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January 2016 Sunrise Colours!

Is it January still? And 2016? LOL! Wow…it’s been quite a ride for me personally re: this first Mercury Rx (retrograde) timing of 2016!

The pre-Rx Shadow timing began December 20th for all of us, at 15 degrees of Capricorn 40′ (exactly hitting my natal Mars in my 5th House of creativity, fun and play). Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, wants to create something NEW out of what already exists, and be hands on about it. It also deals with our beliefs about material gain and the integrity of how we do business with others. We are more in the public eye (Capricorn rules the 10th House) and it reveals our reputation for what it is we DO.

Two days later, December 22nd, as I sat in my sunny dining room, I clicked on the Weather Channel link for Canada and Calgary (to find out how cold it was forecasted to be Christmas Day) when it all went sideways! Somehow I managed to connect with someone in India trying to hijack my computer via that link I had just searched out.

Since then it has been an interesting cascade of events, one thing after another culminating yesterday with having to ERASE my entire hard drive. Yes. I know. Sounds kind of drastic doesn’t it? Until this round of Mercury Rx, I have never experienced drastic computer issues, ever. I have heard of others’ horror stories and felt bad for them and, I have to say, glad that it wasn’t me.

When Mercury stationed Rx, January 6th, it stood at 00 degrees Aquarius 57′, conjunct my natal Venus, both within my 6th House of daily work and the health of my physical body. A fixed air sign, which rules technology. All about communication and connecting with our community around us. So this Rx period did bring with it technological issues!


More January Sunrise Colours!

By this time I had already connected with a new computer guy (who lives just down the street from me – yay!) within hours of the hijack, and he cleaned and cleared all the trojan horse junk, added an ad blocker (yay! no more commercials while I watch TV on my computer) and an anti-viral program to keep those hackers out of my system. Using a Mac, I was naive enough to think that I was unhackable. Not any more!

Since my computer guy was already working on my system, I thought, “Why not finally upgrade to the new OS El Capitano too? And I know I need more RAM at some point. Might as well see how much I can get done.” So I told my computer guy to upgrade my system to the latest OS, which he did. Little did we know then what we know now!

One thing my clients and blog followers always hear me say, “Within the Mercury Rx timing, you will find out information you didn’t know you needed to know!” Yep, in spades this time! What most of you don’t know about me is that I used to be a computer operator, followed by being a Network Operator, followed by a year’s worth of computer programming schooling (Fortran, Assembler – yes I know, I am dating myself here). “Back in the day….” I knew quite a bit about the computer. I dealt with other’s fears of “…blowing up the computer if I turn it on or off!” Seriously, yes. This is back in the time where offices all around the world were having to convert to computerized offices. I remember working in the accounting office of an Alberta Government-run Department of Education affiliate, and the CFO (about to retire mind you) was truly fearful he’d never see any of his figures ever again once we put it all into that “little black box”. I was hired to document ALL information and input it to create their databases from which they would run their new computerized systems. And train the staff to use them and backup up their files. I was only 25 at the time. I trusted computers back then and my mind (Mercury in Aquarius) seems to run like a computer, so I have an affinity for them.


January 2016 Sunset

Back to now, over the years I have kept my hand in re: all the changes the computer has made since the ’80’s. Did you know that when Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, went into this sign it rules, back in 1996/97, that was the year the Internet was born? Interesting, isn’t it? Astrological timing of world events that impact all our lives. And here, 20 years later, I thought I had kept myself abreast of everything – or at least what I thought I needed to know. Not so, it turns out.

Computer guy had to come back time and again, first because my wifi network forgot itself and I could not find that all important password to help sort itself out (and I document everything!). New wifi network name and password now. Then the next visit was because the failing fan was driving me crazy with its noise, and to find out why FileVault was giving odd messages (this is a security program that encrypts your files upon shutdown, in case anyone decides to take your computer – came with my computer 5 years ago). He also increased the RAM this visit. Random Access Memory – aka the ‘space’ needed to load up TV, videos, games etc – makes more room to do more things on the computer, temporarily so – hence the Random.

Things worked well for a few days, but then that pesky rainbow-coloured spinning wheel kept coming on (which the added RAM was supposed to dispell). And the Mail (Mac’s version of Outlook) wasn’t allowing me to delete emails. I mean I did delete them, many times over, and over, and over, only to reappear each time I logged into Mail. ??? Huh?

Then we celebrated my youngest sister’s birthday the day before the Full Moon in Leo, out in Okotoks, south of Calgary, with Mom and a friend. I stayed with Mom for the next 4 days/nights assisting her with some much-needed organizational work (paper and otherwise). So my computer had a good long rest. Upon return to Calgary and home, I boot up the computer and all is working as it was, but I noticed it seemed sluggish booting up. Don’t worry, it’s okay I tell myself.


Moon + Jupiter + North Node in Virgo

Next day, early (Jupiter Rx + North Node + Moon in Virgo kept me awake until 2 or 3 a.m. most of last week OR I was up at 3a.m. and wide awake for hours) I turn on the computer, it sluggishly boots up and then this message comes up saying FileVault doesn’t like my password and to please put in the old password. Well there is no old password. Just this one. And round and round I go…in other words, I am locked out of my own computer! And guess what? January 26th, the day Mercury stationed Direct at 14 degrees of Capricorn 56′, is the day my computer locked. I love love Astrology timing…

Calls to Apple technicians down in Tennessee. No one has seen this particular scenario re: FileVault and the latest OS El Capitano ever before (but everyone already knew there were issues with FireVault and the latest OS). Hhhhmmmm “….let’s talk to our Engineering Department and we’ll get back to you.” All in between daily living and weekly visit to our middle sister in long-term care. Back home. Still no reply from Apple. So I call yet again, talk to yet another technician, and we go through it all again AND do other new processes that I’ve not done before (talk about going back to computer school for me!). Nothing got us out of the viscious unending loop of FileVault thinking there had to be another password to enter. So Plan B it is…are you SURE? We can always go back to the Engineering Department to see if they know of anything else? Are you SURE?

It is interesting that we talk to the technicians over the phone and press all the keys and type in the code and restart the computer they ask of us, all on our end of the phone. Then, when it comes to the inevitable…I AM THE ONE who presses the ERASE box! And, when you know this is what has to happen, and you think, “Okay, I can rebuild all my files and spreadsheets from scratch – I keep paper copies – no problem.” Sorry to say, my external hard drive has not been working since I returned to Calgary, and I have intended on replacing it…o well. I do have files backed up on a thumb drive dated November 2012 – will that do?

Well, no, actually it is more complicated than that. After the ERASE button cleared years of documents et al within SECONDS!!! I sat with the new OS download (3 hours and 45′) then spoke to my internet provider to remind me of what their incoming and outgoing server names are to get my email accounts up and running. Then realized, darn! Word, Excel and Powerpoint are now gone too! Whew, my sister has those discs- whew! I already have my Astrology software installed – easy peasy! Thank you IO Edition and Dennis and everyone at TCR (Times Cycles Research) for my Mac-oriented Astrology software! The easiest portion to restore within this whole scenario! Yay!

Today I intended on reinstalling my printer driver so that I have that done and off my To Do list….not. Turns out Canon doesn’t support my printer via this latest edition of OS El Capitano…darn again! And yes, I said other words to that effect…so my next order of business was to email (thank goodness that works now!) my computer guy asking him if he can fit me in this next week after I see my sister to pick up those discs, and o yes, do you think we might return to the older OS version so I can keep my printer? Where I started this journey 40 days ago? Thanks!

Yod Finger of God 2016Mercury Rx timings always bring new connections, communication, new information, and knowledge. We may not understand the WHY of it in the moment (I’ve been saying to all these men I’ve been dealing with, “There’s always a reason for these things!”) yet it may only make sense sometime in the future. I look back at that Yod, the Finger of God, that brought Eris in Aries to work with Ceres in Aquarius (!!) creating a new talent for all of us, that in turn sent new energy up to the Finger where Jupiter Rx + North Node + Moon (just after the Full Moon in Leo last Saturday night) sat at 23 degrees of Virgo within our respective charts. What have I learned from all of this?

Jupiter amplified and expanded my usual boundaries back into computerland (I so loved the troubleshooting portion of those jobs!) and the North Node beckoned my Soul forward into areas of my self-identity that I had long forgotten (I have Virgo Rising in the 1st House of self-identity).

Eris, sitting in Aries within my 8th House of business partnerships and shared resources, brought a lot of male energy into the home (did I mention the furnace decided to take a break during this time too? Quotes from three furnace men too…) and a choice of whom I wanted to partner with to help me get the computer fixed (and furnace in the near future). Ceres, Goddess of the Harvest, and our ability to pay our way in the world, has shown me how I used to pay my way in the world working within the computer industry. Hhhmmm… is someone trying to tell me something here? Still do my Astrology work and run my business AND return to the land of computers? Looks like I have a lot to catch up on…

I need to update my resume…no wait, I have to re-create it, but I don’t have Word…and I don’t have a printer to print it on…so I still need to wait for all of this to complete itself. Eris in Aries can be short on patience, and a wee bit angry from time to time…


Another January Sunrise!

February 14th is when we come out of the post-Rx Shadow timing (I already told my computer guy, a Scorpio, about Mercury Rx and he found it fascinating that the unusually busy Christmas season for him, dealing with stressed to the max clients, had an Astrological reason) and I wonder how it will all work out by then? Mercury Rx can be the gift that keeps on giving…how well have you navigated the gifts you’ve received since December 20th?

Blessed BE!

Posted by: Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Intuitive Spiritual Astrologer | Teacher | Writer | Speaker

Photo Credits: by Laurie Rae Rezanoff (the rest of them are poof! gone!)

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