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Get Ready, Get Set, ACTION!

Friday April 5th we began a new Moon cycle via the New Moon phase at 2:50 am MDT at 15 degrees of Aries 17′ of celestial longitude – aka the Moon and Sun came together at the same location in the sky, beginning a NEW Cycle of change, self-awareness, and emotional evolution.

Sunrise2As I write this post we are still within the New Moon phase (about to change into the Crescent Moon phase tonight at 10:43 pm MDT) and we are asked to Take Action through the Fire of Aries! This Moon cycle is in Square aspect to the Solar Eclipse/New Moon we experienced January 5th in Capricorn – both Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal signs – wanting to Initiate something NEW. Capricorn is cardinal Earth – being hands-on, tactile, with long-term goals, concentrating on Taking Care of Business – with Integrity. The Square creates inner tension/stress to create CHANGE of some sort within your life –  bringing in the ACTION portion now this Moon cycle.

The Moon cycle in Aries is a breath of fresh air after 2.5 months of our mutable water sign of PISCES’ influence within our Soul body (Sun), Emotional body (Moon), Mental Body (Mercury) and Spiritual body (Neptune) and more recently our Desire body (Venus) all traveling through our cosmic/spiritual connection, discerning what was illusion, delusion vs. reality along the way, with a few stops to ensure we noticed if we’re still playing any roles on that Drama Triangle (victim-rescue(r)-bully/persecutor). Whew!

After all that wondering/imagining/escaping/addiction/mysticism swimming we are now left with Venus (Desire) + Neptune (Spiritual) + Mercury (Mental) in Pisces – what do you Desire that connects your Inner Spirit AND your Mindful focus? And now, what do you know, via your feelings/intuition, you need to take Action on?

DSC04542The Sabian symbol for this Aries New Moon cycle is (from: The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill):

  • Keywords: “Your intuitive powers are at a real high but your physical energy may not be. Open your mind to possibilities and listen to the messages from Within. There’s invisible assistance in accomplishing one’s work. Faeries and nature spirits.”
  • Shadow aspect: “Self-delusions, not getting a true picture of what’s happening in the ‘real-world’. Losing the plot.”

Interesting…those 2.5 months swimming within our spiritual self allowed our minds (Mercury) to open up to the Unseen, Unknown, and mystical – if we allowed it to. Now we Take Action upon our intuition that ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ beyond the physical.

Did any of you notice a DECLINE in your physical energy as of Friday? I have. I’ve needed to rest, take time out to dream, then take action when my energy returned. It’s been an up and down time since Friday in my life. How about yours?

The cardinal Fire energy of ARIES brings forth the following (from: New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller):

  • New Beginnings – like our season of Spring, what NEW energy is calling you to Action this Moon cycle? Aries rules the archetypes of Warrior, Explorer & Pioneer – what new trails are you blazing? What are you initiating, with high energy, to take action with innovative approaches?
  • Self-Focus – here we connect with the Physical body, our survival issues (Root chakra!), instincts and how we assert ourselves with Self and others. What does your Physical body NEED? Perhaps the Action is related to this. See your doctor or naturopath or acupuncturist or massage therapist – need a re-balance now?
  • Innocence/Authenticity – how Honest are you being with yourself? If you’re honest Within, your Authenticity shows itself, Without. Impulsiveness and being straightforward with yourself too – editing WHO you are and WHAT you want is NOT being Authentic!
  • Self-Discovery – here’s the Explorer in you coming out – taking risks, being eager to DO something physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Competition comes into play – with yourself and/or others.
  • Independence! Here we learn about and use our Self-direction + Self-reliance + Autonomy + Self-sufficiency – but not so much that you totally ignore the others in your life who’d like to help you, play with you, be with you! WHAT IS IT YOU WANT, and who do you want to bring along with you? ME Time and WE Time is okay.
  • Courage – here’s where our Warrior energy comes out, sipping from that Cup of Courage I talk about – to lead, bring strength, have vigilance and be bold!
  • Self-Absorption – here’s the Shadow side of Aries – having lack of awareness of Others in your life, selfishness, vanity, impulsive action that alienates others, your anger/impatience with Self and/or Others. There are times when the Physical body isn’t working in tandem with our Emotional and/or Mental bodies – slower, less decisive, jerky movements and here we begin to wonder, “Am I getting old or what?!” You may not be IN your Physical body – more like in your mind or feelings. There’s been some sort of Mind-Body disconnect. MOVE your Physical body while BEING mindful AND emotionally grounded, Within. Yoga and Nature and meditation all bring us into the Mind-Body-Spirit connection – as will classical and spiritual music, art, creative pursuits.
  • The Physical Body is Ruled by Aries: here we can experience acne (anger eruptions under the skin – “she gets under my skin!”), eye issues (trouble focusing, itchiness, tension), head, face, scalp and brain areas – can experience headaches and dizziness at times if we’re so busy DOING Action/activity and not spending time BEING, resting, grounding Within ourselves.

DSC00168Saturn, the South Node and Pluto have been holding hands in Capricorn these past weeks too, creating new structure/goals/responsibilities, connecting us with Unresolved Issues around the same, from past lives (!) to be resolved as we ASSERT ourselves forward this Moon cycle. Transformation is created as we step away from the need to control outcomes, via EMPOWERMENT whereby everyone wins – no power and control struggles/issues here. I win – you win – we ALL win.

These 3 players also create a SQUARE aspect of stress and tension Within with this Moon cycle for CHANGE that will be easier if WE decide to go WITH the change vs. resist it! Because when we resist, the WHAM! comes sooner than later, impactful and full of seemingly Unexpectedness, when all along it was meant for us to take the risk to TO DO that change! There is a “Something Fated/Destined This Way Comes” energy feeding lovingly to the Moon/Sun position in Aries from the fire of LEO – by following our hearts, supporting our needs, and standing up for what we know is right and proper for our respective lives.

Where in your birth chart is Aries? This is the area within your Life Experiences where Risk, Change and Empowerment are awaiting you! Drink from your Cup of Courage and LEAP!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff Okotoks, AB Canada, Mt Shasta, CA USA

New Moon in Aries: Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning?

Sunday, April 15th, 2018 at 7:57p MDT the Moon + Sun sit together in the sky as the New Moon at 26 degrees of Aries 02′ holding hands with ERIS (!) to remind us this Moon cycle of what it is that we’ve been neglecting in our respective lives.

At the same time, this New Moon lineup sit at an angle to Jupiter at 21 degrees of Scorpio 06′ Rx (retrograde) sensitizing and bringing the expansive energy deep Within to help us all Let GO of Old Patterns of Conditioning re power and control issues, emotional manipulation, Ego-self fears and trust issues! The Divine Plan is to help us move out of the Shadows into our Passionate natures – when was the last time you felt passionate about something? Really truly – when?

April Mountains & Clouds High River, AB

The New Moon lineup in the cardinal fire of Aries brings forth the archetypes of:

  • Warrior
  • Pioneer
  • Explorer
Via instinctual action, assertion, standing up for ME, Myself & I, eh? This is the “I” of the I AM keywords in Astrology: Aries + planetary ruler, Mars + 1st House themes. Your physical body, moving it athletically or otherwise, and how you embrace that Inner Warrior part of yourself Soulfully (Sun) and through your Emotional Body (Moon).
Luckily our Mercury planet Stationed Direct earlier today (yay!) and we are gearing up to move forward easier within our Mental Body from today onward. Whew! Note that Mercury’s placement in Aries right now has been activating everyone’s natal ERIS (!) since March 9th! Especially for those of us born between May 1939 and May 1988. Mentally reminding each of us of that which we’ve been NEGLECTING in our respective lives…according to the themes already mentioned herein.
Have there been opportunities to assert yourself since March that you’ve ignored, shied away from, run away from? Speaking out before thinking about its impact to those around you? Mercury’s communication actions are not only directed outwardly with others – how has your Inner Talk been acting of late? Impatient? Aggressive vs. assertive? Less than loving?
Prairie April Skies!
Pluto is also in play with this New Moon lineup – he’s still travelling through Capricorn, another cardinal sign (earth) creating stress and tension for change regarding power, control, greed, less than integral business practices – ensuring we build a solid foundation of HOW we do business out in the world now. The change is a transformation of how assertive we all are when it comes to above-board business practices, responsibilities, goal-setting – bringing forth reputations of either reliable, not so reliable to downright illegal. Think of Pluto as the Phoenix: dying to some aspect Within only to be Reborn in the next moment. Surrender the Old, embrace the ReNEWed! A continuous do-over of life, death and rebirth…
Dive deeply into those fears that show themselves this Moon cycle to uncover your True Passionate natures. Trust your intuition and instincts; take action accordingly. BE alert, patient, and move your physical body! 
March Snowy Mountains
The Sun was shining here today in Southern Alberta! Yay! The mountains were awesome with their crevices outlining and shining brightly from all the white snow they’ve received this winter. Snow is melting AND snow is on the way yet again overnight into Monday (sigh…) and Tuesday…glad this weekend we had two days of Spring that was heartwarming and welcome.
Physically, Aries rules the following in the body:
  • Acne (eruptions of fire)
  • Eyes
  • Head, face, scalp and brain
  • Headaches and dizziness
Be alert to how the Aries energy is landing within any of these physical areas of your body – cardinal fire MUST be utilized physically somehow – otherwise this energy, if trapped within the physical body can lead to ailments in any or all areas mentioned above. Go for a good long walk, exercise, run and jump, physically MOVE this fire OUT while also navigating your Inner Warrior Inner Explorer Inner Pioneer WITHIN…lots of action this Moon cycle!
Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker
Photo Credits: taken today in High River and Okotoks, AB Canada by Laurie Rae Rezanoff

New Moon in Libra: Balance & Harmony?

Okotoks, AB Pathway 2017

Thursday’s New Moon phase, and the beginning of this Moon cycle, begins at 1:12 p.m. MDT at the celestial longitude of 26 degrees of Libra 35′. Continuing the theme of Libra from the Venus-Moon Star Gate timing of October 17th (at 04 degrees Libra 33′) the Sun and Moon (aka the New Moon) together bring forth balance of Vitality (Sun) and Emotions (Moon).

Libra’s themes, being a cardinal air sign, of initiating something NEW within relationships / partnerships, the close 1-on-1 conversations and “getting to know you!” aspects of relating with others will be key this Moon cycle.

As I look at the chart for this cycle, I see the Ruler of this New Moon – Venus, our Desire Body – she rules both Libra and Taurus. The Taurus part of Venus helps us learn to create things on our own, with our own skills and tools and all experiences we bring to the table, as the unique individuals that we are. My choices, my needs, my vision, my goals, my creativity.

Within Libra, we swap the ME for the WE – what can WE create, together? Do we want to create together? Or are we ships that pass in the night, here for a reason, not a season or a lifetime? Can we share our skills, talents, personal resources to create something that is MORE than the two of us?

The other planetary players within Libra for this Moon cycle are:

  • Venus – the Desire Body – teaches us to be autonomous AND how to be the unique individual AND be in relationship with another/others. While attracting our Desires, learning the lessons these Desires bring (mainly due to whether or not the Desire was Ego-chosen or Soul-chosen or a bit of both!) through the people in our relationships/partnerships. What are your heartfelt Desires, truly?
  • Vesta, one of the feminine aspects of Venus, an asteroid – Vesta brings forth concentrated focus, sometimes to the point of being a workaholic (!). She was the Keeper of the Flame within the Hearth/Home. Here we ‘see’ what we love to devote our time and energy to, how we liberate ourselves despite our fears (i.e. change, eh?) and to what lengths we’ll go to protect ourselves and others from harm.
  • Moon/Sun as New Moon – our vital energy and emotional natures will be balanced and harmonized in some regard this Moon cycle. Right now we’re standing in the dark, like a dormant seed, not quite understanding what is in store for us this Moon cycle. As the Moon waxes and the Sun slowly moves further away from the Moon, we will ‘see’ more clearly, by Full Moon, how the balancing and harmonizing will develop for each of us. That dormant seed at New Moon has become a full blown flower – illuminating an inner Self growth factor that lay hidden in the dark before now. I wonder what you’ll be illuminating for yourself this Moon cycle?
Fall 2017 Okotoks, AB
As we Desire our desires, and move our focus onto those desires, we will illuminate all or a portion of those desires into the Full Moon’s light (November 3rd in Taurus!) and will ‘see’ what our TRUE Desires, within relationship/partnership, truly were to begin with! You may think you know, as of the New Moon. It will be interesting what you reveal to yourself by Full Moon! Ha! I love Astrology! There’s always a learning curve, a curve ball coming out of left field so to speak! Our Ego-self thinks it knows FOR SURE what it will be, right now. Just you wait!
Returning to the Venus as ruler of Taurus and Libra – interesting how we begin with the WE aspect of relationship and then the big reveal (!) at Full Moon is within the ME aspect of relationship. What does this mean? It means, grasshopper, you will truly Know Thyself at Full Moon – who you are and what you Desire – within your relationships/partnerships. How well YOU show up for You within them. Are you totally HERE when you’re with so-and-so and not so much with what’s-his-name? Why? What’s different? Why hold yourself back with some, but not others? 
Hhhmmm…safety and security issues (Venus-Moon Star Gate within the Root Chakra) we’ll be releasing those distortions too. Who in your life triggers the issues of survival/stability, your physical needs living here on Earth, your sense of safety? How do they trigger them? So if you don’t feel safe around these people or within the relationship/partnership, will you stand tall, in your power, no matter what? Or hide yourself, becoming small an insignificant? Trust issues abound, of Self and the Other. Without Trust, we have fear, anxiety, insecurity, lack of self-esteem/confidence. Interesting that Taurus rules our values, self-esteem/confidence, how well we embrace all of who we are and bring to the table.
Sheep River, Okotoks, AB Fall 2017
Sitting opposite the New Moon (Moon/Sun in Libra) are Eris and Uranus, both Rx (Retrograde) within another cardinal sign, Aries, spiritual fire. Eris was discovered in this century, and reflects the Warrior Princess archetype, battling for liberation, freeing us from the rigid gender roles we’ve had until now. Anything we’ve IGNORED as a need/desire towards being our TRUE AUTHENTIC Self, will be revealed at some point this Moon cycle. 
Uranus brings the Unexpected! Ruler of Aquarius, he demands to be Truly ME – rebel with a cause at times. With both Eris and Uranus Rx – the usual outward moving energies are turned Within – personalizing and hitting home, truly, that which we’ve been ignoring as a TRUE aspect of Self. Your true aspect, my true aspect…and within Aries, the Inner Explorer/Warrior, at times leaping before thinking (oops!) instinctual movement forward. Aries is ruled by Mars, the brother of Eris! So the FEMININE aspect of how to stand in your power, stand up for yourself against bullies, stand up for something that means something to YOU. This is what will unfold this Moon cycle.
We also have a Fire Grand Trine formation between Saturn in Sagittarius, North Node in Leo and again, Eris Rx + Uranus Rx in Aries. Lots of fiery Action, spiritually inspired, to move forward. Words spoken (remember the air of Libra!) written and thought – will spur further action, conversation and thought. Over and over. Cool. The North Node beckons us to move forward WITH Heart, and heartfully, while supporting Self, with the truth of what we truly Desire (Venus).
Fall Chums, Okotoks, AB 2017
One last item to note: The South Node (brings forth unresolved issues from the past, and where we’d rather reside (aka our Ego-self) vs. moving forward upon a new path beckoning us, soulfully, via the North Node) resides in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, and these two truly want to BE Authentic as much as possible! Any issues of NOT being authentic Within Self brings forth distortions, incomplete information (aka lies) and missteps forward, no matter how heartfelt the intentions. Both the North and South Nodes have been in Leo/Aquarius since May 10th, 2017. How have you been doing, so far, with the themes of heartfully supporting self while resolving issues of NOT being truly You along the way? Hhhmmm…more of this too shall be revealed, healed and let go of, by the next Balsamic Moon phase.
Photo Credits: 2017 In and Around Okotoks, AB by Laurie Rae Rezanoff
Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Writer | Teacher | Speaker

Venus – Her Synodic Journey PART III

“The orbit of Venus is inside the orbit of Earth, and is relatively close to the Sun in the sky. When Venus is on one side of the Sun, she is trailing the Sun in the sky and brightens into view shortly after the Sun sets, when the sky is dark enough for her to be visible. When Venus is at her brightest, she becomes visible just minutes after the Sun goes down. This is Venus as the Evening Star.

When Venus is on the other side of the Sun, she leads the Sun as it travels across the sky. Venus will rise in the morning a few hours before the Sun. Then, as the Sun rises, the sky brightens and Venus fades away in the daytime sky. This is Venus as the Morning Star.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians thought Venus was two separate objects – a morning star and an evening star. The Greeks called the morning star Phosphoros,“the bringer of light” and they called the evening star Hesporos, “the star of the evening.” A few hundred years later the Hellenistic Greeks realized that Venus was actually a single object in the sky.”

 Above quoted from: Fraser Cain, December 19, 2008 – “Venus, The Morning Star and the Evening Star”

“The Synodic Cycle of Venus is 584 days [19 months] from one conjunction with the Sun to the next one. There are exactly 5 Venus cycles in every 8 years, and the significant points migrate slowly retrograde (Rx) through the signs of the Zodiac. This means every 8 years the same Rx loop occurs at the same time of year, covering the same degrees of the Zodiac.

Psychologically, the Venus Synodic Journey, when Rx, represents a time of the most profound maturing of the Soul through the purification of the heart. We are invited to include that which has been excluded, to make amends internally, to seek forgiveness and to process unfinished business so that we may be renewed and released.”

Above quoted from: Melanie Reinhart’s compilation, “The Cycle of Venus” 2017


Heart Rocks, Sheep River, Okotoks 2016
Venus Stationed Retrograde (SR) March 4, 2017 at 13 degrees of Aries 08’ – here is when we underwent a purification of the heart – via the themes of Aries – assertion vs. aggression, action vs. non-action, pioneering vs. stagnation, warrior vs. pacifist (not to say ‘war’ here; it is more of standing up for what you truly believe, in the moment, onward). What changes have you undergone since March?

Venus Set as Evening Star (ES) March 21, 2017 at 07 degrees of Aries 01’ (still Rx – retrograde – inward-drawing energy) ending the Hesperus side of Venus – like the waning hemicycle of the lunation or Moon cycle (Full Moon to New Moon) – here we disseminated and extracted the meaning of all the emotional insights we gained whilst Venus was the Morning Star (MS) – August 22, 2015 until April 30, 2016.

Think back to this period of the previous Venus Synodic Journey within the Overtone/Archetype of the Feminine within fixed fire of LEO – the Queen/King of the mountain, leadership from the heart rather than Ego, via fun and play, creativity – as a team (vs. hierarchy) – and romance. Emotionally, what was missing from your life from this list? What has your heart desired to incorporate ever since? Did you ‘lead by example’ in some way?

Venus, still Rx, ‘kissed’ the Sun (conjunct the Sun) March 25, 2017 at 04 Aries 57’ – here Venus/Inanna regained her vital energy – her Soul self – to live again and begin her ascent up from the Underworld. How did this re-vitalization come to be in your life? What action/activity renewed itself for you? Remember, Venus was still Rx, therefore this energy was coming from Within you, not Without or outside of yourself.

Gibbous Moon + Jupiter 2017
Venus Rose as Morning Star (MS) March 31, 2017 at 01 degrees Aries 34’ RxHere Venus / Phosphoros brings to light emotion and evaluation to be infused with a new quality of will and purpose – gradually, over this next whole NEW 584.5-day journey of Venus. With a NEW Overtone/Archetype of the Fierce Feminine within the cardinal (initiating NEW / renewed action) fire of ARIES – WILD WOMAN WARRIOR! These next 19 months we’ll be dismantling the old way of how we are BEing, while DOing, Aries.

Much of old patriarchy orientation of being Aries will be removed, healed, renewed. Moving away from the more violent overlays of:
  •         Bloodthirsty
  •       Conquering
  •       I can do this all by myself! I don’t need your help!
  •       Wearing emotional/mental, or even physical armour (overweight), just to survive – especially for women in the workplace.
  •      Fighting just for fighting’s sake
  •      Let’s just make money – and fight over this too!
  •      Being brittle and/or rigid – ‘my way or the highway’ type of thinking and action.

We will replace as much of the above-noted overlays with:
  •         What the essence of TRUE Aries strength is – a combination of the feminine AND the masculine!
  •      More of: Flow, Change, and bring in Vulnerability, Strength and Courage
  •      Restoring Cosmic Balance, for the Good of All!
  •      Protect what needs to be Protected
  •      Support what needs to be Supported – at this time…
  •      To BE Strong AND Female/feminine all at the same time!

The Wild Woman Warrior archetype/overtone has been repressed and denied in recent cultures all over the world. It is interesting the new movie, “Wonder Woman” will be in theatres here in North America June 6th. Here is the depiction of the Virgin Amazon version of the Wild Woman Warrior! According to Shamanic Astrology, the Amazon archetype is “her identity is based upon her accomplishments and achievements.” How men have been identifying themselves all this time.

The added Virgin archetype is “she is complete unto herself, she doesn’t have to be with anyone to know who she is. She is a courageous defender of the Cosmic Order. She does what she wants; don’t tell her what to do. Honour her independence, freedom, and ability to play.”

This is also the original meaning of ‘virgin’ of which the mutable earth sign of VIRGO is named from. Interesting! And timely. Hence why it is deemed that the energy of Virgo feeds Aries. If we don’t know who we are, male or female, how can we take courageous action in our life, world or family to get what we want, and desire (Venus) moving the fears that have blocked our way forward before now?

And the energy of Aries feeds Scorpio – if we don’t have the COURAGE to look deeply into our Ego’s fears, then how can we overcome the inner mental/emotional blockages that hold us back from being our True Aries self?

Remember:all of us have the 12 signs of the Zodiac within our charts. Therefore, I think of Astrology as being natural and multi-faceted – just as each heartbeat who lives here on Earth is!
Some will have key sensitive points in Aries – either your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, North Node/South Node or Midheaven – or some of the other planets therein. 

People who are Aries or Libra (opposite sign to Aries – you will need to create an ‘AND’ between this duality) or Capricorn/Cancer (both square off to Aries – creating tension/stress Within to create much-needed inner change) will be directly affected by this new Venus Synodic Journey through Aries begun March 31, 2017.

Those of us in the other fire signsLeo and Sagittarius – will find it an easier time. As if you are stepping into your power somehow. Just don’t overdo it – burning people up with your renewed fire isn’t the way to go! Be invigorated, yet steady and balanced.

Those in the other air signs – Gemini and Aquarius– will find a breath of fresh air coming in as oxygen to fuel their Inner fires! Gemini may become action-oriented vs. just talking about it, and Aquarius finds much-needed community-oriented outlets to create within – rebel WITH a cause perhaps?

Those of us in the fixed and mutable water/earth signs – Scorpio and Pisces, plus Virgo and Taurus –  may find a renewed sense of energy, courage and fight we wouldn’t normally have. These next 19 months we will see a wave of activism across the planet on many fronts.

Virgo and Scorpio signs will need to let go of old, outworn patterns and conditioning of perfectionism (Virgo) and the unwillingness to change (Scorpio) those Ego-Self habits of fear! Too much fire will sap any water sign’s vitality – so watch that ‘energizer bunny’ ability my water folk! You’re not wired to keep on keeping on endlessly!

Fire and earth can stir up a dust-storm or add much-needed oxygen to enhance the courage to manage all those details in life that might have bogged you down before now. Effortless action to climb higher than before with goals and insights can be the order of the day!

Venus Stationed Direct (SD) April 15, 2017bringing forth Outward directed energy after our long ascent up from the Underworld we traversed between August 3, 2016 and February 28, 2017. Now we seem to ‘see’ and ‘know’ what our next steps in life are to be!

Okotoks Front Garden 2016
As Morning Star, Venus has begun her descent into the Underworld (read my PART II post for the Venus/Inanna story). During the previous Moon cycle (March 26 – April 25, 2017) we began our own journey of descent, removing our Crown via the Crown chakra – Gate 1 of Authority – during the Balsamic Moon phase – April 23rd– at 28 degrees of Pisces. This is when Venus connected with the Moon, during this Moon phase, in the sky.

Pisces, with Neptune, rules over our connection to the Divine, our Spirituality, how we see ourselves beyond this physical realm of Earth. Remember, we are removing distortions of how we have connected with our godhood. It is more than just a god – it is also the goddesshood – the goddess. We bring in a balance of the feminine and masculine here.
Within the Crown chakra resides the hypothalamus and pineal glands. The Sun rules these glands. The Crown chakra is about our Higher Will, Active Self, and how aware we are of self, then others. The main issues we address through this chakra are our spirituality, relationship to God/Goddess/Tao and the universal simplex.

Think back to April 25, 2017 until today, May 22nd, the current Moon cycle’ Balsamic Moon phase, now in Aries. Have you begun a NEW spiritual practice? Something more attuned to your feminine side? Are you balancing it out with the masculine? Feminine is receiving – via meditation, downloading insights via intuition, waiting, and listening deep Within.

The Masculine is acting – doing yoga, going for walks or hikes, being out in Nature to listen for the inspiration emanating from all living and growing things around you. From this inspiration, we gain energy to CREATE something new in our lives. This is the cycle of life here on Earth.
What has changed, perhaps subtly, perhaps loud and clearly, in your spiritual practice from passing through Gate 1 of the Crown chakra? When unbalanced, we lack inspiration, are aimless, feel lonely, create excessive materialism, lack spiritual connection, have difficulty meditating (!), are exhausted, sensitive to light/sounds, have poor sleep habits, migraines or tension headaches. The mantra OM helps to clear these distortions while meditating. [Chakra information gleaned from the Chopra Center]

Haloed Full Moon, Nanaimo
Today’s Balsamic Moon is at 16 degrees Aries 41’ as of 8:38a MDT. This is Gate 2 of our Perception – removing our Royal Staff. Here we learn to remove any distortions from our Brow or 3rdEye Chakra. Within Aries, this means the patriarchy perception that Aries must be violent in all ways, always, will be removed somehow from your Inner Seeing eye. Perhaps you’ve carried Within yourself a stick that you beat yourself up with when you’ve denied yourself chances to take a risk, or action, that could have changed your life?

Instead of using a stick, why not drink from the Cup of Courageous instead? A gentler yet supportive way to help your Ego-Self take a deep breath and JUMP into a leap of faith, and trust you WILL land in the right and proper spot, designed just for YOU! Look for the cosmic longitude of this Balsamic Moon phase within your natal chart to find the House that holds the challenge for you within your life where you’ve been holding yourself back somehow. 

Call me for a reading if you are interested in finding out how to navigate your chart, become familiar with it, and as an extension, familiar with yourself! I’m in Calgary, AB Canada at 1-587-353-8085 or myhouseofastrology ‘at’ via email.

Each Balsamic Moon phase brings forth something we need to let go of, from Within, that has been holding us back from being our true authentic self in some way.Because this Balsamic Moon phase is in Aries, it is most likely an action-oriented step that you usually miss at this juncture. Asserting yourself with another? Taking yourself out of your comfort zone? Going for a walk alone, or out to dinner alone? Something that doesn’t deny you your true independence – being strong within yourself, FOR yourself and you alone!

The 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra is where our pituitary gland resides behind the forehead.It is co-ruled by Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (constriction) via the posterior pituitary / anterior pituitary glands. The pituitary gland is the Master Gland of the endocrine system of your physical body. Its secretions regulate all the other endocrine glands. This gland represents one’s ability to coordinate the different aspects of one’s Life, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Problems within the endocrine system represent difficulty doing this. [If any of you have hormonal issues, this could be why] Many of us have compartmentalized our life – different areas of your life are separated from one another. How do you now weave them together to have a better flow between and betwixt?

The pituitary gland is linked with the Hypothalamus, also located in the brain, whose function is to maintain homeostasis in the physical body. This is the body’s way to return automatically to its level of highest functioning. Metaphysically, this means aligning the frequencies of the physical and energetic bodies to homeostatically return to one’s highest spiritual functioning. [from:]

The Brow Chakra is about self-reflective awareness and memory, our intuition, creative intelligence, clarity of sight (insight) and wisdom. The Body/Mind connection – we are MORE than just a brain and logic! It is so Aries to think all about ME and to leap before thinking of where you are leaping to. Aries rules the head, cranium / cerebrum (motor skills), face, eyes and nerves. Headaches, epilepsy, neuralgia, rashes on the face – all stem from an over-active Aries and being unbalanced with your inner fire too. Being impatient with self and others, needing to do things by yourself and denying help from others, to act willy-nilly without forethought as to consequences down the road – all of this is the unbalanced Aries energy.

Imbalances here include: poor intuition, lack of concentration, impaired judgement, confusion, depression, headaches, trouble sleeping or nightmares. The Brow Chakra is ruled by the Moon. The mantra SHAM helps you to trust your intuition and follow its wisdom and to understand the true meaning of life’s situations.

Okotoks, AB 2017
The co-rulers of the pituitary gland within the Brow chakra – Jupiter and Saturn – here’s where Astrology is so magical! Jupiter wishes to expand our boundaries beyond our comfort zones, and Saturn wants to constrict, keep us safe from harm, due to prior fears brought up in us as children. Notice how this corresponds with Gate 2 of Venus/Inanna’s descent into the Underworld. What aspects of expansion/constriction are distorting this chakra in you? How are you unable to weave all areas of your life together to create an ‘AND’ or whole, yet separate, area of your life?

This is what we will be working on between this Balsamic Moon phase/Gate 2 and the next Balsamic Moon phase/Gate 3 coming June 20th in Taurus.

Enjoy this next Balsamic Moon to Balsamic Moon journey with Venus, your Desire Body, through this second Gate as we slowly descend together to the Underworld where we will all ‘die’ to some aspect of what was our previous Desire Body/loving heart. During every Balsamic Moon phase, of every Moon cycle, you’ve already been ‘dying’ to some aspect of Self, either consciously or unconsciously. Through Venus, we are healing our emotional natures via the heart – to be more loving with Self, and others. To be more authentically ME, so that I can also do the WE authentically too!


Note:I have combined Medical Astrology + Chakra wisdom + the extensive research I did in 2016 on the Endocrine System/glandular relationships to Astrology herein. All to show how multi-faceted Astrology is, and by extension, you are too! We are all connected via the planets and luminaries, chakras, each other and energy fields we live within. Believe it.

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Venus Return – Her Synodic Journey PART I

Any sky object’s synodic period is measured as the time between repeated appearances of that object, as seen from Earth, in the same position with respect to the Sun. [Synodic means “the conjunction of planets” and the synodic period means “time between successive conjunctions of a planet with the Sun].

Venus’ synodic period is approximately 584 days [or 19-month journey]. It begins with the re-appearance of Venus’ heliacal rising [meaning she rises just before the Sun does before dawn] as the Morning Star, after a period of being in line with the Sun, lost in the glare of the Sun’s light. 

While Venus is aligned with the Sun, it is as if she has vanished from the sky [like the Moon does during the New Moon phase, being within the Sun’s glare too – we don’t see the Moon until she moves away from the Sun, during the Crescent Moon phase OR just before she returns to the Sun’s position in the sky during the Balsamic Moon phase].

Astronomically, we track Venus’ synodic period as follows:

  • Day 0: Venus moves just far enough ahead of the Earth in its orbit so that it re-appears in the morning sky and begins a new synodic period. At this point, Venus is about 10 degrees from the Sun and can be seen by careful observation just before the Sun rises in the east. Venus will rise earlier and earlier each day, getting further and further ahead of the Sun, and higher and higher in the sky at sunrise, until…
  • Day 65: Venus is about 46 degrees ahead of the Sun in the morning sky. Now she begins to rise later each day, moving back toward the Sun’s glare at sunrise until
  • Day 247: Venus makes its last appearance as the Morning Star.Now she begins to move behind the Sun as seen from Earth, and so becomes hidden from view (as if invisible).
  • Day 286: Venus is behind the Sun and cannot be seen from Earth. This point is called her superior conjunction.
  • Day 325: Venus has moved far enough away from the Sun to be seen again, this time as the Evening Star. At this point, Venus is about 10 degrees away from the Sun and can be seen by careful observation just after the Sun sets in the west. Venus then sets later and later each day, getting further and further behind the Sun, and higher and higher in the sky at sunset, until
  • Day 507: Venus is about 46 degrees behind the Sun in the evening sky. Now she begins to set earlier each day, moving back toward the Sun’s glare at sunset until…
  • Day 572: Venus makes her last appearance as the Evening Star.Now she begins to move in front of the Sun, as seen from Earth, and so becomes hidden from view.
  • Day 578: Venus is in front of the Sun and cannot be seen from Earth. This point is called inferior conjunction.
  • Day 584: Venus re-appears in the morning sky, ending the previous synodic period and begins the next one. In the meantime, Earth has moved through one full orbit (1 year or 365 days) and three-fifths of another (about 219 days). In that same time, Venus has moved through two of its own orbits and three-fifths of another.

Above from: website

Venus, astrologically, represents our Desire Body – what does our heart truly Desire, so feelingly, we attract it to us? Be it a person, thing or event. Be it positive and/or negative. Venus rules both Taurus (fixed earth sign) and Libra (cardinal air sign). Here we choose to create something tangible on our own (Taurus) or, we choose to create something meaningful in partnership and through relationship with someone else (Libra). Or both! We Love this idea, notion, inspiration so much that we have to DO something to bring it to fruition.

Remember: Taurus is FIXED, meaning we can be stubbornly avoiding any or all change that is bubbling up from Within. The situation can be so loud and perhaps painful, yet we avoid changing our habits, our thoughts, our actions until Fate or Destiny does it for us! Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus – here our deeply hidden fears, lack of trust, and feelings of being rejected can lie.

Libra is CARDINAL, meaning we NEED to do something different this time round – we MUST make changes to let go of habits, thoughts and actions that kept us smaller and in the dark before now. ARIES is the opposite sign to Libra (!) and we now see how this current Venus synodic journey with the overtone of Aries will impact HOW we all do relationships and partnerships within the coming 19 months, healing the distorted Ego version of “all about me, at all costs!” archetype.

In Shamanic Astrology, we find the following:

  •  Venus in a Woman’s chart: signifies what version of the feminine principle she is working on in the current life. A woman’s Venus answers Freud’s famous question, “What does woman want?” In Shamanic Astrology, there are 12 different answers, depending upon what Venus position [sign she is in] the woman has.
  • Venus in a Man’s chart: signifies what qualities of the feminine principle he is most attracted to. Similar to Jung’s anima, Venus is associated with the “magical feminine.” These are qualities of the feminine the man must develop within himself in order to get the sacred marriage – this is when he walks with the qualities of his inner woman on his arm at all times, regardless of whom he is with, or whether he is with anyone at all.
Above from: The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, page 94

Each 19-month journey Venus makes is repeated FIVE times within an 8-year period. At the end of this period her path during those 8 years in the sky creates what is called the Cosmic Pentagram, the 5-pointed star.See the graphic I created below:

Venus’ Synodic 8-Year Journey of 19-month Returns

The dates within the graphic signify when Venus started a new 19-month journey, on Day 0, and the degree and sign she did so. Note that Venus began this journey in Capricorn back in 2014 and will end this particular 8-year synodic journey in Capricorn in 2022, completing a circle of healing regards to how we Desire our material needs and gains and goals.

Astrologically, all of us experience a synodic Venus Return near our birthday (when Venus returns with the Sun, as she did at our birth) at the following ages:

8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96  and 104 (if we live this long!)

If you are at one of the above ages at the time of any current Venus’ Synodic Returns, this means you will undergo significant changes deep within your inner feminine self. What you previously knew to be true re: Love, Relationships/Partnerships, what you TRULY Desire for yourself and your life – any or all of this will change. Be you woman or man – Venus works equally with all genders.

The Venus Synodic Journey brings forth five different meta-goddesseswithin each 8-year period. Each meta-goddess is brought forth, as an archetype or overtone, within the astrological sign she is in on Day 0 as the Morning Star.

The previous 19-month synodic period of Venus began August 22, 2015 in the fixed fire sign of LEO at 19 degrees. The meta-goddess archetype brought forth for all of us to experience was Sekhmet – the Egyptian Lion Goddess. To become a leader in her own right, leading from the heart (not the Ego) with humour, fun and play, to create that which the world needed at the time. Leading within a team, within community. Yet fighting to the death, if needed, to stand her ground and acquire what she desired for the good of all. Interestingly, this synodic period ended in March 2017, signified by the March on Washington in the USA: “I am woman, hear me roar!”

We began the current 19-month Venus’ synodic journey March 31, 2017 in the cardinal fire sign of ARIES at 01 degrees. The meta-goddess archetype now, coming away from the fixed fire of Leo (dealing with the details, as Queen) to embrace cardinal fire (initiating new change as Warrior) continues with the Egyptian fire Goddess Sekhmet – now seated on her throne as Queen – to wield much-needed change within what the ARIES archetype brings forth. We have now moved from Queen, to the ‘Wild Woman Warrior’ archetype.

PART II: In this series, I bring forth the mythology of the Venus Synodic Journey stemming from as long ago as the time of the Sumerians and Babylonians (Mesopotamia) as she journeys through the skies, meeting up with either the waning Crescent Moon (Balsamic Moon phase) or the waxing Crescent Moon (Crescent Moon phase) seven times, corresponding with our chakras along the way for much-needed healing and balancing.

Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 – August 25, 2017

Whenever we experience either a planetary change in direction, or a change of sign, there is a responsive change within our respective worlds too.

Today’s change in Saturn’s direction, from Direct to Rx (Retrograde) within the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, brings home (deep Within or inward or up close and personal) a related change down here on Earth beginning at 11:06pm MDT April 5, 2017.

How many of you have noticed a slowing down of time this week, whereby the hours seem to have slowed way down, leaving lots of TIME to deal with tasks, thoughts, conversations, etc? I keep looking at the clock thinking I’ve lived more than one day already today! LOL! This is Saturn, Father Time, at play.

Saturn’s themes, gleaned from Liz Greene’s “SATURN: A New Look at an Old Devil” 1976, are as follows:

  • Saturn’s process is via the psyche + experiences we undergo to learn more about Self via pain, restriction and discipline. We use these experiences for greater consciousness and Self-fulfillment.
  • Psychology plays out within the individual psyche as a motive or compulsion toward Wholeness or Completeness, symbolized as the archetype of SELF – showing all facets and sides of human qualities to be contained in a harmonious way within the Whole – what we are all striving for throughout our respective lifetimes.
  • Saturn’s psychic process shows how we realize our Inner experience deep Within via the psyche – what we LEARN from those painful experiences and the difference between External Values (that which we acquire from Others) and Internal Values (those we’ve worked to discover Within Self, over TIME).
  • Consider Saturn’s archetype/mythology to be like Beauty and the Beast, whereby it is only when the BEAST is loved for his/her own true sake can he/she be freed from the spell and become the Prince/Princess that has always existed deep Within.
  • Saturn’s Virtues = self-control + tact + thrift + caution.
  • Saturn’s Vices – operate through the emotion of FEAR!
  • Saturn is considered the Bringer Of: Limitation, Frustration, Hard Work, Self-Denial, Wisdom and Self-Discipline, usually without Humour!
  • Saturn’s position via Astrological Sign and House within your birth chart shows the area of Life Experience where you feel thwarted in Self-expression, most likely FRUSTRATED or met with difficulties throughout your life.
  • Saturn as the “Lord of Karma”: means Saturn seems to NOT be connected with any weakness or flaw within you, rather it is more CIRCUMSTANCES (be they Fated or Destined) that seem to ‘just happen’ to you.
  • The Ancients called Saturn the “Dweller at the Threshold” or “Keeper of the Keys to the Gate” – it is through Saturn alone that we may achieve eventual freedom through Self-understanding – which to me totally explains WHY Astrology works so well and naturally as a tool for ONGOING and timely (!) Self-awareness!
  • Frustrating experiences (especially those that keep repeating themselves within our life) connected with Saturn are necessary to TEACH us in practical and psychological ways. As humans, typically, we don’t attempt true Self-discovery until things become SO PAINFUL that we have no other choice but to DO something about it! And the GIFT is that there can be JOY in the finding the root cause of said pain…just saying!
  • Having a STRONG Saturn influence in your life means experiencing: repeated delays, disappointments and fears. And each of us has our own unique PROCESS of how many TIMES we need to learn what we need to learn from those PAINS (could be 5, or 500). It is truly different for each individual on the planet. Along the way we LEARN Patience + Self-Control and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE…in the end! And also to ask, “WHY?!” along the way. Each delay, disappointment or fear can be used for GREATER insight into our respective mysteries of the psyche – why we all tick the way we do!
  • Repressed Emotions: within the world of the Unconscious, we create our reality due to the thoughts we think – As Within, So Without – bringing forth reality that is expressed outwardly as patterns of experience. Our unique processes of HOW we learn about ourselves. These experiences can come via people and/or circumstances/experiences that seem synchronistic, where our Inner Life is mirrored/reflected by the Outer Life.
  • It is up to each of us to make an effort to EXPAND our consciousness to understand our true natures, as it unfolds, and to cooperate with it. Otherwise we may feel to be a “pawn of fate” with no control over our lives.
  • LONELINESS can be a channel of Saturn in our life – whereby only “I” can undergo this journey to the WHOLE SELF that is ME – and where we feel we are the ONLY ONES undergoing this process – suffering in silence so to speak! Hence why Astrology works so well with my clients and students and followers – we all learn that “I’m not alone in this process! Yay! And here are some tools to use! Yay!” along the way…
  • Saturn, as an Alchemist of Change, tells us to: Be Persistent, Look for the Gold (aka Gift), Find the Wisdom AND Humour along the way!
Saturn has been travelling through Sagittarius since September 19, 2015. Look back to ‘see’ where your life was at then, compared to now. Saturn in Sagittarius, ruling the 9th House of Life Experience (of the natural wheel of the Zodiac) brings forth the themes of:
  • Symbolically, the House of Long Journeys – physically and the increased consciousness and broadened perspective of the mind – aka Seeking Your Higher Truth – through travel, other cultures, philosophies, religion, and the esoteric studies/mysteries. Nothing is taken at face value – be it a person, thing or experience – there is always another layer of meaning to be found. Therefore a dual awareness of seeing the larger meaning within the smaller experience.
  • Sagittarius rules the 9th House with Jupiter as planetary ruler, and its opposite sign, Gemini, rules the 3rd House of gathering information with Mercury as its planetary ruler. Jupiter pertains to the discovery of meaning that emerges when the information discovered through Mercury/Gemini in the 3rd House is put into perspective via the mind and any physical journeys we take as we visit other cultures and their histories and philosophies aka Spiritual Laws – not usually well understood due to their reflection in human behaviour – archetypes – the reasons for life here on Earth.
  • Jupiter is the symbol for the intuition whereas Mercury is the symbol for the mind. Non-logical vs. logical in other words. “As Above, So Below” the ancient Hermetic phrase expressing the meaning of life as a whole.
  • Therefore the 9th House is connected to the intuition and perception of meaning in broader areas of religion and philosophy – our search for “Why am I Here? What’s my Purpose?”
  • Saturn moving through Sagittarius effects how we all view life and perceive our reason for being here. How we find meaning for being here. Faith, trust in an entity beyond the physical – or not. Temporal or spiritual authority – which do you believe to be true? Whatever it is – is true for you.
  • FEARS we are processing and hopefully healing since September 2015 will surface re: disillusionment of authority in our respective pasts – whatever this means in your world – be it persons, institutions, God/Great Spirit – there may be a rebuilding of what this truly MEANS in your life since 2015. Fears of being rejected for BELIEVING what you truly believe to be true – for you – and speaking out about these beliefs. As in “yes! I am intuitive and spiritual rather than logical and dogmatic or religious!” or vice versa! Either are okay as long as they are your true beliefs. Walking your talk in other words. Be TRUE to your faith/beliefs.
  • Be aware of crystallization of those beliefs – have you outgrown the dogma? Is it just habit now? Is it time to upgrade how and what you truly believe re: the how/why of your reason for being? Guilt, structure, punishment and law vs. an emphasis on life, quality, inner meaning and individual growth – what is truer for you, now?
The previous time Saturn journeyed through Sagittarius was from November 18, 1985 to November 13, 1988. Think back to what age you were back then, what did you believe to be true for your philosophy of life – and was it YOURS or what you adopted from your family of origin or culture or society? And is it still TRUE for you today? What’s changed? And are you due for another upgrade from where you’ve journeyed since 1985-1988? Ethical values, faith, and beliefs are all part of this too.
March 25, 2016 until August 13, 2016 was the last time Saturn was Rx within Sagittarius during his current journey through Sagittarius. Whenever a planet supposedly goes backward or Rx (Retrograde) the usual outward/Direct energy is now more inwardly focused – personalized – and somehow “in your face” with people, events, and circumstances making it LOUDER for us to take notice and listen, think and talk about. What was LOUD and CLEAR to you during this timing?
Take TIME and compare it to NOW, as Saturn turns Rx tonight until it goes Direct again August 25, 2017. Interestingly, the cosmic longitude shows Saturn at 27 degrees Sagittarius and 48′ Rx – right on top of the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way! Saturn’s been hovering back and forth over the Galactic Centre since February, peaking now, and will continue to activate it until early June. The Rx motion of Saturn causes all of us to SLOW down, take TIME to contemplate all of the above-mentioned themes and FEARS preventing us from expanding our consciousness in some way. What are your fears?
Being so directly connected to the Galactic Centre tells me we are all re-evaluating our beliefs about God/Creator/Great Spirit – whomever you believe to BE, beyond your physical world. And deeply so. We will not be able to steer away from it. It is fascinating that the movie, “The Shack” is playing in theatres here in Calgary right now too – and I was given the book to read over the weekend! Check both of them out – makes for interesting conversations, thoughts and inner reflection of HOW we’re DOing our journey while BEing human! And what you believe to be TRUE about all of it.
Turn your fears into faith, belief and ethical values – in some way. Saturn IS Father Time – so take your time doing so. Let go, surrender in some way to what is TRUE for you!

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