We are all connected via the planets and luminaries, chakras, each other and energy fields we live within. Believe it.

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon in Taurus: Sense and Sensuality

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017 the Sun and Moon will come together at the same cosmic longitude of 06 degrees of Taurus 27′ at 6:16a MDT.

Each New Moon gives a hint of what will be revealed, Within, as the Moon cycle progresses. At Full Moon we will know, on some level, exactly what this Moon cycle brings out of the Darkness, out of our subconscious/unconscious, to know and learn and to heal.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign – signifying the true growing arena of Spring. It will (fingers crossed!) truly start feeling like Spring (here in Calgary we have had rain, thunder and lightning, hail, fog and snow all within the last several days!). The trees will leaf out, the grass becomes greener, the blossoms will follow the seeds we see now, and more of the Spring annual flowers will bloom.

Beach Estates Park 2012

As a fixed sign, Taurus concentrates on creating…something…that we were excited about as the Sun moved through the cardinal fire sign of Aries (March 20 – April 19). Now we will create something tangible, something we can truly put our hands on (or work with our hands) to manifest into the physical. Not just a bright idea or inspiration – we are now being asked to manifest it somehow.

Venus rules Taurus, bringing out the following themes:

  • Values: what are you values? What do you value in life? How have they changed since the last time the Sun moved through Taurus (this time last year)? If you are curious to find out more about personal values, check out Dr Demartini’s website:
  • Self-Worth / Worthiness: do you have worthiness issues? Were you clicking along with the fire of Aries feeling strong, energetic, and free to be me, then wham! Now you feel like a mouse, quaking and feeling like all that confidence just went out the window this past week? Hhhhmmm…Taurus is getting your attention in this area. Both the Moon (Emotional Body) and the Sun (your vital/Soul self) will be showing and guiding you along this Moon cycle to see all the ways you may be feeling less than marvelous. Here the Ego-self gets in the way – why? Ask yourself, “Why? What do I need to learn about myself in this regard?”
  • Net Worth: this time of year is when we check our bank accounts, see how those investments are doing, and perhaps plan to buy/sell a home, a car, a vacation – you name it. Have you set those short-term goals of saving money in order to do so? And to pay down/off those debts?
  • Self-Esteem / Self-confidence: Here the Ego-self can get in the way too. The illusion of not being confident with the esteem needed to move forward on an idea that came forth so clearly during the Aries path of the Sun. The Ego/brain can be second-guessing, wondering, “Do I really have what it takes to manifest a physical aspect of that bright idea?” Why guess? Do!
  • Senses and Sensual Pleasure: Just as all those Spring flowers and blossoms delight our senses, so too will our innate sensual natures be ignited. Enjoy those sensual moments: the smells of Spring, the wind on your face, the Sun’s warming rays, the birds twittering, the rain falling, a lovers touch, smile and kiss.
  • Money / Income: Where are you at with Lack Mentality beliefs? How do you do Lack? Taurus is NOT about lack! Taurus is full of the growth of something new! Attract your worth! Energetically, physically and with ALL your senses in play. BE that worth. What are your thoughts/feelings around money and income? Any Ego-self fears, frustrations, and/or anxiety?
  • Personal Resources: aka all those skills, talents and experience we each have that in turn assist us in doing the work that pays us the income, which in turn gives us the money to buy those things we value, feel worthy of, is worthwhile spending on. What are yours? Do you want to upgrade them or take an inventory of them to use in a brand new resume? Perhaps it is time to change direction in how you USE them!
  • Patience: Taurus is represented as the Bull, chewing its cud, lazily enjoying his nap in the sun, surrounded by nature. The Bull knows there’s work to be done – I’ll get to it when I get to it. With the Moon now in Taurus too – do you FEEL like doing the work? Or perhaps want to hang out on the couch instead? Graze from the fridge rather than cook a full meal? Ah, Taurus.
  • Stubbornness / Fear of Change: This happens when that Bull stays way too long under the Sun. He’d rather BE than DO. The key here, now, is to BE as you are DOing! Creating an ‘AND’ world of both. The Ego-self will rear up to show you where Within you fear lies. Watch for it, feel it and honour it. Don’t try to pretend it isn’t there. Consciousness comes awake at the most odd times – and while Mercury Rx is still happening – Expect the Unexpected tantrum, resistance, refusal to budge! The Moon in Taurus is all about feeling/emotions. Feel them, notice them, then move along. Emotional eating doesn’t get you out of this either! Ask yourself, “Why? What is the root of this? Where is this coming from?” This is why I love watching the Moon cycles – each turn of the Wheel of the Year, via the Moon, brings new awareness of not only how we feel and listen to our intuition. It brings awareness of how stubborn that Ego-self can be, afraid to move into new territory – of anything! There is always a reason WHY to the resistance. Ask. Wait for the answer – patience is your friend.
  • Physically, Taurus rules the Throat, Thyroid gland, chin and neck, our voice and vocal cords and coughing. These are the areas of the Physical Body that will speak to you if you aren’t honouring any or all of the above! Laryngitis, sore throats, frogs in the throat – what are you NOT expressing, sensually, emotionally, physically? An extreme sore throat means you want to scream about something – give voice to what you are swallowing! Say it, be it and do it. Use this Moon cycle in Taurus to say what you mean, need, want, DESIRE (Venus)!

Speaking of Venus, I have been working on a multiple-part series to post in the days and weeks to come regarding her Synodic Cycle. We began a new 19-month cycle March 31st as Venus rose as the Morning Star at 01 degrees of Aries. Stay tuned to read about how this Aries Overtone is bringing forth, for both women and men, the Wild Woman Warrior archetype for the next 19 months! Venus asks us, “What do you Desire to Deserve?” What is your answer?

As I researched this new 19-month Venus journey, I realized I now have a new reading in play too! What I call the Venus Return Journey reading. I will create a new page describing it soon within The Heart’s Desire Room of my blogsite. Look for it.

If you are curious to know your birth chart so you can follow along with my posts about the Moon cycles and other Cosmic Weather, give me a call and make an appointment!

Laurie Rae can be contacted as follows:
Phone: 587-353-8085 in Calgary, AB Canada
Email: myhouseofastrology ‘at’
Check out the Rooms in my blog:
I look forward to hearing from you!
Nanaimo Harbour, Vancouver Island

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