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Full Moon in Pisces: Spiritual Awakening, Heartfully…

Sunday, August 26th, 2018, at 5:56 a.m. MDT we begin the Full Moon phase of this Moon cycle. Here the ILLUMINATION of what we’ve been seeding/growing since the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August 11th is revealed. Pisces is our theme this time – at 03 degrees Pisces 12′ of celestial longitude.

May 2018 photos 011AHA moments and grieving and sadness and crying and letting go emotionally has been experienced already this past week! Some of us knew the what/why of the letting go; most of us did not.

There has been a quality of Past Life release already too – of the accumulated drama of all the role-playing from the Old Age of Pisces lifetimes – victim and/or rescue me/rescuing others and/or feeling bullied/being the persecutor – we are clearing our Inner decks, so-to-speak, creating space for more of our Spiritual/Soul Self to shine through. Our True Authentic Self, in other words.

Other Pisces themes have been:

  • Increased dreams, intuitive insights, psychic abilities
  • Sensitivity around the spiritual needs of self and others
  • Wanting to BE of service beyond the Ego-self, within community
  • Bringing in more of the Spiritual High Mind (‘win-win for All’ wisdom)
  • Increasing your Spiritual Practice via meditation, looking Within to connect with your Higher Self/Future Self, guides, angels, ascended masters, being in Nature
  • Magical Moments of connections, conversations & activities with Soul Family, signs/insights, animal totem/angel supports.

Some of the Shadow aspects of Pisces have been:

  • Escapism – watching more TV/movies to escape your current reality and/or reading fiction – when you actually needed to be dealing with your reality….
  • Addictions – increased need to distract yourself through whatever means necessary, especially through substances/activities that our Ego-self relies on to pretend the current reality isn’t really happening, if I distract myself well enough it will all go away, magically….
  • Sleeping more OR less – here we’ve needed to process the letting go OR our Ego-brain is freaked out by the upcoming Illumination/AHA moments of consciousness, so it’s been keeping us away to avoid processing/releasing….
  • Drama Triangle Dramatics – yes, our Ego-self loves drama and staying in the Victim-oriented mindset at all costs! OR move outside itself to Rescue someone else’s Victim needs. That feels better, eh? I won’t notice how victim-oriented I am by helping you out! OR interfering in someone else’s life brings out the bullying, feeling persecuted, so we scurry back into Victim thinking/acting/being…and it continues over and over and over…

7b7df-nose2bhill2blabyrinth2b2016The KEY to overcoming our placement on that Drama Triangle is to meditate, connect Within to our True Authentic Self – aka Higher Self/Future Self – into that silence that goes deeper and quieter – to connect with the Source of All – and hear/feel our true Desires via intuition, feelings and Inner Wisdom/knowing. In order to do so, you need to BE vs. DO. Enjoy Nature, reflect, listen to your Inner Wise Woman/Man self. Ask for guidance, then listen for the answers. THEN do the doing action!

The North Node is still in Leo and sends a connection to this Full Moon in Pisces that calls us to Let Go of Old Outmoded Patterns of Conditioning – what’s left over from the Yod, Finger of God, of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August 11th. As we listen to our Heart of Hearts, and connect heartfully with our Inner Wisdom/spiritual self, we clear the blockages To/From our Heart Chakras AND our ability to connect Within, spiritually.

Interestingly, there is a new Yod, Finger of God, that is pointing to the Sun in Virgo (whose Light is being reflected back via the Full Moon in Pisces). Here are the other 2 planetary lines in play, of Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning, namely:

  • Chiron, Rx (retrograde) in Aries: initiating change AND healing how we do Aries – with Wisdom, instinctual and in the moment, being our own Inner Warrior to take ACTION forward in some regard – AS A LEAP OF FAITH! Huge folks – this is huge! Ego-self dislikes the UNKNOWN – wants to control all situations/events/outcomes as much as possible! Chiron heals our Ego-self’s fear of being rejected by others for taking that leap that is NOT logical, could be out of the blue, and “what are you thinking?!!!” Here we learn that leaping before TOO MUCH thought can be a great thing – it brings us closer to our True Heart’s Desire – on our Spiritual Path forward (North Node in Leo!). Aries brings forth our Inner Pioneer and Explorer – curious enough to experience something brand new! Within and Without!
  • South Node in Aquarius! Ha! Unresolved issued from the Past/past lives….here we go! How well are you BEing your true authentic self these days? Aquarius is the New Age (Leo is it’s opposite sign! Trying to create an AND here folks!) where we are learning to BE that authentic self AND connect with community for the good of all. I help you, you help me, I help you…being there for one another, not matter who you are, what it is you need “I’ll be there….” Humanitarianism, following your true Inner needs, without IGNORING others’ needs along the way. Building community – how well do you know your neighbours? What groups do you belong to? South Node also brings forth past skills/talents we’ve honed over other life-times – able to be unemotionally involved (some might call this aloof) matter-of-fact, let’s get on with the show folks! Community needs our help – help them! Bring your future-oriented skills/ideas of innovation/invention and create something for the better!

How well are you able to take that Leap of Faith, heal unresolved issues from your past re: HOW you do community while Being Authentically You, while BEing innovative and inventive? Interesting challenge here….

3055e-march2b20182bphotos2b015As we work out this Yod to the Sun in Virgo (watch out for those PERFECTIONISM tendencies – delaying tactics of the Ego-self to try to prevent any timely Leaps of Faith, eh?!) the Sun’s reflected Light by the Full Moon in Pisces reminds us to lean on our Spiritual Self vs. our addictions/escapist habits of the past. Time to LET THEM GO too…bit by bit.

The Moon represents our Emotional Body, and those daily habits we become attached to, emotionally. What’s your crutch? How sturdy is it – or is it really just an illusion/delusion the Ego-self has convinced you that you cannot live without? Interesting dilemma here – which way do I go, and when? How much longer must I prolong the agony?

Go Within, always, then listen to that Wise Voice of your Soul/Spirit, and follow intuitive nudges and ideas and TRUST you’re heading into the Unknown that is your true north!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – in and around Okotoks, AB and Egyptian Papyrus gifted to me

‘Neptunian’ November 2016…

As the Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween came and went in October, I kept wondering what November would offer as both Neptune and the South Node, both in Pisces, have been slowly coming together.

dsc05078All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween is the day of the year when the veil between the Worlds is thin, creating a time of easily accessing past life insights, clearing out old energies, and connecting with our Light BEings (aka Higher Self, Angels, God, Source, Great Spirit, Guides etc.) more clearly. With the South Node and Neptune, Rx (retrograde) within Pisces, the mutable water sign Neptune rules, ALL of November is like All Hallow’s Eve! Easy access/clarity/clearing the decks of whatever OLD stuff needs to be accessed/cleared to make room for our respective NEW connections/directions/insights.

Neptune has been Stationing Direct all month, so far, as it slows down to seemingly turn Direct as of November 20th (it’s been Rx since June 14th). All the slow-moving outer planets slow down and either turn retrograde (Rx) or direct (D) every half year or so. These moments of standstill are called Stations. Astrologically, when a planet is stationery, the energy of that planet is amplified (similar to how Jupiter amplifies or “makes it all louder” energetically, the sign it travels through for roughly a year) and is more focused, in your face. No matter what you do to escape it, it shows up!

dsc05082All of November is like a lead-up to a Full Moon energy – it peaks, then falls off – amplifying within the realm of themes of what Neptune/Pisces rules. Neptune is basically ‘stopped’ all month AND the South Node, in Pisces, has caught up to Neptune – both at 9 degrees of Pisces. This is a RARE event – FYI – due to the fact that Neptune returns to Pisces once every 165 years AND the South Node moves through Pisces every 18.6 years. Having BOTH happening in the same month is rare.

These two players are conjunct one another all month. Neptune entered Pisces in early 2011 and will leave Pisces in 2026. Roughly 15 years for all of us to reconnect with our subtle Spiritual/Divine selves (and learn what this truly means to each of us).

The South Node of the Moon brings in our Karma. Within Pisces, any or all of the following themes can be really “loud” or in your face this month especially, to heal:

  • Addictions/Escapism – how our respective Ego-Self/brain tries to escape current reality, usually diving as deeply as it can, to distract us, via our respective addictions! Now addictions can take forms other than drugs, alcoholism, over-eating etc that we usually associate Addiction to. There is shopping/spending money, over-exercising, marathon TV-watching or reading, computer games, internet surfing – anything that takes our attention away from the NOW in order to divert ourselves away from what the NOW holds that our Ego-Self isn’t interested in dealing with. In other words, scared to death of, in denial of, resistant to change….
  • Mysticism – what you believe this to be, and how it shows up in your life. Some call it spiritual, some religion. It is Beyond the Real or earthly realms. The Unknown, Untouchable (not concrete or ‘seen’). Some may call it Magic. What do you believe mysticism to be in your life experience? And how are you connecting with it?
  • Spiritual Sensitivities – here we can become, energetically, able to sense/hear/’see’ how others feel – without asking or talking about it. We just KNOW. Those of us born with our Sun or Moon or Rising Sign in Pisces understand how this works. It is like breathing – we take in what others feel (somewhat like a sponge in the ocean) clearing their toxic ‘stuff’ leaving them feeling better – but then we, the sponges, feel like crap! Toxic people, toxic environments, toxic relationships, toxic conversations – they will become louder this month. This includes chemicals used in cleaning the home, clothes, car etc too. How loud does it have to get before you say, “Enough! NO thank you!”? Walk away from the toxicity. Stop taking on other’s stuff. Breathe your own fresh air. Clear your aura/etheric bodies + Emotional body/Mental bodies with showers/baths, and ask your Angels to clear all toxicity out of these subtle bodies for you and replace it all with what YOU require/need at the time. I’ve been doing this cleansing/clearing for years to keep my emotions MINE, and not hold onto others’. And it works! Along with showers and baths – they clear the subtle bodies surrounding our physical body too! Walking along a river or ocean or lake too.
  • Illusions/Delusions“Magic, Movies and Illusion” is what I learned 16+ years ago as a key phrase for Neptune/Pisces. Neptune, ruling Pisces – the water sign that represents fog or mist – comes through our birth chart, through whatever House it is in, to DISSOLVE illusions and delusions our Ego-Self/brain may have concocted years ago (past lives too!) to help us survive whatever reality we were in. In the NOW that is 2016, and November, what former Illusion/Delusion are you ‘seeing’ this month? To be let go of? With the South Node in our faces – past life stuff is coming up the pipeline to be ‘seen’, ‘heard’ and healed and let go of. Especially this month, November, whilst the thin veils between the Worlds continues! Take advantage of this opportunity/Gift from Neptune + South Node! LET GO. BE in the MOMENT. BE NOW. Let go of anything that looks/sounds/tastes like that Drama Triangle – victim or rescuers or persecution/bullying. How are your buttons being pushed this month? Do you FEEL invisible in some capacity? Remember, Pisces’ water = fog/mists. One can disappear from the real into the surreal…Change this Illusion/Delusion. It’s somehow created by your Ego-Self/brain to KEEP you in a victim-oriented stance. Look into the Mirror and ask yourself, “WHY do I want this in my life?”
  • Deception – now this is different from Illusion/Delusion. Here, there may be someone deceiving you. (Emphasis is on MAY BE) What is their true intention? How do you trust what you are hearing, feeling, receiving? Intuition! You already KNOW what is true and what is deception. You’ve had some red flags on the play, niggling you, correct? Tune in, and confirm WITHIN what is REAL for you. Also know this: our Ego-Self/brain can be deceptive too – one of the tricks for distracting/denying and not wanting to change the status quo of your current reality. Your INTUITIVE KNOWING never lies! Know this to be the absolute truth! Feel it. Trust it. Always and in all ways. For those of you born with Chiron in Pisces – your sensitive energy antennas will tell you (similar to those with Sun/Moon/Rising Sign in Scorpio) via the body language – the lips say one thing yet the physical body tells a whole other story! LISTEN with more than your ears…TRUST you know your Inner Truth. And act accordingly, lovingly with compassion and forgiveness.
  • Spiritual Strength – here is where FAITH comes into play. Put your trust into that Higher Power when the going gets rough! That Inner/Upper Wisdom that works hand in hand with your Intuition. Meditation, prayer, mantras, affirmations – whatever works for you – bring your Spiritual Practice into the every day. If you’ve been avoiding this before now, know that it will seem effortless now to begin. Whatever that feels/looks like for you. Could be a new tarot deck you use to connect with your Inner Wisdom until you get used to tuning in on your own. Or seeing your Astrologer, or minister/priest – someone you trust to help YOU ‘see’ your own Inner Wisdom – that you already have, but may have not had the courage to connect with before now. Or trust!
  • Increased Compassion, Spiritual Guidance, Intuition, Imagination, Creativity: any and all of these aspects of Neptune/Pisces will be enhanced – including your Dreams! I’ve had plenty of clear ones, especially this month so far, having both Neptune and the South Node so close to my Pisces Sun. Dreams are messages from the Higher Self/Angels etc. to give you answers to whatever you’ve been asking about, or just as a heads-up of what may be leaving you/what you’re allowing to LET GO OF. Whenever our Mom dreams of babies, we all know someone in the extended family is pregnant. We wait to hear the news – and usually do within days of her dream. BELIEVE what you ‘see’ in your dreams. Know that they aren’t literal – they are symbolic. Death can mean some aspect of your INNER Self is dying, making room for more of your True Self to show up. When I dream of snakes, I know I am casting off yet another layer of the OLD – there is a transmutation of some sort I am undergoing via Soul/Inner Growth.

dsc05003Pisces brings forth strong emotions/feelings. Watershed moments. Also why we feel we need time to be alone, away from others. Hence ‘feeling’ overwhelmed by other’s emotions and/or drama! Take time to BE in Nature – walks, runs, sitting on a bench and just look around, hear the birds chirp, the squirrels chase one another for that next bit of nut or seed. Allow Mother Nature to heal your subtle bodies. Breathe in her healing energy – no matter the time of year! There is no logic to Pisces or Neptune. Nebulous – both of them. Water flows, ebbs and flows, moves anywhere. Allow yourself to ebb and flow past the past, into the NOW.

I wish to end this post with an interesting note from one of my favourite Astrologers – Steven Forrest – who believes November is also a time of “When The Saints Come Marching In”. Anyone birthing a new baby this month, in 2016, could most likely be birthing a SAINT – someone who is highly sensitive to its environment (noise, chemicals, light etc), who, when able to talk in a few years, will speak about past lives he/she has lived, perhaps even speak of events that will, and do, come about. Their Karma and timing on Earth will bring sensitivity, compassion, forgiveness, and Higher Love (Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus).

dsc05014They can be susceptible to addictions/escapism if their home environment is too much for them to cope with. If the parents/family they are born into already have an ingrained spiritual practice (mediation/yoga/energy work) these newborns will thrive. It will be interesting to ‘see’ in decades to come who these new Saintly children are and what Service they choose to be in (they will have their North Node in Virgo – wanting to BE of service in the world). Somewhat like a Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Mother Mary, or Mary Magdalene. Bringing forth spiritual teachings and sensitive care this world is in dire need of.

Or they could be “scoundrels, natural-born liars and deceivers, or simply crazy” according to Steven Forrest. Time will tell – we already see how that Drama Triangle from the Old Age of Pisces has society caught up in all manner of escapism, drugs, alcohol and other ways of crazy – all Shadow aspects to deny their Inner Spiritual selves, deny their feelings and emotions, deny their sensitivities. Pisces and Neptune invite all of us to BE in the moment, flow WITH our feelings/emotions, LISTEN to our Inner Wisdom (aka intuition), have FAITH, TRUST in the Divine – there IS a REASON for everything – the timing of all events and circumstances.

NAMASTE“My Soul Sees, and Honours, the Soul IN You”

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff October 2016

New Moon in Aries April 7, 2016


Easter Sunday Sunrise, Okotoks, AB

Another Moon cycle is winding down as I write this post. March came in like a Lamb and definitely went out like Lion – energetically speaking! We experienced the two Eclipses – Solar Eclipse in Pisces with the last New Moon March 8th, then a Lunar Eclipse in Libra with the Full Moon March 23rd. Tell me you didn’t undergo some excelerated inner growth?! I dare you….

We all left behind more of the Old Age of Pisces “drama triangle” roles behind us (victim and/or rescuer and/or persecutor/bully), many of you actually stepped off and away from that addiction for drama (!!) along the way. BEing in the moment, as your truest self, centred, at peace is the end game now. We can all learn to let go of our addiction to drama, to BE enLIGHTened Within! Keep on Keeping on everyone. Let’s move onto what’s in store for us in the next Moon cycle…

Tomorrow, Thursday April 6th, we begin a new New Moon at 5:24a MDT in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, where the Moon and Sun sit together at 18 degrees of Aries 05′. Check your charts – what House of Life Experience does Aries reside in? Could be one or two if it’s straddling between two Houses. Check your House cusps, they’ll tell you the starting degree/minute of the Sign therein. The cardinal fire of Aries demands the NEW, instinctually, physically, assertively. BE your own inner Warrior/Pioneer in ways never ventured into before now.


Easter Sunday Morning Sun Rise

The House in your chart that contains 18 degrees of Aries is the House of Life Experience you will be finding LIBERATION within soon enough, due to the upcoming conjunction between Uranus and Eris in June! We all begin to FEEL this need to BE our independent selves as of this New Moon cycle! Pay attention to yourself. Instinctual need to take Action, BE Assertive, bring forth your Inner Warrior of Courage, and Pioneer paths Within not travelled before now, will be key themes to look for.

Mars rules Aries, and currently sits within the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius (at 08 degrees) – this planet rules this New Moon cycle. Mars demands assertive action (not combative nor aggressive!) to stand UP for Yourself, your beliefs, and take your righful position re: your Life Purpose this Moon cycle.

In the New Moon chart, I see many players still within Pisces, and some that have moved off into Aries now. Interesting rolling stelliums in both signs – planets so close together they are figuratively ‘holding hands’ learning to work and play well with one another! Let’s take a closer look now:

Pisces contingent is:

  • Neptune then South Node Rx + Chiron + Ceres: here we have the planet of Dissolution, Imagination, Dreams/dreaming, and Magic, Movies and llusion (Neptune) hanging back from the rest. What did the previous Pisces New Moon dissolve in you? Did your Ego-self allow the old suit of Drama to be removed once and for all? If not, you have another opportunity to allow this to happen within this new Moon cycle!
  • Any unresolved issues from our collective past (South Node) re: addictions, escapism, drama (!) will continue to be healed (Chiron) along with any disconnection wounds from our Spiritual bodies.
  • Nurturance of Self (Ceres) is key! She wants to show us what we needed for nurturance as children AND how we allow nurturing in now as adults.
  • Together, the South Node Rx + Chiron + Ceres are showing us a Higher Way of Letting Go via forgiveness of self and others in order to HEAL our wounds of spiritual disconnect we’ve carrying around for many lifetimes within our cells/DNA, then thoughts/actions of kindness, gentleness, and love with self and others come forth.

Aries contingent is:

  • Venus, then Sun/Moon + Uranus + Eris: our Desire Body planet, Venus, brings forth a need for solitude, alone time, space to connect with ME, Myself & I this month! How else will you know for sure what it is YOU want and require moving forward? What do you DESIRE (Venus) to attract into your life now? How will you answer this question if you are running around willy nilly looking after others’ needs and not your own? Take time out for YOU this month – very important – and listen to your Heart’s Desires. Journal about it all. Take time out for YOU.
  • A whole lot of forward movement with the rest of these Aries players! Once they ‘hear’ what it is you truly want/need – what is your Intention via Venus? When you do that work, then the Soulful action will take place (Sun), with Emotional Body issues to feel, intuit from, and receive hits of insight of (Moon) regarding what Daily Habits are no longer serving You, blocking your path forward (!!). BE honest with yourselves. Any resistance from your Ego-self will indicate you are on the right track!
  • Then, Expect the Unexpected (Uranus) and allow your futuristic innovations and originality to come forth! You’ve been asking for the changes – are you prepared and ready to RECEIVE them? Will your Ego-self and/or mind create Fear-based resistance to keep you back behind that Old Curtain of Illusion/Delusion Neptune is wanting to dissolve for you?
  • Then Eris brings forth that which you have long neglected Within you – needs and desires that have been IGNORED, by You! Eris doesn’t like to be ignored, nor does she enjoy being left out of the party! Otherwise deep anger can rise up, seemingly out of nowhere! Take note! If you become angry, even full of rage at any point within this Moon cycle – this is a good sign that you have been triggered to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ whatever it is you have DENIED yourself up until now! Again, daily journalling will help you keep track of what’s coming up for you. And no projecting your anger or blame others for that which you have denied yourself! It was never their responsibility in the first place! The buck starts and stops with you.

Mercury will go Rx (Retrograde) for the second time this year this month. I will blog about those details in another post! Stay tuned!


Sheep River embankment

Good grounding for us all due to an Earth Grand Trine connection between Pluto in Capricorn, Vesta in Taurus and Jupiter + Vertex Point + North Node Rx in Virgo! That Vertex Point – fated/destined people/circumstances this way come! Karmic healing will be very LOUD due to Jupiter’s influence to head directly INTO the direction our Souls wish us take (North Node)! Yay! Watch out for the Shadow portion of Virgo here – procrastination due to perfectionistic tendencies…just saying….

Pluto continues to TRANSFORM our integrity issues around material gain – what is it you FEAR most about receiving materially? Pluto is sending a love line to Jupiter Rx in Virgo where we want to BE of service – Pluto wants all of us to BE emPOWERed by Jupiter’s prosperity influences. Unexpected doors of opportunity will open – walk through them! Don’t hesitate, don’t make excuses – just GO!

Could be an invitation to a party, to coffee conversations, to a referral for other work – we never know what is waiting for us around the next corner unless we MOVE and trust that our intuition knows best! If alarm bells go off – ensure it’s not your Ego-self having a tantrum or is in resistance (i.e. meeting new people in a new place, feeling unsafe etc). Take a deep breath, go anyway – because if anything is really wrong with the situation, all you need do is walk away. As long as we show up, we are taking action and living Life.


Sheep River Embankment 2016

Vesta brings forth concentrated focus to create something beautiful for yourself with Pluto and the gang in Virgo! Transform the fears Pluto peels back to uncover, then allow old fears to surface (if any), meet up with those karmic peeps/conditions that trigger old stuff, and WALK through it, BREATHE through it, HEAL IT. Be Not Afraid. I’d like to BE that contented Bull, chewing its cud in the middle of a bright, sunny pasture, laying back with pride, smiling to myself, saying, “How you doin’?” and nodding with relief that I DID IT! This is the Taurus portion of the program – enjoying all my senses, content Within myself that I valued myself enough to show up and create something beautiful that is my Life!

And if, after all this planetary assistance already mentioned above doesn’t help you, well guess what? We have a T-Square to help push up the inner pressure to CHANGE! I love it! Saturn in Sagittarius sits at the apex of this formation, asking us to head forward with Faith and Trust, being responsible for looking for our True Life Purpose, Why Am I Here? Saturn is being squared by, wait for it….none other than the South Node Rx and Chiron in Pisces, both sitting in opposition to…wait for it…Jupiter + Vertex Point + North Node Rx!!! Yay! If you think you’ll dodge that Earth Grand Trine bringing forth karmic healing, think again! LOL! We all have a wee see-saw effect going on between the Pisces peeps and the Virgo peeps.


Sand Castles anyone!?

“Will I run BACK into my addictions/escapism/denial tendencies, do the Drama of Old (South Node)  that feels SO FAMILIAR, and deny being HEALED (Chiron)? Will I run forward INTO that karmic situation, see those human peeps I used to know/work for or with, hear what they have to say (and say what I needed to say yet didn’t?) no matter how prepared I may NOT be (remember that procrastination/perfectionism thingy). OR….will I DO BOTH and create an ‘AND’ here?” Having a Fire New Moon cycle means double-quick time and timing folks! What used to take us years or even decades to work through, can be done in almost nanoseconds now, I kid you not! BELIEVE and it will BE True!

This T-Square brings MUCHO Inner Stress and Tension to create CHANGE! Enjoy! Take Action to Let GO of the past/old trauma/issues AND move forward through whatever karmic situation presents itself – tis a test don’t you know? Walk throught it, breathe, love it, forgive and move along to that next door of opportunity that’s a-knocking!

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intutive Spiritual Astrologer |Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: all by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Easter Sunday 2016

Leap Day 2016 & 2014…our RESET!

I was talking to a good friend of mine last weekend, zeroing in on Leap Year’s and Day’s, then thought, “Wonder what a chart of a day that only occurs once in 4 years would garner? And to compare it with the Leap Day of the previous 4 years too?” So I did and have it to share with all of you.

Because of how the Earth orbits the Sun, and how the Earth’s axis wobbles, in order to keep our current calendar on target, we must have an extra day every four years to “catch up”. Hence why, over the four years, the timing of the Sun moving into each of the Zodiac signs every month will slowly change from being as early as the 19th or 20th of the month, to being as late as the 23rd of the month! What we all call the “cusp” between signs.

This is also why Easter seems to be “early” or “late” each succeeding year too! So 2016, as a Leap Year, is a RESET year for many reasons!

See the chart below from Leap Day 2014.LeapDay2012

The first items of note is the stellium of planets within the mutable water sign of Pisces (Neptune + Chiron + Pallas + Sun) which also happens to be the apex of a mutable T-square formation from the Moon’s Nodes + the Moon (with South Node in mutable air sign of Gemini in opposition to Juno in mutable fire sign of Sagittarius). T-squares between planets create energetic stress and tension within us, facilitating action for much-needed change – if we are listening and in tune with ourselves. Otherwise, the change happens despite ourselves! Coupled with these mutable signs – going WITH the flow was key!

Neptune sits at 00 degrees Pisces – it had just entered the sign it rules as of February 4th 2012 – a brand NEW CYCLE of connecting with our Spiritual / Divine Self after 165 years! Chiron has assisted with healing the wound of our Spiritual separation from ourselves (aka Ego Mind and Physical Body devoid of our Spirit) since April 2010, giving us two years of figuring this out before Neptune showed up in 2012 to help DISSOLVE the illusion/delusions we were under up until then. We have also been learning to understand ourselves more ENERGETICALLY and SPIRITUALLY – and that one is the other – energetically we are Spiritual. And vice versa. The personal energetic boundaries have caused more sensitivity for all of us, whether we have been conscious of it or not.

Pallas, one of the four faces of the Divine Goddess/Feminine, has been showing us how to engage our Inner Divine Feminine Warrior – male and female alike – to BE compassion, to FEEL feelings, and allow our INTUITION to be seen, heard and/or felt! Think back over these past four years – how has your Inner Life changed from Ego-Self driven to intuitively, feelingly aware? Have you noticed changes in the workplace re: more compassion and assistance from what was there prior? Your home life? Your friends?

Both Nodes are Direct – so we were all focused on accomplishing something certain these past four years. The South Node sits almost exact with the Moon, in Gemini. Not only did we visit our past lives, we also brought forward data and information to be used NOW in new daily habits, intuitive awareness and feeling our way forward. Fears of doing any of this (those unresolved issues from the past) have been coupled with the North Node’s intention to seek our Higher Purpose (Sagittarius) AND marry our Inner Feminine with our Inner Masculine power (Juno) in a sacred marriage. Equal and balanced.

How well have your mastered your Ego-self’s fears thus far? To create an AND to also move forward towards your True Purpose/Mission this lifetime with awareness? Be honest – we are ALWAYS a work in progress. We are NOT 100% perfected yet, so ANY forward-moving progress is cause for HUGE celebration! AND, in the eyes of God, we are ALREADY PERFECT!

This chart shows a Grand Trine in Earth signs from Mars Rx (retrograde) in Virgo (where Jupiter and the North Node are Now in 2016!) and Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. Asserting our desire to BE of service and look after the health of our physical bodies (Mars in Virgo) with transforming power/control issues of integrity re: how we go about building our respective material gain (Pluto in Capricorn) with expansion and amplification of creating something solid, via our senses, that is beautiful and from our Truest Purpose (Jupiter in Taurus). Looking back these past four years – what has fallen away (died via Pluto), what has expanded beyond your prior boundaries (Jupiter pushing us past them), and how have you asserted your Inner Warrior, bringing forth that Pioneering self to BE your True Instinctual Self (Mars)?

Saturn sits Rx and at the 29th degree of the cardinal air sign of Libra – inner responsibilities, ending some cycle you’ve been in, that until now has interfered with allowing much-needed CHANGE to BE in partnership with yourself and others. Loving self and others more perhaps? Letting GO of the Old relationships/partnerships that no longer worked?

Lastly, the Vertex (Vx) point of destiny/fated happenings, in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre! Interestingly, this point sends mini love lines to both Saturn @ 29 degrees Libra AND Neptune @ 00 degrees Pisces! We’ve been tying up loose ends/ending a cycle of NOT taking responsibility within our relationships/partnerships AND learning to connect with ourselves more Spiritually/Divinely, in a new way other than religiously! What fateful/destined people and/or circumstances have occurred in your life since February 2012 that have brought much-needed healing, letting go, making room for MORE inner love of self, love of others, and love to the Divine You?

Now let’s look at tomorrow’s Leap Day for 2016!LeapDay2016

Notice I used the same time of day – so the House cusps have the same degrees and signs in both charts. My intuition choose 3:00p MST – don’t ask me logically why. Again, we have a stellium of planets + the South Node in Pisces. Neptune and Chiron continue to dissolve and heal our wounds of separation AND teach us about letting go of the Old Age of Pisces Drama Triangle (victim/rescuer/persecutor or bully) roles that are of no use to us now. The South Node tells me we are still, collectively, resolving issues from our collect pasts about this. BE the victor – not the victim! The Ego-self just LOVES to do “o woe is me!” drama. Pisces rules our addictions and our collective society is addicted to DRAMA! See it on TV and in movies and books. Leave it all there. Take yourself OFF this Triangle and stand in Love and Acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, of Self and Others.

Jupiter Rx + North Node Direct stand in opposition to the Pisces stellium, asking us to expand ourselves beyond those restrictive boundaries we’ve held close for over 2,000 years, to BE of service beyond ourselves (our Ego) and to do so DOWN here on earth! To love our physical bodies as we relearn to love ourselves. The Rx energy personalizes everything, giving us a chance to slow down and think about it all, mull it over and sit with it a while before we take the Action forward destined by the North Node. The Vertex point is once again sitting at the Galactic Centre, bringing forth destined and fated events and people to us to help us move beyond where we now stand. Wonder where we will end up?

Both the Moon and Mars stand in Scorpio, the most private sign in the Zodiac, and a fixed water sign – ice. Mars asks us to Assert ourselves beyond any deeply-held emotional fears of our Ego-self (Scorpio) AND the Moon, sitting at 29 degrees of Scorpio, asks us to END a cycle of old habits re: those fears! Letting GO of OLD HABITS brings space to embrace NEW habits that support the NEW you emerging, despite your fears to do otherwise! Dig deeply to unearth each and every one. Scorpio helps us root it out! Each and every baby step forward with change and trust and faith – it ALL helps us to BE our truer more authentic selves!

Interestingly, the Aries stellium sends a connection to the Scorpio Mars/Moon position, giving us a constant prod to LET GO of old patterns of conditioning! Here Aries, our instinctual self-identity, contains Uranus (unexpected change to BE Free to BE ME!) + Eris shows us how to dispense with our wornout gender roles of the past + the Arabic Part of Fortune, our Joy point, beckons us to BE joyful, to embrace our respective uniqueness from one another AND within each other + Vesta asks us to concentrate our focus ON self, yet not at the exclusion of all others! All work and no play is not BALANCE! We are no longer an Island unto ourselves. We are Individuals living within Community (New Age of Aquarius).

This chart’s T-square figures on the Vertex/Galactic Centre from the Nodes + Jupiter and Chiron specifically. To HEAL our spiritiual disconnect AND expand our boundaries away from the same old/same old service we’ve allowed ourselves to BE stuck within! Bust out of your entrenched ruts about work! Where you work, what you DO for work, HOW you work! Mix it up! Feel your heart’s true desire and follow your intuitive creative hits of insight and TRUST that these new directions (NO MATTER YOUR AGE!!!!) will manifest your dreams (Neptune) and show you the new direction your Soul wishes you to walk into (North Node)!

Having the Vertex on the Galactic Centre tells me we are heeding a Higher Call from On High! Beyond our Galaxy. What IS your Higher Purpose this lifetime? Perhaps the upcoming Eclipses in March will remind you of what you signed up to DO and BE this lifetime? I will write that post soon enough.

Our minds (Mercury) and our Desire Body (Venus) and Inner Feminine Power Warrior (Pallas) all sit within the fixed air sign of Aquarius, the New Age we are in now. Allow your mind to connect with your Future Self, and your Desire Body to feel the CLEAR intentions of what you truly desire in your life, and bring forth the wonderful Inner Feminine Wisdom to receive those insights/signs, feel the intuitive urgings of your Soul/Higher Self, and walk into your Future. Now. It will be interesting to see what we bring forth these next four years!

BE In Love & Light!

Posted By: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Full Moon in Virgo…

Haloed Nanaimo Full Moon!

Haloed Nanaimo Full Moon 2012

Monday’s Full Moon (as of 10:20a MST) brought the Moon in opposition to the Sun at 03 degrees of Virgo 34′. Since Sunday, some sort of Illumination has been brought into your world regarding how you wish to BE of Service, becoming Conscious about it, perhaps for the first time.

The New Moon (February 8th in Aquarius) began our journey towards what we’ve been Unconscious about within Self regarding what we want for our Future Self. As of today, we now understand, and are aware, of how we wish to use our talents, gifts and experiences more out in the world of daily work and looking after our physical health.

As you look at the Moon tonight, notice how close it is to Jupiter (still Rx and sitting at 20 degrees Virgo 10′ with the North Node – which you cannot see because it is a point of reference – at 21 degrees Virgo 46′) with Regulus, the brightest star of the constellation Leo, just above them, bringing in the creativity and fun we all need to mix in with work!

As I look at today’s chart for this Full Moon, we have four planets and the South Node in Pisces, sitting opposite this Full Moon. They are assisting all of us to create an “AND” in some regard within our Self/life as follows:

  • Sun – at 03 degrees Pisces 34′, brings vitality and Illumination into our Spiritual and Divine-ness, dispelling any illusions/delusions we may have had before now.
  • Neptune – ruler of Pisces, sits at 09 degrees Pisces 16′, increasing our imagination to enVISION our dreams for that Future Self we began to connect with back at New Moon.
  • Ceres – also at 09 degrees Pisces 45′, shows how we are nurturing ourselves as adults, compared to how we were nurtured as children. Here the continuing theme of the Spiritual comes in – how do you nurture your SPIRIT? Are you aware that you have a Spirit, let alone know your connection to the Divine?
  • Chiron – sitting at 19 degrees Pisces 59′, brings in yet MORE healing of our collective Wounds of Separation from Spirit! Otherwise known as that Drama Triangle of the Ego-Self wanting to keep its role as either Victim or Rescuer/Rescue ME or Persecutor/Bully/Being Bullied. Or all three. Some of us live with the addiction of drama rather than inner tranquility and love and forgiveness. Here Jupiter, sitting at 20 degrees Virgo 10′, Rx (retrograde), amplifies and expands our boundaries BEYOND our usual safety net – yikes! You want me to do what? You beckon me on to heal away from those roles/wounds my Ego-Self has known for over 2,000 years to do what now? BE of service, to others AND my physical body, lovingly and with forgiveness? Are you nuts? I like it just where I am….I think…don’t I?
  • Lastly, the South Node – at 21 degrees Pisces 46′ Rx (retrograde) brings in any unresolved issues from your past (this lifetime or other lifetimes) that persists the above-mentioned Drama Triangle wound/role-playing for the Ego-Self. Here we have the North Node, exactly opposite, beside Jupiter’s expansive and amplifying (aka LOUDness) sending Soulful messages our way to DO our daily habits (Moon) in an alternative and healing and healthy way, compared to what we’ve been doing for ourselves, and others, until now. Be it work (paid or volunteering) and how we care for this physical body. Pisces brings to our attention ALL the ways we are addictive to something – an activity, a substance, food, etc – that distracts us, suppresses us, denies us access to our TRUE Spiritual Natures. Hhhmmm…what are your addictions?
Eternal Life!

Eternal Life, Dendera Temple, Egypt 2011

Venus sits at 06 degrees of Aquarius 54′ creating an angle with this Full Moon that begs us to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning in some way. Venus is IN the sign of our Future Self. She is our Desire Body – what do I Value, own, have money for, and the talents and skills with which to garner it all, AND then enrich myself within relationships with signifcant others?

With the Full Moon in Virgo – perhaps we are expecting PERFECTION? Saying to ourselves, “I am too old, or over-weight, or been alone too long,” or or or…just excuses my friends! “I am NOT perfect enough” is hogwash! We are ALL perfect just as we are, already! Believe this. Love yourself for this. Despite the media’s and society’s say-so otherwise! I always wonder, WHO is the decision-maker for media and society mores? WHO gets to decide on MY Life and needs and desires? When did we give THEM/IT the power to do so? Hhhhmmm…

Pluto and Uranus continue to create stress and tension Within regarding transforming power and control issues (Pluto) into emPOWERment, and Free To BE ME (Uranus) Unexpected Change that may come at you like a fly-ball out of left field! We all struggle with Outer Expectations that conflict with Inner Wants and Needs to BE TRUE TO ME. Pluto sends a love line to Jupiter Rx and North Node Rx in Virgo – saying, “We can ALL have it ALL if we just play well with others, BE of service, have FAITH that going beyond current experiences and boundaries WILL be OKAY, even BETTER than you’d ever expect! TRUST me on this…”

You may find you have to chat with your freaked out, frightened, “I don’t wanna go there!” Ego-Self a bit more, to allow IN the self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-nurturance that you’ve been too busy, or in denial, or afraid to allow in before now.


Sphinx Temple, Giza, Egypt 2011

Love and Forgiveness, laughter, kindness, joy, fun and play – yay! More please! This and MORE is what Jupiter/North Node, both Rx, therefore deeply within energetically, are beckoning us on INTO. TRUST, have FAITH, Love your Ego-Self’s desires/addictions to Drama and denial and distractions and you WILL walk yourself THROUGH it all. This is the Key – to walk through all the mind games, emotions, feelings, and ‘see’ that Light at the end of this long tunnel of BEing in the Dark about some aspect of yourself until TODAY (Full Moon). You made it! Yay! You ARE here! Yay! Breathe, love, and forgive.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, or Vancouver Island friends!

Sun in Pisces February 18-March 20, 2015



Pisces. The Fishes. Mutable water sign, meaning the ability to go with the flow, making us aware of how and what we are feeling or emoting. Increase in intuitive abilities. Highly sensitive to the emotions, pain and suffering of others. AND, those energetic boundaries between Self and others – thinner veil, more easily tred upon, disrupted, hurt.

Therefore Compassion and Unconditional Love come into play while the Sun traverses the oldest sign of the Zodiac. Similar to the Wise Woman/Man, having the spiritual sensitivity to KNOW (intuit) what to do, say (or not) and when. Knowledge born and bred from years of experience (aka life times) that bubbles up from out of nowhere, bringing with it wisdom, patience, compassion and love when interacting with others.

Similar to Samhain or Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is thin and ghosts of the past are able to visit, Pisces brings to us, every year, a chance to understand ourselves, and others, emotionally. Those of us born with our Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Pisces have the gift to connect emotionally with everyone around us. This includes Virgos too – the opposite sign to Pisces. Your other half. All water signs connect emotionally, in different ways.

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

Lake Siskiyou Beach, Mt Shasta 2011

Somewhat like sponges, we soak up others’ emotional baggage, leaving them feeling loads better after our encounter. It is like breathing – we don’t even know we are doing this. It just seems to happen.

Our Feeling Body (Emotional Body) is highly sensitive, fragile, porous. If we aren’t aware to put in place an extra veil of intention of what we are willing to experience emotionally in our day, we become overloaded with the emotional flotsam and jetsam picked up from what others are throwing off.

It is as if we have these extra long feeling tentacles or antenna built in that sense ahead of time the emotional air around us. Similar to radio waves or EMFs, we sense the emotions of others. We are quite literally bombarded by them. Some encounters with people (even a hug from someone in emotional pain) can leave us feeling depressed with a huge lack of energy. Why? We just accepted a huge dump-truck load of emotions from the other when we hugged. It can happen in, snap, an instant.

Since March 2011 Chiron has been traveling through Pisces, bringing an even higher level of sensitivity into our collective consciousness. Add to this Neptune, ruler of Pisces, traveling through Pisces since February 2012, for the first time in 165 years! What is all of this in aid of?

The high side of Pisces: spiritual connection to BE of Service beyond the Ego or Little Self. To turn the other cheek, wisely, when someone in our circle of life is acting in a hurtful way. To “see’ beyond the obvious (the outward action) into the Soul of the Other. What pain and suffering is going on, deep inside, that other person that brings forth the hurtful words and/or actions? We intuit and most likely feel the anger or resentment or frustration or whatever it is that person is battling with emotionally. What is our response or reaction in return?

Lake Siskiyou Sun Orbs 2011

Lake Siskiyou Sun Orbs 2011

Compassion and unconditional love, without judgement, is what we have collectively been learning as a new skill of human interaction. As humans, we don’t get it right the first or even 10th time. Many of us seem to be living a life completely surrounded by pain and suffering (born with Chiron in Pisces) whereby we need to STOP rescuing others, STOP soaking up their pain (which in turn can drive us to depression, drink or illness) in order to learn WHEN it is appropriate to give compassion and when it is NOT. Continually rescuing others prevents THEM from learning their own lessons of dealing with, and walking through, their emotions rather than running away (or diving into their addictions) to escape them.

The low side of Pisces is addictive behavior (which we ALL have to some extent – some more than others) our Ego uses to make excuses to keep ourselves as VICTIM rather than VICTOR. Part of the Drama Triangle I speak about. This triangle has the Victim position as the apex, with two other positions branching off and connecting with one another to complete the triangle: Rescuer and Persecutor.

All of us, since the beginning of the Age of Pisces, have lived this Drama Triangle through many life times. Now, as we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, we have the opportunity to HEAL (Chiron in Pisces) this victim/victimization emotionally. “Please RESCUE me! I am a VICTIM! I cannot help myself – YOU have to save me!” is what we are still carrying around in our DNA.

Exposed Roots, Lake Siskiyou, Mt Shasta 2011

Exposed Roots, Lake Siskiyou, Mt Shasta 2011

This is why both Chiron and Neptune are traveling through Pisces to help us “see” the illusions/delusions (Neptune) we have created that keep us in victim mode, wanting to be rescued by ANYONE. After a time, if not rescued, we can go back to the victim position, or persecute those around us, projecting our victim-ness out into the world, hurting others as much as we are already hurting inside.

Chiron will be in Pisces until February 2019, and Neptune leaves Pisces as of January 2026. By then we all will have a much clearer and heartfully-oriented idea of how to interact with one another. BEing sensitive doesn’t mean we need to hide ourselves away in a cave because it hurts way too much to be out in the world with others.

Empathy, compassion, unconditional love (love without judgement) will be the order of the day. AND, we will have learned HOW to BE with one another without taking on each others emotional baggage. Most likely not 100% ability (we are still a work in progress) yet more aware of how to conduct ourselves more lovingly, less judgementally, WITHIN ourselves and WITHOUT.

Empower yourself by stepping OFF the Drama Triangle, leave behind the victim and become VICTOR, heartfully, not in a warrior/battle way. Know deep within yourself, via your Emotional Body, you can BE sensitive to the emotional needs of others, yet not BE responsible for them! We are each responsible for our own emotions and feelings. What we do with them, how we deal with them, is OUR responsibility. Spiritually, we are being asked to grow up, emotionally.


Post written by: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator

All scenic pictures taken by (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius or Pisces?

Moon Phases pictoral

Moon Phases pictoral

Today, February 18, 2015, at 4:47pm MST the Sun and Moon came together to be in the same position in the sky – at 29 degrees Aquarius 59′ 54″! In other words just 6″ away from 00 degrees of Pisces 00′!!

Three minutes later the Sun entered the sign of Pisces, leaving its journey through Aquarius behind for another year. The question is: do we honour the EXACT position of this New Moon or round up to the next degree? Or can we see both?

Interesting situation actually. And Comet Lovejoy continues to journey through our inner solar system skies, bringing us much Love and Joy along the way. Comets who venture into the middle of our solar system (not all do) bring to the surface any buried fears of the collective. How much fear have you been dealing with since August 2014? Comets also assist us in addressing any thoughts of slavery, crime and other negative “victim” oriented beliefs. I leave this with you for a moment.

Think back to January 20th when the last New Moon began at 00 degrees Aquarius 09′. This is what we do at the monthly New Moon Gatherings: we share our stories of what has transpired in our lives in accordance to the themes brought in via the sign the Moon and Sun stood in at New Moon as well as the House of Life Experience it occurred in within our respective birth charts.

The entire Moon cycle just passed has asked us collectively to meet up with our Future Self, consciously. To engage, to embrace, and to embody. Aquarius is electrical energy and many of us have had some issues with our central nervous systems acting up (especially for those of us with Aquarius occurring in the 6th House of physical health). Add in the EMFs from all the cell phones and towers plus radio waves, microwave waves, you name it, and our bodies have been undergoing one humdinger of a time! And then there’s been the outstanding aurora borealis all over the world dancing in many colours and areas not normally seen. Luckily those solar flares have been dying down, now that their peak period has been reached in 2014.Aquarius glyph

How many of you have been physically ill since January 20th? Myself and several others were hit as of the last New Moon with diarrhea, vomiting and/or fevers that kept us in bed for several days. The 00 degrees of Aquarius signalled a brand NEW cycle of connecting with our Future Self, which also meant embodying this Future Self, creating an upload dimensionally and energetically in frequency within our DNA and cells. Hence the runs, vomiting, fevers, feeling way tired and sometimes just nauseous. Naps are good!

All, if not most of us, have been moving up Spiritually to a more clear connection with our true individual self (individuation) which is so Aquarius. So now, today, with the Moon and Sun partnering yet again for this current Moon cycle, at the very very end of Aquarius: 29 degrees 59′ 54″ – what does this portend?

When we have a planetary occurrence at 00 degrees of a sign, this means we begin a brand new way or cycle. The 29th degree of a sign means any or all of the following:

  • There may be issues with decision-making
  • We may evaluate and re-evaluate situations before making a decision, then take action without fully thinking things through or listening to our intuition.
  • Vacillating back and forth, yet feeling a sense of urgency “to get this done!” Get it off the Ego self’s To Do list!

How many of you over the last 48 hours feel like you’ve been flying through each day, accomplishing 100 things, urgently, as if there has been set a certain time to “BE” somewhere by today, the New Moon? Have you felt your decisions aren’t the ones you would normally make? That it all feels “alien” somehow – not like your usual self?

These are all signs and symptoms of BEing in our new bodies, minds and selves. A wee bit discombobulating to say the least! Drink more water; ground yourself out in nature, or via imagining you are “rooted” via your Root chakra to Mother Earth’s pure energy; and stay away from stimulants like caffeine or sugar while we still navigate this electrical Aquarian energy.



Now let’s return to the 00 degrees of Pisces 00 where the Sun has moved off to earlier today. The sign of Pisces is the last sign, the oldest sign, the kid who has been around that block more than once, eh? Wise Old Woman/Man connected spiritually, seeing there is more service to be given BEYOND the Ego self. Key word is We Serve for the 12th House where Neptune and Pisces naturally rule.

The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo: I Serve – in the mundane world of daily work. Any opposition is challenged to not remain a duality; we must make it an “AND” world now. With the Sun entering 00 degrees of Pisces, 10 minutes after the New Moon of 29 degrees of Aquarius, I see a mixture of beginning a NEW Cycle of creating an “AND” world of being of Higher Service spiritually AND in our daily mundane world AND being prosperous and abundant and all that entails!Virgo glyph

At the same time, the 29th degree signifies an ending somehow. That vacillation, going back and forth second guessing yourself: that is the struggle of the Ego with the Soul. We are learning to master our Ego in order to allow our Soul (probably for the first time here in Earth’s history) to take the lead! Go back to what you learned about yourself during the previous New Moon cycle of what you wish for your Future Self plus the peers, friends, groups you belong to that SUPPORT this Future Self too (your community). What was in your face, really LOUD and CLEAR, that showed itself to no longer support your inner growth to BEing your true individual self?

With today’s current New Moon at 29 degrees of Aquarius (same sign) we are given the choice this Moon cycle TO LET GO of what is no longer growing corn in our respective lives. Leaving behind the OLD Self. Not quite like a snake shedding its skin; more like a complete NEW snake altogether! Right down to the DNA level.

ISIS & OSIRIS, Philae Temple, Egypt 2011

ISIS & OSIRIS, Philae Temple, Egypt 2011

Look at what is and has been dying in your life: relationships (this includes how you relate to yourself), your income, work, all areas of your life. The OUTER world that seems to be dying around you is just an indication of what is actually dying WITHIN you. “As Within, So Without” and the planets and luminaries and their respective cycle dances bring “As Above, So Below” into BEing.

Cool! Going back to the Pisces part of this New Moon cycle: the Shadow of Pisces brings the following (Shadow meaning aspects of Ego that do not support Soul growth, actually block or hinder that growth forward):

  • Drama Triangle: specifically BEing the VICTIM, or wanting to be RESCUED, or feeling PERSECUTED. Or, when we tire of the victim position, reaching out to rescue others, or if we’re feeling especially awful within, projecting that pain outwardly by persecuting others. This last bit we know as being bullied or bullying. The KEY here is to get OFF this crazy triangle and become VICTOR instead – empowered with love and compassion for self and others, no matter what. AKA what the Bible talks of “turning the other cheek”.
  • Addictions!: now here we have the crutches our Ego self has acquired, this, and other, lifetimes to stay in VICTIM mode. How we beat ourselves silly with those sticks we carry as we denigrate ourselves (and others) with judgement and criticism (opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo after all, wanting to BE PERFECT). What’s your addiction of choice? Food? Alcohol? Drugs (caffeine and sugar play a part here)? Shopping? Work? Exercise? Extreme Sports? I could go on… you get the picture.
  • Escapism: now here is where the REALITY of life can get too much under the weight of BEing of Service to the Divine (according to the Ego self) and let’s go fishing instead, ‘k? Play hookey, pretend we don’t SEE what is in our faces, just go on by and hope no one notices, eh? Here again our addictions can be helpful to, “squirrel!”, distract our Ego giving it an IMPORTANT excuse to NOT allow the growth to ensue. Let’s escape into fiction, the magic movies and illusion and take a vacation, ‘K?!! Not that I am saying it is NOT okay to watch TV or a movie or read a good book – we all need a breather from time to time. I am asking you to take notice of what is in your face this Moon cycle, really LOUD, that your Ego dives into when it doesn’t want to “see’ or deal with. It will be interesting…

Now what? We have a combination of Air (Aquarius) needing to talk and commune with community, AND Water (Pisces) noticing how I feel, allowing self to move through those feelings, and receiving hits of intuition / insights along the way in how to deal with it all. A combination of our Mental Body allowing some aspect of itself to die (29th degree) AND our Emotional Body being honoured in a brand NEW way (00 degrees) without the need to mask or suppress via drama/victim projections or addictions. How do we honour our FEELINGS, Emotions and Intuition this next month?

We do so by WALKING through them as we EMBRACE them, not RUNNING AWAY from them. AND talking about them (Aquarius Air means communication too) with our community of peers, friends and groups. In doing so we are letting go of OLD ways of BEing, allowing the Soul self to step in and lead the way more so than the Ego self. Sounds simple, no?

New Moon Chart

New Moon Chart

As I look at the chart for this New Moon (location is geared for Calgary, AB Canada) I see that we still have that Grand Trine in Fire (South Node + Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter Rx in Leo trine Pallas in Sagittarius) forcing us all, lovingly, to take inspired co-creative action with our Soul self. Hence that sense of urgency that seems to bubble up at times. To ensure we show up at that place on time sometime soon in the near future…

In the sign of Pisces we have: Neptune (ruler of this sign, brings imagination to dream our Soul dream forth) + Chiron (to heal our wound of separation from the Divine and each other) + Venus (our Desire/love body) and Mars (assertive/courageous action) holding hands. Quite the assistance here to NOT drop down into the Shadow side, to stay in the Light and walk on through what comes up for us this month!

Pluto and Ceres are also holding hands, in Capricorn (earth, practical, hands-on action) to bring Transformation (Pluto – Life-Death-Rebirth of something that is dying within our Ego self) and the ability to Nurture (Ceres) ourselves well (pay our bills, buy food, etc). Capricorn is a cardinal sign, and initiates new change in the areas mentioned above.

Mercury has changed into the forward-moving Direct motion within Aquarius with Vesta (focus and concentration) – communicating verbally, written, social media, you name it, original ideas and insights required for the collective, NOW.

To recap: we will let go of something Mentally (Aquarius) that we noticed last Moon cycle doesn’t work for the Future Self we have become (this includes Ego brain beliefs) and begin a new way of relating to self, and others, emotionally, intuitionally and energetically (Pisces) that no longer causes PAIN or SUFFERING to Self or the others around us. NB: Pisces rules the feet – so if you find you are “walking painfully” at any time this next month, look inside yourself for the Ego fears being planted there, resisting the forward walk your Soul desires.

It will be interesting to see what occurs out in the world (As Within, So Without) because Pisces can out-picture as our traditional religions in the world. As thousands of people die across the pond east of us, all due to the victim stance they are taking re: religion, rescue us or we’ll persecute you, I pray that as each individual on this globe embraces their Divine Spiritual self and lets go of old outmoded beliefs, we lessen the tensions and blows that war brings.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: (Laurie) Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer, Teacher & Facilitator


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