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Full Moon in Cancer: Spotlight on Initiating Caring & Nurturing Cycle

Today’s Full Moon begins at 10:50am MST with the Moon + Sun sitting opposite each other at the celestial longitude of 00 degrees of Cancer 50′ / 00 degrees of Capricorn 50′, respectively.

IMG_176400 degrees of a Cardinal sign means the beginning of a New Cycle. The Moon represents our Emotional Body, daily habits, following our intuition, listening and responding to our emotions/feelings, and how we nurture all of this. The Sacred Feminine attributes.

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore this Full Moon in Cancer is MORE of all of the above. Loud and clear.

The Sun represents our Soul self, the vital and active principal of how we DO our BEing. Here our Sacred Masculine attributes are in play. Spiritual inSPIRed action, as we follow our intuition and feel our feelings – what heartfully DO you want for YOU?

Each Full Moon brings ILLUMINATION – a spotlight turned on Within self as we become conscious of what it is our Soul Self (Sun) wishes us to know and BE more. The Full Moon reflects the unconscious desires of our Soul every Full Moon. What have you been Unconscious of Within that you are now Conscious of?

Interestingly, we began 2018 with the Supermoon Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees Cancer 38′ of celestial longitude. During 2018 (an 11 or Master Number year for all of us) we’ve been forced into the Illumination of Caring & Nurturing – for self and others – ALL YEAR LONG. Have you been listening to your Inner Self’s needs? What action have you taken in 2018 as a result?

IMG_2366And now, almost full circle, we have a unique opportunity to REVIEW 2018 under a more sensitive, caring, feeling and intuitive lens. Where were you, Emotionally and Soulfully, January 1st? What have you experienced this year within that spotlight of Consciousness? How conscious were you, truly, listening to your Emotional Body’s needs? Following your intuitive hits of insights, seeing the symbols and symbolism from Nature, coincidental occurrences and so-called random encounters with new relationships, partnerships and affiliations?

All year, throughout 2018, we’ve been operating, Emotionally, under the spotlight of our Soul’s Unconscious Desires to BE nurtured, cared for, loved, with compassion, forgiveness and true empathy. Can you ‘see’ now, as you look back over this year, how the happenings and experiences within your life has all been in aid of letting go of that hard outer shell of protectionism, to ‘see’ your Soul’s true desire – to Love and Be Loved – just as you already are?


Waiting for Santa Dec 12th

Our family has experienced the death of 2 close family members and 2 close friends this year. Within the last 5 years I have lost a parent, 2 sets of aunts/uncles, a favourite aunt, 2 close friends who were like sisters to me, and recently, a sister. I have moved from Nanaimo, to Calgary and now to Okotoks. I have released working for others to now administrate and steer my own Astrology business 100%. I have made many new connections and friends and partnerships that ebbed and flowed this year. And no matter that I haven’t physically seen my friends on Vancouver Island these past 5 years – we are connected, always and in All Ways. Just as I am still connected with all of my loved ones who have passed over. They visit from time to time to remind me how much I am loved and beloved.

The key review for me is after all the caregiving for others these past 5 years – it truly is TIME to turn the spotlight of caring, nurturing and following my feelings, intuition and insights ON ME. The self-nurturance piece is what we all need to embrace. This is what the Full Moon in Cancer that began 2018, and this current one ending 2018, have been, and are, reminding all of us. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE. Emotionally embrace your Soul’s Unconscious Desires to this end!

The Sabian Symbol (from: The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill, 1995) for today’s Full Moon in Cancer is:

  • Key symbolism: This marks a real turning point. There needs to be a symbolic gesture or expression of the change of allegiance. Although this may be a decision of the collective, each individual can gain glory in the action. Changing one’s loyalties. Coming to a turning point in one’s obligations or duties. Announcing new standards.
  • Shadow: Too quick to reject the old just for the sake of change. Fickleness.

Look Within, as you stand in your spotlight, review where you were January 1st, what you’ve experienced, felt, and embraced throughout 2018. Now ‘see’ and feel where you are today. What allegiances have changed Within you? Those obligations/duties – has there been a turning point? What are your new standards – for you – and how are you announcing them to others in your life?

IMG_1579More importantly: how have the changes, decisions and experiences brought forth SOULfull change vs. Ego-Self change? Ahhhhh…..yes….are you truly loyal to your Soul’s Unconscious Desires yet? Take time these next several days, within this Full Moon phase, to truly BE with yourself, DO what you truly DESIRE to do, for you. SEE what 2018 has been wishing for you all along.

Namaste & Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker |Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Jupiter Moves into Sagittarius: Mindful Seeker of Purpose!

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter 164, ruler of Sagittarius Saturn Turns Retrograde April 5 - August 25, 2017 and our 9th House of Life Experience, entered into Sagittarius. That was November 24, 2006 until December 18, 2007. Where were you then? What were you seeking? Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart? This will be the House of Life Experience from which you seek your Higher Purpose. This is where you fling your arrow of Intention out into the world – which is the energy of this mutable fire sign, Sagittarius – being seen out in the larger world.

New Moon in Gemini: Connections & NegotiationsEvery 12 years we experience a renewal of purpose, abundance, and a need to expand known boundaries – personally, professionally, privately, publicly. This is called, in Astrology, a Jupiter Return – where Jupiter returns to the place it was in at your birth – its natal position in your birth chart. For those born with Jupiter in Sagittarius – yes, at some point this next year (anywhere between November 8, 2018 and December 2, 2019) you will experience your Jupiter Return.

For the rest of us, Jupiter, as of 5:39 AM MST today, is activating the House(s) of Life Experience in which Sagittarius resides in our respective birth charts. Jupiter is joy/jovial, uplifting and expansive – takes us beyond current boundaries we’ve constructed around our lives, that keeps our Ego-self feeling safe, secure and stable. Jupiter belies that belief of safety is best – is all about beliefs! And its mission: to go beyond where the Ego-self feared to roam!

Within Sagittarius, we’ll encounter new themes (compared to all the hidden secrets that were unearthed last year 2017/2018 publicly re the sexual abuses of power – all Scorpio themes – while Jupiter traveled through that fixed water sign) as we move away from the deeply hidden fears/emotions of Scorpio that had kept us from moving up and out, into the mutable fire of going with the flow by taking action beyond our safe locale – connecting globally, with purpose and a strong belief that yes, I do have purpose and can act for the good of all! Religious beliefs, philosophies, long-distance travels and connecting with other cultures this next year will be key for everyone. More global connections compared to 12 years ago!

f920a-egret2bon2bthe2bnileThere is a water Grand Trine connecting Jupiter with the New Moon in Scorpio + North Node in Cancer + Chiron Rx in Pisces – bringing forth much-needed HEALING regarding our SPIRITUAL PRACTICES & BELIEFS! This next year will either be full of Drama (via that Drama Triangle of victim thinking / wanting to be rescued/doing the rescuing / feeling bullied/persecuted) OR we’ll successfully take ourselves OFF that role-play via meditation/spiritual awakening to bring forth Love, Acceptance & Compassion for All. Now wouldn’t this be a great gift to offer the world?

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, we could take creative/spiritual action for others so far that we forget ourselves in the mix! Are you doing this action for YOU and Others, or just for the underdog? Remember yourself in the action – are you heartfully certain that you believe in ALL that is expected of you, from others? Or are you doing it all for an Ego-self lift? To be the Hero?

The archetypes we’ll encounter within Sagittarius could be any or all of the following:

  • ZEUS (Greek king of the Olympian gods)
  • JUPITER (Roman king of same)

According to Richard Tarnas, Ph.D., Astrologer, the Jupiter archetype was called the Great Benefic, related to Fortuna and Providence. Major aspects involving Jupiter tend to indicate the nature of one’s experience of personal expansion, growth, and success in all realms of life, as well as how impulses in these directions might be EXCESSIVE.

2018 March Snows! 004Be aware of excessive spending, eating, doing, talking etc. – depends where you have Sagittarius in your chart. If it is your Rising Sign – watch out for weight gain! Or perhaps, for all of us, the need, energetically, to physically MOVE the body – Jupiter rules fluid enrichment, nutrition, putting on weight, the liver, gallbladder, lungs, swellings and glycogen balance. Sagittarius rules the muscular system, your thighs and lumbar region. That fire energy needs to GO somewhere – better to physically move or creatively create vs. eating, drinking, gambling etc.

All in all – we are done with the tour of duty through the deep waters of emotion/fears that Jupiter brought to the surface 2017/2018. Now we have the FIRE to act, create, envision, speak up with others, study new philosophies/areas, travel globally to places we didn’t dare to before now.

What were you doing back in 2006/07 – and where did it take you? Compare that to now – what went unfinished/untried due to Ego-self fears to expand, leave your safe place? Are those things/experiences left undone 12 years ago still part of your Bucket List of To Do’s? Or do you have a whole raft of NEW Things To Do? And will you do them, or won’t you? ‘Tis all up to you…


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Speaker | Writer

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff; Glyphs from Dover Electronic Clip Art

Full Moon in Taurus: Unexpected Hands-on Change – Are you ready?

This Full Moon phase begins Wednesday October 24, 2018 at 10:45 am MDT in the fixed earth sign of Taurus at 01 degrees and 13′. The Sun sits opposite the Moon at 01 degrees of Scorpio 13′. The Full Moon reflects the unconscious desires of the Sun. What are yours?

Oct 2018 Pics 059The Moon represents our Emotional Body, daily habits, and how well we feel those feelings, follow our intuition, and deal with the emotional baggage we carry with us. The Sun represents our vital Soul self, the energy that keeps us moving forward in life.

Emotionally, Taurus brings forth our values, worthiness, self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Soulfully, we’re also treading through the deep-seated emotional waters of Scorpio – where our Ego-self hides its fears, denials and resistance to change – resistance to truly experiencing our Passionate Natures.

This Full Moon creates a Fixed Grand Square planetary formation, all within the fixed signs, bringing forth the need to deal with all the details at hand AND perhaps forgetting to come up for air to see the Big Picture. Uranus is currently Rx (retrograde) sitting at 00 degrees of Taurus, creating Unexpected Change, emotionally, for all. The Fixed signs do NOT like change…so this will be an interesting few days for everyone!

Oct 2018 Pics 009The other characters involved within the Fixed Grand Square are:

  • North Node Rx in LEO: the direction our Souls wish us to move into at this time; a direction we do not necessarily feel comfortable experiencing. Leo rules the heart, creativity, fun and play, leading as a team player, and selling yourself, heartfully. Leo also rules the back and spine: how well are you supporting YOUR unconscious desires AND supporting your heartfelt needs? For YOUR life? For YOU? Being a fixed fire sign, we can stubbornly put others first, ourselves second, because we always have, why change now? Time to put YOURSELF FIRST.
  • South Node Rx in Aquarius: the direction our Souls have LOTS of experience of, and where we can bring in Unresolved Issues from our past – past lives, and/or earlier this lifetime. Could be people, situations, circumstances from the past that come forward this Full Moon phase to help you BE AUTHENTIC, BE REAL and BE TRULY YOU (New Age of Aquarius means all of us are learning to BE/DO this as we continue to transition away from the Old Age of Pisces). If you’re not, they/the situation will call you up on the carpet to BE so.
  • A Square situation in Astrology creates Stress and Tension Within to cause change and usually much-needed at this time. Envision you’re sitting at a table seating four people. You can see directly into the eyes of the person sitting opposite you; you need to move your head/body somewhat to engage the people on your left or right. This movement IS the CHANGE – in focus, perspective, thoughts, feelings and insights. Are you willing to take a look/listen? To allow those true feelings to come forth and be witnessed by others around you?
  • In other words – we have another Heart-opening opportunity to BE part of the human condition, to NOT hide out in the Shadows.

Taurus rules the creativity we each wish to use for self, hands-on, using all our senses; Leo rules the innocent creativity, part of that Inner Child piece we each carry Within. Aquarius rules our ability to be unemotionally involved, while being community-minded; Scorpio rules our deepest passionate natures, and perhaps hiding this part of ourselves, feeling too vulnerable to be SEEN, truly.

Oct 2018 Pics 033All four elements are brought to the table for us to use this Full Moon. Choose wisely, creatively, sensuously, passionately, heartfully, and authentically. BE all of who you truly are. Allow yourself to SHINE and ILLUMINATE yourself to others.

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff in 2018

Full Moon in Aries: Warrior, Pioneer and/or Explorer?

We experienced the Full Moon in Aries (02 degrees Aries 00′ celestial longitude) Monday September 24th beginning at 8:52 pm MDT and were in the Full Moon phase until today as of 2:47 pm MDT.

Full Moon in Aries Sept 24 2018

Harvest Moon Sept 24, 2018

Full Moon is all about Illumination, AHA moments, shining a bright light upon a situation/circumstance occurring in your life that wasn’t quite clear up until this week. What became obvious for you?

Aries brings forth our Inner Warrior, riding to the rescue to take Action of some sort – initiating NEW change due to Aries being a cardinal fire sign – initiating something NEW in our lives that we’ve been neglecting until now. We will find that inner energy/fire to ACT upon instincts – no editing please! INSPIRed Action (In Spirit) coming from our spiritual self/higher self. We may not KNOW the WHY of what we MUST do at this time – somewhat like the Fool Card in Tarot. We’re about to take a journey into the Unknown…scary as that may seem to our wee Ego-self…it is TIME to


Sheep River Pathway, Okotoks, AB

unearth that which we’ve been neglecting!

I say this – neglecting – because the Full Moon at 02 degrees of Aries 00′ activates our natal ERIS (sister to Mars) position in our charts/lives – for everyone born since March 10, 1925 until February 25, 1963! All of us Baby Boomers are being reminded, LOUDLY, of what we’ve been neglecting in our life that is key to Pioneer and/or Explore further – despite that element of the Unknown! We know not where this current journey will take us!

AND there is a deep HEALING occurring in this area we’ve neglected due to CHIRON sitting at 00 degrees of Aries 02′ Rx (retrograde) therefore making it PERSONAL – its energy draws inward, Within each of us, to heal how we’ve been editing our instinctual behaviors until now. Our Fear of being rejected for showing up, period. Wherever Aries is in your chart – here is where the AHA moment, with Healing, occurs.

What always amazes me is the TIMING of our planetary cycles – how each planet supports the upcoming cycle of another planet/luminary, on and on. We’re about to close another 19-month Venus Synodic cycle that BEGAN in ARIES! Here the Warrior Goddess has been assisting us to retool the energy of ARIES – removing the anger, bloodthirstiness and brutality – to replace it with Self-Love, Compassion, Standing Up for What we Truly Believe is RIGHT for the good of all – at this time.


Sheep River, AB Canada

The Shadow side of Aries is “all about ME” attitudes – which is being played out right now between Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and US President Trump. They forget what is for the Good of All in this tariff battle of words. Two boys in the sandbox – really?! Here the Ego-self shows itself OR we can choose to Pioneer a NEW inward path that we’ve not expressed/experienced before now – a personality expression that is softened, more loving and compassionate.

Which then leads to Exploration – of a new direction revealed in each of our lives, to SEE beyond the little self, to take action that supports beyond the individual, in time. The opposite sign is LIBRA (where the Sun now sits) beckoning us to bring back equilibrium, equality, justice, fairness, peace, harmony and LOVE – in partnership! Where’s the diplomacy, negotiation, and TRUth (!) PM TRUdeau/President TRUmp?

We have a few more hours of AHA moments to witness, face, and embrace before we enter the Disseminating Moon phase here early this afternoon. Look back at what has occurred this week, for you personally. What have you NEGLECTED in your life of late that is LOUDLY being presented for much-needed healing, now? BE HONEST with yourself, take time to heal, and take COURAGE as you Pioneer new ways of BEing Within yourself, while you Explore new directions that have opened up because you took that new/renewed action.


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff

Full Moon in Pisces: Spiritual Awakening, Heartfully…

Sunday, August 26th, 2018, at 5:56 a.m. MDT we begin the Full Moon phase of this Moon cycle. Here the ILLUMINATION of what we’ve been seeding/growing since the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August 11th is revealed. Pisces is our theme this time – at 03 degrees Pisces 12′ of celestial longitude.

May 2018 photos 011AHA moments and grieving and sadness and crying and letting go emotionally has been experienced already this past week! Some of us knew the what/why of the letting go; most of us did not.

There has been a quality of Past Life release already too – of the accumulated drama of all the role-playing from the Old Age of Pisces lifetimes – victim and/or rescue me/rescuing others and/or feeling bullied/being the persecutor – we are clearing our Inner decks, so-to-speak, creating space for more of our Spiritual/Soul Self to shine through. Our True Authentic Self, in other words.

Other Pisces themes have been:

  • Increased dreams, intuitive insights, psychic abilities
  • Sensitivity around the spiritual needs of self and others
  • Wanting to BE of service beyond the Ego-self, within community
  • Bringing in more of the Spiritual High Mind (‘win-win for All’ wisdom)
  • Increasing your Spiritual Practice via meditation, looking Within to connect with your Higher Self/Future Self, guides, angels, ascended masters, being in Nature
  • Magical Moments of connections, conversations & activities with Soul Family, signs/insights, animal totem/angel supports.

Some of the Shadow aspects of Pisces have been:

  • Escapism – watching more TV/movies to escape your current reality and/or reading fiction – when you actually needed to be dealing with your reality….
  • Addictions – increased need to distract yourself through whatever means necessary, especially through substances/activities that our Ego-self relies on to pretend the current reality isn’t really happening, if I distract myself well enough it will all go away, magically….
  • Sleeping more OR less – here we’ve needed to process the letting go OR our Ego-brain is freaked out by the upcoming Illumination/AHA moments of consciousness, so it’s been keeping us away to avoid processing/releasing….
  • Drama Triangle Dramatics – yes, our Ego-self loves drama and staying in the Victim-oriented mindset at all costs! OR move outside itself to Rescue someone else’s Victim needs. That feels better, eh? I won’t notice how victim-oriented I am by helping you out! OR interfering in someone else’s life brings out the bullying, feeling persecuted, so we scurry back into Victim thinking/acting/being…and it continues over and over and over…

7b7df-nose2bhill2blabyrinth2b2016The KEY to overcoming our placement on that Drama Triangle is to meditate, connect Within to our True Authentic Self – aka Higher Self/Future Self – into that silence that goes deeper and quieter – to connect with the Source of All – and hear/feel our true Desires via intuition, feelings and Inner Wisdom/knowing. In order to do so, you need to BE vs. DO. Enjoy Nature, reflect, listen to your Inner Wise Woman/Man self. Ask for guidance, then listen for the answers. THEN do the doing action!

The North Node is still in Leo and sends a connection to this Full Moon in Pisces that calls us to Let Go of Old Outmoded Patterns of Conditioning – what’s left over from the Yod, Finger of God, of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August 11th. As we listen to our Heart of Hearts, and connect heartfully with our Inner Wisdom/spiritual self, we clear the blockages To/From our Heart Chakras AND our ability to connect Within, spiritually.

Interestingly, there is a new Yod, Finger of God, that is pointing to the Sun in Virgo (whose Light is being reflected back via the Full Moon in Pisces). Here are the other 2 planetary lines in play, of Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning, namely:

  • Chiron, Rx (retrograde) in Aries: initiating change AND healing how we do Aries – with Wisdom, instinctual and in the moment, being our own Inner Warrior to take ACTION forward in some regard – AS A LEAP OF FAITH! Huge folks – this is huge! Ego-self dislikes the UNKNOWN – wants to control all situations/events/outcomes as much as possible! Chiron heals our Ego-self’s fear of being rejected by others for taking that leap that is NOT logical, could be out of the blue, and “what are you thinking?!!!” Here we learn that leaping before TOO MUCH thought can be a great thing – it brings us closer to our True Heart’s Desire – on our Spiritual Path forward (North Node in Leo!). Aries brings forth our Inner Pioneer and Explorer – curious enough to experience something brand new! Within and Without!
  • South Node in Aquarius! Ha! Unresolved issued from the Past/past lives….here we go! How well are you BEing your true authentic self these days? Aquarius is the New Age (Leo is it’s opposite sign! Trying to create an AND here folks!) where we are learning to BE that authentic self AND connect with community for the good of all. I help you, you help me, I help you…being there for one another, not matter who you are, what it is you need “I’ll be there….” Humanitarianism, following your true Inner needs, without IGNORING others’ needs along the way. Building community – how well do you know your neighbours? What groups do you belong to? South Node also brings forth past skills/talents we’ve honed over other life-times – able to be unemotionally involved (some might call this aloof) matter-of-fact, let’s get on with the show folks! Community needs our help – help them! Bring your future-oriented skills/ideas of innovation/invention and create something for the better!

How well are you able to take that Leap of Faith, heal unresolved issues from your past re: HOW you do community while Being Authentically You, while BEing innovative and inventive? Interesting challenge here….

3055e-march2b20182bphotos2b015As we work out this Yod to the Sun in Virgo (watch out for those PERFECTIONISM tendencies – delaying tactics of the Ego-self to try to prevent any timely Leaps of Faith, eh?!) the Sun’s reflected Light by the Full Moon in Pisces reminds us to lean on our Spiritual Self vs. our addictions/escapist habits of the past. Time to LET THEM GO too…bit by bit.

The Moon represents our Emotional Body, and those daily habits we become attached to, emotionally. What’s your crutch? How sturdy is it – or is it really just an illusion/delusion the Ego-self has convinced you that you cannot live without? Interesting dilemma here – which way do I go, and when? How much longer must I prolong the agony?

Go Within, always, then listen to that Wise Voice of your Soul/Spirit, and follow intuitive nudges and ideas and TRUST you’re heading into the Unknown that is your true north!


Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Facilitator

Photo Credits: Laurie Rae Rezanoff – in and around Okotoks, AB and Egyptian Papyrus gifted to me

Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in LEO – August 21, 2017

At 12:30 p.m. MDT on Monday, August 21, 2017, North America will experience a TOTAL Solar Eclipse/New Moon at the celestial longitude of 28 degrees of Leo 53′. Both the Moon and Sun sit together within the same space in the sky. The New Moon phase begins at the same time we experience this Total Solar (Sun) eclipse.

LEO -fixed Fire

Each New Moon begins another NEW 28-29 day cycle of our Emotional Body’s evolution. Here we cull through another layer of Ego-resistance, not  wanting to deal with emotions, feelings, following intuition or receiving insights and wisdom from our Higher Self/Future Self, nor changing daily habits that no longer support who you have evolved into. Every Moon cycle brings new awareness and consciousness of how we can get in the way of our Inner Self Growth potential, driven by the theme of the astrological sign the Moon and Sun come together within.

Leo is a fixed fire sign within our Zodiac pantheon of astrological characters. Fire is the element of creativity, taking action, being inSPIRed (or IN-SPIRIT) to take action to create – something – that is to be shared with others. The Sun rules Leo, and within the physical body, the heart and back. Are you following your heart’s true desires in all ways? Are you supporting yourself (your back) along the way with self-love, nurturance, and standing up for your needs/views/values? How are your physical heart and back doing, by the way? Time to change up the diet, focus on exercise, nurture self in more physical ways? Perhaps go for the physical exam you’ve been putting off? The Sun portion of this New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse also rules our VITALITY – how energetic have you been feeling of late?

A TOTAL Solar Eclipse brings forth an opportunity to TAKE ACTION / CREATE – which will impact your life for the next 6 months to 3.5 years! Heartfully, take stock of all that you’ve been meaning to DO, yet haven’t. I find it fascinating the events that occur in the days leading up to an eclipse, on the day of the eclipse, and a few days thereafter. How many people found themselves in urgent care/emergency with heart issues since last week? Or back issues?

When the moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth, a solar eclipse takes place. 
NEVER look at the sun during any type of solar eclipse! Looking at the sun is dangerous
It can damage your eyes.

Darkness seems to occur over the Sun’s surface as a result of we earthlings looking up past the Moon to the Sun. Notice how quiet the animals, birds and human activity is just before and during an eclipse, as the sky darkens. The ancients thought this darkness brought forth our deeply-buried FEARS and unresolved issues – on Monday the scenario is in LEO and hence relates to the heart, loving, nurturing, shining, and creating something NEW within ACTION inspired by your SPIRIT. All through your HEART – chakra area + heart itself! What fears do you carry re Love, Loving, Creating, having Fun and Playing? Even ROMANCE comes into play here with Leo. When did you last date? How are you doing your Self-Love?

Along with your Back – how you support self, are supported by others, or not. Hence why it is most important to support SELF always, in all ways, first. What would you do if others aren’t supportive in your unique journey forward? Do you drop your vision and dreams, or do you carry on, loving yourself, believing in your unique Life Purpose, despite opposition?

Wild Roses of Alberta 2017

Take heart, be heart, heartfully and lovingly. LEO rules leadership (leading with heart, rather than Ego) as part of a TEAM vs. being King or Queen of the Mountain. Fun and play, like a child, romance, performing and SHINING yourself out into the world. How do you lead others? Is there something you can improve on? 

Leo also rules DRAMA – hence Drama Queen/King – are we collectively addicted to DRAMA still? Is it time to let this go yet? Another aspect of that Drama Triangle role-play going on in the world today:

  • Victim
  • Rescuer/Rescue Me
  • Persecutor/Persecuted

Which role or combination of roles above are still in play in your life today? Would you like to do something about the drama an choose Love and Compassion instead?

Mercury is still Rx (retrograde) until September 5th when it Stations Direct. The Inward-moving reflective energies of Mercury since August 13th bring opportunities to re-do, re-think, re-decide, etc. For tomorrow’s Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon timing, Mercury has traveled back to 09 degrees of Virgo 06′ of celestial longitude. Where in your birth chart is this planet of communication bringing forth new information regarding what you do for daily work and how you look after the health of your physical body? Interesting how our planets dovetail one another in support of current themes we humans have access to, if we so choose!

Looking at the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse chart, I see both MARS (at 20 degrees of Leo 41′) and the NORTH NODE (at 24 degrees of Leo 31′) supporting the Moon/Sun! Mars wants to take either assertive or aggressive ACTION (depends how much DRAMA you instill) and the North Node of the Moon is our collective soul’s way of beckoning us all into a NEW direction of behavior we may not be comfortable with.

Remember this: within the New Age of Aquarius, LEO is the opposite sign to Aquarius.

  • LEO brings forth the childlike fun/play wishing to create and SHINE itself out into the world, with heart. The fixed fire element is in play here – with Love and Compassion!
  • AQUARIUS brings forth the need to BE your uniquely individuated SELF, moving along your particular Life Path, Within Community, supported BY and giving back TO Community. We need one another – to SUPPORT one another along the way. The fixed air element is in play here – for the Higher Good of ALL.
  • As always with oppositions, our goal is to Create an “AND” world – a balanced mix of Fire and Air – always, in all ways. Too much air will increase the fire; too much fire will snuff out the air. 
Speaking of oppositions, as we travel along with our hearts and backs this coming Moon cycle especially, the South Node of the Moon resides within Aquarius, sitting opposite the North Node. Here we’ll deal with unresolved issues from our past (earlier this lifetime or from previous lifetimes) regarding how well we are living authentically Within Self, Within Community, sharing our talents within that community and relying on community when we require assistance in turn. You are not an island! Share and BE all that you truly are, every moment.

Both Uranus and Eris are also Rx within ARIES, that cardinal fire sign, lending loving support to all the LEO planetary players during this Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon! Here we can Expect the Unexpected while we stay true to our unique selves, AND Eris continues to bring forth changes in gender roles. Here the need to BE ME (Aries) is true for both women and men – with strength, courage, assertion – to Pioneer new avenues Within, Exploring these new Inner pathways to uncover NEW aspects of SELF not before revealed to ourselves, let alone to others.

Cascading Water, McDougall Centre
Saturn, also Rx, within the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius at 21 degrees and 12′, completes the FIRE GRAND TRINE or triangle that connects the Leo and Aries planetary players, lovingly reminding us to create GOALS, take RESPONSIBILITY for our own lives, AND to recognize what we are NOT responsible for, nor to whom! Very important, this. Saturn reflects Authority and authority figures (aka bosses) – and Sagittarius wants to connect OUT into the wide world. Long-distance travel in your near future? I will be travelling west to Vancouver Island just after Labour Day to work for a former employer, setting up her home office, finally, just the way SHE wants it! I love it! My creative fingers and mind are tingling in anticipation! AND I hope to mix in some FUN and PLAY, seeing friends once again AND the ocean. I miss them all very much.
Setting Sun, August 2017 Okotoks, AB

Jupiter, our planet of expansion and moving beyond current boundaries and awareness, brings us the cardinal air of LIBRA – aka BALANCE, LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY and DIPLOMACY. Here our Ego may want to freak out about TOO MUCH CHANGE, eh? You are safe Ego, always, in all ways. Take the steps forward, out beyond the safe and secure boundaries of old, to envision a wider perspective of close one-on-one relationships/partnerships! Initiate this change with love and compassion for Self, including the Ego.

The bottom line with this Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon and onward these next 3.5 years:

  • Take ACTION
  • SUPPORT your needs
  • Bring in BALANCE
  • Initiate CHANGE
  • Know what to be RESPONSIBLE for and what not to be
  • Set up GOALS
  • While you SHINE your true authentic Self along the way!


Written by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Writer | Teacher | Speaker

Photo Credits: Nature photos taken by Laurie Rae Rezanoff in and around Okotoks and Calgary, AB

Mercury Retrograde Timing #2…

What IS all the fuss about Mercury Retrograde anyway?

I was asked this question by a new friend I met this past weekend. I promised her I’d explain it more than usual in my next post! So here you go Susan!

Let me tell you the story behind Mercury, what IS Retrograde motion, and how this 3-4 times a year occurrence seemingly affects our lives.

Mercury – is the planet that represents Communication, how your mind/brain thinks and learns, the knowledge you like to collect and how you share it. Mercury rules the mutable air sign of Gemini and mutable earth sign of Virgo. This combo brings forth the following:

  • How you relate with your daily folks – roommates/household persons you live with, your neighbours, local vendors and friends you interact with.
  • Collection of data and information and what you do with it – do you hoard it or do you share it with others? What types of data/information do you latch onto? What interests you, that you later converse about with others? Perhaps contractual information will be taken on here.
  • Local travel – how you travel in your locale – using your car, transit, or walking.
  • Processes – how you ‘see’ them within work settings, with co-workers, and your own life. The Rules of Engagement – the HOW of DOing, anything.
  • Perfectionism – wherever Virgo resides in your birth chart, this is where your ‘bar of excellence’ resides and you expect this level of perfection not only from yourself – but from the people you work and live with too. Here we all carry a high level of EXPECTATION from performance – Within and Without. This is also where we can worry, and carry the Big Stick of “I’m Not Good Enough!” and beat ourselves up with it – and others.
Retrograde (Rx) – is the seemingly backward-moving motion of any planet. The Sun and Moon never move Rx. Similar to driving in a car, and the car next to you speeds up – it seems your car is moving backwards when really the other car is going faster than you. The planets do the same within their orbits around our Sun – at certain times of their orbital cycles, compared to Earth, they seem to go Direct (move forward) or go Rx (slow down and go backward). It is all relative to us looking up and out from Earth.
In Astrology, the seemingly Rx planets’ energy that is usually Direct and forward-moving OUTSIDE us, is now directed Inward, Within us – creating a sense of ‘taking things personally’ and/or circumstances and people in our lives seem to BE personally in our face for a time. All in aid of learning something NEW about ourselves that we didn’t know we needed to know. If we are open to this learning, we grow Within Self. If we don’t (when our Ego-brain can get in the way with resistance to change) the next opportunity to grow that comes our way will seem to be BIGGER and LOUDER (and more in our face). It’s all about free will – Will I or Won’t I, this time round?
Mercury Rx – occurs 3-4 times a year (2016 and 2017 are the 4 times a year occurrence) where Mercury, that planet of communication + thought processes, seems to take a vacation from the logical left brain side and spends that vacation within the right brain’s creative “thinking outside the box” problem-solving side. Yay us!
Mercury rules all the technology that runs our communication – now more than ever – hence phones, cell phones, office communication machines, computers, cars (more circuit boards therein than ever) etc. Everything to do with communication and local travel in other words.

During Mercury Rx timings, Expect the Unexpected from machines and cars and plans and contracts and goals – Mercury isn’t going Direct in a straight line, so why should anything else? Mercury likes to bring in more humour and play to show us just how serious (Virgo) we can be, stuck as we are in our daily routines and processes. So Mercury Rx shakes things up – and sometimes is what I like to call “The Gift That Keeps on Giving…sometimes weeks, months and even years into the future!”

What I LOVE about Mercury Rx timings:
  • I find out information that I didn’t know I needed to know! Truly – sit back and watch this happen in your life within this upcoming Mercury Rx timing. I promise there WILL be something that shows up for you – a missing piece of key information you didn’t know you were missing.
  • Expect the Unexpected! This is where Mercury’s humour shows up – to presumably trip us out of ‘taking life too seriously’ and remind us that humour is the best remedy – no matter the situation. Traffic jams, detours, computers crashing (mine did during the Mercury Rx session 2 days into December 2015’s timing and I’m still dealing with the aftermath 15 months later), office machines acting up more that usual, cars not starting or working as well – all to alert us (seemingly all at the same time!) that perhaps we’ve not been as careful with maintenance / nurturance of these THINGS in our lives. OR, to BE more patient…as in there’s a traffic jam and I’m late for a meeting with a friend – I always find, especially during Mercury Rx, that I’m delayed because my friend is too! And when we do catch up with one another guess what? We’re right on time! Here Mercury is showing us to CHILL (!) and take a long breath – there is ALWAYS a reason – be patient and you’ll find out what it is…refrain from honking on the horn or shaking your head at so-called dumb drivers – they are actually assisting you.
  • Clearing Clutter! Yes siree, ’tis time to clean out those closets, garages, drawers and trunks folks. Yay! Here’s the Virgo portion of the program – clarifying what to DO with stuff and creating new processes of how to handle it all in future. With our logical brain out of the way for 21 days, the creative brain brings forth NEW bright ideas of how to handle our STUFF – try it out and see. What seemed like an arduous task prior to Mercury Rx will seem easy-peasy now. And you’ve got to take advantage of ‘Spring Cleaning’, right?
  • People From Your Past Show Up! Yes – this does happen – more often than I can count. Perhaps to rekindle friendships/relationships/partnerships. Perhaps to mend fences – revisiting past conversations that ended badly – Mercury Rx gives you a chance to say it BETTER this time. I love this do-over aspect of Mercury Rx. Gives us TIME to think things over, talk about it more, then decide better when Mercury turns Direct once again. Cool, eh?

Now let’s get down to brass tacks – this second round of Mercury Rx in 2017 occurs as follows:

  • The actual Rx (Retrograde) portion of the program begins April 10th and ends with Mercury stationing Direct May 4th – a little over the usual 21 days.
  • The celestial longitude of WHERE Mercury is moving backwards/retrograde in the Astrological signs is from 04 degrees of Taurus 50′ back into Aries to 24 degrees Aries 17′. If you have your birth chart handy, take a look at which House or Houses of Life Experience will be activated / affected by this round of Rx action (do-overs, rethinks, chances to speak again etc.). 
  • For instance, this Mercury Rx timing begins in my 9th House of We Speak – communication with others – connecting with my Moon + South Node (emotional/intuitive insights + unresolved issues from my past) re HOW I interact with others while seeking my higher purpose. And will end in my 8th House of business partnerships, Ego fears and shared money/resources. Interestingly, I just completed 4 days of working with a lovely group of people for the Advanced Polls of the current Federal By-Election here in Canada. I was one of 2 Information Officers who greeted each and every voter, and I learned more about many of my co-workers from all the mini conversations we had during the lull times. AND I met a woman who was a year ahead of me in Junior and Senior High school. Talk about meeting up with someone from my past.
  • But wait a minute Laurie Rae – it isn’t April 10th yet! How come this seemingly Mercury Rx info is already occurring for you? Because there is always a PRE-Rx Shadow timing AND a POST-Rx Shadow timing. Huh? Meaning first Mercury was DIRECT, moving forward from 24 degrees Aries 17′ before stopping and going BACK the way it already came. The PRE-Rx timing began March 26th. Talk about being ‘right on time’.
  • Then Mercury goes Rx from April 10th to May 4th, going back out of Taurus and into Aries, retracing its steps it had already taken since March 26th – hence do-overs, rethinks, and new opportunities to chat again, do again, think again…along the way. Get it?
  • When Mercury turns Direct again, May 4th, it will be at 24 degrees Aries 17′ and by May 20th will be right back into Taurus where it was when it turned Rx back on April 10th. Do you ‘see’ the zig-zag back and forth path Mercury makes when it goes Rx? And the analogy of first having conversations, interactions, travel, etc. that seemed normal, only for it to be re-visited somehow yet again, only this time more personally and perhaps perplexing as to WHY again? There was something you missed the first time – to say, do or know – and once Mercury goes Direct again May 4th (and further along, out of the Shadow by May 20th) what once seemed confusing or impossible is now perfectly clear sailing ahead.
Bottom line? The Pre-Rx Shadow time gives us a taste of what’s to come from when Mercury truly is Rx. The Post-Rx Shadow time gives us answers/solutions we may not consciously have been aware of needing/seeking until Mercury went Rx. The themes we’ll experience this time round come from the fixed earth sign of Taurus and the cardinal fire sign of Aries:
  • Taurus brings issues around values, worth and money. How tactile and hands on we need to be with our personal talents and skills that assist us in bringing home income/money for those things we value. Taurus also heightens our senses – what we see, hear, feel, touch and smell. And how creative “I” can be with all I’ve got going for me – to be working, paying my bills, etc. Being fixed, Taurus can be “as stubborn as a bull” re: change…just saying…watch out for Ego resistance to changing your processes or language or habits. Worthiness issues will show themselves here. Self-confidence + self-esteem too…
  • Aries brings issues around independence (vs. co-dependence), asserting self (vs. aggression or bullying), having the courage to try something NEW for our lives (that Pioneering spirit) that shows how “I am unique in the world and it’s OKAY to show it!” This is where drinking from your Cup of Courage comes into play to CREATE something NEW (cardinal fire). Yeah, I’ve been THINKING about it, perhaps TALKING about it – but where’s the ACTION, eh? Watch out for impatience, irritability, just wanting to LEAP before THINKING. Great timing on Mercury’s part to slow us down, seemingly putting obstacles in our way – to take TIME to think, talk and mull it all over more than once. Cool, eh?
Here’s your chance to really get at some of the roots of the WHY and HOW of things that have been getting in the way of making money (Taurus), finding work (Virgo), networking/making friends (Gemini) and starting something NEW in your life (Aries). And take the TIME to suss out what is truly right for you!
Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff – pictures taken at Nose Hill Park 2016, Luxor, Egypt 2011 and Neck Point, Nanaimo, BC 2012

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