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Dendera Zodiac, Dendera Temple, Egypt

Dendera Zodiac, Dendera Temple, Egypt

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We all move forward each lifetime via an evolution of our eternal Soul self (Sun) by navigating our feelings (Moon), our dreams (Neptune), our beliefs (Jupiter), how to structure our lives (Saturn), how to love self and others (Venus), when to assert and take action (Mars), how to free our true inner individual (Uranus), heal our wound of spiritual separation (Chiron), and transform it all by mastering our Ego (Pluto).

We learn to reveal and balance our inner divine feminine self via the asteroids: Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta. More recently, Sedna and Eris have been discovered, more than doubling the size of our our solar system (due to their orbits) and bring forth how we immerse ourselves OUT of our victimhood (Sedna) and re-balance our traditional gender roles into more equitable and united male/female energies (Eris) Within and Without.

No wonder it takes us at least as long as one orbit of Uranus (84 years) to live one life here on Mother Earth! All of us undergo the same planetary return cycles, as inner growth cycles, such as:

  • Age 6/7the 1st Saturn Square – when we each experience something at this early age that can create a loss or awareness of something deep within, something we seek to bring back, healed, later on in life.
  • Ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84the Jupiter Return – brings new cycles of abundance, and moves us beyond current boundaries of how and where we explore our life and environment and world. Seeking our Higher Truth through higher education, long-distance travel, discussing philosophies of WHY are we here? What’s my Life Purpose?
  • Age 28/29the 1st Saturn Return – the ending of the first Saturn cycle around our birth chart AND the beginning of the second Saturn cycle. At this time we choose to nest/marry/have children, if we haven’t already done so. Or perhaps choose to go back to school or change the work that we’ve done until now. It’s the change that is key here, the responsibilities we choose to take on, or let go of, and goals we set for ourselves far into the future.
  • Age 38-45 – at anytime during this age range each of us will experience our Uranus Opposition or MidLife Awareness timing. That time  of life when we face the reality of “where I am at in my life” and decide to make better decisions for ME based on my wants/needs and no one else’s. Or not. It is always up to me to decide for myself. Whether or not I knew so until now.
  • Age 49/50the Chiron Return – where we undergo a definite re-birth canal of change that heals old teenage patterns of emotional/energetic boundaries that we didn’t have the maturity to deal with as a teen. It also heals our spiritual link Within to whomever we deem spiritual, Without. Healing the separation we experienced coming down here as eternal souls, being born as human beings, and whatever emotional/energetic issues were playing out within the family we were birthed into. What we do for work, who we are as individuals, will be forever changed and changing from this point forward.
  • Age 58/59the 2nd Saturn Return – ends our second Saturn cycle and begins our third Saturn cycle. Here the Wise Woman/Man or Elder comes forth, with the wisdom of life-long experiences, skills and talents to share with younger generations.
  • Age 84the Uranus Return – more of us are living to this age and beyond these days. Uranus gives us the choice to choose our true individuation – to BE our True Self, innovative, original. How well did you do this? What NEW innovation do you have in store at this stage of life?
  • There are several other major cycles created by the outer planets – Neptune and Pluto – that may coincide with your MidLife Awareness timing. Neptune brings forth spiritual awareness, and Pluto, empowerment vs. power and control issues. All about moving beyond the Ego-Self’s desire to BE in control over its environment, and allow the True Self – our Soul Self – that eternal Inner Being – to shine through more clearly.

Each planet’s cycle brings its unique form, and opportunity, of Self/Soul growth with it.

If, by reading this page, I have piqued your curiosity to learn MORE about how Astrology, as a Self/Soul growth tool, works in your Life, via YOUR birth chart – that snapshot in Time, at the moment you were born, capturing the skymap of the heavens reflecting what you decided to DO, BE and accomplish here on Earth, for YOU, this lifetime – and YOUR ongoing planetary cycles, I heartfully invite you to contact me, Laurie Rae, to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you.

CONTACT Laurie Rae Rezanoff:  1 (587) 437-3520 in North America or via email: myhouseofastrology ‘at’ (you know what to do with the ‘at’) to hear more about Astrology readings, classes and Numerology!

September 2015 Rainbow

September 2015 Rainbow

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